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Chapter 60 : Madelyn/Caleb

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️

Content Warning: This chapter talks a little bit about body image and insecurities. There is also some acknowledgement of scars as a result of self harm.

Chapter 60 : Madelyn
Thursday, August 19th, 2021

One second I was on his lap, the next, I was being abruptly turned to straddle him, the blanket once warming me falling to the ground.

I was soaked and shaking and beyond desperate for his touch, Caleb’s hand sliding to cup my face as I leaned forward to kiss him.

He went in gentle, but I wanted it all.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pressed my front to his, running my fingers through his hair and angling his head back to meet my lips.

It was pure need that controlled me right now, my hands moving to run across Caleb’s chest and my nails leaving trails of scratches in their wake.

The sound of pleasure it drew from his throat had me grinding my hips down, rolling against the hard length of his dick.

My mind was spinning with pleasure, my lungs burning with the need for air and only getting it when Caleb yanked my head back, heavy breaths falling from both of our swollen lips.

“Mine.” He growled, his mouth latching onto mine once again and repositioning us so that I was straddling his one thigh.

“Yours.” I gasped as two strong hands gripped my waist, pulling me down onto his leg and forcing my hips to drag back and forth, “Ca—”

I couldn’t even vocalize my embarrassment as Caleb licked away my words, his tongue fucking my mouth and dissolving every last bit of control I had.

As much as my instincts told me to pull away from this, my body sought out the pleasure instead, my clit swollen and begging from the pressure building inside of me.

When I began to move on my own, I felt Caleb smile against me.

“Such a good whore.” He murmured, lifting his leg slightly to angle me better, “Look at that pathetic cunt of yours getting off from riding my thigh. You’re dripping.”

A tear escaped me when a small dark patch began to form on the material of his pants, my stomach tightening at the sight.

Caleb told me a long time ago how he wanted to degrade me, but only now am I realizing just how much he was holding out around the other two.

Right now, he made sure I felt humiliated, uncontrollable desire pooling deep in my core.

“That’s it, Mads.” Caleb gave me a cruel smile, wiping away my tears just to run the same fingers across my nipples, “Rub against me until your orgasm soaks my jeans.”


I couldn’t stop the tremble in my knees as I rocked against him, over and over until I needed him to guide me himself.

Caleb was so much harsher in his movements, though.

He knew just the right spots to rub, angling me perfectly so that with every pass over him, shocks were being sent to my clit and fueling the climax coiling tight within me.

“You should take this time to prepare yourself, darling.” Caleb warns as he watches me, seeing the way my body’s tensing up.

My heart races as he leans in, his wet lips brushing ever so slightly at my temple before moving to my ear.

“I’ve waited for weeks to see you like this, and believe me when I say I’m going to enjoy devouring you.” Caleb’s teeth dragged over my skin, holding me still when I cried out in response, “I even bought you a present so you can see for yourself.”

Before anything else could happen, every inch of my body tightened and my orgasm struck through me, Caleb keeping me down as whimpers fell past my lips.

He didn’t care how sensitive everything was. All I could do was lean forward and hold on for dear life while wave after wave of blinding pleasure consumed me.

I was pinned to his thigh until I made good on his promise of making a mess, my release soaking his leg and turning the material dark and wet.

As I stared down at the spot I was still being dragged across, I knew I couldn’t go another full week without being touched by this man in some way.

Caleb’s hungry expression as he finally let up on his movements told me he was in agreement—an agreement he was planning on proving right now.

Wrapping his arms tight around me, his shirt that did nothing to cover me parted even farther as he stood from the couch, not bothering to turn off the television or put what was left of the ice cream back in the freezer.

It was clear his only thoughts were of me, my legs hooking together at his back for support while Caleb moved us to the stairs.

“Take the elevator,” I say against his neck, causing him to freeze in thought. I know it was because of my claustrophobia, but there are very few times where I feel distracted enough to challenge myself.

Now was one of those times.

And, I felt guilty making him walk up the stairs while carrying me, even though I’m sure he lifts more weight as a warm up at the gym.

