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Chapter 79 : Xavier

Chapter 79 : Xavier
Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
(2:45 AM)

She left us.

Madelyn was gone and her note made it sound like she wasn’t coming back. Because of that, I wasn’t either, at least not the same man I was when I was with her.

I wanted to believe Vincent was responsible for this—that there was no way she would take off my ring—but she did. No, my father didn’t force her to leave, because he was currently waiting for me at the Base, and only he knew how to get into our house undetected.

The timing was too short to have gotten back here undetected, and Marcus had bigger plans than grabbing his daughter right now.

It was true Alec, Caleb, and I kept him out of harm’s way, but when I got to the Base with every intention of letting out my anger, I was shocked to find Heidi Adams—Madelyn’s mother—tied to a chair in the basement with her mouth gagged shut.

Already waiting for me, Vincent gave a smug smile that even after all of these years still made my skin tingle in discontent, motioning for me to join him in front of the two way glass.

I’d come here to fight in the rings below to let off some steam, but instead I learned that the assignment yesterday still went through as planned with replacements for the three of us already ready to go. But like Madelyn warned, Marcus had seen them coming.

Vincent and his men caught Natasha Monet, Marcus Adams’ decoy who was now dead, and none other than an incredibly terrified and tired Heidi.

“What is she doing here?” I ask, hating that I was distracted enough to get myself into this situation. I can barely think right now, and just the sight of my father’s face makes me see red.

Crossing my arms as I take in the bloodied disaster of a woman in front of me, I can’t even feel pity for her knowing how much she’s hurt her daughter. I didn’t like the fact Vincent had her, though.

“I’ll admit, Natasha was quite smarter than we’d expected. She escaped before we could get her down here, but it wasn’t for nothing. We found this whore about a block away, drunk and talking about how she needed to speak with a man named Tobias Adams—that he could save her relationship with their daughter.”

My blood ran ice cold as I continued to stare right ahead, refusing to react at the mention of Madelyn.

I swear to god, if Vincent had anything to do with her disappearance I would kill him with my own bare hands.

I know Caleb and Alec are out there looking for her right now, but I knew I would be no help to them in the state I was in right now. If there was any chance of me getting Madelyn back, there were things I had to do first that couldn’t wait.

Humoring Vincent for just a little longer was one of them.

“And what use is she to you?” I question coldly, focusing on the way Heidi’s arms trembled so hard you could hear them against her restraints.

While I didn’t feel pity, she would be of no benefit whatsoever to whatever plan my father was already stirring up. That I knew for sure.

“Alive, she’s useless, but I know I’ve taught you better than to assume that’s what we need her for.” Vincent smiles, sharply turning to his left before placing his hand on the door handle into the room.

He wanted to use her as a message, but for what, I still didn’t know.

Narrowing my eyes as the bulletproof door is pulled open, I don’t even wince at the instant sounds of Heidi’s high pitched shrieks, used to much worse occurrences than that. In fact, in this moment I almost felt numb to this entire situation.

“I see Madelyn gets those pretty lips of hers from her mother—” Vincent starts, but he should’ve known better than to even speak her name. The rage I still carried from when he called her a pet surged through me, my feet moving on their own accord.

I stepped inside, and for the first time in my life, I swung at my father fulled by nothing other than sheer anger. It was a mistake.

With nothing but disappointment, Vincent had a gun poised at my head before a second could even pass, chuckling as the metal door closed behind me.

Heidi’s sobs were muffled by her gag, but I was intensely aware of every aspect of my surroundings the minute I knew he could’ve killed me if he wanted to.

I let down my guard and caved to my emotions, an action that will cost me my life if I’m not careful.

Staying still and waiting to see what will come next, I don’t bother to try and hide my disgust as Vincent’s lips curl into a smile that makes me sick.

There’s no point in faking things with him anymore, so I dropped any act that remained and instead lowered my eyes to him.

I wished I were Alec right now to tell what he was thinking, but when Vincent tutted under his breath at me, I can honestly say I didn’t expect it when he stepped away.

The gun lowered from my head but not before grinding the metal into my skin, right along the scar that cut down my eyebrow.

My body stiffened at the clearly intended action, but I refused to show any kind of response that would fuel whatever game he was playing right now.

When Vincent saw I wasn’t going to try and attack again, he fully removed his contact from me, spinning towards Heidi instead.

“You broke our agreement, son.” He speaks quietly, even with his eyes on the woman in the chair.

I didn’t move as Vincent trailed the gun down Heidi’s face instead, lingering the barrel against her lips where spit soaked her chin.

Her eyes moved to me where she silently pleaded for my help, but all I could think about was the way I had to hold Madelyn on the dirty floor of her childhood home after what her mother did to her.

