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Chapter 73 : Madelyn

Sexual Content Warning ⚠️

Chapter 73 : Madelyn
Friday, September 10th, 2021

Feeling a large body press up against my back, I stiffened before I realized who it was, relaxing into the deep voice that had my core tightening with desire.

“Miss me, darling?” Caleb’s lips brushed just below my ear, my body spinning to face him in excitement at the knowledge he was finally back, the other two likely close by as well.

“No more week-long trips.” I smile in response, hugging him as his own arms wrap tightly around me. My tone was teasing, but between my visit to Detroit and theirs to France, I didn’t want to spend another moment away for a long while.

“Agreed.” He nods, kissing the top of my head before pulling me back slightly so he can look at me. “How could I not when I have a girl back home who dresses as beautifully as this?” Bringing his fingers down to the thin strap of my dress, he toyed with it as his eyes roamed down the indigo blue fabric until his hands followed.

Alec had asked for me to meet them at Rush tonight for their welcome back, so I figured I may as well have some fun while I waited.

Not bothering to hide my blush at his compliment, I stayed still as Caleb walked around to my other side, a hand dragging from the nape of my neck all the way down the exposed skin of my back.

“I take it you like it?” I say just to break the intensity of his stare, suddenly becoming highly aware of the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra—yet another thing that left me more vulnerable to him.

My heart skipped as Caleb’s one large hand curled around my waist dangerously low before pulling me back flush to his body.

His breath was against my skin in an instant.

“Oh I like a lot of things about it.” He offered a sinful grin that made me entirely compliant when he began to move our bodies against each other in time with the music. “For starters, I like that I can feel you heating beneath my touch yet shivering from my words.”

A breathy sigh left my mouth as my head tilted slightly against him, his one finger moving my chin until I was looking at the bar.

Seeing Xavier and Alec watching me with unrestrained hunger had me excited, but finding Riley trying to cover up her anger at their blatant dismissal of her also brought a sense of smug possessiveness to me.

“I also like the way all it’s going to take is a single tug of this dainty little string to get you completely naked for me later, the teasing thong I know you’re wearing likely thin enough to just tear off along with it.”

I gasped and my heart sped as I felt Caleb play with said string, well aware he was right to say I would be bared to him in a second if he went any further. And the entire time, Alec and Xavier watched me, trying not to overly react considering we were still surrounded by a club full of people.

“But you wanna know what I like most, little one?” He asks rhetorically, because when I’m suddenly spun to face him, I know I’m about to find out. “I like that I can do this.”

Subtly kicking my feet apart, I licked my lips as Caleb’s leg filled the space between my own. Just like that, what was left of my tension unwound from my muscles, my skin coming alive as his hands cupped my hips surely.

He kept things innocent for no longer than a minute before he was encouraging me to grind against him, my fingertips grasping onto the collar of his absurdly fancy suit, the silken underside feeling rich to the touch.

“Should I make you come just like this, Madelyn?” Caleb asks, his breath hot on my neck and his hands gripping tighter with each discrete roll of our bodies.

I hid my whimper into the material of his suit, but the invading smell of his cologne didn’t help to relieve the heat between my thighs.

None of them let me touch myself while they were away, and while memorable, the orgasms Xavier had given me last Thursday had not been nearly enough to keep me sated all week.

They had wanted me needy and begging, so by the time they were back, everything would feel heightened for me. God did they succeed.

With the press of the crowd and the tingling vibration of the music thrumming beneath me, I knew I was so responsive because of the continuously denied lust pooling in my stomach.

Teasing me was Caleb’s cruelly effective form of foreplay, and while this was a game I more than enthusiastically participated in, it was their turns to be driven mad with desire now.

Reaching my arms up to hang over his wide shoulders, I smiled when I felt Alec join us at my back, my leg brushing forwards until it was directly against Caleb’s crotch.

He shuddered under my touch, and when that single action told me he was ready to move off to somewhere more private, I knew I was about to be in trouble.

Feeling Xavier’s body join us next, I let myself be danced between them in a haze of excitement, waiting until Alec finally made the first move to leave before I let my defying revenge take over.

“Let’s get out of here, princess.” He says just loud enough for me to hear over top of the music. “We missed you too much to share you any longer with the eyes of those around us.”

Caleb slipped his hand into mine with the clear intention to pull me away, but when my feet remained still on the spot, his eyes met mine in question.

Alec realized what was happening the second his gaze locked on where I stood, and Xavier’s knowing expression was much too enthusiastic for my sense of control.