“You sure?” Caleb pulls me back to look at me, and I nod sincerely in response.

It took me three years of panic attacks to overcome my fear of small spaces enough to do things like drive and take elevators, and although I don’t think I’ll ever fully be comfortable, pushing myself is the only way to maintain that progress.

As Caleb respected my wishes and carried me to their main elevator, I felt fine as the doors closed and a button was pushed to take us to the fourth floor.

His choice had me looking up at him in confusion, since I had assumed we’d only be going up one level.

“My room’s higher up than Alec and Xavier’s.” He explains, understanding passing through me, “The location worked better for me, and there’s more room to keep all of my books.”

I simply nodded in response, planting a kiss in appreciation to his lips in both thanks and distraction as the door dinged.

The fact his room was three floors up and he still tried to carry me meant a lot more than I could ever say in words.

Though I was fine, I still felt a weight relieve itself from my chest as Caleb walked us out of the elevator and down a hall decorated just like the rest.

More rooms, more windows, more money.

“So I’m guessing no playroom tonight?” I say, realizing both he and Xavier made the move to take me to their own individual rooms.

Honestly, it was kind of nice and I liked it a lot.

“Not right now.” Caleb sends me a smirk that results in thousands of butterflies going off in my stomach. “No, the only place I’m fucking you tonight is in my bed so I can have the memories of you writhing beneath me every time I try to sleep.”

Holy. Shit.

I don’t know what I’d expected, but fuck.

I wanted that too.

Even though I’ve never been in Caleb’s room before, I found myself excited and curious as he bent to twist the handle, pushing the door open with his foot.

Walking the two of us inside, my eyes widened at the sight, most of the walls a very light grey in contrast to the rest of their house. Shelves upon shelves of books hung across entire sections, enough to fill a small library. Caleb put me down so I could walk around, and he wasn’t lying when he told me about the large window that spread the height and width of an entire wall, black casing framing the glass.

“This is...” I begin, spinning back to Caleb, only to find more books on the shelves behind him. Only, my words trailed off because I recognized many of the titles as some of my favourites, as well as new ones I didn’t recognize.

“I saw some of these in your room,” Caleb says, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my body. “I wanted you to have the options here too if you ever just wanted to hang out for the day.”

To say I was stunned was an understatement.

There had to have been just under a hundred books in front of me, a small percentage compared to the rest, but still.

“You really didn’t have to do that.” I say, even though pictures of me curling up in bed with Caleb, reading and cuddling on a day when it’s raining like this, popped up in my mind.

His response was planting a gentle kiss to my neck, my skin tingling from where his lips touched.

My hand wove back to curl my fingers through his hair, his mouth slowly trailing a path downwards and sending warm sparks through my blood.

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it.” Caleb counters, his hands holding me close as he roamed my body, smoothly pushing off his shirt from my shoulders and letting it drop to the ground.

Long fingers instantly replaced the fabric’s caress, running over my hardened nipples and circling them teasingly.

“Sir.” I groaned, my legs pressing together as I leaned back, molding my sensitive body to his.

“I’ve waited so long for you, Madelyn.” Caleb murmurs, his mouth continuing to work along every pleasure spot on my throat.

His touch made me feel weak, his arms needing to support my body as I melted under his touch.

My eyes had fallen shut, and I hadn’t even known we’d shifted until Caleb’s finger was at my chin, tilting my head to the side.

“Look at you. Look at how pretty you look.” He says, my hands moving to grab his at the sight of the large mirror at the side of his bed. I’d been so distracted with everything else that I’d missed our reflection. I couldn’t now, though.

I couldn’t not see the flushed girl staring back at me, my knees pressed together, my eyes bright, and my nipples red and desperate as Caleb rolled them between his fingers.

“A mirror?” I question, even though I’m well aware of the intentions behind it.

I both liked and disliked its presence, but overall, it had me tensing in place.

“Mhm,” The man at my back hums, his blue eyes meeting mine in the glass as his mouth left marks all along my neck, “I want you to see yourself the first time I fill you up.”

