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Chapter 56 : Madelyn

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Chapter 56 : Madelyn
Monday, August 16th, 2021

When Alec told me a part of my second gift would be getting me naked again, I didn’t expect for it to result in him redressing me almost instantly.

For just under half an hour, the two of us drove far under the dark cover of sky, small stars poking out of the gatherings of clouds overhead.

I couldn’t explain why things felt so special right now, but they truly did.

Whether we were talking, smiling, or simply holding each other’s hands, my thoughts were always interlaced with his as the engine hummed in the background.

Everything about this drive had relaxed me, just as much as it piqued my curiosity.

I was a little tired and felt myself slowly dozing off a few times, but when I felt Alec’s car eventually come to a gradual slow, my eyes fluttered open to find us parked at the edge of a fairly short pathway.

I straightened my posture at the sight of small lanterns glowing in a line down the path, my eyes looking at Alec beside me.

Is this a date?

I was surprised to find a small flicker of shyness in his expression, only for him to grab his keys and move out of the car.

Within a few seconds he was opening my door and motioning for me to hand him my bag of clothes as well as his own from the backseat.

Once I got out, that was when he demanded I turn, his hands gently touching my body while curiosity filled my mind.

It left us in a comfortable silence, my muscles relaxing as Alec’s fingers made quick work of my dress, placing it on the roof of the car along with my heels.

Before I could feel shy about my nakedness, I was spun to face him with my arms being guided into the holes of the hoodie he bought me, the sweats following afterwards.

I couldn’t believe how soft the material was, and when he tugged on a hoodie of his own, I didn’t even get a chance to blink before I was being scooped up bridal style into a pair of strong arms.

“Alec!” I laughed at the sudden movement, my arms wrapping around his neck for balance, even though I knew he would never let me fall.

A smile was given to me as I was hugged tighter to his body, my eyes directing to the glowing pathway the two of us were now moving down.

My head tilted in interest when I soon heard the faint noise of water, the ground transitioning from stone sidewalk to a wooden dock.

Smiling again, Alec teasingly nipped my ear in response to my curiosity. This time when I looked over at him, I found that any kind of nervousness from before had long passed.

Now, every expression on his face was one of confidence and affection, still not allowing me any hint of what was happening until he suddenly stopped.

I had been so lost in watching him that I’d failed to notice his move to put me down, hugging me from behind as my eyes took in the sight before me.

For the first time in a long time, I was at a loss for words.

Standing on planks of wood along the edge of a lake, everything from an outdoor mattress to wine and candles were swarming my vision.

The bed alone was large enough for the two of us, fresh sheets and pillows decorating the sides and looking comfy enough that I just wanted to collapse onto it.

Then, of course, there were all the more subtle details such as the coolers, the small lights, and the scented candles that I can only assume are meant to keep the bugs away due to the faint citronella smell.

“What is this for?” I ask with partial tears in my eyes, having never been given a gift as beautiful or as thoughtful as this.

“You’re mine and I am yours.” Alec says quietly in my ear, “Do I really need a reason other than that?”

I shivered when he leaned down to plant a light kiss against my temple, my body sighing into him as butterflies flooded my stomach.

No, I guess he doesn’t.

The scene before me seemed like things you’d only see in movies; moments many have dreamed of having, but never strayed farther than their imagination.

Who knew Alec was a romantic?

In the past month of being with him, I’ve learned many sides and versions: the playful one, the dominant one, the loving one, and the saddened one.

Never once, however, did I expect to see the one who was in support of candle lit dates and surprise gifts.

“Here, sit.” He says, pulling away some of the covers from the bed and gesturing for me to take a seat.

I watched as Alec then opened the nearest cooler to the mattress, memories of the one from earlier causing my cheeks to flush under the light of the stars.

His small smirk told me he knew just where my thoughts traveled, though he never commented.

Instead, Alec walked over to me with a bottle of what looked to be really fancy champagne and two glasses for it.

“When did you set this all up?” I ask, pleasingly astonished at the unrealness of this all.

Passing me my drink, I gratefully accepted it as I pulled some of the covers over my lap, smiling as Alec joined me in the bed.

“I did most of it before I picked you up, but Caleb and Xavier also stopped by just a few minutes before we parked to make sure everything was still set up the way I wanted it to be.

He really thought about this.

It was undoubtedly sweet, though I’ll admit it was a gift I never would have expected.

Setting my glass down beside me on the dock, I shifted closer to Alec but let my eyes travel up to the stars above.

“Don’t you guys ever get jealous of each other?” I question honestly, something I’ve wondered countless times before but never thought to ask.