“You edged me for an entire week just because you made the decision to go to a different country last minute.” I state, my body growing more turned on with each challenging look I got from them. “Now you just expect for me to be at your beck and call when you finally decide to come back?”

My inner brat was thriving off of every last second of this moment, and when I made use of Caleb’s hand by pulling him closer, I rose on my tiptoes and said in his ear, “You’re not the boss of me.”

Once those words left my mouth, I knew there was no going back. Caleb’s smile was the last thing I saw before I was being picked up and tossed over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, his hand resting firmly against my ass.

I’m pretty sure it was to make sure my dress didn’t ride up and expose me to everybody in this club, but I still had to wrap an arm around my chest to make sure my boobs weren’t flashing people either.

With it too loud to hear anything he might want to say, I looked up to see Xavier and Alec right behind us, quietly talking to each other while looking at me.

They were talking punishment, and I was soaked because of it, however my racing heart almost wished I had even one drink tonight just for a little liquid courage.

“Don’t think Alec’s forgotten his promise of reddening your ass from what happened in Detroit.” Caleb says the second we make it past the VIP doors and down the hall where I know the playroom is.

I catch a glimpse of Cassidy smiling when she sees me, but two large men very quickly flood my view of her, their conversation breaking off when I see Xavier not joining us. While Caleb continues down to the end of the hall, Xavier moves into his office with his door shutting behind him.

What the hell?

The movements of walking quickly stop as Alec loops around the two of us to punch in the passcode to the playroom. When I feel a hand running up and down my slit where my panties are now soaked, I know it’s because Caleb’s preoccupied with that.

A shiver racked its way through my body at the action, but the sight of Xavier walking back towards us had me tensing, not because of the dominant way he carried himself but because of the box he had concealed by his large hand.

“We really did miss you, princess.” Alec’s voice hums in my ear as the door opens, Caleb setting me down and holding me upright for a second as I regain my balance. That’s the only kindness he offers me, though.

When both men step away and Xavier locks the door, I know whatever punishment I’ve earned myself is about to begin.

“Present at the foot of the bed facing away from it.” Caleb says, taking the small mystery box and tossing it onto the bed. “And keep that pretty white thong of yours on too.”

I didn’t try to challenge him on this as I felt Alec come up to my back, tugging at the string around my neck for me without even having to ask.

The cool brush of his fingers down my skin brought goosebumps to my arms, but the warmth of his breath contrasted it entirely.

“Keep the heels as well.”

With that, his touch was gone, the top half of my dress falling before gathering at the curve of my hips. It took a little encouragement as I shimmied the material the rest of the way down, making a show of it as I stepped out and bent to pick it up.

Not wanting the surprise of this to be ruined yet, I made sure to casually shield my left side when all I had now was the white of my shoes and underwear. Well, that and the tattoo they have yet to see.

Forcing myself to keep my focus on what I was told, I folded my dress and placed it on the counter, making use of the brush and elastic as I tied my hair back into a neat braid.

I’ve gotten a lot better at it with practice, but it also meant less time to prepare myself for the hell I know I just caused. When I obeyed the final task and knelt as I was told, any regret that I might have had faded at the sound of Xavier’s sharp inhale through his nose.

They all saw the tattoo, and whatever ideas they were previously thinking had just been put on pause.

With my head bowed, the only thing I could make out were shadows and faint outlines of them, but it felt like forever before I could see any actual movement.

My heart sped even more with it, though.

Listening to the sound of drawers being opened and closed, I forced down the urge to look up or shut my legs to relieve the tension brought with the silence of footsteps carrying my way. When polished black shoes at last came into my vision, I let out a shaky breath knowing it was Xavier.

“Get the cuffs.” The words came out as a deep, gravelly command to the man now at my back. I didn’t resist as Alec pulled my arms behind me, cold metal wrapping around my wrists until my hands were bound and resting above my ass.

The touch left as quickly as it came, leaving me even more exposed and forcing my back into a deeper arch. The black ink across my hip was completely on display, and when a finger hooked under my chin to get me to look up, I was met with a savage sort of sensuality I’ve never seen before.

Xavier was going to utterly and absolutely consume me.

“Spread your knees.” Caleb’s voice sounded in my ear, not even realizing they had slowly inched their way closed until he’d spoken.

There was an obvious change that had happened in him, though, too. If I could see Alec, I’d bet he would be sharing the same sort of possessiveness Hailey had warned me about a few days ago.

In combination with my words from earlier, I knew I was in for it.

Listening, I opened my legs while holding Xavier’s burning gaze, the heels of my shoes digging into my skin in a way that kept me grounded from the intensity I was already feeling.

