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Chapter 61 : Madelyn

Chapter 61 : Madelyn
Friday, August 20th, 2021

I woke up this morning to the sight of Caleb between my legs, licking me to orgasm and smiling as I cried out his name.

His hair was messy, his eyes were bright, and his damn perfect smile brought butterflies to my still sore body.

I haven’t even seen my neck yet, but I’ve never had so many scratches and bruises and hickeys as I do today.

I looked like I was attacked by an animal when in reality it was really just Caleb, the dopey faced blond who had gone from comforting to dominant to sweet, all in a matter of a few hours.

“You feeling okay?” He asks, slowly crawling up by body and forcing my thighs to part around him. Even that movement made me ache, but it was in the most delicious way.

“Mhm.” I hummed sleepily, rubbing my eyes before meeting his gaze, “But I also feel like I just ran a marathon.”

In reality, it was just spending a night with Caleb.

I was surprised at how happy I was from something as simple as waking up beside him in the morning, but it was a treat I could most definitely get used to.

“Yeah?” He says, kissing my cheek before flipping me onto my stomach, “Let me help with that, darling.”

I couldn’t tell what he was doing when I felt his weight leave the bed, but I was too drained to turn my head to see the cause of the small clinking behind me.

I found out soon enough anyways when I felt him return, his partially dressed body straddling mine.

“What did you end up thinking about the mirror?” Caleb’s scratchy morning voice spoke by my ear, the next minute the feeling of warm oil being spread onto my back and shoulders.

For a moment, I became so lost in the feeling of strong, steady hands massaging at my tense muscles that I’d forgotten to answer the question.

“I liked being able to watch us.” I admitted against his pillow, liking that I could still smell him on it, “It was something I didn’t expect to like, but did.”

I felt Caleb’s hum at my back in response, an amused noise coming from him when I groaned from a particularly sore spot currently being kneaded under his fingers.


“Right there, huh?” He murmurs, laughing and grabbing my hand when I bend it behind me to blindly hit him.

To my dismay, though, he didn’t give it back, instead pinning my arm to rest against my ass.

I made another noise as he continued to work at that one spot, hating how just a few touches made me feel like mush beneath him.

“I might have to do this more often if you’re going to keep sounding like that.” Caleb says, and though my face is in his pillow, I just knew he was smirking above me.

It was only once he was sure I wasn’t going to try and smack him again for his teasing that he let my arm go, skillfully returning to massaging away the tension in my shoulders, back, and legs. He ended with my hands, something I didn’t even know could feel good being loosened.

By the time he was done with me, I was as limp as I was last night.

“I really did mark you up, didn’t I?” Caleb says more to himself than me, his fingers running up and down the bruises he created only hours ago.

“Have you looked in a mirror recently?” I smile, pushing him off of me so I could sit up to look at him.

When I met his eyes, it was clear he hadn’t even looked at his body yet, but just his marked chest told me how much we enjoyed last night.

It was interesting watching Caleb look at the mirror still by the bed, and I felt my face flush when a curious smile made its way onto his face.

Running his fingers over the scratches across his front from when I was riding his thigh on the couch, Caleb then looked at his neck covered in the kisses I’d planted both during sex and in the bathtub when he washed me.

It felt like the sight had marked him as my own, and I surprisingly felt both pride and possessiveness fill my chest at his reaction.

If last night proved anything, it was that while I was his, he was sure as fuck mine.

“You’re so hot.” I heard Caleb murmur to himself, and the next second he was on me, pinning my neck to the bed and towering over my body.

I allowed my legs to part for him once again in accommodation, my breathing growing heavy at the sound of his sweats being tugged off and tossed to the side.

By the time we made it downstairs, we had both orgasmed twice more, our bodies finally satisfied and our minds sated.

For now, that is.

I had a strong feeling that Caleb Harris was as addictive as a drug, and now that I’ve had a taste of him, there was no going back.


Once again taking the elevator down to the main level, Caleb’s subtle attempts at distracting me with his touch didn’t go unnoticed.

It was something all three of them did, I just don’t know if they’re aware how much it helps to relax me.

I was fine within seconds, though, the doors opening to the sight of two topless, very tattooed men I get to call my boyfriends.

“Morning.” Alec says with a small smirk, Xavier’s expression mimicking the look but not saying anything.

It made my face flush and my ears go red, unsure of what the smugness was about.

