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Chapter 65 : Madelyn

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Chapter 65 : Madelyn
Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Nobody is here.

Alone for two days, there’s been no sign of my mother or stepfather nor a call to explain the absence.

At first I was relieved, then furious, now nervous.

I was unsurprised when no one showed at the airport for my arrival, but when I walked into a cold, empty house an hour later, I found myself completely and utterly alone.

Their lack of attendance was both a blessing and a curse, but it at least allowed me time to become situated and overcome some of my mental barriers without the eyes of others around me.

I was especially thankful for it the first time I went into my room, when I dropped to my knees and cried until my eyes were swollen and my nose was stuffy. Now that forty-eight hours have passed, I’m able to bear the weight of it without breaking down.

Just barely, though.

As promised, I’ve called Caleb, Alec, and Xavier each day, already missing their small comforting gestures, their laughs, and simply everything that made them them.

The thought of simply leaving and going home has crossed my mind a thousand times, but if I don’t say goodbye within the remaining five days I have here, I won’t allow myself the opportunity to do it again.

Just being back is hard enough, and I don’t think I’m willing to go through this for a second time just because my mother couldn’t be bothered to show up for the visit she herself instigated.

Scrolling through my phone and opening the same app I had just closed for the third time in a row, I knew that boredom was eating away at my brain.

I was sick of this freezing house and the ugly feeling of it. I needed out.

Standing from the couch I was currently curled up on, also known as the makeshift bed I’ve created for myself, I grabbed my coat from the coffee table across from me.

It wasn’t exactly cold outside, but it sure as hell wasn’t warm either considering it was just past seven o’clock in the evening.

Glancing out the window at the still mostly bright sky, I decided against my warmer shoes in exchange for my much more comfortable runners.

All I wanted was a quick walk before I retreated back into my nightmares, slipping my phone and some money into my zipped pockets before moving out the door.

Like when I left many months ago, the lock was still in shit poor condition, a pathetic false sense of security on the outside of the house.

At this point, I honestly couldn’t be more unbothered.

Pulling the door hard before I finally heard the latch click in place, I didn’t spare the handle a second glance before leaving down the gravel driveway that blended into the path.

When I was younger, I remember always kicking at the small stones as I walked, dragging my feet because I liked the sound it made.

As a few caught under my shoes now, I couldn’t help but think about how unchanged so many things were, even after so much time had passed.

That familiarity was what guided me as I walked, catching sight of things from signs to houses that brought back memories I’d forgotten until now.

I feel like this was the best part of my day so far, and while my intentions were to loop back right about now, I couldn’t ignore the sight of the small pub entrance out of the corner of my right eye.

I surprised myself as a small grin spread across my face, so many good memories being linked to that place.

The owner was always working there in some way, and he took extra diligent care in keeping my teenage self out along with my fake IDs.

It always infuriated me because he couldn’t give less of a shit about serving anyone else underage, but even once I was bordering twenty-one, it wasn’t until the start of January Slash started serving me something more than pop and water.

I never pushed him on it after my first failed attempt, and in return he never turned me away from using the place as a shelter to get away from life for a while.

Our relationship was weird in the sense we rarely exchanged words with each other, but he kind of felt like my guardian angel growing up when I needed it most.

In fact, he even offered me a job when I was eighteen to bartend, hence where I got that experience prior to working at Rush.

Now, as I’m standing right in front of the few happy memories I have here, I couldn’t stop myself before my feet were carrying me towards the doors against my better judgement.

Honestly, I was a little past caring at this point.

Walking straight into the warm building, the first thing I was met with was the smell of fresh beer and musk, the sound of conversation and sports from the televisions carrying to my ears.

The small dents and holes in the walls that had been there when I left were now filled or covered by something, and there were a few new staff members I didn’t recognize as well from my time working here.

A lot seemed to have changed, but so much of it felt like every bit of the escape I craved growing up.

“Madelyn fucking Adams!” I hear a voice sound from behind me, turning to find one of my old colleagues, Camilla, headed my way.

“Hey Cami,” I grin, returning her embrace once she gets close enough.

Her short brown hair was the same as when we last spoke and so was her signature eyeliner drawn across her eyes.

I offered a genuine smile as I pulled back from her hug, happy to have run into her.

“How’ve you been, girl? Noah around too?” She asks, her eyes scanning the crowd though I could tell she was secretly hoping my answer would be no.