“Stay just like that, princess.” Alec directed before standing, the motion stirring the air and sending a chillingly sweet breeze across my bare skin.

I did my best not to squirm or really do anything more than just show compliance now, but it was hard when Caleb and Alec moved behind me, the faint sound of them getting onto the bed catching my ears.

Xavier gave them only a single glance and a nod before his attention returned to me, and I was lucky I was already on the ground because the passion in his eyes would’ve knocked me over otherwise.

My tongue darted over my lips as Xavier slowly dropped to a crouch in front of me, still fully clothed and entirely overpowering.

I was still as his gaze slowly traveled down from my mouth, to my neck, to the hardened peaks of my nipples, to the spot I know brought this reaction from him.

“Is it permanent?” He asks quietly, his eyes lingering on my hip while his hands continue their path down.

“No, Daddy.” My breath hitched when his fingers slid to between my thighs, deftly moving my underwear to the side until I was completely on display for him. “It’ll fade in just over a year.”

I forced my eyes to remain open when his thumb brushed over my clit, another two digits sliding up and down my dripping slit.

“A year is a long time, sweetheart.” Xavier says almost restrained, but I knew this was him trying to decide what this meant. Nothing. Everything.

I was all in.

“I know.” I pant, my toes curling as two thick fingers pushed inside of me with ease, already coated and slick with my arousal. His eyes flicked up to mine at my words, followed by a small pause. Then, whatever was holding him back snapped.

I all but gasped when he pulled out, slamming back in with a force that had him holding onto the back of my neck to make sure I didn’t fall backwards. Angling himself in the perfect position, Xavier stroked my spot again and again in the most delicious way possible.

This was for my pleasure alone, and with everything centralized in one spot, I could barely think about the fact Caleb and Alec were still behind me doing god knows what.

Were they touching themselves?

Were they upset their names didn’t mark my body too, or were they just watching, deciding where they wanted theirs to be?

“You do realize what this means, don’t you?” Xavier tips my head to look at him, his fingers never slowing down inside of me. When his thumb rejoined the mix, I damn near fell apart right then and there.

“Yes.” I moaned, my hips rolling in small circles in time with his movements. I couldn’t move much because of the way my hands were cuffed behind my back, but that didn’t stop the way my body began to build to a heightened tremble.

“It means you’re ours.” He growls, tightening his grip on my neck as his hand sped up against me. “When you come, we’re going to spend the next hour punishing you for earlier, and then we’re going to take turns showing you just how much we missed you and this pretty little cunt.”

A whimper was pulled from my mouth as my body leaned forward slightly, Xavier’s knees shifting until mine were forced to open more. The angle of his fingers changed along with it, breathless noises escaping me as a result.

“We’re going to fuck you like our whore and love you like our girlfriend until you’re so sated, you’ll never want to leave our beds again.” That part was whispered into my ear, and as I felt Xavier’s lips brush against me, my orgasm rose straight to that dangerous edge.

“Come.” I hear Alec say from behind me. The reminder that he and Caleb were watching as Xavier fingered me almost brutishly was my tipping point.

Groaning quietly, I let them take it all as my orgasm uncoiled in my stomach, dragging me under until it felt like my body was going to explode.

The entire time, Xavier held my face, watching my every reaction until I soaked his hand.

“Good girl.” He murmured, only pulling his fingers away when I neared overstimulation. “You’re such a good girl.”

He’d said it with such desire that I shivered under the praise, my knees pressing together all over again when a gentle kiss was placed on my forehead.

It was so contrasting to the release I’d just experienced, I couldn’t help the way my heart fluttered, my body still shaking as I heard footsteps from behind me along with the tug of zippers.

Following the path of Xavier’s hand with my eyes, I watched as he first undid his belt, the dark blurs of Caleb and Alec joining him appearing in my peripheral vision.

I had no idea what they were going to do next, but god did I want to know. The way he was looking at me now threatened to make me come undone all over again, but all Xavier did was force my legs back into place with one hand, pulling his cock from his pants with the other.

The glint of his piercing was already covered in precum as a small amount of it dripped down the length of him, my mouth wanting his taste across my tongue.

He seemed to have very different ideas, though.

My eyes narrowed as Xavier’s fingers came back to between my thighs, dipping inside of my now slightly puffy slit while holding my eyes.

At first I was confused, but my lips then parted in humiliation when I saw him gather my orgasm that was still leaking out of me before bringing his hand back to his length.

All I could do was sit there when he repeated the process, paying no attention to the fact I was extremely sensitive or the redness of my cheeks because of my embarrassment.