“Hi.” I murmured with a small smile, walking with Caleb to where they were sitting in the living room, only to find the delicious smell of food was coming from the kitchen. The mostly empty plates across from them indicated they’d already eaten a while ago.

“Might be a little cold, but we made enough for you both as well.” Xavier says, and while I move to get myself some breakfast, Alec’s up and pulling me into his lap before I can take another step.

“I’ll grab you a bit of everything, darling.” Caleb winked and walked off into the kitchen while Xavier pulled my legs to lay over his thighs.

I was more than content with the position, resting my head against Alec’s chest as strong hands slowly ran up and down my legs in a soothing manner.

My entire body still felt loose from my massage this morning, so this only made me feel even more calm.

“How was your nights? I ask the two of them, my heart racing as Alec brushes some of my hair back to look at my neck more closely.

Fuck, that’s why they were smirking. Not just me, but Caleb as well, are covered in bruises for their eyes to openly see.

Oh god.

“Quite satisfying actually.” Xavier answers, the rough pad of his thumb slowly inching its way to brush along my inner thigh.

I squirmed, my response being, “Mm, in what way?”

I’d forgotten how surrounded I could sometimes feel with the three of them together. Never in a bad way, but in a way that had my body always responding to their constant dominance.

“Punishing deserving people is always a good reliever for me.” He surprises me, my eyes drawing to his knuckles but not seeing any marks of fresh cuts.

I didn’t expect this kind of honesty or openness, but I suppose they all meant it when they said they wouldn’t lie to me anymore about their other businesses.

I asked, they answered.

They made it as simple as that for me.

“You’re not hurt, though?” I check, not seeing any bruises along his chest nor the hands still on my body.

Xavier only shook his head, and that was enough for me.

I was really happy that he’d trusted me enough to share that, even if it wasn’t much spoken in words.

It showed progress, and it also told me he was beginning to get more comfortable with opening up.

Leaving the conversation at that, my focus shifts to the sight of Caleb walking over, my stomach rumbling impatiently as a warm plate of food was placed into my hands.

“Bon appetit,” The blond grins, planting a kiss on my cheek before taking the chair slightly across from us.

I don’t miss the way his eyes roam the sight of all three of us, my stretched out body more than anything.

“It’s not jealousy, princess.” Alec murmurs in my ear as Xavier takes the plate from me and begins to poke at a piece of scrambled egg with the cutlery.

Alec, of course, was right.

The emotion flickering in Caleb’s eyes wasn’t one of anger, it was of desire.

Not knowing what to say, I simply hummed in response, smiling thankfully as Xavier lifted the fork to my mouth.

I happily bit off the food, still not fully used to this kind of care and loving it all the more because of it.

“So what do you guys have planned for the day?” I ask through bites, slowly waking up as my focus at last begins to sharpen.

As Alec picks off a piece of bacon to snack on, it’s Caleb who responds, placing his plate on the glass table.

“Well that depends.” He says, his hand reaching out to toy with the fabric of his shirt I borrowed.

I knew he liked me in his clothes, and I liked that they smelled like him.

“On?” I ask, taking the strawberry Xavier offered me into my mouth. It was a genuine accident when my tongue ran over the pads of his fingers, but I knew it was that action that had his eyes darkening.

“Whether you’d like to spend the day with us or not.” Alec answers for Caleb, smiling because he already knows I would miss them.

Don’t get me wrong, I need my space just as much as any other person does, but I kind of liked getting to do the whole breakfast thing with them as we slowly woke up together.

Our agreement outlines that today is my day for me-time, but the scary truth is that I don’t think I want to leave.

“And what would happen if I decided to stay?” I grin, turning my head to look into the green eyes mirroring mine.

A smirk tugged at the corners of Alec’s lips in response.


“I know you guys are well known for all of your surprise adventures, but this looks like a place you’d go to bury a body.” I tease, gazing around curiously at the entrance to Buttermilk Falls.

They purposely parked in some secluded section for the privacy, even though I knew there was plenty of space in the main area where the washrooms and actual gates were.

“Nah,” Caleb waves a dismissive hand jokingly, “Too many cameras.”

His words made me tilt my head confusedly, but when I felt Xavier’s large body step up behind me, his fingers turned my chin to our left.

It took me a second to understand, but in the distance, I could see the sight of a round black security camera on the edge of the park office. My gaze was then turned to the ticket booth and lastly the restrooms.

They had easily noticed all of these things, even though the majority of our surroundings were lined in trees and pathways.