I knew Alec wasn’t offended by it and would answer truthfully as he wrapped an arm around my waist just to hold me a little more.

“You know you’re the first girl we’ve ever shared, right?” Alec says, planting a kiss on the top of my head.

I remember one of them telling me Xavier’s never stayed to scene with them before me, and I knew I wasn’t the only one having to get used to new adjustments for our relationship.

“Mhm,” I hummed in response.

“Well, when signing that contract with you, we weren’t exactly sure how things were going to play out. We didn’t know if what we had was something that would be long term or not, but all it took was that first night with you to know it would be.”

My mouth parted ever so slightly as I heard Alec place his drink down, only to tilt my chin until my eyes met his.

Even once I was looking at him, his touch remained.

“We’ve been with many partners at the club, but none of us have dated in years. All of our relationships never ventured farther than one night stands and repeated public scenes for purposes of training and demonstrations.”

It was a little weird to hear about his past in that way, but I was surprisingly more interested than jealous.

He was mine now, so what did it matter?

“Xavier was never even interested in sharing until you, but I’m sure at the start, if he could’ve kept you for himself he would have.”

I feel like confusion must have been showing on my features as Alec’s thumb brushed against the side of my cheek, his eyes watching for any reactions I’d offer up.

“So how did we get to this point then?” I ask, a little surprised at his admission.

At the same time, at first glance, Xavier didn’t exactly seem like the type to share to me either.

“Honestly, it came more naturally than any of us expected. We have you, we have each other, and somehow it’s just worked.”

We just worked.

Crazy to think it was that simple, but I guess it was.

“Though...” Alec adds with a smile, “It pains me to know you’re thinking about other men on our date.”

I knew he was teasing, so I teased back, shoving him lightly away to reach out for my champagne glass.

Before I could even react, my breath was whooshed past my lips, Alec pushing me onto my back before moving to hover over my body.

My legs instinctively spread, widening for the width of his hips to fit snug against mine.

“Hey!” I laughed, not being able to stop him as Alec reached over me, grabbing my glass and bringing it to where my head rested.

“No date of mine should have to serve herself.” He says, moving the half filled drink to my lips, “Allow me, princess.”

Alec left me breathless as the sweet liquid poured into my mouth, slow enough that I could take a steady sip without spilling.

I couldn’t stop smiling as he eventually pulled the glass away, though his eyes never left mine.

Well, that is until his gaze traveled down to my lips, and likely the slight remains of champagne across them.

One second our eyes reunited, the next, they were fluttering shut in pleasure, our mouths lightly brushing against each other.

Alec’s touch was more intoxicating than any amount of alcohol I could drink, and right now, I was spinning with lust, happiness, and every little part Alec had to give.

The contact between the two of us was gentle and brief, but when Alec eventually pulled back from my lips, the lazy smile he gave me had me offering one in return.

I liked this. A lot.

“I know I’ve already said it, but I really am proud of you for today.” Alec said against my mouth, his warm breath fanning across my cheeks.

My face flushed what I’m assuming to now be a shade of pink at his praise.

Biting just the edge of my bottom lip, I ended up leaning to plant a small kiss to his jaw in response, his body rolling to lay next to mine and pulling me with him.

Within a second Alec was tucking me under his one arm, my head fitting into the crook of his neck and resting against his shoulder.

“You put a lot of trust in me—in all of us—by saying yes, princess... and I wanted to thank you for that.”

Lifting myself slightly to look at him, I found his eyes already trained on me in sincerity.

“You don’t have to thank me,” I tilt my head to the side, my gaze trailing over the light dust of freckles across his cheeks.

My trust in him was earned, not simply given.

My heart fluttered at the small chuckle he let out at that, as though he believed otherwise.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Mads,” Alec whispers, his hand moving to cup the side of my cheek in affection, “I know those are only words, but I mean it with every part of me.”

His hold on not only my body, but also my heart, made sure I knew that there was not a bare inch of falsity in the statement spoken like an unspoken promise.

“They’re not just words,” I say, my fingers brushing past his forehead to run through his brown hair, “I don’t know where all of this is coming from, but this means more to me than you know, Alec.”

I continued to look up at him, his curls parting beneath my touch and his body seeming to relax from the slow motions.

“All three of you have saved some part of me over this last month,” I say, extremely aware of just how true that was after saying it aloud, “You brought back my excitement.”

Caleb, my humor.

Xavier, my affection.

There was so much more they’ve been able to do for me, but the way Alec was speaking right now was as if he’d never get the chance to say it if it wasn’t now.

It made me a little nervous.

Though, it did amaze me a little how I could visibly see how my touch alone was making him feel a little more grounded.

