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Killer Instinct

A/N: Happy Halloween! In spirit of this time of the year, I’ve decided to write a kinky one shot (18,000 words) containing the characters from my book.

PLEASE NOTE that this chapter is not a part of the actual story, nor does it align with the timeline my most recent chapter was written in. In fact, Madelyn has never even met Caleb, Alec, and Xavier in this one shot, prior to the events that take place.

This chapter is extremely smutty and honestly a little dark (I blame my boredom and lack of self control), but anyways, I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts at the end!

This chapter contains: Dubious consent/CNC, knife play, fear play, blood play (minor), degradation, praise, humiliation, and rough oral & vaginal sex. (Yes, all parties are fully consenting adults to the following events, but please still make sure you understand what consensual non-consent is before proceeding with this chapter). I’ve included a definition in this comment section, but if you have more questions feel free to ask them, and I will do my best to answer.

As one final note about the CNC themes in this one shot, I would just like to mention that this chapter style is written extremely differently than what I’ll write in the scene for the actual story line. This update is mainly just for fun, however considering the characters in the real book have things like contracts and is made to be more realistic, unlike this one shot, that scene will include extremely important aspects to exploring consensual non-consent play (eg. having in-depth discussions beforehand).

Killer Instinct - an aggressive tenacious urge for domination in a struggle to attain a set goal.

Sunday, October 31st, 2021

I took a deep breath as the smell of autumn filled my senses, the sound of laughter and muffled conversation surrounding me from all angles.

Staring at the seemingly endless field of pumpkin patches, I watch as most of the activities around me are being shut down for the night, the event coming to a gradual end.

It’s been probably a decade since I’ve been to a place like this, but considering I had nothing better to do, I’d decided to take Hailey and Mila up on their offer of joining them at the fall festivities they’d found online.

We’ve been here since about just past lunch, and now the sky was painted dark blue, speckled with bright stars illuminating the otherwise pitch black area.

Of course, there was also the moon and largely built fires that thankfully never strayed far, keeping things lit and warm.

“Hey, we’re gonna go grab some ice cream to share,” Hailey says, her arm wrapped around her girlfriend’s waist and keeping the two of them close together, “You wanna come with?”

Glancing behind them at the crowd of happy people circling the one food stand still open, I shake my head with a smile.

“I’m good, but thanks.”

I realized very soon after arriving here that this was meant to be a date between them, but neither wanted me to feel left out considering I had no plans of my own.

It was really sweet of them to bring me along, but they deserved to have some fun without me unwittingly intruding on their time together.

“I actually think I’m going to call it a night and take a cab home.” I say, coaxing a fake yet believable yawn from my body.

It had to have been past midnight by now anyways, so it wasn’t that unfathomable at the idea of me being tired after an already stressful day.

“Oh, we can drive you. It’s really not a huge deal.” Mila said, already moving to fetch her keys from her purse, but I quickly stopped her.

“Don’t worry about it; you two have fun.” I insist, standing from the log I was sitting on, “Plus, maybe I’ll actually be able to get some sleep with the two of you out for the night.” I tease, grinning as Mila blushes against Hailey’s shoulder.

“We’re not that loud.” She mumbles with a pink face, smiling at her partner as a kiss is planted softly on her cheek.

“Oh I’d beg to differ, pretty girl.” Hailey winks, holding Mila closer to her before looking back at me, “Just text us if you need anything.”

“I will,” I nod, watching as the pair say their goodbyes before walking over to grab their food.

Despite me in fact being perfectly awake, I rubbed my eyes and adjusted the thin coat I wore overtop of my clothes, my white sweater still tucked partially into the waistband of my jeans.

Going home is probably the best option for me anyways.

Walking away from the heated caress of the fire, I wandered around for a couple of minutes as I slowly made my way over to the front entrance.

I knew there would already be cabs parked there, waiting for drunk groups of friends to break off for the night to head home.

At the moment, I’m almost wishing I had gotten out of my head and drank tonight, but alas, I’m frustratingly sober right now.

Glancing up at the near full moon overhead, my eyes follow the path of light until I realize it wasn’t a field below it, but a lowly lit corn maze.

I couldn’t help but find myself drawn to the labyrinth of pathways cut into the cornfield as I took a curious step away from the parking lot and towards the large, tunneled entrance.

