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Chapter 62 : Madelyn

Sexual Content Warning⚠️

Chapter 62 : Madelyn
Saturday, August 21st, 2021

Shit, shit, shit.

I’m in so much trouble.

I don’t even know how it happened, but one moment it was six thirty and now it’s itching seven fifteen, my car only now just parking on their lengthy driveway.

My expected arrival was late by just over a half an hour and I didn’t get any responses to my explanation text.

I’m dead.

Opening my door and forcing myself not to bolt up to the gates, I take the time to smooth out the dark navy coloured fabric of my dress.

The cut ended just below my knee so I didn’t have to worry about it dragging, but I had put a lot of effort into my appearance for tonight. I just hope my untimeliness won’t take away from that.

With my heels clicking lightly with each step of mine, I make sure to lock my car as I walk up the pathway and to where the guards stood.

All it took was one glance at my hand to earn me a polite nod, the gates opening and gaining me entry to what will likely be a long punishment.

My heart racing, I twirled Xavier’s ring with my thumb—a nervous habit I’ve recently gained—as I took careful steps to their door.

I knew the jewelry piece was some sort of mafia promise ring he gave me, but that information didn’t click with me until day two of three when I’d left them.

And now we’re here, my body thrumming with nervousness and hesitance.

My lateness was one of the top grounds for punishment in our contract, and I knew they were all itching for the excuse as of recently.

Hell, I had just given them one on a silver platter.

Raising my hand to knock, my fist does even come close to making contact with the wood before Caleb opens the large door and peers down at me with his blue eyes.

“Hi,” I said in a slightly small voice, not getting any kind of idea as to where his head was at right now.

I had a huge feeling I was about to find out, though.

Inhaling a nervous breath, I watched as a small smirk tugged up on Caleb’s lips, the sight more disconcerting than relieving.

All I could do was blink before he was tugging me to him, his hand wrapping tight around my throat as he claimed my mouth with his.

When Caleb kissed, he devoured, and I knew that by the end of the night there wouldn’t be much left of me that was still mine.

Stealing the air from my lungs, I staggered by the sheer force of his lips before he pulled off, not giving me time to regroup as he guided me to the living room by a hand on my back.

I was more than excited for tonight, but now, I was absolutely terrified as well.

At the sight of Xavier and Alec lounged comfortably on their couch, their gazes calculatingly on me, the urge to drop to my knees right here and now felt like a heavy weight on my shoulders.

“You’re late.” Alec grins wickedly, his head tilting as his eyes traced over my skin so intently it was as if it were his fingers dragging over the curves of my body.

I fought off the shiver threatening to spread down my spine, instead stopping at the other side of the table that now separated us.

“I know, I’m sorry,” I apologize, feeling the heat of Caleb’s presence skate over my back, “I kind of just lost track of time.”

That earned me a seemingly thoughtful hum, though I couldn’t tell if it was one of understanding or one that had him thinking about all the ways he should punish me.

Alec’s gaze revealed nothing, but the darkness in Xavier’s eyes told me at least they weren’t completely upset.

My heart pounded against my chest as the latter gave a short come hither gesture with his fingers, and like a puppet on his strings, I obeyed.

Walking around the table to Xavier’s front, no warnings were given as he pulled me down so that my ass sat on his lap, Alec grabbing my hair in his fist before bringing me to lay flat on my back.

The two left me sprawled across their thighs, my dress bunching just teasingly past my waist.

That soon didn’t matter, however, Xavier carefully tugging at the material until it folded against my stomach, leaving my underwear wide open for their viewing.

The patterning was a slightly transparent white, the lacy designs making the lingerie the most delicate pieces I’ve ever owned.

While comfortable, they were so light it felt as though I were wearing nothing, the matching bra giving a similar effect to my brain.

“These are pretty,” A deep, sensual voice sounded from Xavier as his rough hand came down to trace along the skin just at the underwear line.

“Mmm,” Caleb hums in agreement, my head turning on Alec’s lap to look at him, “Much too pretty to ruin, I’d say.”

He hadn’t moved from his spot away from me, but the power he still clearly held could be physically felt in my core.

“Don’t let her come.” Caleb orders, my eyes widening slightly at the dominance in that single statement, “I want to play with her for a bit first.”

Despite his words, his stance told me he didn’t plan on touching me himself anytime soon, his feet remaining rooted in the same place.

“It was really just an accident—” I insisted, but was cut off when Alec forced me to look at him, his free hand running lazily over my nipples yet never dipping below the low cut design of my dress.

That in itself was torture, but the satisfied expression on his face showed that he was quite enjoying this.

I wanted to tell them it wouldn’t happen again, that it really was just a one time thing, but whatever I was about to say was replaced by a sharp gasp from my mouth.

“I got a new toy for you, sweetheart.” Xavier says with a hint of excitement in his words, my mind circling at the feeling of a vibration tickling my bottom lip where his finger now rested.

Rings are something Xavier always wears on his hands—something I’ve grown very attached to, but the one on his right forefinger was one I didn’t recognize.

It was quite simply a black band, nothing more, nothing less, but I didn’t miss the small circular knob on the side that was clearly responsible for the low humming noise.