“I brought back your excitement?” He asked in question, sitting up slightly and brushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Mhm.” I gave him a small nod, “For almost the entirety of my life, I’ve struggled to be able to piece together what a future for me may look like.”

I swallowed, but offered a smile to show I was fine.

I really truly was, because Alec was here.

“At first, I wondered if I would end up like my mother; an alcoholic married to a man just as abusive and miserable as she was.”

It sounded horrible, but the truth was very rarely pretty.

“I don’t resent my dad for leaving me with her; once he realized how bad things were, he even took me with him as he traveled for a little until I was old enough to take care of myself.”

I caught the small tightness that appeared in Alec’s jaw at that, but I wasn’t sure if it was from the mentioning of my father, or the ‘how bad things were’ part.

“And how old was that?” Alec asked, no judgement in his voice, just interest.

“I was almost seventeen, but my dad was never exactly the best guy to be around for social popularity. He had a lot of enemies and made it very complicated for someone simply trying to make it through High School.”

He didn’t like the reality of that answer, I could tell, but Alec kept quiet.

“Anyways, I guess I worried a lot that nothing would ever end right for me. So many people have left me in my life, I think that’s why a huge part of me stayed with Noah for so long and overlooked just how bad he really was.”

That was hard to admit, but I’d been trained to be a hell of a lot stronger than what I was with him.

I suppose, however, abusive relationships never start bad.

“I guess I just can’t bring myself to worry as much around you. The unknown used to terrify me, and honestly, there’s a lot of that in our relationship... but I’m not alone in it. And instead of stressing, I find myself excited.”

The faint crease between Alec’s eyebrows had now eased at this point, and I could feel he was now holding me closer, even if there wasn’t much more we could do to achieve that.

“Yes, all of you are responsible for making me happy, but whether it’s being blindfolded or taking me on surprise dates, you make me excited about a future I never thought would be possible until a few weeks ago.”

That was the truth, and it was neither pretty nor harsh; it was simply me.

For a few seconds I couldn’t tell what Alec was thinking, his only action being the continuous brush of his thumb across my skin.

He looked like he wanted to say everything and nothing all at once, but he simply decided on, “Come here.”

Alec’s hands dropped to my center, lifting me by my waist and sliding me to lay on top of him.

There was nothing sexual in the action, it was simply him wanting to hold me.

The weight of his large arms wrapping around my back felt right as I laid down on his chest, the only thing remaining upright being my head.

My hands rested softly on the sides of Alec’s neck, my elbows keeping me up propped just enough so I could continue to look at him.

“I know,” Alec starts, his eyes moving up to mine before he continues, “I know I can’t do anything to change the past, but I can say that I’m never going to leave you.”

I leaned into his touch as his hands kept me close, my heart swelling at his words.

“I promise with all my heart I’m not going anywhere, princess.”

For the hundredth time tonight, I smiled.

It was one built off of a hint of sadness and even more one of repose, and while I knew none of my men would leave like everyone else has, it was so different hearing it out loud.

Alec meant every word he’d said tonight, and it sent an intense combination of emotions straight to my heart and realization to my mind.

“I believe you.” I say, not doubting for a second he wouldn’t stay.

It was an unfamiliar comfort to have, but not even the largest amount of distance would be strong enough to tear apart how I feel for him—how I hope he feels in return.

“I know the Mafia complicates—” Alec began speaking, but his words died off when I moved to run my one finger across his bottom lip.

“Not tonight,” I whispered, sitting up just a little more on my own, “Tonight, I don’t want to be the girl scared of her past and you to be the heir of the Mob.”

I leaned my mouth down to hover right above his, my hand sliding to touch his face in the way he has mine multiple times before.

“I just want to be Madelyn and Alec...” I say, my lips brushing against his as I spoke, “If that’s alright.”

I just want to be us. Us and the stars.

My mind traveled back to that day on the balcony all those nights ago, when I had come back from Rush with them and took the first thing I’d ever been sure about.

I kissed Alec right there under the night sky for the first time, and now, whatever this is is happening under its glow as well.

“Of course, Mads.” Alec whispers against my mouth, his nose brushing the side of mine as he shifts slightly, “I guess the real question is what do you want to do?”

The playful smirk spreading across his lips had me returning one of my own, liking the sight of him beneath me.

His mouth was too tempting to not kiss, just as his arms were to hold and his torso was to straddle.

I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to take this yet, but I was happy where we were right now as my tongue traced a teasing line across his bottom lip.

I pulled back to smile for a short second as I felt the rise and fall of Alec’s chest grow deeper, but when I leaned back in, I could instantly tell he was done letting me take over.

