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Chapter 57 : Madelyn

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️

Chapter 57 : Madelyn
Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

“You honestly didn’t have to do this.” I insisted as Xavier continued his work on making a homemade meal for me.

When he said we were doing dinner before our plans tonight, I hadn’t expected all of this effort to be put into it, especially when I was currently useless.

“Sit.” He gives me a half smile, knowing it was killing me that he wouldn’t let me do anything, even simple tasks like setting the table or cleaning up dishes.

I always felt weird when it came to people doing things for me when I couldn’t offer anything in return. Only right now I could, yet Xavier insists on doing all of the work.

Maybe his birthday cake was so awful he didn’t want the risk of me setting foot in his kitchen ever again.

The thought was mainly a joke, but I’d be horrified if it were true nonetheless.

“Can I at least set the table?” I offer, flicking my eyes over the neatly rolled sleeves of his shirt and the way his hands were currently preparing a light garden salad. It was a side addition to go with the burgers he was grilling on some special stovetop meant for indoor barbecuing.

This time at my words, Xavier’s gaze met mine. While he placed down the knife that was once chopping a head of lettuce, my heart sped a little quicker as he fully turned towards me.

“I’m trying to cook a nice meal for you so you can relax after what I’m sure was a long day of work, yet you can’t sit still.” Xavier says, amusement filling his tone as he speaks.

“Placing down a few plates isn’t going to be the end of me.” I argue with a raise of my eyebrow, my one hand resting comfortably on my hip as I leaned my lower back against the counter.

“No?” He asks almost in challenge, instant confusion-fueled regret filling me from a single word.

I tilted my head as Xavier took a step towards me, then another and another until I learned that he wasn’t getting closer for me, but for the staircase behind.

“Fine. If you want to be useful then do me a favour and don’t let the house burn down.”

My mouth parted in disbelief as he shot me a wink, soon turning away from me to go upstairs for some unspoken reason.

He was leaving?

I wasn’t even able to protest before I was left alone in his kitchen, food both on top and inside of the oven.

“No promises.” I mumbled under my breath at his exit, looping around the counter and willing my stomach to stop growling at the delicious smell of food.

Don’t burn down the house, I mentally scoffed to myself, moving to where the cutting boards were and grabbing the handle of a knife with the intent to finish what Xavier thinks I can’t do.

“I don’t think so, sweetheart.” His voice sounded from the stairs before I could even lift the blade, my hips twisting to look at him.

Whatever Xavier grabbed was now well hidden behind his back, his hurry to get back down here almost insulting.

“If you’d like cooking lessons one day all you have to do is ask, but right now what I’m more curious about is if you did as I asked?”

His question had me loosening my grip entirely from the knife, my face growing very likely dark red at what he was hinting at.

And no, it was not the whole ‘don’t let the house burn down’ command.

“Mhm.” I simply hummed, not making eye contact as I stepped away from the cutting boards.

Even though the lovely text I received this morning mentally prepared me for what we were going to be doing tonight, anal douching was something I don’t ever want to discuss with anybody.

I was excited but embarrassed like no other.

“It’s nothing to be shy about.” Xavier says, continuing to walk towards me as though he hadn’t just asked an extremely humiliating, yet valid thing.

“You try cleaning out your ass, Xavier, and tell me just how enthusiastic you are to talk about it.” I say teasingly, though I was entirely serious about it too.

He only let out a low chuckle, taking that moment to reveal what he had been hiding, or rather his purpose for going upstairs.

“No.” I instantly shake my head, and I imagine my eyes are practically out of their sockets right now, “No.” I add again for good measure.

My response seemed to be the one Xavier was hoping for, amusement clear on his features.

“How do you expect me to fuck you tonight if you can’t take a small plug?” He challenges, smiling that he now has me backed up to the counter with nowhere to run.

“That is not fucking small.”

And neither is he.

“Did you really think I asked you to clean up just for fun?”

I gave him a blank stare.


He couldn’t be serious.

I practically had to beg Xavier to let me do as he calls it ‘clean up’ on my own, and while it took me a while to figure out, douching is something I am not a fan of.

“Well that was before you brought down that thing and a bottle of lube.”

He was trying not to laugh at me, but I was overthinking this now.