His words made my core tighten deliciously, but I remained frozen, the woman I’m seeing looking nothing like me.

I could see my arousal glistening from between my thighs, my blonde hair messy and matching Caleb’s as my hands remained connected to him.

“What, darling?” He cooed, his nose brushing against my jaw as he continued to play with me.

I knew his tone was meant to be comforting, and it was, but it was also a genuine question that he expected an answer to.

“Nothing.” I say breathlessly, tilting my head back to the ceiling so I didn’t have to look at myself anymore. I felt so vulnerable like this, and I didn’t know how to tell him.

My response was not one Caleb accepted though, a punishing slap going straight to my clit like he said it would.

“I just don’t think I like watching myself, Sir.” I corrected, obliging his hold when he made me look at my reflection, but unlike the first time, I wasn’t sure I liked what I saw anymore.

My eyes instantly began to glance over every single one of my insecurities, hating the stretch marks on my hips, the scars on my thighs and the way my stomach isn’t toned. I hated that was what I saw, knowing the cellulite on my legs didn’t offer the perfect skin I wished I had.

Mostly, I hated that I felt this way, but nothing could stop me from seeing every one of these things as reminders of how I was never enough for the people around me.

Caleb didn’t falter in his movements at my admission, but I saw the conflict in his eyes.

He knew where my mind had selfishly traveled, and when his mouth finally pulled away from my neck, he knew my heart was racing for things other than desire.

“Tell me one part about your body you dislike.” He says in my ear, still not allowing me to look away.

“What?” I whispered under my breath, holding his hands in mine just as his eyes held my attention.

“Tell me, darling.” Caleb repeats, rounding my body and moving to my front to focus on him.

I knew what he was asking, but the question made me feel stripped bare in a sense so much more than the nakedness of my skin.

“My scars.” I forced out, hating the admission and the understanding that flickered in Caleb’s gaze.

The next second, he was dropping to his knees before me, hooking my leg over his shoulder and running his lips across my thighs—across the pain that cut deeper than any physical mark could.

My chest tightened and tears formed in my eyes at the sight, Caleb not missing a single inch of my skin before moving to my other leg.

I shook, but he held me, kissing away the parts of me I hated most and replacing them with this beautiful moment of affection, acceptance, and understanding, because that’s what things were with us.

I was in love with Caleb, not because he introduced me to an entire new world of pleasure, but because he held me together and made me feel safe while he did it.

“What else?” His voice rasped as he spoke, staring up at me.

This time, it was easier to answer, my chest feeling lighter.

“My stomach.” My voice broke as I admitted, but my thoughts soon became consumed as Caleb’s hands moved up my body, landing on my waist before his mouth began at my hips.

My breath hitched as he kissed the spot on my right side of my body, holding my eyes with every healing touch.

That’s how everything continued, his mouth dissolving away everything about myself I despised, starting from the bottom and working his way up until he was standing again at full height.

“Caleb—” I whimpered, but he took away the words too, his lips connecting to mine and breaking off the last insecurity to eat away at me: my fear of never finding love.

“I wish you could see yourself the way I do, Mads,” He says against my mouth, curling my hair in his fist and gently pulling my head back to look at him. “Because if you did, you would never feel insecure again. That much I can promise you.”

As the final tear ran down my cheek, I knew that nothing else mattered anymore apart from the two of us and this moment.

A lot has changed in this last week, and I wasn’t the only one who felt it either. And this... this felt like a shift that I could never come back from.

Caleb, Alec, Xavier. They were it for me, and I was too damn tired to let myself be held back anymore.

“Kiss me.” I whisper, and just like that, everything around us snapped.

Caleb was on me in an instant, recognizing the change within me and feeding off of it as I was picked up to wrap around his body.

We didn’t break off, not once, even as I was laid down onto the edge of his bed so that my front was facing the mirror.

I didn’t care, my hands frantically dropping to Caleb’s belt and blindly unfastening the buckle, needing his help to push his clothing off of his lean body.