“Can I help you, miss?” A man standing at the entryway asked as he noticed my hesitant approach.

Who cares if it’s meant for children; I’m bored and a walk honestly might be good for me considering how much tension I have right now.

“How much does it cost to get in?” I ask, moving to my purse in search of my wallet.

The man tilts his head for a moment before a small smile appears on his face, “It’s thirty dollars for adults and twenty for children.”

It seemed a bit overpriced if you ask me, but I suppose festivals like this have to be in order to pay for such a big set up.

Nodding, I fetch two bills from my purse and hand them over to the person in front of me.

Just as I moved to step past him, his voice caught my attention.

“A pretty thing like you should be careful,” He says, causing chills to run down the spine of my back, “You never know what might be lurking in the shadows you’re unable to see.”

Narrowing my eyes, I simply told him to have a good day as I brushed his words off.

It was probably just a part of a hired skit to add to the Halloween night allure of this place.

Walking into the dimly lit entrance, I instantly found myself in a large circular clearing, eight pathways leading in different directions for me to choose from.

Wishing I had asked that worker for a map, I took a chance and stepped towards the third one on my left, smiling to myself as I was met with a cooling breeze.

The air itself was fairly warm today actually, and right now the soft wind against my face was slowly helping me to relax and let go of my tiring day.

This is exactly what I needed.

I carelessly walked deeper and deeper into the maze, not really having any strategy as to which pathways I ventured down and which corners I turned.

All I could focus on right now was the ever decreasing sound of people, the space between us growing more and more distant until it was quiet enough for me to hear each of my breaths.

My only sense of direction came from the small pumpkin shaped lanterns lining the floor of the pathways, all connected by one continuous black cord. Even those, however, were mostly burnt out or had dimmed to a faint flicker.

I didn’t care though, because the bright moon alone was enough to keep me grounded to every fork in the road and dead end I met.

Keeping my head up, I dragged my feet across the ground as my one hand reached out and brushed against the endless walls of corn as I walked.

Outstretched and free, I allowed my eyes to close for a moment as I listened to the world around me.

It was silent.

Or at least it was until the snap of a branch behind me became the exception.

Jumping and spinning around, my eyes scanned the dark, empty area, finding nothing there but more stocks of corn.

Even with my hand clutched to my beating chest, I let out a small sigh in amusement when I realized it was just a bird or something of the sorts.

Placing a foot behind me and twisting to continue my initial walk, I jolted in fear as my side met a very hard, very tall body.

Staggering back and regaining my balance, I inclined my head to see what, or better yet who I had collided with.

The man before me looked to be just slightly over six feet tall, pretty blonde hair so light it could pass as platinum framing what I could see of his face, which really wasn’t much.

The man wore a fitted black shirt that left very little to the imagination, matching his equally dark pants and mask.

The latter left only the upper half of his face covered, allowing me to see the icy cold blue of his eyes and the sensuous curve of his lips that were currently set into a smirk.

His hands were tucked into his pockets in a casual stance as he towered over me, not moving or saying anything.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” I apologized, fidgeting with my hands as he simply continued to look at me in curiosity.

My heart picked up its pace at the silence between us, warning signs in my head flaring at me and telling me that I needed to leave.

Agreeing with my brain, I sidestepped the mysterious figure, walking past him and forcing myself to not run as my feet led me down the narrow pathway.

I could feel eyes on me now though with every movement my body made.

Unable to resist, I turned my head back only to find absolutely nothing. Once again, I was seemingly alone, only this time, I knew I wasn’t.

Terror raced down my spine as I began to walk at a much faster pace, actually trying to make sense of this maze now and not just blindly stroll through it.

Taking a right turn, I jumped as I found myself met with a dead end, my mind racing at the knowledge that I would now be forced to turn around and face countless more turns.

A part of me hoped this was just my mind overthinking things again—that I couldn’t actually sense those blue eyes on my skin, following me in the shadows.

The much more sensible part told me that worker at the gate was right when he spoke about the lurkers hidden where they could remain unseen.

I felt it as my blood began pumping harder through my veins, little shocks of adrenaline constantly keeping me on my toes.

Knowing I had no other choice but to go back, I turned silently on my heel and took careful steps all the way until I was met with the same fork in the road from earlier.