“One, that thing is called a butt plug, and two...” Xavier begins, a very clear change beginning to happen in his eyes, “Turn around.”

“Maybe you should check on dinner instead?” I suggest, delaying what I already know is going to happen.

My body tenses in awareness as Xavier steps closer to my body, my head being forced to incline just so I could meet his eyes.

“Trust me when I say this is going to feel good, sweetheart.” He says, leaning down until his mouth is right next to my ear, his lips just briefly touching, “And I’ve been waiting to claim this untouched ass of yours since you first signed your name on our contract.”

What Xavier was really saying was that I needed to trust him, and that I better turn around before I get a punishment on top of the anal toy.

Taking a breath, I meet his eyes one last time before turning to the clean section of countertop, obliging the hand on my back that instantly pushes my front down.

The tight material of my dark green shirt barely shifted at the action, but the same couldn’t be said for my tan coloured, mid-thigh skirt.

Goosebumps formed on my legs as I felt Xavier run his hands slowly up and down the backs of my thighs, working me up in a way that brought me comfort just as much as it did fear.

“So pretty.” He murmured so quietly I barely caught it.

Keeping my legs tight together, I closed my eyes as the back of my skirt was bunched up to my waist, both of Xavier’s hands fondling the curves of my ass.

I wasn’t exactly sure where the plug was now that he was touching me, but I was too nervous to look myself.

“This is no different than before.” Xavier reassures, his fingers moving to teasingly work along the edges of my underwear and stroke the skin he knows is most sensitive, “We’ll go slow, but I can assure you it’s not as big as it looks.”

We’ll have to disagree on that, but I was no longer fighting him as he slowly slid the simple fabric down my legs until it pooled at my feet.

My heart was racing as I stepped out of it, annoyed at the already tightly forming knot working its way deep into my core.

And all it took were a mere few touches.

“Stay just like that.” Xavier says, planting a kiss to my ass before I felt his body rising.

The breeze from his movement had cold air brushing against my clit, my hips shifting in need, yet terrified of what was going to fulfill it.

Turning my head to the side, I remained bent over the counter while I watched Xavier first flip the burgers over, and then proceed to thoroughly wash his hands in the sink while watching me.

His focus never left my body, and with my eyes now open, I could see that the toy and bottle of lube had been right next to me this entire time.

Drying his hands, it wasn’t long before Xavier was back at my side, though he knocked the breath from me in an instant when he swiftly slipped two fingers inside of my cunt at the same time.

My wrist mostly covered my moan, but there was no mistaking the satisfied smile on Xavier’s face.

“Seems to me like you like this idea, Mads.” He says, continuously drawing his fingers in and out of me with no resistance, “A lot, actually.”

I was.

“Shut up.” I grumbled, but that only earned me my head being yanked back, forcing me to meet a dark gaze.

“You seem to have forgotten your place with me.” Xavier tuts, beginning to curl his fingers as intense pleasure awakened deep inside, “Let me remind you.”

The fullness was gone within no more than a second, my head being let go of only so he could spank me. Hard.

“Fuck!” I cursed as my hips kept me in place, but offered no aid in the stinging burn of Xavier’s palm.

Again, his hand met my ass, this time on the other side.

“You’ve been getting too comfortable, so let’s get you back on that edge, shall we?”

I gasped as his middle finger rubbed against my other entrance, but before I could comprehend the wetness was from my arousal, Xavier pushed easily past the tight hole.

I couldn’t even make a noise this time, my hands clasped into tight fists as he simply remained still, the cold edge of one of his rings just slightly brushing against the rim of my ass.

We stayed like that for a short moment, but then I heard the opening of a cap followed by the cold, wet feeling of lubricant being poured onto Xavier’s finger.

“If I’d known this was all it took to show you your place, I would’ve done this a long time ago.” He smiled, pulling out and instantly moving to add a second digit into me.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, my clit genuinely throbbing from these still relatively new sensations.

But he never stopped, never giving me any breaks and never letting me move away from his unrelenting touch.

I was helpless beneath him with every delicious stroke of his fingers, every shiver and hitched breath only seeming to please Xavier more.

“Please.” The beg fell from my mouth before I could even stop myself, squirming against the restraint of his hands.