“Do you want to try it out?” He smirks, his thumb swiping across my parted mouth before dragging it down my body and around where Alec continued to tease.

I knew the question was rhetorical, and I wasn’t able to speak anyways as the vibrations met my clit, my back arching only to be pushed back down onto their laps.

My lip caught between my teeth as my toes curled, slightly surprised that such a device even existed. What had me more turned on, however, is the intentions behind the “gift.”

There were more vibrators and sex toys upstairs than I could even imagine, which meant Xavier’s ring was not expected to be used often in the house.

Those thoughts made me both love and hate the idea of this, though the first seemed to be taking over as my body ached for more.

“While we were waiting for the additional thirty minutes, we came up with an idea as to teach you some manners, darling.” Caleb says, and though I’m not able to look at him, my senses track his every movement.

I know he’s currently walking past us and looping around to the back of the couch, his two arms resting partially over the dark cushion.

Now, I was able to see him. Now, I was able to learn that he too had new toys to experiment with.

Dropping a pair of nipple clamps onto my stomach, I wasn’t given the ability to move away as Alec soothingly stroked my hair, my head being forced to rest all the way down on his thighs.

I was well aware I earned every bit of this punishment, though that doesn’t make me any happier about it.

“Aren’t you going to ask us what it is, Mads?” Alec smiled down, holding me still when I began to squirm in desperation.

While I don’t know exactly how Xavier’s ring works, I do know the intensity is more than enough to notice the vibrations, but not enough to come close to giving me that high I so desperately crave.

My hips gradually rolled to try and gain something more, but Caleb—with a single hand—kept me still.

“It’s really quite disrespectful to ignore the men who own you, princess.” Alec lands a punishing slap to my breast over my dress, but a second later, Caleb’s removing the material until the entire thing is bunched around my torso.

I hear them each take a breath at the sight of my white, intricate bra, my nipples prominently hardened and straining against the transparent sheer.

Their looks alone made me dizzy, but it was the pleased growl from Xavier that had my hips tilting again.

“I don’t belong to anybody but myself,” I lied, wanting to push them just to see what they’d do.

A whimper fell past my lips when I felt Xavier’s hands retreat all together, but I soon realized he was playing with the knob on his ring.

When his touch returned, it didn’t take my body long to react at all to the increased vibrations, still refusing to touch me beneath my underwear.

It wasn’t until many minutes later of my torture that Alec gently slid the straps of my bra half way down my arms, a trail of goosebumps awakening under his touch.

“So far tonight, you’ve been late, disrespectful, and now a liar.” Xavier tuts, pressing his finger down hard on my clit as he circled it, “Since you felt above asking, I’m going to tell you how tonight’s going to go.”

Caleb took my distraction as an opportunity to roll both of my nipples in his fingers, a gasp being pulled from my body at the knowledge the clamps had slid off of my stomach and onto the couch.

While he moved his one hand to let go, Alec happily took his place, each man tweaking and abusing my now red nipples.

“Considering you were thirty minutes late, I think it’s fair that we edge you for that same amount of time as you did us.” Xavier says, his words wrapping around my body like a vice.

No, no, no, no, no.

“Daddy, I’m—”

“Considering you’re leaving on Monday, we had the whole night planned out to treat you like a queen as a way to remember us for the next week.” He interrupts, dread pouring through me as though it were running in my blood.

“But the truth is that you’re nothing more than a pathetic little slut,” Caleb finished, pinching my breast so hard tears built in my eyes, “Isn’t that right, my submissive?”

Oh dear god.

I nearly orgasmed from his words alone, and I was honestly surprised I didn’t.

“Yes, Sir.” I replied quietly, tilting my hips upwards in a silent plea for more. None of them liked that response, though.

Watching as a blur of movement passes over my eyes, I can’t stop it as Alec suddenly grabs one of the nipple clamps from my side and places it onto the one he’s been playing with.

I cried out at how fast it all went, and while my body was held almost completely still by strong hands, it didn’t stop my shaking as Alec tightened it the hardest I’ve ever experienced before.

When Caleb followed suit and the devices began to vibrate, it was almost too much, my orgasm rising rapidly to the surface.

My legs locked up and my mouth fell open in pleasure, but after a few seconds, I realized that consuming high never came.

Confused as the effects of the denial crashed through my body, my eyes fluttered open to stare at the man between my thighs who was no longer touching me.


“Daddy, please,” I whimpered at the loss of contact, realizing exactly what he was doing.

He wasn’t lying earlier.

“I can’t even be too mad about you being late, sweetheart.” Xavier smirks, his thumb running up and down the sides of my trembling thighs, “I quite like you like this.”

I faintly heard the tearing of fabric sound from behind me, but I was too overwhelmed to acknowledge it.

Too much of my attention was on the dark haired man at my front, because while he may not have been touching me anymore, Xavier demanded my gaze.

Only once my orgasm seemed to have efficiently ebbed to their satisfaction did things change.

The ripped material I’d heard less than a minute ago turned out to be the black cloth of Caleb’s now discarded shirt, only a long strip remaining.