As far as my eye could tell, only the sight of corn surrounded my vision.

My hearing, however, wove a much different story.

I could hear breaths that were not my own, the rustle of leaves not caused by the wind, and the cracking of mulch from the ground while my feet remained unmoving.

Remembering reading somewhere that if you turn left every time in a corn maze, you’ll eventually be guaranteed to get out, I could only pray that was true as I bolted down a pathway, not caring anymore about keeping my steps silent.

I felt someone with me with every frantic step I ran, but no matter where my eyes moved, I saw no one.

It had been three left turns now with no blocks, but it was the fourth that had my body screaming in fear and defeat.

Before me stood a nine foot tall barrier of maze, looming over me and informing the fact that I had nowhere else to run to now.

Whipping around so that my back was facing against the wall, I stared down the long line of fake pumpkin lanterns trailing both sides of the pathway, practically leading the man right to me.

For the shortest moment, everything was quiet, but then he appeared.

With his hands still in his pockets, a calm expression on his face, the blond man smiled as he turned the corner, finding me standing there with goosebumps peppering my skin despite the fairly warm temperature.

“Why are you following me?” I said with a shaky voice, panic seizing my body as his one hand finally left his pocket.

My breath hitched in my throat and I took a step back as the man drew a throwing knife, now holding it in his hand and twirling it tauntingly between his fingers.

Never once did his eyes leave my body though, only watching in amusement as I took another step back.

This couldn’t be it.

This couldn’t be the end.

The glint of his blade winked at me a split second before it struck, the man extending his arm and sending the knife flying.

I screamed and raised my hands to shield my body, my eyes pinching shut in absolute fear from the promise of pain that blade held.

Only, the strike never came, and neither did the blood.

Peeling open my eyes, my heart fumbled when I saw that the man had now disappeared, but his knife was now sticking into the dirt ground.

At first I was confused why it was there and not through me, but when I took a step towards it, I saw that it had sliced right through the wire providing my best source of light.

My lip wobbling, I could only stand there as I watched hundreds of small lanterns dying out in pairs of two, all the way until it met the ones closest to me.

Within seconds, I was encased in sheer darkness, my body trembling under the faint cover of moonlight.

“You sound so pretty when you scream, darling,” I hear a voice sound from behind me, causing me to gasp in fear as I was suddenly pulled back into a defined chest, a hand wrapping around my middle.

I squirmed in an attempt to get away, but I instinctively froze at the cool nip of the man’s knife pressing sharply into my throat.

I whimpered as I was forced to remain completely still, my body heating at the feeling of a large, gloved hand stroking the skin on my hip.

“Careful now. It would be a shame to cut you so soon.” The man dipped his head down to my ear, smiling at my fearful breaths, “But don’t worry. The fun is only just beginning.”

I think we had very different ideas of the word ‘fun’.

“Please let me go.” I gasped as he spun me to face him, retracting the knife so it wouldn’t cut before resuming its previous position.

Tears pricked my eyes as his hand moved from my waist to my scalp, running his fingers through my hair before tugging hard.

I let out a yelp of pain as he forced my head to tilt up, making me stare into his eyes as he grew a smile that sent uneasy chills through my bones.

“How about you and I play a little game?” The man cocked his head, looking down at my frozen state as he pulled the knife away from my throat, only to bring it up to my jaw.

All I could do was stay still in confusion as the blade was threateningly traced along the curve of my face, lifting and grazing ever so gently across my cheek.

My knees threatened to buckle beneath me, but they wanted to press together just as badly at the rapidly increasing pressure forming down there.

Holy shit, was I actually turned on right now?

Disbelief at my own body’s betrayal had me pressing back in an effort to jolt the man off of me that way, but it only brought me closer to him.

I forced myself into complete stillness after that, not daring to even blink as the man pulled his knife away from my cheek, droplets of my tears shining across the sharp edge.

I trembled as he brought the weapon to his mouth, his tongue darting out and silently demanding me to watch as he licked away the evidence of my fear.

I despised the way my nipples had hardened painfully against the black lace of my bralette, but my body didn’t seem to care that there was a chance this man was going to kill me.

“What would you say if I told you I’ll give you another chance to run?” The man asks as he swiftly pockets his knife, my eyes following the movement.