“Oh?” Xavier says, his lips no doubt quirking into a smirk, “I thought you were so sure of yourself only minutes ago you wouldn’t like this.”

Well I was wrong.

I wasn’t about to admit that, but still.

His actions sent tiny bursts of pleasure tingling across my skin, but that was not even close to enough of a reaction for the man at my back.

Xavier whispered and teased about how responsive I was, continuing to learn my body and seeing what angles and thrusts pulled the most desired noises from me.

“Shit—” I swore, crying out when he found just the right spot that had my fingers and toes curling in desperation.

“Right there?” Xavier cooed, stroking that same place again and again in a steady rhythm that left me overwhelmed.

I could only nod, still completely unused to this kind of stimulation even though he’s been prepping me for almost a month now for this day.

“When you come, sweetheart, I’m going to put this toy inside of you while you’re still orgasming.” Xavier promises, knowing I was close and beginning to lubricate the plug as best as he could with one hand, “I didn’t want you to feel caught off guard when it happens.”

Because it will happen.

Considering how new this all still was, I was equally thankful for this information just as I was wanting to fight off my rapidly approaching climax in fear.

Both fortunately and unfortunately for me, I didn’t seem to have much of a choice in the matter.

I was too far gone, lightheaded and lost in the lust that overpowered my every thought.


His single word gripped onto my every protest, my will giving out as my orgasm rushed through my tensing and writhing body.

I clamped down around Xavier’s hand hard, but his movements were just as quickly removed from me as promised.

My hips jerked as the same two fingers that were just inside of me came around to play with my clit, spurring on my release and leaving me gasping on a choked sound of pleasure.

“Relax your muscles.” Xavier said in my ear, urging me to loosen the part of me that was tight and spasming from my orgasm.

Doing as we’ve done a few times before, I first intentionally tensed before willing myself to go limp, the action causing the toy pressed at my back entrance to push easily inside of me.

It was cold and wet with lube, and by the time the plug was flush inside, my climax had already ended.

Though, I was left throbbing and desperate on the flip side of it all.

“Look at you all stretched out for me.” Xavier nipped my ear in approval as he pulled me up with him, a gasp falling from my mouth when the shift caused the toy to move, “I can’t wait until it’s my cock filling you instead.”

“Xavier.” I groaned, pushing back on him and growing frustrated when his hands clasped my hips, not allowing me any relief.

I felt so full and turned on, I couldn’t even deny the slight shake of my body.

I’ve thought about this day for weeks, and I can’t even begin to process what it’s going to feel like after dinner when he takes me upstairs.

“Mmm.” He hums in amusement, fixing my skirt casually, “I changed my mind. Since you’ve been so insistent on helping, why don’t you set the table for me?”

I stiffened because I knew his words were not ones of request.

Angling my head back, Xavier flashed me a knowing smile that his command would require a lot of moving.

I could barely even stand without feeling on the brink of yet another orgasm, and I knew this was going to be hard when a slap was landed to my ass in encouragement.

Biting back my moan from the pressure inside of me, I give Xavier an incredulous look before walking to the cupboards by the fridge and reaching for the doors.

Every single step has me fighting against the shake in my knees, suppressing the urge to swear at the man amusedly watching my every movement.

Flashing a fake smile, I grab two forks and two plates, refusing to make eye contact with Xavier as I walk past him and in the direction of where I assumed we’d be eating.

“Leave the cutlery on the counter and come back for it.” An annoyingly sensual voice sounds at my back, and when I spin around to face him in disbelief, I find him tending to the burger patties as if I didn’t have a toy inside of me.

“You’re kidding?” I try.

When he only spares me a quick glance, I knew he was dead serious.

“Wouldn’t want your hands to be too full.” Xavier smirks, moving over to the cutting boards to finish preparing a series of different vegetables.

Oh, he was so doing this on purpose.

I racked my brain for a way out of this and came up depressingly empty handed. Short of using my safeword—which I had no reason to do—I was going to have to endure this.

“Fine.” I say, gently placing down the forks on the counter while keeping my eyes on him, “And where will we be eating dinner, Daddy?”

Purposefully using that name with him, I felt a little bit of satisfaction at the clench of his jaw that told me all I needed to know. Xavier would get to endure this teasing too.