“Please,” I said against his mouth, that single word leading to me being flipped onto my stomach, my hips being drawn upwards until I was on all fours.

“Look at yourself and don’t look away.” Caleb’s demand controlled my body for me, my head turning and my legs pressing together at the sight of my back naturally arching to his touch.

I watched as my thighs were spread wide apart, the action causing my ass to curve upwards into the air.

For a second, the only thing that happened was Caleb’s fingers slowly moving up and down my back, my senses attuned to every gentle brush of air parting from his mouth.

There was no doubt he knew the effect he was having on my body, and by the time his touch moved to between my thighs, he had to steady me from how sensitive I was.

“Such a pretty sight.” He allowed a small smile to show, watching my reactions in the mirror as my hips squirmed, “I thought I liked you like this before, but it’s so much better getting to see your face as I ruin you.”

After that, Caleb dragged his finger on the underside of my clit, not giving me any time to catch my breath before circling the nub in tight motions.

“F-Fuck!” I cursed, trying to keep still but failing with every second that passed.

The reflection I’d just previously hated now made me consumed with pleasure, the sight of Caleb stroking himself while he played with my clit drawing me taunt.

I ended up leaning forward to rest my head against his pillow when I couldn’t hold myself up anymore, still looking into the pair of icy blue eyes as I inhaled his scent from the sheets.

That act of submission was one that had Caleb smirking in satisfaction, seeming to be what he was waiting for as his thumb took over the circling between my thighs, two fingers moving to my entrance before slipping deep inside.

I could barely keep my eyes open as I was stroked in just the right spots, my knees threatening to close in together from the overwhelming sensations.

“There you go.” His deep voice sounded in my ears, holding my gaze as my body slowly began to crumble beneath him.

Caleb never tired and he never let up, his motions only growing harsher and harsher to find which angles drew the most whimpers from me.

The answer: everywhere.

There wasn’t a single one of my senses that wasn’t under Caleb’s control right now; my body responding to the sound of his heavy breaths, the sight of him in the mirror, the feeling of his fingers, the fresh smell of his bed sheets, and the taste of mint from the gum he was chewing earlier.

I was completely and utterly consumed, rapidly being brought up to my second high of the night.

“Oh god!” I cried out, my fingers curling desperately around the bars of Caleb’s headboard for support as he seemed to sense my approaching orgasm as well.

I knew, because his hand moved off of his cock to wrap around my waist, keeping my legs spread as he continued to thrust roughly into my soaked cunt.

“Darling, not even god can save you from how hard I’m about to fuck you.” Caleb warned, and that was all it took to push me over the edge.

Though I tried, I couldn’t get away as my climax crashed through me, my body being pinned down so the two fingers at my entrance could continue to slide into me. The action alone erupted every single one of my nerves with white-hot pleasure, having me crying out in desire.

With Caleb’s name still on my tongue, I collapsed to the bed in a heap of exhaustion, knowing that was only the first of many to come.

As if he’d read my thoughts, I barely had time to catch my breath before I caught a glimpse of his large body moving to hover over mine, the warmth of his chest spreading over my back.

My skin tingled at the contact, my hips angling upwards in a silent plea against my muscles’ better judgement.

Caleb’s fingers alone had me ready to pass out, but I knew I wouldn’t be sated until he was filling me with his release.

My desperation was the real cause of my trembling, and I almost fell apart at the feeling of his tip dragging up and down my entrance, threatening to break me on the length of him.

“Eyes on me, pretty girl.” Caleb murmurs in my ear, and when my head turned to meet his eyes in the mirror, I watched as his hand pinned me to the bed by my neck, thrusting inside of me in one smooth, hard motion.

It was like all of the air in my lungs had been replaced by the feeling of him, because in the same second, I orgasmed all over again, my face twisting in a kind of pleasure that had me writhing.

The entire time, Caleb remained still, groaning at the feeling of me spasming around him and smiling at the fact all it took was a single stroke to make me come.

I couldn’t even care, though, too wrapped up in the fact that my climax never stopped, even after multiple seconds passed.