Distrust swarmed within me at his words, knowing that even if he were to let me go, it would just be to fulfill his obvious sadistic need for the chase.

“I would say you’re full of shit.” I shot back, stupidly more confident now that I didn’t have a knife pressed to my throat.

The man clearly didn’t expect the fire that flared deep in my eyes, but if I caught him more off guard than that, he didn’t show it.

“There she is,” He grinned, his now free hand coming up to my neck and squeezing the sides until I felt that dizzying rush go to my head.

Both of my hands moved to wrap around his wrist, but he wouldn’t budge an inch, leaving me simply grasping onto him for dear life.

“Struggle all you want, little one. In fact, I encourage it.”

The man forces a pitiful whimper from my throat at that, my core clenching as my head grows foggier by the second from his grip.

“Please,” I swallowed nervously, “I don’t want to die.”

More tears fell when my words only caused him to lean in closer, his hand holding me still as he hovered his lips directly overtop of mine.

For a moment, I feared he was going to kiss me, but the man never did.

“Don’t you worry, darling. I have no interest in killing you yet.” He said, his warm breath shooting tingles along my skin before he pulled back entirely, leaving me on my own entirely to keep myself up.

I didn’t miss the last word that came out of his mouth, but I was currently more focused right now on the fact that he let me go.

“Let’s wager a deal, shall we?”

I remained frozen in fear as the man once again grabbed the knife from his pocket, playing with it as though it were nothing more than a toy to him.

I wanted to tell him no, but panic at this entire situation kept me silent.

“I’ll give you one more chance to run away, and if you can manage to make it to the entrance, I’ll back off and give you your freedom.”

I wrapped my hands around my body to give myself the illusion of being held as I continued to shake at the reality of this all.

“And if you win?” I question, even though I’m terrified of the answer.

The challenging look on the man’s face told me I was right to be scared.

It also told me the context of where his thoughts were now traveling to.

“If I win, I’m going to have my way with your pretty little body all night long and bring you so much pleasure, you’ll never be able to be touched again without remembering the way my hands felt on your skin.”

He said it so simply as though he wasn’t just holding a blade to my throat and as though we weren’t complete strangers.

Due to an endless list of reasons, I refused to admit how turned on I was by his proposition, shaking my head and stepping backwards.

“And if I refuse to this game of yours?” I ask, my eyes flicking down to the sharp knife between his fingertips.

“I guess you’ll just have to say no, and find out.”

I didn’t like the challenge in his voice. Not one bit.

“You’ll really let me go?” I asked, my eyes refusing to meet his out of both fear and something else I didn’t want to admit.

My words seemed to be answer enough for him based on the carnal look that formed on his face as if he could already taste the feeling of triumph.

“Run, darling.” He flashes me his white teeth, “Your five minute head start begins now.”


My lungs were killing me as I continued to run as far as my legs could carry me, having no sense of time considering my phone was no longer in my purse when I checked for it.

I had no doubt who stole it too.

I refused to let myself dwell on that though, doing everything I could to find either the entrance or the central clearing in the middle of the maze where I know a large map of this place will be.

It would be my best chance at escaping this psycho, but it would also require me to be right in the open with only a few picnic tables to cover me.

I had to get there first, though. Or out of this thing entirely.

Every second felt like an hour had passed, but I had a really big feeling my five minutes were more than up by now.

The thought of what would happen if I got caught kept me going, even as exhaustion became more and more evident with every step.

While the sound of chatter never appeared, I was able to tell what direction the activities were in due to the light of food stands and live music illuminating the otherwise dark sky.

It didn’t help, though, when I continuously ran into dead ends, not willing to cut straight through the corn in fear of it making too much noise.

With every turn, worry that I would never get out had managed to sink deeper and stronger within me.

I could no longer feel his gaze on me, but when I heard the rustle of a wall sound from behind, I had to swallow the scream of panic trying to force its way from my mouth.

I was too far from the main area for anyone to hear me, so yelling would only alert that stupidly attractive man of my location.

I was afraid it wouldn’t matter though when a second sound had me darting away from the pathway I was currently on and down a new one.

With a racing heart and dry mouth, I didn’t care that I was being louder or that fear was clouding my vision. It was pure adrenaline controlling my body right now.