And, I wouldn’t put it past him at this point to make me move the plates again from setting up in the wrong spot since I was about to assume without asking.

“The balcony right off of my room would be great, sweetheart.” He answers after a pause, and this time it’s my turn to grind my teeth.

I didn’t have access to the elevators which meant I’d have to go up and down those stairs twice at a minimum.

Clever, stupidly attractive bastard.

Holding my tongue, as well as my whimper, I walked away with the two plates in hand, well aware of the dark eyes watching my every move.

It was bearable until I made it to the stairwell.

Stairs that I could normally climb in thirty seconds took me three minutes, and by the time I made it to the top, it took everything in me to not beg for relief.


Xavier spent the next twenty minutes doing this, taking his time with dinner and finding immense entertainment on all of the corrections he’s been making.

Once I was finally able to place the plates on his balcony table, I came back for the cutlery, refusing to speak to him.

My clit was throbbing and my ass was painfully full, and at this point it was a miracle I made it up the stairs for a second time.

A thin line of sweat had formed at my hairline from the never ending stimulation, but when I came back down to the kitchen, Xavier’s smile told me I was nowhere near done.

First he made me take up napkins for each of us, then drinking glasses, and then drinking glasses again when he decided the first ones were too small.

Every little movement was torturous and one hundred percent intentional on Xavier’s part, my knees trembling on my final move to go upstairs.

I decided at this moment, I would refuse having to walk back up for a sixth time if he were to command it.

I would take a punishment, because anything would be easier to handle than this.

Making it to his room and placing down a large glass jug of water in the center of the table, I did a final glance over my setup before shakily walking down the staircase I’ve come to despise.

I hated the way I was so turned on, especially because the infuriatingly handsome man standing in the kitchen was the cause of this.

I hated how nice his pants made his backside look, and how the neatly rolled sleeves of his button down revealed all of the tattoos I’ve begun to memorize by heart.

Damn him.

“Are you going to continue to stare at my ass all day, or are you going to come over here and let me take care of you?” Xavier’s steady voice caught me red handed, but I didn’t have it in me right now to feel embarrassment.

“I don’t know. You do have a really nice butt.” I grin, his head turning my way, but not denying anything.

No, I’m supposed to be mad for his chores, not want to fuck him for it.

When Xavier fully spun around, now with a plate of burger toppings and a bowl of salad, my heart fluttered as he handed me both items.

I took them into my hands, but just as I opened my mouth to protest, I was being scooped up into a pair of muscled arms.

“Yours is better.” He whispered in my ear, just as his hand came down to tap the round jewel of the plug.

The action had me squirming and pressing my legs tight together, but the plates forced me to keep my attention on steadying them as Xavier carried me up the stairs himself.

It took everything in me to not drop or spill anything, and it annoyingly took every bit of this man’s support too.

“Don’t be mad.” He whispers lowly in my ear, planting a kiss right below it and sending pleasure induced tingles throughout my body, “You’ll be thankful for this when I’m the one filling you up later.”

Just like that, I was dissolved into a pool of desire in his arms.

Xavier knew it too.

Opening the door to his bedroom and being cautious of not hitting my head on anything, Xavier brought me straight out to the balcony before gently placing me down.

Within a second, he was taking the food from my tight grip and organizing it on the table, pulling out my chair for me and smiling as I sat down.

“This smells great.” I say, thanking him for the gesture and watching as he took a seat right across from me.

Both of our bodies instantly relaxed in each other’s presence, small signs of a setting sun causing a golden glow to pass over both of our faces.

“I figured something a little more simple would be good for tonight.” Xavier says, grabbing the pair of tongs he made me bring up and plating salad for both of us.

Simple or complex, I really didn’t care.

Xavier has yet to make me something I disliked, and anyways, the view of him in the kitchen earlier would make even the most awful food edible.

Nodding, I happily take my plate from him before grabbing a burger bun and layering it with mustard, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and then, of course, the burger patty.

My mouth watered at the sight, my mind almost capable of fully straying from the ache in my core.

“Thank you for making this,” I hum in appreciation, looking up to find Xavier plating his own food.

He gives me a small smile and nod in response, his knee brushing just slightly against the side of mine under the table.