Though, I wasn’t sure I was done trying.

Moving down his front, I positioned my hips directly above his before rubbing forward, enjoying the small sounds that came from both of our mouths at the action.

“Fuck, Madelyn.” Alec curses under his breath, trying to take control and unknowingly failing as I sat all the way upright.

A part of me was tempted to hum at his response, but I knew that would lead to me pinned front down before I could even blink.

As much as I’d love that, I wanted to watch him tonight.

Not to top him—not yet—but I wanted for every last second of tonight to be as engraved into my memory as possible.

“Can I?” I ask as my hands drop to the V of his hips, stroking the sliver of hard muscle showing just above his belt line.

Alec’s body flexed beneath mine as I continued to tease my fingers just under the bottom of his hoodie, and I wondered if it was that or the sultry glance I gave him that had him tossing me to his side.

At first I thought it was an act of dominance, but when he swiftly pulled off my sweats and then positioned me back up on top, I found myself surprised.

Only this time, Alec was almost all the way reclined, his fingers coming up to my throat only to begin a slow southward path over my clothes.

“I’ve been hard since I first picked you up earlier.” He says, his thumb brushing against my nipple before continuing his way down my front, “And I don’t know what game you’re playing at right now, but I think I’m just curious enough to indulge in it for a while.”

My heart quickened a little at the permission he just gave me.

Alec was okay with giving me a little bit of freedom.

It wasn’t all the time I felt this way, but right now, especially after everything he’s told me today, I knew I wanted to be on top and show him just how thankful I was for this.

Planting my hands on his chest for balance, I rocked my hips forwards and angled them down, making sure to brush every sensitive nerve of ours against each other.

My face heated a little at the sound Alec made in response, so I did it again and again.

This was new for both of us, and I was having more than fun exploring both of our bodies in a way neither of us were used to.

“Madelyn.” Alec groaned after my fifth pass over him, and I couldn’t help but smile at the restrained warning in his voice.

I knew he was worked up from not getting any kind of release at Rush, even though I tried to take care of all three of them after I’d come down from my own high.

I was told to rest instead, probably figuring that things would lead to exactly this and that I’d need my energy.

The slightly feral expression on Alec’s face right now had me thinking the same thing.

“Yes?” I said innocently at the sound of my name, worrying I’d pushed him too far as his movements stilled for a short moment.

But then, the hand that was now at my stomach slipped under my hoodie and up to my breast, pinching one of my nipples harshly between the pads of his fingers.

I cried out and rocked forward at that, my body being forced to use his for support.

“I’m not going to last long if you keep on doing that,” Alec bit out, his fingers still working the same spot in punishment, “And believe me, princess, when I say the only place I plan on coming is inside of that soaked cunt of yours.”

His tone awakened my natural instinct to submit to him, and Alec saw the opening and took advantage of it.

Lifting both myself and his hips, within a quick moment his pants and boxers had been tugged down just enough to free his cock, the hard length of him throbbing and wet with precum.

I almost felt a little bad for teasing him so much, but it was also empowering and had me reaching down to wrap my fist around the base of him.

I flushed as Alec took his lip between his teeth when I slid my hand up, tightening slightly around his tip and running my thumb across his leaking slit.

Instantly his hips bucked upwards to have me touching him again, but I countered that by pushing him down and lining his cock up at my entrance.

My body rotated to the left slightly to gain better balance, but Alec didn’t care or allow me to take my time with it.

I fell onto him as he slammed all the way inside of me, both of his hands now on my hips as he physically kept me pinned flush to him.

“Brat.” He growled in my ear, and I knew his urge to put me in my place was conflicting his need to take this slow and let me explore him at the same time.

I squirmed as Alec didn’t let up, keeping himself buried deep inside of me and smiling at my own sensitivity.

“I took you on this date to show you I’m more than just your dominant, yet you keep testing my patience, little one.”

I gasped as he rotated his hips, rubbing me in the perfect spots and leaving me tightening around him in pure desire.

“If you’re not careful I may just remember how easy it is to overstimulate you and throw away my plans of slowly memorizing every inch of your skin tonight.”

His words had my lips parting in a breath, and Alec knew he had me there.

Understanding where my mind was at, he gave me back a little bit of my freedom as his still tight grip on my hips became less restrictive, allowing me to guide the movement of my hips as I used my knees to raise myself back upright.

I pulled upwards until I was nearly empty before lowering back onto Alec’s cock, whimpering at how perfectly he fit inside of me and how needy that single motion left me.

“You feel so good.” He whispered, only adding more fuel to the fire burning hot in my core, “I could get used to fucking you in the things I buy you.”