So much change.

“Not together anymore.” I shrug my shoulders, surprised that the admission doesn’t sting even a little bit. It wasn’t a bad revelation, however. “I actually have someone new waiting at home in New York,” I shared, purposefully leaving out the fact that it was multiple someones.

“Oh my god, really?” She smiles, leading me over to the bar, “I’m really glad to hear that. We all thought you deserved so much better.”

We’re in agreement with that for sure.

I simply nodded my response as she sat me down on a stool, muttering something about how she had some tables to get to but that Slash was probably around to talk to if I was here to dig.

Cami had assumed I was here to get information about my father, and honestly, while I haven’t thought about it until now, it was a good idea.

Slash knew everything and anything there was to know about things around here, likely including where the fuck my hosts disappeared to.

“Well shit.” I hear his familiar voice curse from beside me as if on cue, my head turning to rove over the man himself, “Didn’t think I’d be seeing you around here anytime soon.”

“Nice to see you too, Slash,” I grin, swiveling in my chair as he walks to the counter to mix up my usual.

His movements were as fluid and instinctive as I remembered them to be, sliding a glass down wordlessly before pouring himself a shot.

I could already hear his words before he opened his mouth just based on his choice of drink.

“Do you need a place to hide, Lyn, because this is the last place you should be if that’s the case.”

Always getting straight to the point with him.

Taking a sip of the combination of gin and tonic, I tilt my head and say, “No, but why would you assume that?”

Slash poured himself another shot before tossing down that one too, brushing his long, graying hair back from his face.

“I heard you’ve been runnin’ around with the Night Reapers.” He says lowly so no one could hear, but I was more focused on what he had to say rather than those around us.

“I’m sorry, the what now?” I ask, my brow arching at the name I could tell held power to make someone like Slash seem cautious to even speak it.

He looked around again before leaning slightly over the counter, his forearms keeping him propped as he finally looked back at me.

“Your boyfriends?” He says it as though it were a question, but he couldn’t possibly know about them being in the Mafia, could he?

I wasn’t lying when I said Slash knew everything and anything around, but I didn’t believe that extended to me as well.

There are eyes everywhere, and I can’t believe I haven’t been more cautious.

How could I have left here on my own when I’ve been publicly seen with the very men most people fear?

“How do you know about them?” I question before taking another mouthful of my drink. How many people know about me?

“Everybody’s heard about those men of yours, just very little know who lurks beneath their masks until they see death themselves.”

Like the masks they wore that night at the hotel after I hid and watched them murder somebody.

“And how do you know them?” I repeat, eager for the information I’ve been too scared to seek out these last few weeks.

What he called the Night Reapers were undoubtedly Alec, Caleb, and Xavier, and just the reminder of what they were capable of had shivers trailing down my spine.

“How I know doesn’t matter, but what does is that you’re fucking around with the wrong group of people, Lyn. They’re going to get you killed.”

This time, it was me who was lowering my voice, and it was to a point I almost didn’t recognize myself.

“I only started living when they walked into my life, Slash. They will not let me die because I have been through too much shit in my life to not get a happy ending, and even when it’s my time to go, it’ll be by their side.”

I meant every bit of my truth, and I refused to let anything taint what we had. I was going to wait these five days out and then I would go back home and never leave them again.

“What have they told you about their lifestyle, kid? Do you realize you’ll never be able to marry them for reasons way bigger than the fact there’s three?”

I didn’t like where this was going, but when I looked into Slashes eyes, I saw he was terrified. He feared for me just as much as I’ve already feared for myself countless times, his words coming from a place of concern.

“Yeah, like what?” I ask, genuinely curious to have this bandaid ripped off. I hadn’t even realized I’d finished my whole drink before a second was being poured for me.

“Do you plan on having kids, because you would be signing that child up for a hell of a lot of pain if you are. Even if it were with the associate, only the Don has the power to relieve a recruit from their duties? Would you leave the other two just to be with the one?”

Slash already knew the answer to that question, though.

“You marry Alec or Xavier, do you realize that makes you a figurehead for both good and bad? Do you realize what would happen if even half of the soldiers found out you date women too?” He softened his voice during the last part, but that didn’t stop my flinch.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask, but this time it was I who already knew the answer.

“The Mafia’s views are very old and twisted compared to the way life is starting to become now. Madelyn, I’m not saying this to hurt you, but you need to wake up before one of my birdies tells me you’re dead.”