“Caleb,” I cried as I shook and squirmed, unsure whether I was currently experiencing multiple small orgasms or simply one long, continuous pitfall of pleasure.

“I know, darling.” He says as he holds me still, pulling his cock out entirely and waiting for my release to come down to a gradual cease.

It felt like forever before that happened, though.

Never once have I experienced something so intense before, and I hadn’t even noticed I was soaked between my legs until my head began to clear again.

I had no idea how long that just lasted for, but I knew it wasn’t like any other release I’ve had before.

Caleb’s comforting kiss to my shoulder confirmed that this wasn’t all in my head. My orgasm just lasted for at least two minutes straight, and I didn’t even know that was physically possible.

It damn near wiped me out, and I was surprised I could still manage to speak as I whimpered, “What the hell just happened,” my body refusing to stop shaking, even when Caleb encouraged me to lie all the way down.

“That was your first continuous orgasm, Mads.” He says in my ear, kissing my temple and rolling onto his side next to me as I was pulled flush to his body. At the movement, a gasp left my mouth as his cock re slipped inside of me from behind.

I was facing the mirror with Caleb at my back, and though my eyes were too heavy to open yet, I knew what I would see staring back at me.

It was a sight that kept my knees tight together, only making the cock filling me feel all that much bigger.

He didn’t move, though.

Caleb simply stayed in place, his fingers dancing along my skin and bringing me down from the emotional side of my orgasm, even though physically I was currently unmoving.

“That was also the first time I’ve ever made someone experience that.” He adds, shocking me but liking that I was his first in something too.

Everything about our relationship has been built on new for me, and that only made this whole thing feel that much more... perfect.

“I didn’t even know my body could do that.” I admitted with a very quiet laugh, my blood humming with the rumble that tickled from Caleb’s throat in response.

Very much aware of the fullness inside of me still, I tried to press back to get him deeper, but the hand on my waist stopped me.

“Not until you’ve stopped shaking, darling,” He says, though honestly, I hadn’t even noticed I still was.

I felt so good and my head felt so light right now I wondered if I was falling into subspace, but this didn’t feel the same as previous times.

I think my body was just so damn satisfied from Caleb that my natural response was to be contentedly relaxed.

The cheeky grin on his face told me he was more than happy about that, probably thinking of all the ways he could brag to the other two about this. I make sure to hide my eye roll as I sigh and think men.

“All jokes aside, Mads, I’m pretty sure your smile is my favourite thing about your body.” Caleb says, poking the dimple I didn’t know had formed until now.

Our eyes met in the mirror and I pointedly raised my brow as if to say I wasn’t buying the act.

Caleb was sweet, but I knew he was also a lot more kinky than he has yet to let on. I couldn’t wait for the day he truly snapped.

“Honest,” He smiles, but I see mischievousness in his eyes a second before his hand moves down from my waist, “Though...” He begins, “This pretty ass of yours is a close second.”

I don’t even get time to blink before he’s spanked me, not for punishment, but because he simply could.

I wasn’t able to tell whether I’d stopped shaking yet or not, though, I didn’t really care right now.

I’d love to see him try to stop me as I arched my back and pushed myself deeper onto his dick, groaning in both sensitivity and the need for more.

Little sparks began to go off in my core, meeting Caleb’s eyes in the mirror as he watched me slide forward, just to sink back again.

It looked like I had calmed down enough from my last orgasm at this point, and there was no doubt Caleb was in agreement when my leg was lifted up and over his one thigh, leaving me spread wide open for the both of us to see.

I figured he would’ve been done after that, but he wasn’t.

No, my heart rate was forced to a fast beat as his free hand looped around my body and found its place wrapped snug around my throat, his long fingers flexing as they tightened.

I’ve never been in this position before, but it didn’t take me long to realize Caleb was in complete control of my body right now. I couldn’t move away and was trapped entirely in a puzzle of limbs.

“Play with those pretty nipples of yours.” Caleb holds my eyes in the mirror as he gives the command, tracking my movements when I cup my breasts in each of my hands.

They feel so heavy, so sensitive, and the second my fingers began to pinch gently, Caleb started to move.