It was a slightly chilling reminder of who they are and the reasons they have to be so attentive to something as laid back as a hiking trip.

At the same time, however, it was honestly a little admirable about all of the details they must notice that I don’t.

Half of the time, my natural instinct is to move so fast everything else around me just becomes one big blur.

Right now, though, nothing was rushing the four of us and the plans I never could have predicted for the day.

“And how long did you say the walk is?” I ask, gazing at the narrowed pathway breaking off in the distance.

The smirks in amusement I receive tell me all I need to know: it was long enough they knew I’d never agree to it prior to being here.

“Here,” Alec says, walking in front of me and placing a can of bug spray into my hands. With that, I noticed the pair of black hiking boots he brought with him, dropping to a crouch in front of me.

I knew better than to ask how he knew my measurements or why he had women’s shoes in my exact size just laying around their house.

Though it bothered me greatly how much money I’m sure they’ve spent on me without my knowledge, I couldn’t stop it, and I knew it was coming from a place of good.

Plus, I most certainly couldn’t complain about the sight of Alec kneeled before me, slipping off my current shoes and replacing them with the much more durable ones.

As I’d thought, they fitted perfectly.

“Thank you.” I blush as he rises, Caleb tossing him a backpack from the car before the noise of it locking sounds from behind me.

“Anytime, princess.” He winks, slipping his hand into mine and tugging me forward where Xavier’s already moving.

I applied my bug spray the best I could as we walked, offering it to Caleb who had come up to my side within no time.

It was clear Xavier planned to lead us to wherever the hell we were going, and though I was confused as to where everybody was, my attention was very quickly pulled to the map of all of the trails.

The one Xavier moved down was a just over a six mile hike, and my legs were still slightly shaky from this morning.


Slipping my hand out of Alec’s, I make sure not to drag my feet or trip over any roots from the many trees surrounding us on either side.

Admittedly, the trail was really beautiful, the woods secluding us from the rest of the world within minutes.

I followed in step with Xavier, Alec at my back and Caleb behind him.

Now, there were no roads, no buildings, and no signs of infrastructure whatsoever. All there was was a dirt path muddled with uneven rocks and broken branches, my men on either side of my body.

No one made the move to talk, but I was okay with the silence just as much.

Although, it was never truly quiet.

An endless number of birds sat atop branches all above, remaining hidden from the human eye despite their songs of different pitches and tones revealing their whereabouts.

I could hear the calm flows of distant streams ahead and smell the variety of different scents that made it feel easier to breathe.

The last time I’d done something like this was a week before my father’s disappearance, and though I had expected to feel sadness at the realization, the soft burn in my thighs and the fresh blends of colours simply seemed to ground me instead.

I think I’ve finally found myself happy enough to no longer feel despair at the fact he left, knowing he’s out there somewhere, hidden, but alive.

And, I have so much more going for me than those seven months ago.

I opened a business, broke up with my ex, allowed myself to face hundreds of fears of mine just to come out on top with not only respect for myself, but for the three amazing men in my life.

Nobody can take away from me, and that knowledge allowed me to enjoy this moment.

“You never did say where we’re going exactly.” I prob at any one of them, keeping up surprisingly well and containing my stumbles to a minimum.

Even if I couldn’t see their faces, I knew they were all likely smirking at my curiosity, knowing they had the answers I very clearly wasn’t about to receive.

“You’ll find out soon enough, Mads.” Xavier says back at me, not offering me any hints, “Just enjoy the view and we’ll be there in no time.”

That confirmed there was indeed a specific place they were taking me to, but I couldn’t help but reveal my own smirk at his words.

Shamelessly glancing down at his ass, I knew that I had no problem with the view at all.

I wonder what he’d do if I spanked—

My thoughts were cut off abruptly as Alec saved me from my stumble, smiling up at him sheepishly as Xavier turned to see what my gasp was for.

I just waved a hand to indicate I was fine, suppressing my guilty grin at being caught, because I know Alec was well aware of where my thoughts had traveled to.

“Go ahead, princess,” He whispers in my ear only minutes later, daring me to find out.

Xavier had obviously heard his friend’s words, but didn’t make a move to prevent me from trying.

He probably wouldn’t even care because it would give him an excuse to punish me in turn.

Maybe another day, but I was already sore and didn’t feel like losing my ability to sit comfortably as well.

That didn’t stop me from looking, though, contentedly following my men deeper and deeper down the uneven pathways.


“Nope.” I shove Alec’s hand away as he makes the move to pick me up like he would a child.

