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Chapter 58 : Xavier

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Chapter 58 : Xavier
Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

With Madelyn wrapped in my arms, I felt the bed sink slightly under our weight as I pinned her with my hips.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since the last time we were together—since she made that god awful cake that meant everything to me.

My girl has been on my mind for far longer than I’d like to admit, but she was here now and that’s all I could ever want.

“Please,” Madelyn whimpered against my mouth, her hips rolling upwards to gain friction against mine, “I need you inside of me.”

Those words had an effect on every part of my being, and it took every ounce of my control to restrain myself from fulfilling her pleas right here right now.

This was not something I wanted to hurt her in and wanted to make this as enjoyable as possible.

“Not yet, sweetheart.” I murmur, licking along her bottom lip before pulling away to watch her.

I couldn’t stop myself as my eyes raked across her body, taking in the details I’ve already memorized by heart.

I knew every scar and stretch mark, every dip and curve. I knew every inch of the perfect woman beneath me—the same one I was lucky enough to call mine.

“This is not something we’re going to rush.” I say, dipping my head until my mouth was able to connect to her jaw, planting a kiss there before continuing a path downwards.

I covered the marks that were clearly older from a few days ago, as well as the ones I know Alec gave her last night.

I worshiped the dip of her collar bone and the curve of her breasts, tracing patterns with my tongue down her soft stomach and then along each shape of her hip bones.

By the time I was crawling back up her trembling body, there wasn’t a trace I left untouched.

As planned, Madelyn was now reduced into a beautiful mess, waiting and more than ready for me to take her.

I’ve thought of a million different combinations as to how this could play out, but I knew one thing for certain. She would be looking at me the first time I fill her up.

“Such a sensitive little thing,” I tease, brushing my lips down to graze across Madelyn’s nipples once again.

The action had her back arching up to me, only to be met with the large wall of my body.

She had no escape as I took extra time memorizing the hardened peaks, loving the sounds I pulled from her lips with every pass.

Those fucking noises that threatened to bring me over the edge before even being inside of her.

“I-I can’t.” Madelyn gasped when I took her nipple between my teeth, releasing it with a harsh tug before soothing away the pain with my tongue.

I knew the combination of gentle and rough is something she’s grown very fond of, and who was I to deny her.

“I’ve dreamt of this moment for weeks,” I admit, my eyes never straying from her own twisting in pleasure.

She was ready for me, and what a beautiful realization that was.

Finally giving her nipple some relief, I redirected my attention to my hand slowly traveling down her front and down to the base of the toy at her ass.

“I’m going to take this out, okay?” I warn, lifting myself up a little more so I can remove it safely, “It’s going to feel weird, but I really need you to relax for me. Can you do that, sweetheart?”

I know Madelyn is still zoned in more than enough to comply with this, but considering how much larger this plug is, I know it’s going to feel a little strange being taken out.

“Yes, Daddy.” She nods, propping herself up slightly on her elbows and likely expecting pain.


Holding one hand on her lower stomach to keep her from twisting, I slowly began to pull at the base. As expected, Madelyn’s body tried to shoot up, her hand moving down to hold onto my wrist.

“I promise you it’s not what you think it is.” I assure, holding her hand and not moving an inch. I already spoke to her about this part before she came here, but it’s very different hearing it than feeling it.

“Sorry, fuck, I know.” She offers an embarrassed smile to which I stroke her hip in response with my thumb.

Something no one talks about when removing anal plugs is that they can feel very similar to pooping. It’s not that in the least, but I was well aware her fear stemmed from a very justifiable place.

“Breathe, Mads. You’re good, I swear.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, I felt her muscles relax, but her hand remained on my wrist.

I allowed it, giving her small murmurs in encouragement as I began to pull out once again, seeing her body fight between tensing and loosening.

It was a long process, but one I had every intention of taking my time with to make sure Madelyn wasn’t in pain.

My prepping her and getting her to move around earlier may have been torturous—as expressed in her multiple glares my way—but it made things so much easier now.

We went slow, and I offered her everything I could to make her feel comfortable. I could visibly see the tension free itself from her body when we got past the hardest part, the plug easily removing after that.

I didn’t give her time to think before I leaned back over her, discarding the toy and making sure Madelyn’s mind could go back into that calming headspace.

Her knees were currently bent, her feet keeping them upright on either side of my body as she spread for me, expectedly squirming and growing increasingly turned on.

After being stretched for so long, I know every part of her is craving the feeling of being filled again. It’s another natural response, one that only makes me harder from the sound of her whimpers and pleads.