The contact was nice, and I finally felt myself grow calm as I lifted my sandwich to my mouth and took a bite.

As usual, Xavier’s cooking didn’t disappoint.

Something that seemed as simple as a burger had flavours bursting across my taste buds, the taste almost making it worth going up and down those stairs so many damn times.

At least I could be well fed if I were going to have to deal with this pain.

“How are you feeling?” Xavier asks after a bite of his food, his knees brushing mine again and showing me it was intentional.

Squirming at the reminder, I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed to talk about this as easily as talking about the weather over dinner.

“I’m good,” I nod, taking another large bite of my burger to spare me from conversation.

I’ve actually gotten a lot more confident and relaxed around him, but some things just refused to come naturally to me.

“Be more specific.” Xavier smiles, knowing it’s nearly impossible to ignore the ache in my body by forcing me to acknowledge it.

Even though I’m able to take my time eating, I know this conversation is inevitable.

He was patient, though.

Frustratingly patient.

I knew I’d have to cave and give in, so I placed down my burger, but kept my eyes on my plate.

“It feels good.” I flush, clearly picking up on the change here, “I’m sore, and it feels a little uncomfortable to get used to, but I’m mostly just turned on.”

My heart speeds a little at the brush of his forefinger under my chin, tilting my head up so that I had to look at him.

Xavier’s eyes had gone dark, his thumb tracing a line against my bottom lip.

“Apart from the unusual feeling, are you in pain, sweetheart?” He asks, my face leaning into his touch as he held me a little.

“No, Daddy,” I answer, my legs pressing together under the table, “Quite the opposite actually.”

I watched as Xavier’s throat moved as he swallowed, faint swirls of ink peeking out of the collar of his shirt.

He was sex on legs in every way, and he was making it very hard right now to remember the importance of eating.

“Good,” He says, brushing my cheek one last time before retracting his touch, “Then finish your meal so I can have my dessert.”


As delicious as it was, the rest of dinner was even more torturous than climbing the staircase multiple times.

Xavier was always touching me in some way: his knee, his hand, his forearm.

I feel like it was almost being done unconsciously, but it was his eyes on me that made things so hard.

We still talked as we ate—this time about more dinner appropriate things—but it was our glances at each other that kept me on edge the entire thirty minutes it took us to finish.

We were both excited, and though Xavier finished eating long before I did, he insisted for me to not rush myself.

When I placed my fork down for the final time, I looked up to find him following the movement of my hand before standing from his seat.

I could only blink as Xavier’s large form towered over me, extending a hand in which I instantly accepted.

The man of few words remained that way as his hand transferred to my back, not leading me to the hallway like I expected, but rather to his bathroom.

My curiosity of his choice had me distracted enough that I could walk without collapsing to the ground, understanding and gratefulness crossing my features when he moved to the sinks.

Offering a lilac coloured toothbrush to me from a holder on his counter, I smiled slightly at the sight of him grabbing a black one as his own.

He got me a toothbrush?

Yes, it may be something stupid to be happy over, but Xavier was making a conscious effort to make me feel comfortable here.

It was only then that I noticed he also got me my special toothpaste meant to help with sensitive teeth, while he just used a normal mint.

It was a small gesture in size, but it spoke volumes to me.

Planting a light kiss to his shoulder in appreciation, I left it at that as I prepped my brush before running it under cold water.

Xavier mimicked my action before bringing it up to his mouth, a smile to be seen in his eyes as our gazes met in the mirror.

It was weird doing something so domestic with him, but nice all the same.

It was that unspoken balance we had together between words and gestures, and today had been full of both that left me with butterflies in my stomach and throbbing between my thighs.

Spitting out the blue bubbles from my mouth, I repeated this action a few more times before rinsing the head of my toothbrush and leaning over to put it in its holder.

The holder next to Xavier’s.

One second I was smiling at the sight, the next I was being spun to the side and bent over the freezing counter top that contrasted the heated flooring beneath my feet.

“What are you—” I gasped, but was cut off at the cold feeling of my skirt being lifted up.

“I’m getting my dessert.” He says, and the next minute my hair was gathered in his hand and being pulled back, our lips instantly connecting in a flurry of passion.