“No offense, princess, but you’re slow. We’re almost there anyways.” He argues, but while I’m keeping an eye on him, Caleb sneaks up and grabs me before I can protest.

My laugh carried throughout the forest, the air damn near being knocked from my lungs at the swiftness in which I was taken into his arms.

“I’m not that out of shape.” I pant, even though I’m well aware of how lax I’d recently become on my running and strength training.

It’s been weeks since I’ve stepped foot inside a gym, but that’s besides the point.

“Okay, maybe a little, but I can still walk.”

Despite my words, Caleb only plants a kiss to my cheek that sends butterflies skyrocketing in my stomach.

It was unexpectedly sweet and it kept me distracted enough that by the time we got to our destination, it took five minutes instead of the likely fifteen on my part.

I heard it before I saw it, but as the pathway turned from natural to man-made, all I could do was drop my mouth open in absolute awe at the sight of the well over one hundred foot tall waterfall before us.

The area was absolutely massive with stone staircases and hills in every direction, my hand silently telling Caleb to put me down as I smiled.

Maybe it’s stupid, but I’ve never seen a waterfall before today with my own eyes.

It was so much louder than I expected, and I shivered happily as a cool mist lightly speckled across my face against the heat of the afternoon sun.

Not a single person was in sight apart from us, and I was thankful for it as I took a few steps forwards to gaze around.

“I take it you’re impressed?” I feel Xavier come up behind me, his hands falling to my waist as I take everything in.

“How could anyone not be?” I grin in response, turning my head and placing a thankful kiss to his jaw on the spot I know he likes most.

This was truly stunning, and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit caught in a dream right now.

“We’ve never been here before, but we figured you’d like it.” He says in my ear, a soft sigh escaping his mouth, “And this way, we get to have you to ourselves.”

I shivered as he ran a single finger down my back, stopping just above the curve of my ass.

“Come,” He encouraged me to walk with him, “We brought lunch.”

As if on cue, my stomach let out a hungry rumble, putting a temporary stopper on the desire beginning to pool in my core.

Following Xavier to where the other two were currently setting up, my eyes widened excitedly at the sight of the picnic table by a calmer section of the water, Alec’s backpack turning out to be a cooler.

While Caleb had led me upstairs earlier to get dressed, he must have packed things for lunch for us all, sandwiches, drinks, and chips being placed down on the table.

“For you.” Alec winks at me, handing over a can of sparkling water and a plate with my food already on it.

I happily accepted as I sat down on the wooden bench, Xavier sitting beside me with Alec and Caleb across from us.

“Why thank you.” I smile, grabbing a handful of chips from the bag before moving them onto my plate.

I never came close to predicting my day turning into this, but I wasn’t complaining in the least. Especially at the soft brush of Xavier’s knee against mine under the table, his one hand dropping to my thigh just for the sake of touching me.

His free one opens my drink, sliding it to rest within reach right beside my plate.

The act of affection was small in size, but I knew it was because he wasn’t sure what else to do now that we were all sitting down for lunch.

Though I’d never tell him this, it was a little cute to watch.

Sliding noticeably closer so that the sides of our thighs were flush together, I intertwined my fingers to hold the hand on my leg, smiling when I felt Caleb’s foot rest just between my ankles.

All of us seemed to be drawn to each other in unexplainable ways, and when our hunger took over the comfortable silence, a certain four lettered word popped into my head once again.

This would be the perfect opportunity to open up about how I feel about them, but what if they don’t feel the same way?

I suppose this is one of the larger conflicts that has arisen within me, not just because of how secretive they all tended to be, but also because of the fact we were in a polyamorous relationship.

Just because I’m in love with three people at once doesn’t necessarily mean I should tell them all at the same time. Or do I?

It’s an issue I’m only experiencing now in my head, but is there a right answer?

These men are the only things I’ve allowed myself to want in a very long time, and I wanted things to be special when I tell them the impact they’ve had on my heart.

Though I don’t need to say those three words to prove my love, this wasn’t something I was willing to rush or screw up.

“You okay?” Alec tilts his head in notice of me zoning out. I hadn’t even realized it.

“Yeah, sorry.” I smile truthfully, deciding now just wasn’t the right moment. I feel like I’ll know when it is—when I’m not overthinking and simply feeling.

Besides, we have nothing but time.

Today felt like proof of that, the minutes passing by both as quick as seconds and long as hours.

It felt like we had forever, and even if we didn’t, we had now.