Squirming on my knees, my body tried to follow when Xavier abruptly stood, his cock now wet with the release he’d brought from me. Only a second later was Caleb taking his place, shirtless and his eyes a little bit wild.

My thighs hurt from being in this position for so long, and my clit throbbed when a thumb drew three lazy circles over it, but that too soon stopped, Caleb’s only use for me being the arousal between my legs.

He did the same thing as Xavier until could hear the slick glide of his hand when he stroked himself, not saying anything before standing and moving back to make room for the third.

This entire thing was degrading in a way I didn’t know I could experience, but I couldn’t act like I wasn’t turned on at the sight of both Caleb and Xavier’s long fingers wrapped around their cocks, the veins of their arms—

“Madelyn.” Alec’s smooth voice drew my attention away from them, walking until he was stroking himself right in front of my face. “Open your mouth for me, pretty girl. Stick your tongue out and get me nice and wet.”

Thankful at least the humiliation of earlier could be gone—even though it had me soaked all over again—my lips parted in a silent invitation to do with as he pleased.

“Don’t swallow. I want to see your spit and my precum dripping down your face by the time I’m done with you.”

If my mouth wasn’t already open, I feel like it would’ve dropped from his words. Outstretching my tongue for him, I didn’t dare move my head as he ran his tip over me, tasting him in the ways he wanted.

Alec was typically a man of praise—pretty much the opposite of Caleb and a portion of Xavier—but when he didn’t push more than the head of his cock past my lips, I looked up to find demeaning eyes staring in return.

It was so unlike him it had my heart racing a million beats per second, but when he smiled down at me in a cruel, warning way, I swear those feelings tripled.

Things were fine for a little while, however it wasn’t long before my mouth started to water and I struggled to obey the command of not swallowing the saliva quickly pooling under my tongue.

This was humiliation in an entirely new way, and the false hope he’d given me made this all the more punishing as I began to squirm on my knees.

Allowing a shaky breath to leave my body, I stilled when Alec’s fingers reached to brush against the side of my face, softly tucking a loose piece of hair behind my ear. That kindness faded almost instantly, though, his hips thrusting forward and my throat protesting the sudden movement.

Instinctively, my arms tugged from behind my back only to meet the biting clasp of the handcuffs keeping them bound.

“I really did miss you, princess.” He whispers, pulling out as quickly as his touch came. My eyes watered as a string of my saliva remained connected to his tip, Alec’s large hand fisting himself as he used that to get himself off.

“Please.” I whimpered, just to be gently hushed by Caleb’s quiet reprimand. My body begged for the relief it never got as Alec took a single step back, just for the other two to take three forward, forming a slightly curved half circle around me.

“Stay just like that, sweetheart.” Xavier groaned from my left, my head turning to find him fucking his fist just as Caleb and Alec did the same thing.

While I was knelt down at their feet, they were touching themselves, their cocks glistening from either my arousal or my tongue. The act was so belittling—so overpowering, I couldn’t help but bite my lip to keep from pressing my knees together all over again.

“Look up, Madelyn.” Caleb encouraged, his body slightly to my right. “Look at what you’re doing to us.”

Just the sight of me was getting them off, and I realized what was happening a moment before Alec’s head tossed back and the muscles in his body tensed, a low noise being pulled right from his parted lips.

With my tongue darting out at the sound of my name under his breath, the first spurt of his release dripped down his fingers, the second hitting my cheek and then my lips.

“Fuck.” Xavier swore quietly as his hips rocked into his hand, Alec’s orgasm no doubt triggering his own. It was demeaning, but I loved it when he too came on my face, his movements continuing in time with Caleb’s until all three of their pleasure was painted across my skin.

It has to have been one of the hottest feelings in the world to know that alone was enough to push them over the edge, and with my face now a canvas of their dominance, I knew it was something I’d want to experience again in the future.

Hearing their groans and seeing them come apart was motivation enough, and while it was messy, I felt powerful as I took each of them into my mouth one by one, cleaning them until they were satisfied.

“You did so good.” Alec said to me afterwards, going back into a crouch in front of me as Caleb left to the washroom, Xavier unlocking one cuff from my sore wrists.

I blushed at his words—or more so the sincerity in them—footsteps soon sounding as a still half-naked man walked back towards me, a seemingly damp towel in hand.

“Can I?” Caleb asks, looking down at my covered face with a small smile. At my nod, he didn’t waste time bringing the cloth to my forehead, my body learning it to be wet with warm water.

There was almost something intimate about the way he cleaned me too, his focus genuine and unhurried as the towel was wiped gently across my cheeks, my chin, and then further down to my breasts.