He smiled as he folded it horizontally twice, turning it into the perfect makeshift blindfold for me to use.

A small exhale pushing past my lips, I complied as Alec lifted my head from his lap just enough so that his friend could take away my sight.

Working surely and steadily, Caleb’s fingers kept my hair out of the way as a firm knot was tied in place at the back, my vision effectively becoming encased in a tunnel of darkness.

Instantly, I could feel every other one of my senses heightening, the noise of shuffling in specific.

It wasn’t long before I felt my dress being tugged off of my hips, six hands rearranging me to their taste before I was swept under their desire all over again.

My hips bucked as Xavier’s ringed finger pressed down against my core, the pleasure reappearing as though it had never been taken away.

Every part of me felt hot under their touch, my face undoubtedly flushed in wait to see what would happen.

While Xavier continued to slowly circle my sensitive clit, I knew it was Alec’s thumbs that gently ran around my clamped nipples, sometimes pressing down just slightly to cause them to painfully pull at my skin.

This time, it took me no more than five minutes before that familiar shake returned and their touch retreated.

“Ah, please!” I begged as I suddenly felt cold, even though I could feel the heat of both Alec and Xavier’s erections pressed against opposite ends of my body.

The one man I couldn’t feel, however, was Caleb.

I missed his touch just as much as my body ached for him, but the issue with the blindfold was that while I could sense his eyes on me, I couldn’t even reach out in his direction.

“You don’t like it when people make you wait, do you, princess?” Alec’s deep voice responded, but his tone told me he would not be caving to my begging. None of them would.

“Please, I’m sorry!” I tried again, screaming out in frustration as I was brought up to the tip of my orgasm for the third time, just for everything to stop until the flicker died out.

The time between each denial was quickly growing shorter and shorter, my body so sensitive I could probably come on demand at this point.

They wouldn’t grant me that release, though.

It would’ve been nice if I had at least a valid excuse for being so late, but I didn’t. And these men used that to feed their sadistically blissful desires.

“I—” I began, only for my words to be cut off by a thumb slipping into my open mouth, pushing down on the back of my tongue until it became an effort to hold my gag.

Somehow, I instinctively know it’s Caleb, and the small chuckle in amusement confirmed my thoughts.

“I don’t remember saying you were allowed to speak, little one.” His voice purrs by my face, his thumb pushing father until he has me choking around him.

Xavier took that moment to resume his movements on my clit as Alec did to pinching and tweaking my nipples.

Instantly my lips parted wider, and it was then that Caleb said, “Maybe we should put this pretty mouth of yours to better use, darling.”

I tried to contain the tears collecting at my eyes, only being able to feel as he pulled his finger out and slid it across my bottom lip, wiping away some of the spit that had spilled as though he wasn’t about to ruin me himself.

Spreading my legs wider for Xavier, I relaxed my jaw and parted my mouth in silent invitation for more.

I shivered as a hand lightly brushed at the side of my face; a deceiving act of kindness as Caleb lifted my head to the side where I knew he was standing.

Alec had to reposition slightly, but that didn’t stop him from teasing me over and over, his one hand dropping to my stomach just to play with me before slowly sliding his rough palm back up.

I was very quickly becoming wound up all over again, and it didn’t help as my tongue darted out seekingly just to be met with the taste of Caleb’s precum against my lips.

I couldn’t help but moan to myself as I kissed the wet tip of his cock, licking my mouth and in turn gliding across his slit.

A small smile appeared on my face at the fact I knew he shivered under my touch, but when my hands reached out to his legs for balance, Xavier ended up grabbing both of my wrists.

Though he didn’t stop the vibrations, I felt him move as my arms were forced uncomfortably behind my back, soon becoming trapped together by a single hand of Xavier’s.

The action forced my back into a pleasurable arch, my breasts sticking out more for Alec’s enjoyment as complete control over my head was surrendered over to Caleb.

“Be a good whore and open your mouth,” He commanded, his words causing tingles to shoot through my scalp and down to the tips of my toes.

Obeying, I took a breath a second before I felt his length push past my lips, more drool already accumulating as Caleb pressed himself inside of me.

My legs tried to press together for relief at the feeling of him, but Xavier forced them apart with the hand with the ring, his other being rather occupied from restraining me.

When he soon realized this position wouldn’t work for that precise reason, I heard the ruffle of clothes as he lifted my ass off of his lap, just to lay on his stomach between my thighs.

My hips were forced to widen as his large frame nestled between them, my body jerking as his ring instantly returned to torturing me.

Even with the blindfold, I could practically see his satisfied smirk, knowing there was nothing I could do to take over now.

I was completely at their mercy, and Caleb knew that as he pulled back, only to swiftly thrust forward, nearly suffocating me with his cock down my throat.

My hands tried to pull away to steady myself, but Xavier’s grip remained unwavering around me, allowing gravity to take control.

“You pinch me if you want this to stop.” I hear him say, knowing his wrist was more than within reach of my fingers.

The order brought me comfort, and I felt my body submit just a little bit more to their desire at that. Even with the constant denial I’ve been receiving.