Maybe a few days ago I would’ve been inclined to help Heidi, but I could already feel myself slipping back into my old self.

Why should I care when the only thing I’ve ever wanted is gone because of me?

“You should be thanking me for not killing that associate you call your friend by now, because you broke our deal. You do remember what that means, don’t you?” Vincent taunts, suddenly bringing the gun down on Heidi’s cheek until her ear-curdling scream filled the room.

I didn’t react at the way blood began to trickle down her face from the new gash, but I also didn’t expect to feel... regret?

This was merciful compared to what Vincent’s capable of—compared to what I myself have doled out, so why did I all of a sudden feel the need to stop him?

Our agreement stated that if I broke the two debts I owed, Vincent would be allowed to kill either Caleb or Madelyn in repayment, but Costa Rica was our plan against that. It never happened, and now Madelyn is gone.

I should’ve forced her onto a plane if that’s what it took to get her out of here, because my voice was now turning into a deadly sort of calm, the cruel hands of horror gripping onto my very soul.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Vincent smiles, his arrogance dripping off of him in a way that left me unfeeling. Or maybe I was simply feeling too much.

I knew from the first night I met Madelyn—from the night I took care of her in that hotel room two months ago—that I would be anything she needed to make sure she was okay. I may not have realized it then in the way I do now, but I have always been hers. She managed to unravel the walls I had no choice but to create growing up, and I would not let anything stand in the way between myself and her safety.

“I’m sick of the games, Vincent.” I practically spat out his name, showing him my nonexistent respect for everything he was. “If you don’t tell me where my—”

“Where what, son?” He interrupts me with pride, throwing his gun to the floor before wrapping his fingers around Heidi’s throat in warning. “Where your girlfriend is? Where Lev’s pretty new fucktoy is?”

The clearly hungover woman’s face quickly turned a dangerous shade of red as her body tried to buck away from her restraints, desperately trying to get away from Vincent’s grasp. It was no use, though, unless I tried to stop it.

My father expected me to lash out at his words—depended on it, but I refused to let him control me anymore. But if I do nothing, Heidi will die, and I haven’t decided if I want that yet or not.

“She’s gone, Xavier.” Vincent laughs, and I can’t stop myself from shifting this time. “You really should tell your pet’s brunette friend to keep her phone better protected, because it was almost too easy to lure Madelyn away from you with a mere handful of texts.”

Heidi’s face was an ugly shade of purple now, and I could tell she had no more than half a minute left before it would be too late.

“Quite frankly, I think I did you a favour, son. Family reunions always have been my favourite type of gatherings.”

I was silent for a moment as I simply stared at him, terrified at what he was implying. If he were telling the truth, that would mean... fuck, that would mean Marcus has her instead.

“You’re lying.” I tried to call his bluff, but all it took was looking at his face to know he was dead serious. He sold Madelyn out to his greatest enemy to punish me for falling for her.

It couldn’t be true. She couldn’t really be gone.

Vincent didn’t say anything as he waited to see what I would do, that god awful smirk still plastered against his face. In his eyes, I will always be the pathetic man who wouldn’t fit the mold of his perfect soldier, but the truth is I can’t bring myself to care anymore.

I raise my head as my father pulls his hand away from Heidi’s neck in annoyance, her weak yet frantic coughs instantly filling the room. She didn’t know it, but it was only fueling the uncontained fire inside of me. The woman was alive, but barely, and as demented as it may make me, I felt a little satisfied knowing she got to experience that fraction of what she let her daughter go through.

Honestly, I think my newfound calmness on the exterior is because of how much I was hurting about the possibility that Madelyn may truly be gone, and when Vincent brought his horrible eyes on me again, I let myself plummet over the edge of no return.

Pulling my gun from my pocket, Vincent’s still on the floor from his outburst, I aimed it straight at his head and kept my arm steady like he trained me to.

He didn’t let a single one of his emotions slip past his calculated demeanor, but the eyes staring back at me were not my own. The dark shade of mine came from my mother, his a dulled blue that had me tensed even after all of these years.

“I wondered when you’d finally gather the courage to try and do this.” Vincent says in the manipulative way I was more than acquainted with, not moving an inch even as he takes a step towards me. “You and I both know you won’t do it, though I’ll admit, I’m quite interested to see where this will go.”

It was my turn to smile this time, and if Vincent were a smarter man, he’d know there was no part about my intentions I was lying about.

Feeling as though I was holding my breath, I let out a soft exhale—the last one before everything would change.

Becoming the Mafia will never be something I’ll want, but I desire Vincent’s death more.

