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Chapter 59 : Caleb

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Chapter 59 : Caleb
Thursday, August 19th, 2021

The rain currently pouring outside was effectively souring my mood, however the knowledge of who was about to be at my door brightened it immensely.

I’ve painfully waited twenty four days to have Madelyn to myself for the night, and while the rain ruined my plans of taking her out, I refused to allow this to be anything less than perfect.

I may not be able to cook and don’t know the first thing about dating, but that didn’t stop my heart from racing nervously, yet excitedly, at the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Tonight was going to be about me and her.

Adjusting the cuffs of my leather jacket, I steadily walked over to the door to find Madelyn absolutely soaked on the other side, her hair wet and makeup running under her eyes.

“Hey, darling.” I smile at the sight, trying to add some teasing into my tone to lighten her noticeably unhappy state.

All I get is a quick hi in response, Madelyn walking past me and hastily placing her purse onto the front table.

“Whoa, what’s going on?” I ask, reaching out to her with my hand only to just be brushed off with a shrug of her shoulder.

Seeing her reflection in the mirror, I notice her eyes are slightly puffy, and I know that’s not from the rain.

“Hey,” I say again softly, my eyebrows furrowing at the sight of Madelyn’s obvious mood right now.

“Not everything’s your business, you know.” She murmurs under her breath, trying to reel away from me.

I didn’t know what was going on, but something is very very wrong here.

I watch as Madelyn pushes off her shoes with her hands, soon standing barefoot on the front hall mat, not wanting to drag water into the house.

The way her arms wrapped around her body indicated her trying to close everything off, but that wasn’t happening. Especially not with me.

Walking towards her and forcing her to turn to me, I don’t allow her to look away as I tilt her head up to meet my gaze.

As I suspected, there was no doubt her messed up makeup wasn’t caused by the rain alone.

She’d been crying, and I was ready to end the person who was the cause of it.

“Okay. You and I are going to talk about what’s the matter, I’m going to pamper you and treat you to a proper date, and then I’m going to remind you who you’re speaking to here.” I say, holding her and not letting Madelyn shut me out.

So far this night has gone anything but what I’d planned, but I refused to let anything ruin this for us.

“Do you think I could get a towel first?” Madelyn asks, and though I know she’s trying to rein it in, I could still hear the bite in her tone.

Either she was mad at me, or something else was up and I simply got the job of being her punching bag.

That was not something I planned on allowing to slide either.

Not giving her the chance to move away, I picked Madelyn up into my arms and began to walk into the house. As expected, it surfaced her usual self, protests of getting me wet causing her mind to stray from whatever it was that was eating away at her.

“I—” She began, but I cut her off with a pointed look.

It was taking everything in me to not toss her over my lap and spank her ass raw for using that tone with me, but I could tell something serious was bothering her. The reprimanding would have to come after.

Promptly carrying her up the staircase and to the main bathroom on our right, I placed Madelyn down on the counter and silently wet a cloth under the sink.

Even with mascara smeared across her face, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Though it wasn’t hard to tell the mess was bothering her immensely.

It was why I focused on taking care of her first, knowing punishment would only cause a fight I never wished to have.

“I’m sorry.” Madelyn apologizes as my hand raises to her face, my fingers clutched around the damp, warm towel for her eyes.

As her gaze fluttered shut, I saw her swallow guiltily as I tilted her head up for better grip. I didn’t say anything, instead wiping under her eyes gently, watching as the dark makeup slowly began to transfer onto the cloth.

“My mom called me today.” She shared, distaste and tenseness clear in her features, “The last time we spoke was about her spending thousands of dollars of my money behind my back, and now she’s guilt tripping me about how I never make an effort to be in her life.”

As displeased as I am about the way she acted when I first answered the door, all of those emotions became channeled into Madelyn’s admission the second the words came out of her mouth.

I knew more than anyone about people related by blood not automatically equating to family.

Madelyn just hasn’t accepted that yet.

I see a lot of myself in her at that moment, but instead of revealing how angry I was for her, I simply ask, “What part about that bothers you most?”