That was when the real pleasure began.

I was silently demanded to stay still, so I did, watching as his cock slowly dragged in and out of me, hitting every right spot with each full motion.

I could hear Caleb’s breaths in my ear— feel the warmth of them against my skin.

He demanded my attention through every minute of this, making me look at him as my body took him over and over again until his hold on my neck and legs became more restrictive so he could continue to edge me.

I wasn’t able to press my knees together now, and every time I tried to give my nipples some much needed relief, Caleb’s hand tightened around my throat until I was forced to comply.

He was slow but undeniably rough with each thrust, my face flushing because I could hear how soaked I was between my spread thighs, able to see my arousal glistening on his length every time he pulled out.

What was he waiting for, though?

This wasn’t him making love, but it most certainly wasn’t the hard fucking he promised me either.

Bringing my eyes up from where we were joined and over to his amused, dark expression, that was all it took for me to understand what he wanted.

It was something that never failed to humiliate me, and that was exactly what Caleb was asking for.

“Sir,” I whimpered, his hand on my throat making it hard to form my words, especially with his cock still stroking my spot with no relent.

“Yes, little one?” He smiles, letting up his grip just enough to allow me to think.

Caleb knew how desperate I was, and there was no chance of me getting what I wanted until I submitted to his desire.

“Please.” I begged, even though I was well aware that was nowhere near enough to get me what I wanted.

His demeaning grin was confirmation, his fingers stroking the side of my neck and eliciting shivers from my overstimulated body.

“Sir, please fuck me harder. I need you so bad.” I pleaded, but Caleb was different from Alec and Xavier in this sense. He got off the most on degrading me, and I knew he would not let up until I was genuine enough in my desperation.

I didn’t know what to say, though, not that he cared.

The one thing it was clear Caleb had was patience, and I knew he would happily spend the next hour just like this, edging me as many times as he pleased until I broke beneath him.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. It’s just never come naturally, but based on his look in the mirror, Caleb liked it this way.

This man has left me both physically and emotionally open multiple times today, and I knew he wanted me to get out of my head.

When he stroked me in just the right spot to push me over the edge he was steadily working me up to, I screamed when he pulled out all the way with a smirk, denying me of my orgasm entirely.

“Caleb!” I protested, earning a slap to my thigh as a result.

“You know what you need to do, darling.” He smiles cruelly, making me change my mind. I hate him now and so does my clit.

“Come on, please,” I say, but it wasn’t good enough.

With a thrust, Caleb slammed all the way inside of me, his hand tightening around my throat to the point where I couldn’t breathe anymore, only able to get out small pleas and whimpers.

“You’re such a good girl.” He murmurs, fucking me back up to my climax and denying me for a second time.

It broke me, and Caleb knew he’d won.

“Sir, please, please, please bring it back. I’m sorry for earlier, but I want to feel you. I don’t even care if I don’t come, but please, just keep going.”

My words were all a string of begs slurring together, tears wetting my face at the thought of Caleb stopping again to punish me.

This was a test to see if I could take him, I knew it was, and no words could accurately describe the relief I felt when he started moving again.

This time was different, though.

His hand on my throat shifted, no longer to control my breathing, but rather to keep me still.

Caleb was bracing me, and when his mouth dropped down to my ear, I knew this was only the beginning, not just for tonight, but for us as a whole.

“Unless it’s a safe word, Mads, I’m not fucking stopping.”

With that, I watched with blurred vision as Caleb’s hips reared back, snapping forward to meet my ass just as quickly.

The force would have sent me off the bed, but I didn’t, forced in place by the hands holding me with ease.

Unlike last time, however, there were no breaks.

I was given no reprieve, no time to catch my breath, and most certainly no time to sort my thoughts before he was back inside of me, his face set on mine in focus.

Gasping and looking at the mirror, I knew this was Caleb. This was every bit of him he hid under his friendly smiles and sense of humor. This was the man who promised me that one day he would break me for his pleasure, knowing I would happily oblige every step of the way.