At the same time, Xavier took care massaging the hand that didn’t have the cuffs still attached, even though I wasn’t uncomfortably sore from them.

I wasn’t about to turn away their care, though, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to put an end to their words of praise either.

“Give me a kiss.” Caleb says once he’s done with the towel, bending at the waist until his face was hovering over mine. I had to stretch my posture just slightly, but I practically melted at the feeling of his lips, the minor strain more than worth it.

The kiss in itself felt like a form of aftercare, and I truly needed it when Xavier grabbed my face next, followed by Alec and his soothing touch.

Everything about the way they were holding me right now felt languid and calming, and it was that that told me my punishment was going to be something new and likely very painful.

I did kind of seek it out, though.

“Why don’t you go see what Xavier retrieved from his office, princess?” Alec says against my lips once he finally pulls away, tipping my chin to the side before standing the both of us up. I had to grip onto his arms at how weak I felt from kneeling for so long, but when my eyes finally connected with the bed, my body stiffened.

“Go be a good girl and grab three for us.” Caleb smirks at my reaction, brushing up beside me before giving a gentle push towards the mattress.

I wanted to protest—to tell them no fucking way, but I did sign off on rubber bands for impact play, even though I’d straight up said the idea scared me a little. Or a lot.

None of the men said anything as they waited for me to gather my confidence, however Xavier did spank me after too much overthinking had elapsed.

It got me moving as I nervously bit my lip, crawling onto the bed to fumble with the thin cardboard box they were contained in. I could feel their eyes on me when I felt the rubber between my fingers, but I didn’t allow for too much more hesitation, gathering three bands as I was told.

Once the box was shut again, I moved off the bed, finding all of their shirts gone, but their pants now done up all over again.

I knew what it meant, and I also knew this was going to lead to a lot of new sensations for me whether it was something I’d want to try again or not.

Taking Alec’s open hand as words enough, I placed the first elastic into his palm which he took almost too excitedly. Xavier was the same, but when I handed Caleb his, he grabbed my wrist before I could pull away.

“Don’t be scared.” He murmured, tugging me slightly closer as he turned my arm over. Letting myself be handled by him, he positioned me so my palm was facing up, placing the band back into my hold.

Standing still with tense curiosity, I watched as Caleb’s index finger pressed the bottom of the loop to my skin, the one on his other hand pulling at the top of the rubber as it slowly stretched upwards.

I knew what he was going to do just by the glint in his eye, but he didn’t pull far before releasing it, the band snapping against my palm before bouncing off.

Though it didn’t hurt as much as I feared it would, I also knew this spot wasn’t as sensitive as other parts of my body that now tingled with renewed anticipation.

“That was one way we could do it.” Caleb said, picking up the elastic from where it fell to the ground before repositioning it like he did before. “If we stretch it farther and angle it like this...” He let go of the band yet again, this time a hell of a lot more taunt than the last. “The pain increases.”

I pulled away when the sharp nip of the impact snapped against my skin, my mind amazed yet worrisome at how the simplest of changes could lead to it genuinely hurting and leaving a noticeable sting behind.

As if sensing this, Xavier smiled as he took that same hand, bringing it up to his lips before pressing a soft kiss to the skin. I couldn’t help but now imagine his mouth soothing the pain elsewhere, and both that and Caleb’s demonstration brought me some inner peace.

I was comforted by the fact I was no longer going into this completely blind, and when it soon led to Alec scooping me up and laying me on the center of the bed, he winked before pulling my arms above my head and tying them up to the headboard.

That’s why the cuffs were never fully removed.

“Remember that you’re the one in control.” He says as he moves to unstraddle me, checking to make sure the restraints weren’t causing me any pain. While they weren’t like the padded cuffs they usually used, the cold threat of them was also the whole point.

Nodding to show him I wanted this, I tried not to squirm too much when Caleb took one foot and Xavier took the other, both undoing intricate clasps of my heels and finally giving me relief after the long night I’d spent in them.

They no doubt noticed my sigh in contempt at the sound of them hitting the floor, and they allowed it because I’m pretty sure there was going to be an entirely new kind of pain soon. At least this kind likely includes pleasure as well.

“I like seeing you all tied up like this, sweetheart.” Xavier says as he moves to sit at my left side, Caleb on my right, and Alec now in between my legs.

My back arched into his touch as his hand ran all the way down my front, lingering on the spot where his name now resided.

“Since you were so good for us earlier, we’ll be nice and leave these on for you.” He continues, the tips of his fingers slipping just slightly under the waistline of my thong and teasing the skin there. When his touch retracted, that’s when I grew aware of the bands still in their hands. “Maybe Alec will even let you come if you please us enough.”