My knees threatened to buckle beneath me at the intensity, my body humming as the weight of Xavier’s much larger one kept me pinned down.

My heart raced as his free hand moved to rub my ass, spanking me just so he could swallow my moan with each movement of his tongue.

“Please.” I whimpered against him when his palm met my body again, the plug feeling impossibly deeper every time he tapped it with his thumb.

“Is this what you’re begging for, sweetheart?” Xavier asks cruelly against my lips as his hand moves to hover right over my clit, my arousal making me slick between my legs.

“Yes—” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before a finger easily slipped inside of me, the heel of his hand being used to rub me in the best ways.

All the while he continued to dominate me with his lips, taking every part of me and leaving me bare for his pleasure.

It was almost embarrassing how quickly I started to reach my high, but I couldn’t stop my moan as a second finger slipped inside, a third following quickly after.

“Xavier,” I groaned at how rough he was being with me, my body crying out when he pulled his mouth from mine and turned my head to meet my reflection in the massive, circular mirror.

I’ve never seen myself like this, my skin so flushed and my eyes so full of lust.

And all of it was caused by the man at my side, his lips moving to my neck while watching my every reaction.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough of you, Madelyn.” Xavier says in my ear, his erection strained against my back, “You’re a fucking addiction.”

It became hard to breathe at his words, his fingers dripping as he continued to pound into me at a dizzying pace.

“Oh god.” I cried out, my legs trying to clamp together but only finding Xavier’s knee keeping them apart.

My head began to lull as he held me up, forcing me to watch as he unraveled me just like that.

I tried to push up from the counter in sensitivity, only to be pressed back down, Xavier smiling as I screamed out my release.

“There you go.” He whispered, his palm still rubbing my clit as I fell apart beneath him, my orgasm dripping down my legs with the combined sensation of the plug still inside of me.

No amount of will was able to keep my eyes open after that, Xavier’s motions gradually slowing as he brought me down from my high.

Gently letting go of my hair and guiding my head to lay against his one hand, I remained limp right there as I panted and tried to regain myself.

The entire time, Xavier stayed with me, placing a light kiss to my temple and running his fingers through my hair calmingly.

I’ll admit, it did take me a little longer than usual before my eyes were able to flutter back open, but it was perfect when the first thing I saw was my messy haired boyfriend.

“Hey, sweetheart.” He offered me a small smile, my arousal already clean from his fingers.

“Hi.” I murmured, pushing myself up onto my forearms so I could see him more comfortably.

That soon didn’t matter as Xavier moved me himself, picking me up and turning me so I was sitting upright to face him.

A small tremble remained in my legs, and my arms had to reach out to his arms for support, but he held me.

Xavier never once made me feel rushed as I looked up at him, and when he brought his lips down to meet mine, I felt the air part from my lungs.

In a single touch, I was melting beneath his fingertips, every caress making it feel like the first time all over again.

He tasted like mint and wood, my senses becoming consumed by his kiss and urging my body selfishly for more.

Running my hands up and down the planes of hard muscle along Xavier’s arms, I explored him diligently all while meeting his tongue stroke for stroke.

I felt warm as he cradled my face with his palms, angling my head back to get closer to me—to feel more.

His desire was undoubtedly as strong as mine, and when I finally slid off of the counter to my full height, I broke off the kiss to slowly move to my knees on the ground.

“Present just like that, sweetheart.” Xavier says, his hands still touching my face as I spread my legs outwards and fixed my posture.

Once again, the change in position had me shuddering from the plug, and it was horrible now that I couldn’t rub my thighs together for relief.

It was me who initiated this, though, and I didn’t regret it for a moment.

Especially at the feeling of Xavier’s eyes on me, his one hand dropping to the waistband of his pants and unbuckling his belt.

My mouth watered when he finally drew his cock from his boxers, unable to see him from my eyes being pointed to the ground, even though I knew what awaited me.

He would be thick and hard, his tip dripping with precum and running over the shiny piercing that has brought me more pleasure than imaginable.

I could see through my peripheral view the sight of Xavier’s fist running along his length in deep strokes, close enough that I would only have to lean forward to take him into my mouth.

I hated that I wasn’t allowed to look up, but I did know one thing for certain.