“Xavier,” Madelyn groans, her hips rolling up to meet mine and her body jerking from the sensitivity.

I didn’t bother to correct her, rather liking the way my name sounded on her lips.

“Mhm?” I hummed, smirking at the desperation rolling through her. I knew in that moment I’d waited long enough.

I was about to claim Madelyn in the filthiest way there was and I couldn’t wait to see her fall apart around me.

Blindly reaching out for the lube I’d left on the nightstand, I felt her pretty green eyes track my movements when my fingers wrapped around the bottle.

“We’re going to need to take this really slow, and I need you to be honest with me about how you’re feeling.” I say as I pop open the lid and apply a more than healthy amount of lube onto two of my fingers, “Anal can feel amazing when done properly, but one of the most important parts is communication.”

I watch as this information sinks in before Madelyn nods in understanding.

In the next second, I began to probe a lube covered finger at her tight hole, easily being able to push in but having to hold Madelyn down to keep her from moving.

Once I knew she wouldn’t hurt herself, I slipped the whole finger in with ease, mentally groaning at the combination of a whimper and gasp that came from her mouth.

“That’s it.” I say, pulling out and adding more lube. This time, I slid two inside of her, pleased at the way she naturally stretched around me, “How does that feel, sweetheart?”

“Good, Daddy.” Madelyn moaned, still trying to roll her hips, “Please, I need more.”

I know.

For a little while, I remained like that, kissing the inside of her knee as I pumped my fingers in and out of her.

It was more than clear our weeks of prep paid off, with more lube, a third being able to push inside with only a little resistance.

I could see as Madelyn’s brain slowly drifted into pleasure, her thoughts going foggy as her body welcomed me gratefully.

“Fuck.” I murmured under my breath at how tight and warm she was, continuing to curl and scissor my fingers until there wasn’t a single second where one of us wasn’t letting out heavy breaths in desire.

“Ah—please!” Madelyn cried out when I hit a certain spot inside of her, my movements growing rougher as her hips bucked up.

I only continued to plant gentle kisses along her propped knee, heat burning through us both with every passing second.

Never once did my eyes stray from her’s, but when Madelyn met mine with an adoring smile, her thighs shaking, I knew it was one of my new favourite sights of her. That and the flushed expression she wore the first time I kissed her by that lake.

“I know, sweetheart.” I smile with every pant that leaves her body, tears forming in her big eyes as she stares up at me pleadingly.

It was beautiful—she was beautiful, and I was about to have her in a way she’s never been taken before.

Satisfied and pulling my fingers out of her, I gauged her reactions and encouraged her to watch as I poured much more lube onto the palm of my hand.

It never hurt to use too much, but I knew just from stroking my cock with my fist that having to be slow with her would be both hell and heaven all at once.

There was just one last thing I needed.

Reaching over with my non slippery hand, I grabbed one of my thicker pillows before encouraging Madelyn to lift her hips, sliding the object right below her ass.

Her body tilted to the perfect angle at the change, her eyes blown and full of need as her gaze flitted between mine and my cock.

“Ready, Mads?” I ask, restraint clear in my voice as I shifted forward slightly.

Despite her obvious eagerness and anticipation, I could see Madelyn couldn’t fully quell the nervousness inside of her.

It was understandable, which was why I remained still, rubbing my free hand up and down her leg.

“You’re in control, sweetheart. You determine the pace and tell me what you like.”

A nod of her head and a sigh to relax herself was her response, her hands moving to rest on her stomach in a sign of trust.

She showed only desire as I pressed the tip of my cock to her back entrance, moving myself around the tight rim before ever so slowly pushing in.

Almost instantly I felt her body tense up, my movements halting as I continued to stroke her skin with my hands.

“You okay?” I check in, my fingers moving to gently play with her nipples and forcing myself to remain still at how good she felt.

Yup, this was pure torture yet the most beautiful form of sin.

“Yeah, sorry.” Madelyn panted, her eyes pinching shut in concentration, “You can move now.”

I felt the instant her muscles relaxed around me, allowing me to slide just slightly deeper inside. This time, I was able to get a little farther before her body once again restricted me.

“I’ve got you,” I encourage, not allowing her any time to feel bad about freezing up. This was about her, and I knew just how hard it was to adjust to all of these new sensations.

Deciding to pull out all of the way, I applied even more lube to my length before pushing back in, groaning at how her hole all but tried to pull me into her.

It took everything in me to go as slow as possible, despite how desperately I wanted to plunge right into her in a single thrust.

This was a process, no doubt, but I was patient as I waited over and over again for her to relax into my touch.