My eyes shifted to him at that moment, but as he got closer to my heat, my knees were forced to spread more in accommodation of his large body.

I wanted to beg for them to go easy, but they all knew I’d intentionally sought out the thrilling high of being punished. Since they knew me that well, they also knew just how to put me back in my place, and it had everything to do with learning the patience I didn’t have.

“She always has been such a pain slut.” Alec says in response, talking about me like I wasn’t even here. “She might not even need me to come with what we have planned.”

My hips rolled up slightly at that, but my entire body froze as Caleb’s hand rose to rest against my rib cage, the elastic against my skin looking just like it did during his demonstration. His eyes traveled to meet mine at my body’s tenseness, but I couldn’t help it.

I’d expected him to just pull the rubber back and jump right in, but all he did was smile as Xavier moved to lay on his side, turning my chin before capturing my lips with his.

He wasn’t soft in the way he kissed, but every movement was still slow, leaving my body desperate for more with every passing second.

With my eyes shut, I could only assume it was Alec’s hands running up and down my thighs, Caleb’s doing the same thing to my side. Their fingertips were teasing and left goosebumps in their wake, but just as Xavier deepened the kiss, Caleb let the rubber band pull back, snapping it hard against my skin.

I jumped at the unexpected impact, but it was soon followed by a moan when I felt Alec’s leg press in between my two.

My squirming caused my hips to rock up, my clit dragging directly against his pants as another snapped against me, this time at my waist.

“Fuck.” I whimpered, but Xavier’s mouth swallowed the majority of my curse, his tongue twirling against mine in the most sensuous of ways.

“Does that feel good, little sub?” Caleb asks teasingly, the feeling of his finger brushing my nipple a flash before the band was being pulled taunt.

The cuffs made a ringing noise as I tugged at them helplessly, trying to turn on my side only for a warm, wet mouth to latch on around my breast, Caleb’s tongue soothingly running over the hurt he’d just caused.

That fine line between pain and pleasure mixed into a tidal wave of sensations that washed over me hard, my body riding that edge because I had no other choice but to. It was the reason I cried out when Xavier pulled away, his lips trailing along my jaw instead.

“Answer him, Mads.” He whispered into my ear, drawing a tremble right from my legs.

I couldn’t even remember what he’d asked, the dizziness consuming me when it was Alec this time who pressed one against my thigh.

“Please—” I cried, not even knowing what I was begging for. It didn’t matter either. Everything was so overwhelming—so damn good—it made the week of edging feel like a mercy compared to this.

There was no escaping their intensity, and the cruelest part is that I had no desire to do so either.

“Answer me, darling. Does this feel good? Do you want more?”

Caleb’s voice was a breeze against my hot skin, and even when I saw Xavier positioning an elastic on his side of my body, all I wanted was more.

“Please, Sir. Please.” I begged, nodding my head as though they wouldn’t be able to see the desperate mess they’ve reduced me to without it.

He smiled at that, but there was very little kindness in the expression.

With him, Caleb was all degradation, and I knew just from that look he was going to use my need against me.

“What are you saying please for, little one? You know how to get your release.” He shook his head, moving with Xavier as the two of them sent sharp stings through my nipples at the same time.

A strangled gasp was wrenched from my lips as all three of them took advantage of my state, touching and pleasing me by stripping everything away piece by piece.

“You’re so pretty when you cry.” Alec coos as the first tear slips down the side of my face, the drip of it being a release in itself that I’ve come to need. It felt so good to just let everything go, and that’s exactly as I did as instead of fighting the pain, I let it become a part of me.

“There you go.” He placed a hand on either side of my hips, guiding them as he slid me in circular motions against his thigh. That friction alone was dizzying, but the only thing I was capable of taking was what they were willing to give. It felt like too much and not enough all at once.

With every sharp feeling of the rubber bands came bursts of need, and just seeing my men around me, comforting me through the punishment, created an indescribable desperation that ached to be fulfilled.

“We’ve got you, Mads.” Xavier murmured, paying extra attention to the hardened peak being rolled between his fingers painfully. “We’ll stop when you come.”

My legs tried to press together at the sight of my nipple being taken into his mouth while Caleb played with the other, but all I was met with was Alec’s thigh and the elastic he still had yet to use.

I hadn’t paid close enough attention earlier when Xavier told me they would be nice and leave my underwear on, but when I felt a firm thumb beginning to run circles on my clit, I feared I now knew why the thin barrier was to be seen as a kindness.

“You can’t.” I moaned as my hips shifted, my core still being rubbed hard against Alec.