He put his hand on my arm, though I didn’t meet his eyes as I drank way too much in one go.

It burned my throat, but I swallowed it back the tears and frustration I felt.

My men weren’t like that... but what about the people who were?

“I need something strong and preferably in a line.” I say, grabbing a handful of the cash I’d brought before sliding it to Slash.

I was sick of feeling and needed an outlet.

Drinking seemed like a horribly perfect idea.

Slash hesitated a second before taking the money and obeying, serving up a line of shots and watching as I downed the first one while making a face at the taste.

“You’re different since I last saw you.” He says, not in a bad way, but the reminder of who I used to be had me drinking another that went straight to my head.

I didn’t want to talk about my past, though. I wanted to know what was going on, and I was sick of letting myself be in the dark.

“My mother and Andrew are gone because of them, aren’t they? Because of the Night Reapers?” I take a guess, and his face tells me I’m right.

“Showed up a few nights ago and proved their title to be as accurate as the words of others peg them to be. Heidi is out retrieving Andrew’s bruised ego and was rumored to be scrapping up some money as well.”

“They aren’t dead, though?” I ask, praying to god my boyfriends respected that even though I’m sure they’re itching to kill them.

I never wanted my mother dead, but Andrew... he was mine to put out.

“Not yet.” Slash rubs the back of his neck as he stands up straight, stealing one of my shots for himself, “I heard from someone the leader of the three laughed as Andrew cried on the street in a puddle of his own piss and blood. They promised what they’d just done to him was merely foreplay compared to the hell their girl was going to inflict one day by their side.”

I froze at that, looking up from where my pointer finger had begun to pick at my thumb nail.

“As usual for the Reapers, they struck under the cover of their masks and the night, but I was there as they tossed him on the road and spat on his clothes. Madelyn, I might damn well be the only one to know this, but they promised him that death would be a mercy compared to what you would unleash on him one day.”

My heart stopped as this information overwhelmed me, but Slash wasn’t done speaking yet.

I feel like I should be furious with them for doing something like this behind my back, but I wasn’t. I didn’t even realize a small smile had formed until I sensed the small taste of revenge coating my tongue.

“What’s the last part you have yet to say?” I ask, feeling the fact that I’m very much a lightweight kick in from those three shots alone.

Was it bad I hoped it was something horrible?

I wished death upon Andrew with every part of my being, but I wasn’t ready to physically follow through yet.

As long as he’s still alive, Alec, Caleb, and Xavier can have him—though it seems they already have.

“There was a fourth person with them that night, Lyn. A doctor.” Slash explained, biting the corner of his lip before sighing, “My birdies are never wrong, kid, and I was told once the Reapers were done, they castrated him.”

Oh my god.

I watched as Slash mentally winced at the image, but I was simply in shock.

I know they have done so much worse than that, but what they did was no small act.

Instead of responding, I simply took another shot while trying to process this news, better yet, process the fact I wasn’t revolted in the least.

“Jesus,” I blew out a heavy breath, slightly angry at myself for not feeling bad when I probably should. But, yet again, Andrew was a terrorizing asshole who brought it on himself. “Yeah, I’m gonna need another round of shots.”


“Nope, I’ve already given you more than I should have.” Slash rejects my money as I try to buy yet another drink, making me shake my head in discontent.

Cami had gotten off her shift about an hour ago, and we’ve been laughing and drowning ourselves in our problems ever since.

“Come on, boss. Let us have our fun.” She insists, both of us giggling like his “No” was comedic.

Fuck, we were so drunk.

“Pleeease,” I pouted, pulling out some more cash, “I’m only here for five more days,” I added, my words slurring only slightly as I spoke.

I leaned with Camilla on the counter as Slash made a face as though he didn’t know what to do with us. He was so funny.

“The fact you’re here is the reason you need to be sober, kid.” He says, but I only rolled my eyes at the reminder.

“Yeah, yeah. Gotta be on guard for when my alcoholic of a mother decides I’m worth her time, right?” I snickered even though it wasn’t actually all that humorous.

Slash went to say something else, but I dismissed him with a wave of my hand.

He was right.

I mean, I was already drunk so why would I need more liquor?

“I’m gonna go dance.” I decide aloud, grabbing onto Cami’s wrist without a thought in the world.