My hands were shaking slightly once I was about half way inside of her, holding myself still and digging my fingers into her hips to control my instincts.

“Please, Xavier.” Madelyn shook, loosening around me, “Keep going, I’m good.”

Her lashes were wet with tears, face flushed with arousal.

I could only focus on that and the way our bodies melded perfectly together, slowly pressing my hips forward and paying keen attention to every desperate sound that fell from her parted lips.

This time was different, Madelyn’s body accepting me as I rolled my hips deeper.

Both of us were shaking at this point, my grip sure to bruise when I eventually got as close to her as we could be.

My final thrust was sharp as our hips connected, closing the gap between us entirely.

The feeling of her had me stilling my every movement, whimpers leaving Madelyn’s mouth as we paused to readjust.

Nothing has ever felt as good as this—as good as her. There was no going back now, and as I drew my hips back, nothing stopped me as I drove back into her, my pulse quickening immensely from the sounds of our shared pleasure.

“More.” Madelyn pleaded when I fully began to move, still taking my time so I didn’t hurt her.

She begged and begged, slowly breaking apart beneath me as I filled her with my cock, fucking every thought from her mind.

There was only one that mattered, and it was us.

“Fuck, you’re perfect.” I cursed, leaning forward and cupping the side of her face, tears beginning to soak her cheeks and now my hand.

I all but forced her down as I continued to stroke her, gradually increasing my speed at a pace I knew would keep this enjoyable for her.

Madelyn liked the pain, so I brought it, the only thing keeping her from sliding up the bed being my unrelenting grip.

“You feel so good, Madelyn. So good.”

My fingers dug into her side, using her thighs to pull her closer as my thrusts grew more forceful.

I meant it earlier when I said Madelyn was an addiction, my mind getting high off of the sound of her moans, the soft feeling of her touch, and the lavender scent of her body.

I was fucking addicted to this woman, and the taste of that craving was dangerously blissful.

“Oh god. Xavier!” Madelyn cried my name, knowing our stomachs were tightening with every frantic movement, desperation coiling tighter and tighter within us.

With both of our breaths labored, our pleasure threatening to burst from us, my hand came down between our bodies, my thumb finding her swollen clit and circling in time with my thrusts.

That was all it took for her.

Madelyn screamed, her muscles spasming as she jerked and tensed up before everything rushed out in a single sweep.

Her release messily soaked the two of us, my hands having to hold her down as I pounded into her ass and chased my own pleasure.

My limbs shook and my vision blurred from the feeling of her coming, my forehead resting against her arched chest as I thrust once, twice, thrice, before I followed her over the edge.

Madelyn clung to me as I spilled myself into her, tears staining her cheeks as she trembled beneath me.

I could barely keep from collapsing onto her, her ass milking every drop of my orgasm from my sensitive body.

“Shit,” Madelyn let out a small laugh, whimpering as my cock slipped out of her tight hole, “I didn’t know it could be like that.”

That would make two of us.

My breaths were still heavy as my release slowly dripped out of her, my dick threatening to harden all over again from the sight alone.

It was much too soon for that, though, instead rolling onto my side and guiding Madelyn’s legs to remain intertwined with my own.

I would not be letting her go for a long, long time.

“Me either,” I panted, my hand caressing the side of her face as her green eyes stared up at mine. They were sated and filled with warmth, stunningly brighter because of her tears.

That single look had the power to bring me to ruin, and she didn’t even know it.

My beautiful destruction.

“How are you feeling?” I ask, noticing her eyes grow heavier with each passing second as I glanced over her flushed skin.

“I’m sore,” Madelyn admits, a soft breath leaving her lips, “And tired. But mostly, I’m really happy.”

That’s all I could ever want.

I felt the same in more ways than one, but instead of expressing it in words, I did what I do best, using my actions and pulling my girl into a slow, deep kiss.

Madelyn relaxed against me as our lips moved languidly together, unhurried and at total ease with each other.

Neither of us pulled away for a long time, and even once we eventually did, we never strayed far.

We spent some time fixing both the bed and ourselves, parting for only a few seconds in between, but at the end of the night, the only thoughts that remained were of the other.

Everything felt right as Madelyn’s small body was tucked close to mine, her dark eyelashes fluttered shut in tiredness.

She was by my side, and while I knew sleep would not find me tonight, I didn’t mind staying up.

This day was something I could never forget.

So, I remained awake, allowing myself for the first time in years to embrace what true happiness felt like with my only thoughts being about the blonde haired woman passed out in my arms.

- End of Chapter 58 -

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