My hips had fallen into a continuous circling motion against Xavier’s hand, and he let me, seeking out my pleasure myself in combination with Alec’s motions around my throbbing nipples.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long until signs of an orgasm hit me again, only this time, my whimper in frustration was muffled and overpowered by Caleb’s harsh fucking.

Things were becoming very hard to handle, unable to move, breathe, or speak. As the lack of oxygen started to take effect over my body, blinding hot pleasure appeared in its place.

I was on the verge of passing out by the time Caleb ended up pulling out, resting his cock on my warm tongue as I took heavy inhales of air.

My face was wet with tears and spit, but I still needed more.

I wanted to be able to touch them, to make them feel as good as I do now, but they wouldn’t let me. I’m beginning to believe that was the true punishment.

“Such a mess already,” Xavier cruelly tuts, dipping his head slightly so the caress of his breath tickles my thighs, “I can’t wait to see how pretty you look later when you’re crying out around our cocks.”

Bringing the ring back to my clit, a sharp moan spilled from my mouth at the contact, Caleb taking the sound as invite as he thrust back down my throat.

Our last night together had truly snapped something in him, because he was no longer restrained as he gripped my hair tight like a leash, holding me still for my destruction.

“You’re taking him so well, princess,” Alec praises me, the sound of his voice soothing away the dizziness in my head. Since I couldn’t see, having that connection to them kept me grounded and allowed air to fill my lungs, even as I choked and sputtered around Caleb’s dick.

He began grunting softly from the sheer force of his movements, my mouth trying to keep up with him, but being unable to.

I can’t recall when, but at some point I had just given up, letting my jaw fall slack as my tongue ran teasingly along the underside of his cock.

At the same time, the other two took diligent care of my trembling body, the elapsed minutes slowly bringing pain along with them.

Though I gasped as Xavier’s soft lips began to kiss along my thighs and hips in contrast, the constant denial and unrelenting vibration of my pinched nipples grew more and more sore with each passing second.

I felt completely and utterly consumed, truly becoming a mess under their touch as my makeup smudged, my arousal soaked my underwear, and my whimpers filled the air.

“That’s it,” The low hum of Xavier’s voice came from between my legs in encouragement, goosebumps breaking out along my skin, “Twenty more minutes left before we can properly take care of you the way we initially wanted.”


As in two-zero?

My body screamed out in protest as the vibrations increased on my clit instead of slowing this time, hurting from the intense overstimulation.

“Mmmph.” I groaned around Caleb’s cock in dissatisfaction, my body trying to jerk away as he used that as an excuse to force my head forward until my nose was pressed against his front.

No amount of control could have stopped me from gagging around him, but he only seemed to like it more, keeping me there as I fought to struggle away.

“What was that, Madelyn?” Alec asks in mock pity, amused and satisfied by my obvious desperation, “Something you wanted to say?”

My core tightened at the demeaning undertones of his words, crying around Caleb until he finally pulled me back. Long strings of my saliva kept me connected to him as did his steady grip on my hair, my brain going dumb as I heard him stroking himself with only his tip inside of my mouth.

“Please, I can’t handle this,” I shook, even though I knew damn well I could. Xavier’s wrist was more than accessible to my pinch should I need it still, but I wasn’t even close to my limit yet.

I needed quite the opposite.

I needed more.

“This is what happens to bad girls who make their dominants wait for them.” Caleb says as power radiates off of every part of him, more tears building in my eyes in response.

Any other colour of blindfold and all three would’ve been able to see how wet the material now was.

These kinds of releases tended to be more freeing than any orgasm could promise, and I was greedily indulging in every second, even as I tried to get away half the time.

“Stay still, princess,” Alec orders as I squirm continuously over top of him, my thighs practically crushing Xavier’s head as I sought out my pleasure myself.

I wondered if I’d somehow be able to trick him into letting me come if I pretended for long enough I had it under control?

Though I doubted that would end well for me, I couldn’t even count how many orgasms I’ve been denied by now.

All I knew was that my desire branched much farther than just the pleasurable high of climaxing. It was these infuriating men that physically kept me bound to the couch while mentally consuming me from the inside out.

Everything was always intense with them as a group, and with my loss of vision along with that, I’m surprised I haven’t already shattered completely beneath them.

“Good girl,” I hear Alec murmur as I make an effort to cease my movements, but nothing is able to stop my shaking.

He didn’t seem to care, though, his priorities set on something that really had me stilling in distress.

The clinking of ice against a glass sounded by my ears, swirling in some sort of drink I knew Alec had poured while waiting for me.

He’s always had a thing for temperature play with me, and I remember the cold bite ice brought in contrast to his heated kisses and warm skin.

“Alec, I—” My words got cut off as I felt a tug at my blindfold, the material slipping away as I was met with bright light and flashes of the men around me.

Though my head was still facing Caleb, my heart raced when I looked up to catch his blue gaze staring down at me. His fingers remained curled in my hair, but his free hand had never stopped stroking himself as I slowly continued to suck on his tip.

For a second, I had found myself lost in the hunger in his eyes. For a second, I forgot I was being punished until Xavier’s hand pulled away at the same moment Alec brought the ice down onto one of my nipples.