The question clearly surprised her as her eyes reopened to meet my stare, the one half of her face now clear from not only eye shadow, but also distress.

She pauses for a thoughtful second before she grimaces. “The fact I agreed to visit her next Monday.”

My movements instantly ceased, Madelyn’s eyes not meeting mine.

“I’m saying goodbye for good.” She quickly adds, trying to blink away her tears of frustration and the ones of the little girl who was never cared for in the way she should have been, “I need to do this for myself, but that doesn’t make it any less damn hard.”

I try to process her words as I go back to wiping her face, understanding filling me along with the worry.

I didn’t want Madelyn within a hundred miles of either her mother or her stepfather, but at the same time, this wasn’t about me.

I hated that her sadness would be inevitable because of this visit, and I hated even more how deeply I understood.

Even though my every instinct tells me to, I won’t stop her from gaining the closure she needs. All I can do is support her and hopefully take her mind off of this for now.

“And I look like shit.” Madelyn finishes with a sigh, “I wanted tonight to be perfect because it’s the first....” Madelyn trails off, though I know what she’s trying to say.

“It’s our first time together, and you’re excited so you wanted it to be perfect.” I nod, knowing because I’m feeling the same way.

Her confirming nod and exhale of tension told me all I needed.

Finishing with the towel and tossing it into the sink, my fingers dropped down to Madelyn’s, gently taking them into my hold.

“Who said this isn’t just as perfect?” I plant my lips to the back of her hand before returning the gesture to her other, “I’ve been scrambling for a week to take you out on a date, every bit planned out because I thought that was what would make this a special moment for us.”

I smile down at Madelyn, her hair dark and wet from the rain, the strands curling into little ringlets.

“As nice as that would’ve been, this night is about us. Who cares where it happens?” The rest of her worry dissolves with my final words, and it’s then that I allow an amused smirk to appear across my face, “We both know this is going to end with you in my bed anyways.”

At the sight of the shy blush forming on Madelyn’s cheeks, I knew she was back to herself.

I was more than glad too, because I no longer felt guilty at the idea of stripping off the skin tight dress she put on for tonight, nor the soaked lingerie she wore underneath.

The cold rain had her nipples rock hard, and I didn’t bother to be discreet as I admired my girl, my eyes inching over her body slowly.

When she shivered, I knew it wasn’t from the cool chill of the counter.

Though I had no intentions of taking this any further yet, I loved that even after being with us for four weeks, she’s still painfully shy.

It was the reason I took my time unbuttoning my black shirt bit by bit, keeping my eyes trained on Madelyn’s every reaction and smiling as I pulled the long sleeve onto her.

The fact she was surprised made it even better, rolling the bagging cuffs and securing the material to her body.

I knew the shirt would smell like me, and honestly, a very possessive part of me liked the idea of her wearing not only my clothes but my scent as well.

Not minding in the least that I was now topless, my leather jacket forgotten on the counter, I guided Madelyn off by her waist before leading her back out to the hallway.

This may not have been anywhere near what we’d planned, but it was almost better.

It felt less forced, and it sure as hell made it easier to get her bare beneath my clothing.

“The movie’s yours to choose tonight, darling.” I say in Madelyn’s ear, relieved that she not only smiled in response, but also leaned into my touch.

I had so many new ideas for tonight, but right now, I wanted her in my lap and cuddled up on top of me.

Scooping her up and carrying her over to the couch, I happily plopped Madelyn down, laughing at her squeal and the way a few pieces of her wet hair stuck to her forehead at the movement.

God, she really was beautiful.

Moving over to the kitchen, I quickly prepared some cheddar popcorn while grabbing a small container of ice cream as well.

My eyes never strayed for long from Madelyn who was currently wrapping herself in one of the throw blankets, going through my Netflix account in search of something to select.

I watched as she kept her knees tucked to her chest, a relaxed expression resting on her features until her face lit up at some of the choices she was scrolling through.

Good. It was the only thing keeping my possessiveness at bay at the fact her mother stole from her and was going to steal her away from me for a week when she doesn’t deserve even a second of her daughter’s time.