I knew what he planned to do, but telling him he couldn’t do something was the absolute biggest mistake I could’ve made right now.

His eyes said it all in addition to the fact Xavier and Caleb were now doing everything they could to stimulate me to the point of breaking.

“But you’re doing so good.” Alec says, my watering eyes holding on the way he threatened to send my body into overdrive. “Just hold on a little bit longer for us, princess. I’ll even kiss it better afterwards.”

I whimpered but didn’t safeword as his hands moved to place the rubber band right on my clit, my thong feeling like nothing as the other two stopped to simply plant distracting kisses all over my skin.

“Do you want this, Mads?” Alec still asks, holding my eyes while Xavier and Caleb practically worshiped the upper half of my body.

I did want this, but I was still allowed to be terrified by the build up.

“Yes.” I panted, tossing my head back to rest against the soft pillow against my neck. I let my vision be blanketed with darkness as I put all of my trust in their hands, something I know they didn’t take lightly.

“Yes what, brat?”

I began to breathe harder.

“Yes, Sir.” I corrected, bracing myself for the shot of pain I was expecting. I waited, but it never came.

I could still feel Xavier and Caleb’s mouths on me, their tongues licking my nipples before grazing me with their teeth. Even Alec’s touch remained, but still, nothing happened.

“Keep your eyes closed.” The latter spoke as if he’d just predicted what I was about to do. The squirming got worse for me as I swallowed, my heart racing, but the longer I waited, the more sensitive that area seemed to become.

Suddenly, I could feel the warmth of Caleb’s breath playing on the tip of my nipple just as I could feel the faint throb of my clit beneath Alec’s rough thumb.

Hell, at this point I could feel the way Xavier smiled against my neck, now focusing his attention there—or more specifically the sensitive points that had me whimpering.



“Please, please.” I begged, but the answering voice was nothing more than a low chuckle, turned on in cruel amusement.

Instead of a verbal response, my mouth parted on a breathy inhale as I felt two thick fingers slip easily past my thong and sink deep inside of me.

My already closed eyelids pinched slightly at the sound it made from my wetness, but just based on the way they curled upwards told me it was Caleb who was fingering me at this excruciatingly eased pace.

“Are you ready for your punishment, sweetheart?” Xavier whispers before nipping my ear, groaning quietly at the sight of my tears in submission.

“Yes, Daddy.” I spoke just as hushed, letting my arms go limp from where they were bound. While I couldn’t see him, I knew Alec didn’t miss that act of acceptance.

I could tell just by the way Caleb sped up his fingers a little quicker and Xavier’s hand moved to my stomach to not only comfort me but to also keep my body pinned down.

This was so going to fucking hurt.

With my eyes closed, I continued to wait, falling into the pleasure of their touch until I felt my orgasm at last starting to appear. Already, this one felt different than the last—stronger and a hell of a lot more exerting from the constant sensitivity.

I knew I was about to come just as my body started to lock up, my knees trying to close in as Alec waited a beat. Another. And then I felt the unforgiving bite of the rubber band.

I fell apart instantly, but this fall was anything but graceful. I damn near screamed as my release gushed from between my thighs, my knees trembling as Caleb’s hands pulled away just for Alec to dip his head down, his tongue swirling around my clit until everything broke apart.

They were right in their promise to make it feel good, though if it weren’t for Xavier’s hand on my middle, I would’ve bucked right off of the bed.

“I love you.” He whispered for only me to hear, kissing my temple as a river of tears ran down my face, my hips twitching because Alec’s mouth was still on me. He numbed the sting with his tongue just to bring forward the nip of overstimulation, my entire body feeling as though it were floating in the best kind of relief possible.

I really did miss them, and though this was mostly just fun and games with us, I wasn’t lying when I said I didn’t want to spend this long apart anymore.

Just by the way they held and kissed me made me believe they felt the same way, and once my hands were untied entirely, they held me a little more, all of us coming together into one consecutive hug.

My body almost became cocooned by their much larger ones, actually saying hello for the first time since they came back.

“Hi.” I smiled with my cheek pressed to Caleb’s chest, Xavier’s hand rubbing my back and Alec’s fingers intertwining with mine.

I heard their smiles when I pulled back just a little, brushing some of my hair back despite most of it still being strung together in one long braid.

It soon didn’t matter, though, when Xavier began to unweave the strands anyways, tossing away the hair elastic until he was fully able to run his fingers through the defined waves.

“How are you feeling?” He asks after a pause of us just relaxing into each other. Mentally, I felt amazing, however I would be lying if I said my body wasn’t hurting. Now that I’ve mostly come down from my high and the adrenaline has faded, I could definitely feel the effects of those bands.