My body jerked harshly at the action, Caleb’s cock slipping from my mouth as my lips parted in both pain and pleasure, desperately trying to free myself away from the freezing bite at my skin.

“Always so responsive,” I hear Alec say just as my mouth was filled once again, Caleb’s taste sliding across my tongue.

Before was simple squirming, but I really tried to fight them now, my eyes pinching shut as I gagged and my hips bucked at the ice being dragged around the still vibrating clamps.

However, I was no match for one of them, let alone three.

I had wanted more, and now I was getting it.

“Please!” I mentally begged, my cries and whimpers not allowing any opportunity for actual words beyond my desperate moans.

I had no clue how much time had passed or if they were even keeping track of the promised half an hour, but I saw Xavier’s smile out of the corner of my eye when he got the excuse to pin me down.

Everything hurt in the most beautiful of ways, and as Caleb continued to thrust hard into my mouth, I encouragingly let him push my head down when I heard a strained groan fall from his lips.

All it took was a single heartbeat before he began spilling himself down my throat, holding onto me tight as I felt his cock twitch against my tongue.

“Such a good girl.” Caleb grunted as I choked on his release, trying to pull away but being forced still for him, “Swallow my cum just like that.”

Dizziness overtook me as I did as he asked, taking him down my throat and sucking away what was left of his orgasm.

I moaned at the feeling, knowing I was responsible for it, but when it came to him pulling out and tucking himself back into his pants, things began to move quickly from there.

I watched as Caleb fell to his knees before me, only a second before his mouth crashed into mine like an explosion.

With a single kiss, he ignited the fuel in my core and then threatened to become my destruction.

His lips may have been sweetly soft, but his tongue was wicked and ruthless, sparking flame and electricity through my blood.

I heard a small beep sound from Alec’s watch as he continued to painfully circle my nipples with ice, but I was too lost to think about it.

Caleb’s kiss burned as hot as my desperation, and when I felt Xavier finally release my hands from his hold, they went straight through the blond locks, pulling him closer to me.

These men may have just devoured and ripped me to shreds, but all my body sought out for was more.

A cry tore through me as Xavier’s hand pulled away yet again, only this time, I was not denied of anything.

His mouth latched onto my clit instantly in the ring’s place, his teeth grazing me as he sucked hard.

I screamed as my orgasm barreled through me in response, nearly falling off of the couch when Alec snapped the clamps from my sore nipples.

Between that and the way Caleb’s mouth moved to my neck, I came apart, my release squirting from me as I soaked Xavier’s face.

It didn’t help when he moaned in pleasure, the vibrations going straight to my clit and forcing me under the blanket of my ruin.


Though my every instinct told me to run at the wolfish expressions all three of my men wore, I remained still beneath their gazes.

Now partially sitting up, I couldn’t help but press my legs tight together at the sight of my release dripping from Xavier’s twisted mouth and glistening off of his chin.

It didn’t help my throbbing body in the least, and when Alec gave me a light push forwards on the couch, I went straight into Xavier’s arms.

I gasped and shivered as he made me kiss away my arousal from his face, and when it finally ended with our mouths connecting, I moaned at the taste of myself mixing on both of our tongues.

“You will not be late again,” Xavier asserted against my lips, and when we finally pulled back with my cheeks flushed, I knew that my punishment had ensured that.

“Yes, Daddy.” I whispered for only him to hear, resulting in him suddenly picking me up into his arms as my limbs wrapped around him.

“You’re trouble.” He murmurs, kissing me on my temple before moving us towards the stairs.

The action only makes me hold him closer, turning my head to find Alec and Caleb following close behind.

They both shoot me a wink and a smile as I blush, letting out a content sigh as I let my head rest against Xavier’s shoulder.

I couldn’t wait to find out what they had planned for us tonight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they could hear the excited beat of my heart when we finally made it upstairs.

I made the move to get down when we finally made it to the playroom door, but Xavier only tightened his grip on my thighs, letting Caleb punch in the code.

With the sound of four beeps, I heard the latch unlock, purple lights fading on as it sensed our motion.

It has been a surprisingly long time since I’ve been in here considering it used to be every other day, but I feel like I almost liked it better this way.

It made things seem so much more intense now that it’s been about a week of staying out.

“Present for us, sweetheart.” Xavier whispered in my ear, and though it took him a minute, he reluctantly let me down so I could fulfill his command.

Doing as he says and walking past Caleb, a breathy gasp left my mouth as he took the opportunity to spank me, smirking at my reaction.

He’s the real trouble.

Smiling slightly, I walked over to the hairbrush and elastic they’d laid out for me, braiding first before moving to unclasp my bra.

It’s amazing to think the thought of being naked in front of them used to terrify me.

Now, I embraced it.

Sliding the straps down my arms, I couldn’t help but whimper as the lace brushed against my nipples, still red and swollen from my punishment.

Though I could feel the eyes of the others on me, I took the time to diligently fold what was left of my clothes, my underwear following right after.

I shivered under their watchful gazes, but I didn’t meet them as I walked to the door, only to be stopped by Alec.

“Here.” He says in a calm demand, causing me to drop to my knees before him.