“Oh! Can we watch this one?” Madelyn asks as the scroller moves over something I’ve seen before, not that I was about to tell her that.

It didn’t matter. I had other plans for her anyways.

“Go ahead and start it. I’ll be right over.” I answered, pulling the lid off of the ice cream and sticking a spoon hard into it so it was easier to carry.

The bowl of popcorn followed into my grip soon after, walking over to the living room and placing both items down on the table across from where Madelyn was.

Bending to kiss her temple, I just as smoothly picked her up and placed her onto my lap.

“I can move myself y’know?” She squirms, but my hold on her waist very quickly stilled her.

I smirk as I drop my mouth to her neck, planting a slow, teasing kiss to where I could feel her fluttering heartbeat beneath the skin.

My hand then looped around her, pulling her back flush to my front, her bare ass sitting directly on top of my very much hardened cock.

“I like moving you more.” I whisper in response, pulling the blanket back up over her for warmth before placing the bowl of popcorn in her lap, “But if you don’t sit still, Mads, we’re not going to get very far into the movie.”

Madelyn froze at that, mumbling a sheepish apology and leaning back into my touch.

A small, breathy sigh came out of her mouth when we were finally comfortably situated, my hands happily holding her with the distant noise of my new favourite kind of weather pattering against the windows.

Oh, this was definitely better than anything planned could have offered us.

With Madelyn in my arms, the faint smell of lavender and peppermint filling my senses, I was happy.


“He’s such an ass.” Madelyn curses at the screen, myself trying to contain my snicker in amusement.

“You tell him, darling.” I murmur in her ear, tossing some popcorn into my mouth and smiling harder at the look she gave me in return.

Mock raising my hands in surrender, she turns her focus back to the television, about an hour left of the movie.

It’s been a lot of this for the last multiple minutes, but what Madelyn didn’t know was that I’ve been waiting for the one hour remaining mark, something that just ticked by now.

Gently gathering her now mostly dry hair and pushing it to her back, I tucked a few strands behind her ear before undoing the first button of my shirt on her body.

“Caleb,” Madelyn says my name at the action, her tongue darting out to lick across her lips as I continued down to the second clasp, then the third.

As usual, her body was so responsive to me, her heart rate already picking up while her breaths became heavier.

“As understanding as I am about your behavior earlier, you should know better than to speak to me that way, darling.” I smirk, moving southwards and exposing her skin inch by slow inch, “Place your legs on top of mine.”

She initially does quite the opposite at the sound of my name for her, knees pressing together before moving the popcorn to obey my order.

Hesitantly, her thighs eventually spread, leaving her open for me as each one moved to hook around mine, parting wider when I forced them to.

Madelyn’s body instantly reacted to my touch, my fingers undoing the last of the buttons before pushing the material to the sides, still on her body but leaving her curves free for my hands to cup.

I do just that, feeling her racing heart against the palm of my hand as I encourage her to keep her eyes on the screen.

“What—” She began, but whatever she was about to say became replaced by a gasp when I took her right nipple between two long fingers.

With her leaned against me and spread out, I lowly say, “I don’t want to hear a single sound come out of that pretty little mouth of yours. You’re going to sit here and watch the movie like a good girl while I play with you, and every time you make a noise, I’m going to slap you here.”

My one hand drops to between Madelyn’s thighs, my thumb warningly brushing against her clit in indication.

I grow even harder at her whimper, her mind desperately trying to focus on the screen but slowly failing already.

“I may even be persuaded to let you come after the movie, but right now you’re going to stay still and have this needy cunt of yours as a reminder to respect who owns you.”

I bring my palm down on her inner thigh when she whimpers again, and though I have to hold her body down, I know she understands my command.

And so it began.

Hearing the distant words of characters from the movie, every bit of my focus went into Madelyn, my hand pulling away from her thigh and up to resume its place around her breast.

I’ve wanted to explore her here for a painful amount of time, and when my thumbs circle in sync around her areolas, I’m pleased with the way they harden beneath my touch.

“Such a sensitive thing.” I smile, beginning her punishment and my torture at the same time.