“Patio?” She suggests with a wiggle of her eyebrows, but my body stiffens as I feel a much larger one slide up behind me, a body in which I didn’t recognize.

My head turned to see a man just a few inches taller than me sliding his hands onto my waist, his head dipping to my ear before I could stop him.

“I’ll dance with you, babe.” He says, but I wiggle him off.

“My boyfriends will cut off your dick if you touch me again.” I push away, my words barely legible thanks to the alcohol, but I think he got the point.

I was just about to go back to dragging Cami off with me before the annoying shrill of my phone ringing went off.

I didn’t even bother to see who was calling before I put it on silent, hearing my friend laugh at my side as we somehow ended up back at the counter by Slash.

“Sit and don’t move. I’ll drive you home once the crowd dies down a little.” He pointed at two stools, not even bothering to ask as two waters and a small bowl of peanuts were placed in front of us.

His face was stern about this, but he relaxed a little when I picked up a nut and tossed it into my mouth, chewing with a smile.

I watched as he muttered something about me being the death of him under his breath, but he never let me leave as he moved to go serve other customers.

The food made me hungry and the salt made me thirsty, all working in one big cycle that made me see things a little less foggily.

Cami’s head had fallen onto my shoulder a long time ago as we both rehydrated ourselves, Slash coming over to refill the snack bowl twice for us while making amused comments on how we were so going to regret this tomorrow morning.

I couldn’t even deny it.

At this point, all I wanted to do was crash into my bed back in my real home and sleep off these next five days.

I thought I would want a week to get the closure I needed, but the truth is that I just wanted out.

Cami’s mumbling about how she had to pee brought me out of my head as she stood slowly, groaning at the line up she’d have to wait in.

“I’ll be here.” I say, watching as she drags herself over the bathroom hall and crosses her arms in forced patience.

After a few moments, my eyes drifted back in front of me, slipping down to where the wooden bowl of peanuts were as I noticed something off.

Where my napkin once was had been replaced by a small piece of paper, my hand curiously turning it over to realize it was a note.

“If you don’t answer your phone within the next five minutes, princess, what I promised you will no longer stand, and I will be in Detroit quicker than you can hide.”

My eyes widened and searched on either side of me as to who could have possibly delivered this so stealthily, but the truth is that I was still drunk and my guard was down. It could have been any person here.


Pulling out my phone, still muted to silent mode, my heart raced as I saw three calls from Alec, the most recent one being from a half an hour ago.

I was screwed.

Hovering my finger over his caller ID, I took a breath a second before I hit call, my phone ringing once before I heard the click of him answering.

Instantly, heavy breathing sounded through the line, matching my own uneven exhales.

“Hey, princess.” Alec’s deep voice answered, sending butterflies off in my stomach, “Having fun?”

In combination with the alcohol still running through my veins, his words felt like ecstasy.

“I am actually.” I say, standing from the bar stool and gesturing to Slash I’d be right back. It was too loud in here to hold a conversation over the phone.

Stepping just outside of the doors, I leaned against one of the concrete columns that held the patio balcony above.

“You’re in so much trouble,” He warns in a neutral tone, but it was the sounds in the background that made me take him a little more seriously.

“What are you going to do, Sir? Punish me?” I say quietly, smiling to myself at the fact he was in New York and I was on my period. He couldn’t even make me punish myself over the phone.

It was silent for a moment as more noises came before he said, “I am.”

That was it.

Two words were his only response and it had me pressing my thighs together where I stood.

“Alec?” I asked, my face flushing as his answering groan sounded over the line, “Are you touching yourself?”

I felt hot as I asked the question, but once the words passed my lips, I knew I was right.

I could hear the sound of his fist stroking himself over and over again, some sort of oil making him wet enough for me to know what was happening in my absence.

“In my bed with your underwear wrapped around my cock.” He moaned, the visual making me bite my lip in desire. I wish I could see him right now, because fuck did he ever sound good.

For a moment, I just stayed silent, closing my eyes and picturing how his hand would be working up and down, getting off just by listening to my voice.

I shifted when I remembered I was in public, but nobody stood outside except for me.

It was only the two of us, and the fact I was getting so wet it became uncomfortable.

“Alec,” I said again, my cheeks heating from the noises his name elicited from him.

His breathing fell deeper with every passing second, and I was able to hear as his movements grew more frantic.

“Once I’m done talking to you, I have people who are going to take you home, okay?” Alec says, talking to me as though this was an everyday conversation.