The placement left me mostly in the middle of the room, and I didn’t waste any time as I spread my knees, bowed my head, and left my palms facing up on my thighs.

I was completely open, completely vulnerable, completely theirs.

Alec didn’t stick around to wait for me as I listened to his steps walking off, but I was more focused on the way my muscles were relaxing and my mind was clearing.

“Caleb told us you’re leaving as of tomorrow,” Xavier says, questioning in his voice as though he wanted me to confirm it.

I knew better than to speak, however.

Pleased by my silence, he continues, “How many days do we need to make up for, sweetheart?”

A light exhale passes through my mouth at his words, seeing out of the corner of my eye his large frame walking over to me.

He doesn’t stop until he’s standing at my front, looking down at me for my answer.

“Seven, Daddy.” I responded, my skin tingling as I grasped onto the meaning behind his question.

They were going to make up for an entire week’s worth of scenes in one single night.

“Mm,” Xavier hums to himself as though he’d thought as such.

I wanted to know what he was thinking—what all of them were thinking—but I never spoke and they never offered their thoughts.

Instead, I was left in my own head, shivering as Xavier’s finger dropped down just to my cheek.

Never once did he tilt me to look at him, simply touching me to see how I’d react.

“I guess we’ll just have to fuck you so hard you’ll feel us the entire time you’re gone.” He says lowly, and while I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was dead serious.

The comforting touches were confirmation enough, something they did especially when my limits were about to be pushed.

And god was I ever willing to find out what.

I forced myself to be still as my core dripped desperately, the contact of Xavier’s single finger putting me into some sort of trance.

I ached for them to touch me—to use me and fill my mind with memories I can use to drown out the ones I’ll have to face tomorrow.

I wanted all of them, and I knew they would offer me nothing short of everything.

“Stand up and place your hands on his neck.” I hear Alec command from behind me, and on unbalanced steps, I do.

Not even a second later is Xavier lifting me yet again, dragging the two of us to the bed where Alec and Caleb wait.

Correction—where a very much naked Alec and Caleb lay on either sides of the mattress, an obvious spot between them meant for me.

I licked across my bottom lip at the sight of them together, well aware of their trained eyes on me as my body was brought to lay in the middle on my back.

Xavier was gentle in a way that caught me slightly off guard, but when I felt three pairs of hands setting right to my skin, I knew I was simply happy to have them.

They all started slow at first, making me drunk on soft kisses and affection as they made me feel cherished despite the contrasting rough grasps on my arms and legs.

The combination was enough to have my back arching in response, both Caleb and Xavier taking the hardened peaks into their mouths.

As for Alec, he silently spread my legs farther apart all the while small bites and soothing licks were planted numerously on my body.

My breath hitched at the feeling of his hand then moving down, trailing until his fingers were able to easily slide through my obvious state of arousal.

Being with them felt like the darkest sins of hell and brightest pleasures of heaven, and I embraced both while my mouth parted in quiet gasps of desire.

“You did so good for us earlier.” Alec murmurs in my ear as he continues to tease at my entrance, only to bring his hand farther down so his fingers could run circles around the rim of my ass.

I’m suddenly extremely thankful for Xavier’s text this morning, urging my body to relax and accept what I know Alec was asking permission for.

I gave him a small nod as the other two continued to play with my nipples, neck, and mouth, and I was a little proud of how I didn’t tense up this time as a finger pressed deep inside of me.

This was the first time Alec’s ever touched me there, but I let him, moaning while I tightened and then loosened around him.

He took his time as he learned this aspect of my pleasure for himself, observing what strokes had me whimpering beside him (which was almost all of them).

Patience was something he executed with me, and when I felt his free hand brush along the side of my face to gain my attention, I sent an answering one down between his legs, taking his cock into my hand.

Our groans came in sync with one another at the contact, and though Alec was currently forcing me to look at him, that didn’t stop me from blindly reaching out for Xavier and smiling at the low noise I pulled from his throat.

“A week is a long time from now, princess.” He spoke quietly, his resolve slightly cracking under the pressure of my hand working up and down his length in deep motions, “We just want to make sure you’re taken care of until then.”

As if to reiterate that, Xavier’s teeth grazed against a sensitive spot on my neck, no doubt promising a bruise that would last until close to next Sunday.

His smug grin at that shared knowledge obliterated any chances of it being an innocent act, however, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from any of the three of them.

Between his words and the brutal kisses along my body, I felt myself becoming rapidly needier, working my hands faster around the men holding me.

“Fuck, Madelyn.” Caleb groans from my left, only for me to realize he’s stroking himself at the sight of me. Just watching him made my face heat, and then he said the words that had me truly desperate, “Do you think you could take all of us at once?”

Even though my clit was never touched, I suddenly orgasmed around Alec’s finger at those words, whimpering as flashes of images filled my head of the four of us together.

They held me on my back as Alec continued to stroke me, my arousal dripping down to my ass and used as lubricant.

It wasn’t until he pulled out entirely did my body stop shaking in pleasure, my hands being removed from their cocks as I was sat upright.