“Sore.” I sighed, moving to cross my legs under me for better comfort. “Sore and tired.” Still, though, I didn’t regret a single part of it. And with the way they’re looking at me right now, I can confirm it was definitely worth it.

“I guess it’s a good thing we have a solution to that then.” Alec winks from my side, kissing the top of my hand before moving to get off of the bed. I could tell he was already in aftercare mode just by the way he held himself, but I didn’t want that quite yet.

I was sore, but my body was greedier for something else.

“I want to take care of you too.” I say, pulling him back towards me as my fingers moved down to the very obvious bulge still in his pants. “All of you.” My voice drops to a lower octave at that, seeing the heat pass through his eyes, and likely the eyes of his friends as well.

“You just spent a lot of energy, and the three of us have jet lag from the time differences. I appreciate it, but you should sleep, princess.” Alec smiles, however I know he’s doing this for my sake and not his.

Not willing to give up just yet, I rose to my knees so there wasn’t so much height between us, twisting from Caleb until my other hand rested on the back of Alec’s neck.

“What if I told you I’m not very tired anymore?” I ask, already feeling myself grow wet between my thighs all over again.

My thong was twisted and positioned in a very uncomfortable way after all that we’ve done so far tonight, but I also saw it as an opportunity as I rocked backwards on the bed, the two men at my sides giving me the space to do so.

Their eyes never wavered from my body, especially when my thumbs hooked under the waistband and began to pull until my underwear was around my knees.

The little show I was putting on for them worked, and I grew in confidence when I let the fabric go, sliding smoothly down my legs until my one ankle was the only thing keeping it connected to me.

“Don’t you want to make me feel good, Sir?” I grinned in a way that promised trouble, and when I spread my knees apart ever so slowly, I knew I’d won.

Alec pounced first as he ripped away the little bit of the thong that remained hooked around my ankle, settling right between my legs where I had tempted him to be.

I couldn’t even help it as my quiet giggle in satisfaction escaped my mouth, more than happy with this change as his belt came undone for the third time tonight, his cock in my fist the next second.

It took very little encouragement to guide him to my entrance, but there was nothing rushed about the way Alec slid into me until his hips were flush against mine.

There was something almost gentle in the way he drew out, and it caught me so off guard that I gasped lightly when he thrust back in, just as he had before.

The two of us were slightly off centered on the bed with me on my back, but my mouth remained in a slight part as Alec took me slowly and thoughtfully in a way I hadn’t expected.

“Does this satisfy my princess?” He smiled when a soft moan left my lips, and I knew he felt just how much my body reacted to those words alone.

Leaning up and taking advantage of the close proximity between us, I kissed him in a way that matched the feeling of what we were sharing right now, rolling my hips up to meet in time with his.

“Yes, Alec.” I whispered against his mouth once I eventually pulled away to breathe, using his name because we all knew he wasn’t fucking me right now.

No, Alec was making love to me, and when I felt Caleb and Xavier position themselves to lay on either side of our bodies, they simply watched and held my hands until I slowly came apart once again.

There was something so intimate, so incredibly open about the way we all were connected right now, that when Alec’s orgasm was triggered by mine, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with these men.

If I didn’t, I couldn’t see myself being able to have even the smallest fraction of happiness that Caleb, Alec, and Xavier brought from me.

Ironically, I’ve never felt as safe, as loved, or as beautiful as these three make me, and even with all of those things aside, it didn’t matter because it all came down to them. To us and everything we shared.

Whether it’s hundreds of miles to Detroit, thousands of miles to France, or a unit so much bigger it took weeks to travel, we would always come back where we belonged and that was with each other.

After Alec kissed me one last time, Xavier took his place. I smiled when his thumb held my hip in a way that touched his tattooed initials across my skin, making some crude comment about how he was going to make it permanent one day.

The craziest part is that I wouldn’t even protest if one day was right now. I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt how vulnerably perfect this moment was that we shared, and when it came down to Caleb on top of me, my left hand in Alec’s and my right in Xavier’s, I didn’t care about dates anymore.

At the end of the day, we didn’t need fancy, planned ideas to tell each other how undeniably and unconventionally in love we all were.

We could see it in our eyes, feel it in our touch, hear it in our breaths.

It was like everything we’d been through together all led up to this moment, this minute, this second.

The only thing that mattered was us, and it was my whisper saying I loved them that caused Caleb and I to fall apart one last time. With our hearts breaking open, we combined all of the pieces of ourselves—both good and bad—to form one soul, one body, and one love.

Our love.

- End of Chapter 73 -

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