“I don’t need to be babysat.” I argued, my words falling short when another noise of pleasure was pulled from his lips, “And you can’t punish me for drinking when you do it too.”

I knew I was in real trouble when a quiet laugh sounded over the line, but it was barely one of amusement.

It was meant to remind me of my place and that he could punish me for whatever reason he’d like.

“Your so-called babysitters aren’t there out of distrust for you, but rather the people you’re staying with. And yes, princess, you’re allowed to drink, but that’s not why I’m going to punish you. I’m going to turn your ass red because you made yourself vulnerable in a dangerous place without one of us there to protect you.”

He sounded exactly like Slash.

All three of my men had wanted to come with me but chose to respect my wishes anyways. They knew about my history with this place and still didn’t fight me on it, even though they saw right through my lies about me being okay.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” I murmured, amazed at how I found myself submitting to him even from hundreds of miles away.

I can tell my words pleased him by his groans, my body becoming intoxicated through Alec in a way no amount of drinking could offer.

“It’s okay, Mads.” He says, his hand moving audibly faster over himself at my apology, “You’re still my good girl.”

Fuck. Me.

“You like it when I praise you, don’t you? Are your legs pressing together right now from the sound of my voice?”

They were. Tighter than he knew.

I’ve never hated being a girl more than I do right now, and I could practically picture Alec’s satisfied smirk at the knowledge I would be turned on for the next week straight now with no relief.

“Yes, Sir.” I admitted, my words dropping to a mere whimper under his affect.

My hand reached back to balance myself against the post as I realized he was about to make himself come over the phone, and I couldn’t do anything but listen.

I could picture him on his bed, his head tossed back against his pillow with the phone to his ear. I imagined his eyes pinched shut with pleasure as his hips bucked up slightly to fuck his fist against my underwear. His cheeks would be flushed and his mouth would be parted slightly, all of this happening because I refused to let him be by my side to do it in person.

“Say something to me, princess,” Alec pants, and I know he’s getting close just by his tone.

I didn’t know what he wanted to hear, so I simply settled on the truth.

“I miss you.”

I heard him hum at my words, a low groan being drawn from his mouth in response.

“Fuck... I miss you too, Mads. You have no idea how much.”

It’s only been two days—it’s not like we haven’t been apart for longer, but everything is so much different now.

Everything I felt for them was so intense it could be overwhelming, and right now, my desire consumed me.

“I’ve stroked myself every night since you left, imagining it was your perfect cunt wrapping around me instead of my fingers. I thought about your pretty face staring up at me, calling out your name right before my orgasm begins to spill down my fist.”

“Alec,” I whimpered, but he was already coming with my name on his tongue a second later.

Even though I wasn’t touching myself, my eyes fell closed as though I were, needing to hold onto something as he cursed out a deep growl.

I listened as he spilled himself against his hand, and I was panting right along with him.

Every heavy breath of his carried through the phone, and I wished so bad I could be there. Even just to watch. Alec was making me reconsider his offer to stay with me, not because of the sex, but because I simply missed him so damn much.

I did with all of them, but the sound of my name pulled my thoughts back to my phone.

“I may be your boyfriend, Madelyn, and I still plan to take good care of you when you get home, but I’m also your dominant.” He begins, however the amused pause on his part told me he wasn’t done speaking.

My knees were flush together, and my skin was still hot, but what was worse is that I had a feeling Alec fucking knew it.

Waiting for a distraction from my aching body, I squirmed where I stood a moment before he continued.

“I suggest you enjoy being able to sit on your ass while you still can, princess.”

I couldn’t even manage a response before he hung up, leaving me wet, unsatisfied, and unbelievably longing for him.


As though he could hear my thoughts, his sudden text shut me up, my finger clicking on my messages app before my hand flew over my mouth and I looked around to make sure nobody else was around.

With a pounding heart, I looked back down at my phone, my clit throbbing at the picture of Alec shot from his neck down.

The angle let me see everything from his tattooed abs to his hand still wrapped around his cock, my light pink lacy underwear soaked in his release.

I’ve received my fair share of dick pics—most unwanted—but Alec’s had me wanting to touch myself right here in the open.

I watched as three dots appeared on my screen not long before a second text came through.

From Alec: Five days, Mads.

Five long, excruciating days.

- End of Chapter 65 -

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