It was my turn for dessert.

“Is this what you wanted, little one?” His low voice thrums through me, excitement coursing through my veins at the memory of the sounds he made the last time my lips were around him.

“Yes, Daddy.” I answer, feeling myself go into that calming headspace as I open my mouth in invitation.

It was one Xavier gratefully accepted.

All it took was a single step forward before my tongue was able to lick a slow line across his slit, a large hand coming to the back of my head and gathering my hair for me.

The realization that I wasn’t allowed to move—that Xavier was going to stand there and use me as I knelt in submission at his feet—it was one that turned me on so much it hurt.

“You’re such a good girl, Madelyn.” He praised as he guided himself farther into my mouth, and I heard his smile as I shivered in response to his words.

The urge to please him went from a want to a need, my brain forcing myself into stillness as I relaxed my jaw to encourage him to go deeper.

The only thing I had control of was my tongue, and now that I’ve learned what Xavier likes, I wasted no time tracing the vein that ran along the bottom of his cock, my lips wrapping closed to suck.

I never moved my head, but the groan my actions elicited from him had me tempted, his hips beginning to slowly thrust as I controlled my gag.

Or tried to.

He was slow at first, working himself deeper and deeper down my throat until I couldn’t stop myself from choking, spit dripping from the corners of my mouth.

The pace allowed me to breathe more easily, but it became a real effort to keep still as Xavier began hitting the back of my throat, my nose brushing against his front with each pump of his hips.

For a moment, he just held me like that, restricting my air and enjoying how my throat constricted around him from his size.

My first sign of real struggle was the twitch of my hands still forced against my thighs, tears forming in my eyes but not quite spilling down my cheeks yet.

I knew my hand signal was to raise it above my head if I needed to safeword, but when Xavier tilted my chin up to meet his gaze, I knew I could take it.

For him. For myself. For this.

When the last of my resistance faded from my eyes, that’s when he pulled out and allowed me to breathe once again, coughs instantly falling past my lips.

I could feel what a mess I was as spit and precum glistened on my face, my mouth reopening and silently asking for more.

I never enjoyed giving blowjobs until these men, but I knew if Xavier asked, I would remain here on my knees for as long as he wished, begging just to be able to taste him again.

If that didn’t show how into this I was, then I don’t know what does.

Remaining there and watching as Xavier’s dark eyes held mine captive in his gaze, I waited for the touch that never came.

Instead, I was soon being lifted up to stand, given a few seconds to regain my balance as a thumb was dragged in a single sweep across my chin, wiping away the mess he made.

Taking the hint, I opened and wrapped my mouth around the finger, moaning at the faint taste of him against my tongue as I licked and sucked him clean.

I could see the clear hunger in his eyes as I mimicked what I was doing only seconds ago, offering a teasing smile as he pulled his thumb away.

“I want you to take off your clothes and wait for me in my room.” Xavier says, walking to the counter and grabbing both an elastic and brush from his drawer.

I stayed silent as he moved to my back, my scalp tingling as he untangled my hair before braiding it back in sure movements.

Sighing as his mouth came to my ear, his fingers continuing their work on my hair, heat pulsed through me as he whispered, “No playroom tonight. When I fuck you, it’s going to be in my own bed.”

With that, I felt the final pull of my hair, an elastic band securing the strands in place better than I could ever do myself.

Xavier didn’t need to speak to tell me what was about to happen, his body following in step with mine as I exited his bathroom, pulling off my shirt as I walked.

I don’t think either of us were eager to wait as I messily folded the material and placed it on his TV stand, stripping off my bra and skirt next.

The action forced me to turn away from Xavier, but the second my clothes were set down, he was on me.

His lips on my neck, his hands roaming my aching body and pressing me to his now bare chest.

As a matter of fact, not a single item of fabric separated us now as I was turned to Xavier, his hands dropping to the backs of my thighs and silently telling me to jump.

Obeying, I wrapped both my arms and legs around his body as our mouths reunited.

Our kiss was wild and passionate, the only two words that were capable of describing our need for each other right now.

Even our skin felt like too much of a barrier, but I knew I was about to be connected to Xavier in a way I’ve never experienced before.

- End of Chapter 57 -

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