“I—ah, fuck.” I couldn’t even form proper sentences anymore, but Caleb understood as he whispered dirty words of encouragement, telling me what a good whore I was for taking him and that I felt like I was made for his cock.

I could only cry and beg in agreement, feeling like I was both drowning in Caleb’s touch, and being set aflame in the most beautifully ruinous way possible.

He’d ignited me, watching me burn in the flames of his lust as he stroked, kissed, and worshiped my body with everything he had to offer.

And I was feeding off of every second.

“Shit,” I cried, and Caleb knew he had just reduced me into nothing more than a willing hole for him to fuck. That in itself was degrading, but I embraced it, no longer embarrassed or worried about what I looked like.

It was surprisingly erotic to see myself like this, even better that Caleb was at my back as he kept me open for our viewing.

I was able to capture every minute of this, and when he was certain I was conscious enough to watch him, Caleb moved the hand that was on my thigh slowly down to between my legs.

Sure fingers brushed over my clit, my body shivering in response, but what had my body jolting was that he didn’t stop there.

I was demanded to watch as two fingers slipped down to the soaked entrance currently being fucked raw by Caleb’s harsh movements, the tips teasingly pressing at the spot I was being stretched.

A gasp fell past my lips the same second he pushed inside, curling his fingers to stroke my g-spot in time with his cock.

It was too much for me to process all at once, but my body seemed to react on its own, a choked sob leaving my mouth.

“Fuck, Mads. You’re so perfect.” Caleb groans, kissing my shoulder and taking in every part of my reflection as I did his.

I saw tears beginning to pool in his eyes too, and when I turned my head back to kiss him, the second our lips met I shattered in his arms.

Caleb swallowed my moans and continued to tease at my mouth, but I felt his breaths as though they were the ones currently keeping my heart beating.

I felt him, and when I tightened and clamped down with my release, I knew it triggered his own.

Caleb and I came together, riding out our orgasms and holding each other like we couldn’t survive without the contact.

His touch set me on fire, and I happily fell into it, knowing he would never let me go.

***Switches to Caleb's POV***
Friday, August 20th, 2021

I don’t think I’ve ever felt as good as I do now. This is hands down one of the happiest moments of my life.

Only minutes ago I had repositioned Madelyn to be facing my front, and I refused to let her go as she snuggled up next to me, her head laying on my chest.

My arms naturally curled around her, breathing in her calming scent as the two of us slowly came down from our highs.

Both of our bodies were still shaking in the aftershocks of our pleasure, and I couldn’t help but grin as Madelyn’s flushed face and blown out eyes looked up at me tiredly.

“Caleb,” She smiled, not as a question but instead of acknowledgement of what just happened.

It sent me back all those weeks ago to the first day we officially met, her leaving Jolene’s cafe to grab her photography equipment from her ex’s house.

So much has happened since then. Who would’ve thought we’d end up here?

“Darling,” I say in response, leaning down and capturing her lips with mine, gently tasting her and savoring the way she feels against me.

Neither of us made the move to deepen it, and after some time, the soft caresses of our touch led to me carrying Madelyn to the washroom, even though she insisted she could walk herself.

I smirked when she tried, but couldn’t even push herself upright on her own to swing her legs over the side of the bed.

That’s how I knew I’d fucked her hard enough, and I felt my heart swell when she angrily gave in to my help.

Stubborn to the very end.

With Madelyn curled around me like a koala bear, I happily drew a bath for the two of us, adding in some bubbles and lavender scented bath salts, not caring that I’d smell like it when I get out.

I could feel my girl growing rapidly tired in my arms, but after care was something I was never willing to skip on, even though there weren’t really any BDSM aspects to our night.

Plus, I liked the idea of getting to wash her and take care of her after she gave so much to me tonight.

Planting a kiss to her head, I cautiously placed my foot in the full tub of water, biting back my hiss at how hot it was.

I knew Madelyn has always liked her baths and showers at an inhumanly scorching temperature, but it was an effort to get in as I mentally held my tongue.