Reacting perfectly, Madelyn tries to both lean backwards and forwards, her body conflicted by the pleasure and her moans no doubt catching in her throat.

Unfortunately for her, I’m not very intent on watching her succeed in this.

Rolling both of her nipples in my fingers, I came close to eliciting noises from Madelyn’s slightly parted mouth, but I had no interest in rushing this.

I have weeks worth of time to make up for with her, and I planned to spend every last hour of tonight making Madelyn come with my hands, cock, and tongue until she couldn’t take another second of it.

Yes, this was only the beginning.

Taking my mouth and sucking gently at the pulse of her neck, I was able to feel every uneven heartbeat, every shiver, and every breathy exhale that escaped Madelyn’s body.

She responded to me so well, and when I drew a low moan from her lips, I grinned as I brought my hand down on her clit, locking her body to mine so she couldn’t escape.

“I bet I could make you come just like this,” I bring my attention back up to her rosy nipples, experimentally applying more pressure before twisting them between torturous fingers, “If only you had manners.”

Just like that Madelyn was under my control.

I could tell by the glossy look of lust in her eyes and the submission pulsing through her veins.

That single glance she gave me had me wanting to pin her to this couch and fuck her right here, the urge to feel her stretch around me almost overpowering my need to overstimulate her until she cries.

“Caleb,” She groans, earning herself another slap.

This time, I was met with a soaked cunt when my hand retreated.

Her open mouth was too perfect of an invitation, two of my fingers slipping past her lips, knowing she could taste herself on me.

I felt her tongue glide over the skin, licking away her arousal and using them to bite back her sounds of pleasure.


Madelyn was so fucking perfect.

“I can’t wait to take you later.” I whisper in her ear, keeping my fingers in her mouth and ever so teasing her gag with them, “In my room, darling, I have an entire wall just made of glass.”

Madelyn’s eyes closed at that, her ass rubbing painfully on the erection straining in my pants.

I knew she was visualizing my words, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It faces right onto a park always full of people, distant enough to not be a disturbance yet close enough to get the beautiful scenery.”

I feel her breath hitch as I take my fingers from her mouth, instantly using them to pinch and roll her nipples beneath my touch.

Goosebumps pimpled her arms, and I could feel every warm breath that passed her body.

Licking a long line up her neck before blowing on it and watching the shivers it brought forth, I continued.

“No matter how warm of a day, by the afternoon the glass goes ice cold, but rarely ever frosts. It may be raining now, but another time I’m going to fuck you against it.”

The quietest of noises fall from Madelyn’s mouth as her head tilts back to rest against my shoulder, but I let it slide because I liked the sight of her like this, the movie long forgotten.

“I would strip you completely bare and press you against the cool glass, front first so I could watch as your frantic breaths fog the window. I wouldn’t care how unsteady your legs would be or how badly you’d beg for your release, I would take my time with you, just as I’m going to tonight.”

Madelyn’s hips bucked up to try and get some relief, her knees fighting against mine in an attempt to close.

It was a pleasure I didn’t grant her.

“I would kick your legs far apart, your hips angled perfectly to take the rough pounding I know your body craves. You’d beg for the pain, wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t expect a response as I twisted both nipples between my fingers, not soothing away the hurt, but rather continuing.

“I’d spank you as I’d take you from behind, pulling you flat on your feet so you couldn’t escape my brutal motions. You’d be crying by the time I was done with you, and then I’d shatter you on my cock for the whole world to see.”

When Madelyn gasped, I pulled her from the fantasy I’d placed in her mind, lifting her head to look at me.

“I may be yours, darling, but you’re sure as hell mine in return.” I planted a kiss to her soft lips, forcing her to feel my affection for her, “It’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world fucking knows it as well.”

When Madelyn moaned and murmured words in agreement, I was done with the movie.

I needed to be inside of her and watch her fall apart over and over again around me, preferably screaming my name as she does so.

“Please, Cal. I need you.”

With those five words, Madelyn snapped every last bit of restraint I had.

- End of Chapter 59 -

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