His eyes dropped from my face to the faintly visible peaks of my breasts through the light coloured hoodie.

“Maybe one day I’ll even get something to put here,” Alec said, two fingers tracing the center of my bare neck in thought.

Did he mean what I thought he meant?

I wasn’t able to coherently ask as I was suddenly pulled down to meet one of his thrusts, my mind slowly dissolving into a pool of bliss.

Alec very quickly had me writhing on top of him, my body forming a mind of its own as I took both of his hands into mine and interlaced our fingers with one another.

There was no protest as I leaned forward, my breasts brushing against Alec’s hard chest and our hands resting together comfortably on the outdoor bed.

The change in position led to a new angle—one that had me dripping and making a mess of the dick I slowly fucked myself onto.

“You’re so deep.” I whimpered, breathing heavily into Alec’s ear as I fell into a steady pattern that left both of us dizzy with pleasure.

“And you’re so wet.” He countered, his voice husky from his own arousal and sending shivers down the spine of my back, “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how soft you feel against me.”

Both of our needs for dominance soon faded away into a distant want, the only thing remaining being the way our bodies joined with every deep roll of my hips.

I couldn’t get enough of this—of him.

I never wanted this moment to end, yet I couldn’t stop myself as I turned my head slightly and pressed my lips to Alec’s neck.

“Sh-shit, Madelyn.” He cursed at the action, his hands tightening around mine as my toes curled into the sheets.

“Mmm.” I hummed against him, kissing along the skin and seeking out the places that felt best.

It didn’t take long to realize the tensing of Alec’s muscles was because he was close, my own orgasm slowly approaching and telling me I was only moments away from being consumed by the man beneath me all over again.

“I can’t until you do.” Alec breathed through clenched teeth as I sank all the way down on him, my lips sucking at a spot right below his ear.

I was lucky he couldn’t see my face right now, or rather the small smile that appeared at his desperation.

He could have removed my hand to touch my clit, but he liked the way we were together right now just as much as I did.

“It’s okay,” I said honestly, lifting my head from his neck to move to the corner of his lips, “Just let go.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as erotic as the sight of Alec mouth parting in conflict, but his body not being able to obey his will to wait for me.

Surprisingly, however, I almost preferred it this way at the moment.

I was able to see as Alec’s eyes screwed shut in pleasure, a low moan falling from his lips as he swelled inside of me before letting go and giving into the lust that threatened to take over.

“Fuck.” He swore as I tightened around his cock, instantly struggling to continue my movements at the feeling of his warm release filling me.

“Alec.” I moaned into his ear as his hips lifted on their own, circling in a way that added a delicious pressure to my clit at the same time as he brushed against my spot.

“I need you to come for me, princess.” He groans through heavy breaths, still making little sounds of pleasure as his climax continued to spread through him.

That seemed to be all I needed.

Clamping down around him as a small shake took over my legs, Alec held me close, whispering words of praise and encouragement that sent my orgasm spiraling.

“That’s it.” He murmured, taking over my previous actions and wringing every last bit of pleasure from my exhausted body.

There was no more energy left in me after that, the only thought I was capable of being the person next to me.

I may have been tired, and spent, and undeniably sated, but I refused to allow my eyes to shut under the heaviness of the night—refused to allow myself to miss a single part of this beautiful moment.

A content sigh left my lips when a light kiss was placed to my forehead, a very strong emotion suddenly coming with it.

I was perfectly happy as Alec righted himself, sliding me so that I was on my side and facing him.

Because of that, I couldn’t explain why Alec’s fingers came away wet when they lifted to brush at my cheeks.

I think that the weight of everything around me was currently pressing down on my body, but I think the emotion I felt most was relief.

For most of my life, a lot of the time I felt as though I was always living through someone else’s eyes, nothing ever feeling real and never being able to visualize a future that I could look forward to.

Everyone around me would always leave; whether it was physically or emotionally, things always seemed to end with myself as my only true company.

But right now, there wasn’t a doubt inside of me that made me believe this was anything but real.

Alec would stay—they all would stay, and maybe I wouldn’t have to feel so alone anymore.

“I know, princess, I know.” Alec says, wiping my face of the tears he could before pulling me flush to his chest, “I’ve got you.”

He always knows.

Under the flicker of stars and the embrace of everything else, a realization struck me so hard I was thankful I was being held so tightly right now.

As Alec wrapped his arms around me, showing me the promise of forever, I knew that I’d fallen.

Fallen into his touch. Fallen into the world around me. Fallen into the dangerous hands of love for not one, but three people who’ve quickly become my everything.

My men.

- End of Chapter 56 -

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