I suppose it was worth it though when I felt the last of her tenseness dissolve with a contented sigh, her body slowly sinking with mine into the freestanding tub.

“Mm.” She hummed against my neck, her long hair cascading smoothly down the flat of her back as the tips turned dark from the water.

Madelyn was exhausted with her body sagged against mine, but the two of us still talked as I ended up washing her hair for her, growing hard again when I took extra time massaging her scalp and drawing a long string of innocent, yet pleased moans from her.

It was an effort to wash all of the bubbles out, because admittedly, this was yet another new for me tonight.

I’ve never liked someone enough to show such an intimate side of myself, but with Madelyn, everything was different.

Once I had managed to clear her hair of the shampoo, and then the following conditioner, I reached over to lather my hands for myself, only to be stopped by small fingers.

“Let me.” Madelyn whispered, her throat too worn to speak any louder than that.

My heart clenched as she took the soap into her own hands, pouring a small amount before reaching up to my wet blond strands.

I stared at her mouth as she took her tongue between her teeth in concentration, looking truthfully adorable as her fingers began to run through my hair, bubbles popping in my ears.

Though very few words were spoken, this was one of the most loving experiences I’ve ever had, surprised at how good it could feel to be taken care of by another just as much as I liked taking care of her.

“Do you think you can... um.” Madelyn smiled, gesturing to the small container we’ve been using to wash the shampoo out with.

I did it quickly myself, being sure not to get any bubbles in my eyes as I slicked my hair back.

I couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of Madelyn licking her lips, very clearly liking the position we were in right now.

She wasn’t the only one.

In fact, by the time we were stepping out, our fingertips had wrinkled and the bath had finally cooled to a reasonable temperature that Madelyn insisted was too cold.

All I did was shake my head and smile at the claim.

It wasn’t long before I was grabbing a heated towel for her anyways, letting her lean against the counter as I thoroughly dried every inch of her body.

Madelyn ended up shakily doing the same for me in return afterwards, and I’ve never hated having a dick more than I did now as I grew hard again beneath her touch.

I received a mischievous glance at that, but I still ended up carrying my girl back to my bed instead of the clear intentions Madelyn’s mind was traveling to.

Even after the bath, I could feel the small shake in her tired muscles, and the only thing she had in her plans was a long night’s rest next to me in my room.

Not that that ruled out any wake up sex, though.

I meant it when I said I planned on having her over and over again, but she needed sleep and there were things I still needed to do.

Wishing I didn’t have to let her go, I gently laid Madelyn on my bed while stripping the mattress of its comforter, allowing her to curl up as I walked to my closet for fresh sheets.

I had many stacked in a specific space, and it took me no time before I was walking back and tilting my head at the sight of Madelyn out cold.

Her arms had wrapped around my pillow and her one leg was bent close to her chest, making me smile at how peaceful she looked.

She really was perfect, and better yet, she was mine.

I couldn’t describe the connection I had with her, but I knew I was in love with Madelyn as I fanned out the blankets over her curled up body.

I feel like I have been for a long time, and I was well aware of how much that thought terrified me on its own.

When in the Mafia, you’re not supposed to fall in love with people as pure and kind hearted as the woman in my bed, but my heart simply doesn’t seem to care.

I have no idea how to tell her or even if I should, but I knew it was my feelings for her that had me planting a soft kiss to her forehead in goodbye, knowing I would return before the next time she wakes up.

Despite my trust and respect for her decisions, I would not let Madelyn spend even a minute in a house as abusive and heartbreaking as the one she described to me as her childhood home.

Never will I hold her back from doing something she wants, but that doesn’t change the fact there are two people long over due an inevitable visit.

That’s why I was silently dressing and stepping out of my room, dialing in the number I knew was always certain to answer.

“Hello?” Xavier says through the speaker, likely from his office at Rush if his plans remained the same as what he’d said this morning.

Closing the door and making my way down the hall, I raised my phone to my ear.

“I need you to grab Alec and have the jet ready to take off in ten. There’s some lessons that need to be taught in Detroit.”

- End of Chapter 60 -

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