I didn’t have Madelyn to consider any longer, and when I tear the world apart to get her back, I’ll make sure she can be happy again.

That’s all that will ever matter to me.

Taking these seconds to process what I was about to do, I switched my index onto the trigger of my gun, ignoring Heidi’s cries in the background.

I was done.

It was only now Vincent seemed to realize this.

“Every story needs a villain, Xavier.” The man who was my father only by blood spoke, chills running down my spine even now.

I knew, however, that this was simply another one of his games—his tactics. I would no longer allow myself to be an expandable piece on his board, so I took everything that made me weak and hid it deep within myself, allowing the man I used to be to come back out to play.

“Maybe,” I shrug. “But I’d rather it be me than you.”

Madelyn told me to only do this if I wanted it for myself, but the truth is that this is for us.

For the first time since I’ve known my father, I watched him shift in caution before his eyes glanced at where his gun was on the floor. There was no way for him to grab it in time, though.

This may not be funny, but I laughed humorlessly at the situation we were in, because after all these years of him hurting and training and forcing me into a life I never wanted, the only way to escape was to sign my freedom over in another way.

Vincent’s arrogance was the fatal mistake he couldn’t fix, but this was not me winning anything.

“Just you wait, Xavier. One day, you’re going to—”

I pulled the trigger.

He would get no last words, because there was no kindness in the bullet that became embedded within his skull. I saw only a single flash of fear in the eyes of the man that left me so fucked up, but I held his gaze as he fell backwards to the ground, watching as the life drained from his face.

Vincent Alcazar died within seconds by my hand, and it wasn’t enough.

The sound of the gunshot rang through my ears, but it was quiet. Heidi screamed and started shaking her head, terrified that I had just killed my own blood and didn’t shed a tear while doing it.

He will never see the light of day again, so why didn’t I feel satisfied? Why wasn’t it enough?

I knew from the time I was sixteen this day would be inevitable—that I would eventually seal my fate with a single action, and yet all I felt was more anger. I couldn’t think about what I’d just done or what Vincent had claimed during his final conversation.

It was over, but the only thing I felt was even more trapped than when I was still in the chains of his manipulation.


“Please.” Heidi’s brittle voice shakes from where she sits, and it only causes me to slowly shut my eyes, forcing myself to take a slow breath. “I just wanted t-to fix things with h-her.” She begs, unknowingly saying everything she shouldn’t be. “Madelyn needs—”

“You don’t have the right to decide what she needs!” I shout, cutting her off abruptly as a sensation similar to drowning consumes my lungs.

Heidi flinches at my hard tone, but I don’t care. Not after the way she hurt my always.

“You don’t have the right to keep secrets or determine what’s good for her... and you most certainly can’t give her what she needs.” I shake, walking towards the bound woman and taking my gun with me. “You don’t deserve her!”

She wouldn’t meet my eyes as her body tried to curl in on itself, but she didn’t get to act like everything would be okay.

Madelyn gave her everything, and her mom chose herself instead. She wasn’t allowed to feel sad when she could’ve stopped everything.

“You didn’t love her in the way she needed, and now it’s your fault she’s gone.”

I felt a splash of water hit my hand, opposite to the one raising the gun unflinchingly, but I didn’t look to see where it came from.

The only thing I could think about was the dead man on the ground and the woman who broke Madelyn growing up. She didn’t deserve to live. Not after all she’s done.

“Please—please don’t do this!” Heidi cries, red streaks of her own blood staining her pale skin from where Vincent hit her, but her begging was useless.

Just as I now was, chained to a future I could never escape.

“You hurt her.” I state, bringing the gun up and letting the barrel rest against her clammy forehead. “You wasted the chances given to you. There’s nobody to blame for this but yourself.”

Stilling as Heidi tilted her head up, meeting my gaze, I felt my chest become constricted at the resemblance I saw between her and her daughter. A vision painfully similar to Madelyn looked at me with tears running down her cheeks, blood tainting the once clear droplets.

I’ve never hated anything more than I do right now, and the fact I knew I wasn’t going to pull the trigger only made it so much worse.

“Please,” Heidi whispered as one last plea, and with my back facing the two sided mirror, I lowered my hand and shot twice, two bullets breaking the binds that held her captive in the chair.

She jumped in fear from the loud bangs, and for my third and final shot, I blew apart the camera in the corner behind me that monitored all activity in the interrogation rooms.

Not that it really mattered.

Nobody here that could see it would be stupid enough to cross me—Xavier Alcaraz—the new Don of the Italian-American Mafia.

I just became one of the most powerful men in the world, and unfortunately for everyone else, I planned to use it to destroy the people who took my everything from me.

I planned to use it for revenge.

- End of Chapter 79 -

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