“Good,” Alec says through a bite of his sandwich, taking a moment to chew before continuing, “Then eat up. Food is only the beginning of our plans.”

Little did I know, by plans, Alec meant shamelessly stripping down to his boxers less than an hour later, toeing at the water’s edge.

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask, startled as I look around to make sure we were alone.

I knew we were, but I also knew the odds we had the entire space to ourselves on a Friday afternoon was not even close to coincidental.

Instead of answering, Alec offered a boyish grin that made his face light up in amusement and cheerfulness.

“I suggest you start stripping too unless you want to walk back with wet clothes, darling.” Caleb sneaks up behind me after disposing of our garbage from lunch.

“What if someone shows up, though?” I argue, not trusting the chances of that possibility. Plus, I had a feeling the water would be ice cold as well.

“They won’t.” Xavier’s deep voice says against my neck, his large frame rising from the table, “And you don’t know me very well if you think I’d let someone ever lay eyes on what’s mine outside of the club.”

There was no mistaking the dark promise in his voice as he spoke, and that just about eradicated any last trace of doubt that bubbled inside of me.

“Now strip before I get tempted to punish you.”

Even under the warm sun, Xavier drew a good kind of chill from my entire body, moving to obey his command before my mind could even catch up.

“Yes, Daddy.” I tease, purposefully taking mindful steps out of his reach as I pull my shirt from my torso. While I placed that on the ground, I made a point of tossing my bra at him, hating the idea of getting that wet.

My underwear remained on though, turning away from Xavier and Caleb’s hungry gazes in search of Alec who was now waist deep in the pool of water.

“In.” He commands, and I was surprised to find the temperature fairly bearable, likely as a result of the pulsing heat of the day.

For that, I was more than thankful, the water licking at my breasts as I got to Alec’s side, showing the clear height difference between us.

I was slightly disappointed when I saw Xavier take a seat right at the rock’s edge, but Caleb quickly stole my attention at the fact he was climbing a stone built staircase up to the side of the waterfall.

Seconds later, he jumped off of the cliff right next to us, intentionally soaking me with the splash and leaving my hair in a wet mess.

“Hey!” I yell, waiting for him to resurface before returning the action.

He laughed as his head turned to the side, only for his gaze to snap right back at me.

“Oh, you’re so going to regret that.” Alec smiles at my side, and when I glance at Xavier, I find him happily watching me too in wait to see what happens next.

I was already swimming away, though, seeing the plans of retaliation in Caleb’s eyes.

“I don’t think so.” He smirks as he takes two easy strides in my direction, his strong hand grabbing onto my ankle and smoothly pulling me back into his grip.

Alec offers me no help, but I hear his muffled laughter from behind me.

“Caleb, you deserved it—NO!” I jolted as hands were placed on both of my hips, his fingers moving against my stomach where I was extremely ticklish.

Water was splashing all around us, my hair not working to my advantage as we became drenched during my struggle.

I helplessly tried to thrash away as I laughed, making an attempt at shoving Caleb’s hands from my body and failing pathetically.

When that didn’t work and with our fronts so close to each other, I took advantage of his distracted hold as I jumped up using his shoulders as momentum.

Caleb was caught off guard when gravity took care of the rest, my weight plunging his body beneath me under the water.

It was a break to catch my breath, but he just as quickly shot back up, not in front of me, but rather behind.

His strong arms wrapped around my waist to keep me with him, though the tickling seemed to have ceased as his body shook with laughter.

“You’re such an ass.” I still try to shove him off teasingly as Alec came to my front, smoothing my hair out of my eyes in amusement.

“You warned us about the punching and kicking, but I never expected you to try and drown me.” Caleb jokes, referring to our previous conversations about my absolute love for being tickled.

The answer is none. No joy whatsoever.

“That was me being merciful.” I giggle as I push my body away from his, going under the water to fix my hair before coming back up.

It was only then I noticed Xavier’s phone had been taking pictures of us all together, and I childishly stuck my tongue out considering he’d condoned and caught my torture on camera.

Something a lot like a smile spread across his features at the action, and my heart raced excitedly when he tossed the device to the side.

It didn’t take long before he finally followed our leads, discarding his clothes in a messy pile and walking into the pool.

Though, the decision wasn’t due to the cooling effect the water promised.

No, Xavier’s eyes were dark as he moved in my direction, and I knew there was only one thing on his mind he was seeking out.


- End of Chapter 61 -

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