The position forced Xavier to move off of me, and when he fell into a kneel at my front, I couldn’t help but notice how perfect his posture was.

Apart from the lack of spread knees and bowed head, Xavier looked just like me, his ass resting on his heels, his back straight, his hands on his thighs only his were palm down.

He looked perfect, and I couldn’t help but dart my eyes down to the hardened length of his cock, the silver piercing on his tip included.

“Bend over and take him into your mouth.” I hear Caleb tell me, and when my gaze meets Xavier’s again, he doesn’t do anything but smirk.

Taking that as invitation enough, I bent forward on my knees, my ass remaining up as my head lowered to Xavier’s thick length against his stomach.

I felt Caleb’s hands begin to run up and down the backs of my thighs while Alec gathered my hands behind my back, tying them with a thin rope I hadn’t noticed before.

The material didn’t hurt, but it did leave me once again at their mercy, Xavier now completely in control of my head movements.

Only, Xavier’s hands never once moved from the tattoos of his thighs.

Instead, I gasped as I felt cold lubricant being pressed against my back entrance while Alec gripped hard onto my braid, forcing my mouth down onto his friend’s cock for him.

It was so unexpected and unbelievably hot I couldn’t help but press my knees together, flattening my tongue over Xavier’s head and making a point of teasing the piercing there.

Only once he moaned did Alec press my head down farther, not giving my throat much time to adjust as I felt him slide deeper into me.

His girth had me choking before he was even half way down, but none of them cared about that.

As Caleb pressed two lubed fingers into my ass, Alec yanked my head back, giving me no more than five seconds to catch my breath before guiding me down and holding me there.

My wrists tried to pull at the bearings keeping them together at my back, but they were too precise and too efficient to break through.

I was a little confused when I felt something a lot like a small ball being placed into the palm of my hand by Caleb, but it then sparked my memory of hand signal safe words from our contract.

It was quite literally a small black squeak toy, but it was more than effective considering the situation.

It was an out if I needed one, however for now I chose to widen my mouth, accepting more of Xavier down my throat.

“Do you like this princess?” Alec cooed as I gagged, tears forming at my eyes from the stimulation.

All I could do was moan in response, but it was clear he liked that more than any words could offer.

“Do you like Xavier kneeling and still for you? Look at his hands, look at what you’re doing to him.”

Blinking my eyes open, I watched as his scarred fingers curled into restrained fists on his thighs, forcing himself not to simply thrust all the way up.

He let me—he let Alec take that little bit of control knowing I’d like it, and when my eyes raised to his, I could feel them burning down at me in pleasure.

I watched as he groaned, his rings glinting in my peripheral vision.

I wanted to make him come, but it was up to Alec to decide if he’d let him.

Realizing that, I tightened around Caleb’s fingers as he continued to loosen me, slowly building up to being able to slide three fingers past the ring of my ass.

This was the first time there hadn’t been any slight pain to the process, and after multiple minutes of prepping me, I knew I’d be able to take him now if he chose.

For a little while, they simply continued to play with me, slowly working me up as I took Xavier again and again down my throat.

I had yet to get him all the way inside, but when I felt the lubed tip of Caleb’s dick pressing ever so slightly against my ass, Alec encouraged me down.

Not being able to fight against my bindings, I simply submitted, the first tear in a while falling down my cheek and dripping onto Xavier’s cock.

That single moment was the tipping point for his restraint, and Alec sensed that as he pushed my head the remaining inch down forcibly.

I was held there as Caleb pressed just the tip of himself inside of me, his hands grabbing onto my hips as he moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck you’re tight back here.” He said as he carefully filled me up, pulling out and slowly adding a few centimetres at a time with each thrust.

His firm grip on my body held me still as my toes curled, more tears escaping my pinched eyes.

That was all I could do to keep from breaking, and when Alec finally gave me the mercy of pulling my head up, Caleb slipped the rest of the way inside, stilling at the feeling of me around him.

He groaned as I clamped down, a whimper coming from me when I was abruptly pulled upright onto his lap.

I didn’t even get the chance to scream at the change before Xavier was on me, his hand wrapping around my throat and squeezing as our lips came together.

The ball from my hand fell onto the bed completely forgotten as he licked into my mouth, demanding I submit to his desire.

My body didn’t give me any other choice, aching to obey as I was invaded and consumed, their touch reaching far deeper than my heated skin beneath their fingertips.

These men sent me spiraling and I accepted it with welcome arms, melting until I was simply theirs to do with as they pleased.

“Go on and beg for his cock,” Caleb’s cool voice whispered in my ear, not moving as he filled me to the hilt and kept me there.

I was way too far past the confinements of my own brain, and I wasted no time showing Xavier how much I wanted him.

“Please, Daddy.” I whimpered against his mouth before he pulled back, Caleb spreading my knees wide open for him, “I need you so bad. I want to feel you all at once, filling me up with your come until that’s all I’m capable of thinking about.”

I’ve never wanted something more, and when my hips were tilted up slightly by Caleb, Xavier came forward, gently pushing my knee to the side despite the feral hunger in his eyes.

“You’re sure you want this, Mads?” He asks one last time as his thumbs brush my hips, and my answering moan tells him enough.

“Please,” I breathily begged, tilting my neck in submission to show I was all his. My hands were bound, my legs were spread, and I was so wet I knew he could see it, “Daddy, please.”

My whimpers were cut off as Xavier pushed just the tip of himself inside of me, feeling as I was forced to stretch around him.

While that had me shaking, Caleb’s moan in my ear had me clamping down around them both, my mouth parting for more.

“Breathe and let him in, princess.” Alec came to my side, holding my face in his hands and wiping my silent tears from my cheeks.

All I could think about was how they felt inside of me, and I convulsed as Xavier released a low noise of absolute desire from his throat, grabbing just about where Caleb’s hands rested before thrusting forward a little more.

I doubt it was even a full inch in difference, but it felt like everything as I cried out, trying to rock myself deeper onto him.

When Caleb forced me still, though, confusion struck my mind.

“I’m trying not to hurt you.” Xavier bit out as heavy breaths left his body, taking his time as he drew out, only to push back in.

All three of us made noises of pure need as I was slowly fucked into, Caleb’s hands shaking slightly as he held onto me.

“Please,” I cried as my cheeks turned red in desperation, and when my tear soaked eyes met Xavier’s dark ones, he held my gaze, closing what was left of the gap between us in a single thrust.

All three watched me as my face twisted into an expression where pleasure wasn’t even accurate enough of a word to describe the ecstasy I experienced.

I was so full it hurt and that only made me wetter.

Nobody moved as Xavier’s body weighed down on mine, Caleb grunting as he was pressed down too.

Alec began planting light kisses to my jaw as I painfully adjusted to the stretch of them both inside of me, resting back against a hard chest for support.

I twitched as Xavier moved just the smallest inch to gain a better grip on my body, but I was surprised when Caleb’s body mimicked mine.

“You can feel that, huh?” The former gritted as he stilled once again, and it took my brain a long moment before realizing he was talking about his piercing.

Holy fuck. I never even stopped to think about the fact that they could feel each other through the thin barrier separating them, but the small shake in Caleb’s muscles told me they very much could.

“You know I can.” He responded, his warm breath spreading across my neck, “I can feel both of you.”

A shiver danced down my spine at his words, and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

I needed them to move and for Alec to fuck my throat raw until I was nothing more than a result of their chased pleasure.

While no words were spoken, I could tell they understood me as though I had.

Offering only a single nod, I trembled as Caleb slid us down slightly, lifting my hips upwards as both he and Xavier drew out of me together.

My body’s instant response was to protest at the loss of their touch, but all it took was a split second before they both thrusted back into me as one person, a cry tearing from my throat.

“Shit.” I heard Caleb curse against my neck, but whatever he said afterwards died off until I was consumed by the wordless noises escaping all of us that ventured somewhere between whimpers and demands for more.

Together they built me up towards unimaginable heights, but the one thing that was still missing was the very man kneeling in front of my face.

Our change in positions only minutes ago left me at perfect level with Alec’s cock, and when I opened my mouth to show that I wanted him, he tore down the final barrier between us.

Not missing a beat, he slipped past my lips roughly, marking both the beginning and the end of everything.

All three of them moved in on me in near perfect precision, holding onto my body until there wasn’t a single doubt as to who I belonged to.

These men fucking owned me, and I slowly fell apart around them with every quick, deep movement they encouraged me to take.

Nothing would ever be able to come close to what we have, the overwhelming combination of our shared pain and desire only leaving us to burn in each other’s flames.

I could feel them everywhere, surges of electricity shattering my nerves and tearing the oxygen from my lungs as though it were their souls slamming into me and not their cocks. I could hear the sounds of our emotions resonating off of the walls and embedding themselves into our memories.

Now, we were all in far too deep to stop what we’ve started, not just submitting to one another physically, but also in every other way possible.

“Madelyn!” Caleb called out to me as he continued to ravage everything I gave over to him, my own cries rising as I felt myself begin to spin out of control.

I knew these men were about to push me over the edge in a way I’ve never experienced before, and I had no choice but to let it obliterate me—no choice but to give myself over to the orgasm scratching and clawing its way through my body.

“Come, princess.” Alec groaned as he pushed himself deep into my mouth, smiling at my struggle, “Let yourself go.”

His demand shattered my entire being, my body seizing around all three of them as I burst into pieces. I felt myself clamping down hard around them, pulsing and taking as they claimed me for what I was.


As my mind blacked out and my muscles spasmed, I allowed myself to fall limp as Caleb growled into my ear before suddenly stilling and swelling within me.

His orgasm spurred mine on as he came inside of my ass, Alec following and painting my tongue white with his release only seconds later.

We tore each other apart, and for the second time tonight, I gushed around Xavier, screaming and crying while he continued to pound into my sore cunt.

As Caleb’s arm kept me upright for my ruin, remaining inside of me with Alec’s come dripping down my chin, this moment felt like it could be our forever.

When Xavier finally spilled himself inside of me, he did so holding my bound hands with his one, our foreheads resting against one another in the wake of our beautiful destruction.

- End of Chapter 62 -

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