Coming to a small clearing with three possibilities, my steps faltered knowing my choices are ones that terrify me.

I didn’t exactly have time to think right now, though, so I ran straight, forcing down a scream at the sight of a figure to my left.

Only, unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, I could have sworn I saw a white mask, not a black one.

I didn’t have the chance to contemplate before I heard another sound come from the other side of the wall I was running against.

It looked as though there were three of one man, but that was impossible.

Despite that obvious fact, however, I felt as though I was being surrounded on all sides, being forced down the pathways of their choice.

But where are they herding me to?

I wasn’t able to backtrack swift enough as I suddenly stumbled into the large central clearing I both feared and wanted to find.

My heart was pounding so fast against my chest I could hear it in my ears, because while I was being given the illusion of being alone, I could feel him again.

“What’s your name, darling?” A deep voice comes from behind me, and when I spin around startled, I find the blond man sitting on top of one of the picnic tables here, his legs splayed wide as he watched me.

His knife was still in his hands, alternating between long fingers.

“No.” I say, stumbling back a step as my eyes meet his.

That single word caused a smirk to appear on his face.

“Oh that wasn’t the rule of the game,” He scolds, leaning forward with his elbows propped on his knees, “Tell me your name and I’ll let you leave here alive.”

His tone made it seem like he thought he was doing me a favour by offering such.

I only glared at him, too scared to move.

All it would take is the smallest change and this man could send that knife flying into irreparable places.

He knew it too.

“What’s your name?” I counter, clasping my shaking hands together at my front.

A flash of amusement appears before he says, “Caleb. And yours?”

I wasn’t about to give him my real name, but I didn’t want my silence to provoke him either.

“Charlotte,” I lie, praying he can’t sense the fib on my tongue.

I tense even more as the man tilts his head at me, sighing and sliding off of the table in one swift movement.

The action has me backing away slowly, inching closer and closer to a chance at escape.

“I’m quite good at knowing a lie from a truth, you know?” He tells me, taking an unhurried step towards my trembling body, “Let’s try this again, darling. What’s your name?”

With him growing more and more near with every second, lying wasn’t a chance I was willing to take again.

“It’s Madelyn,” I whispered, my knees turning to jello the second his hands raised to cup the sides of my face.

The knife was so close—too close to allow me to enjoy the soft caress of his fingertips against my skin.

“Madelyn,” Caleb says as though he just wanted to see how my name tasted on his lips.

I hated how it rolled off as a sensual purr more than anything.

“Would you let me kiss you if I tried?” He asked, his blue eyes fixating intently on the shape of my mouth and the way my tongue darted out across the bottom at his words.

“Do I have a choice?” I counter, my breath going shallow as Caleb pulls me in closer, placing his leg in between my two.

The pressure he places at the apex has me forcefully suppressing a moan.

“Yes, but I don’t think you’ll be very happy with the alternative.” He coos, leaning his head down while angling mine up.

The position has him close enough that even the smallest of movement would be enough to close the slight gap between our lips.

“What’s the alternative?” I dare ask, looking up at his eyes as he shifts his leg, rubbing perfectly against my clit.


“Me letting you go.” Caleb noticed the widening of my eyes at his words.


“I’ll give you your phone and a map and you can go right back to your car with a throbbing cunt, knowing I’d be able to fix that for you in under a minute if you just got out of your head.”

I couldn’t help it this time as my legs clamped together, only to be met with a hard, toned leg to stop them.


“Do you want this, little one?” He says, no doubt getting off on the fact that I was trying to struggle away now.

I tried to turn my head to the side to hide the fact I was embarrassed, but he held my chin with his one hand, forcing me to meet his relentless stare.

It felt as though he was looking straight into me, taking every part in with zero shame whatsoever.

“Your body tells me you want this—”

“Fuck you,” I spat, interrupting him and shoving hard against his chest, even though my attempts were unsuccessful.

“Oh I plan to, darling, but I still want an answer.”

He was so fucking infuriating.

“Do you want this?” I freeze as head dips down, his mouth brushing against my ear, “Say yes and I’ll give you what you crave right now.”

A glint of his blade against my cheek had my heart stuttering just as much as the harsh movements between my legs.

Every time I tried to back away, I only rubbed harder and harder against the rough material of Caleb’s jeans.

He was offering me my freedom, so why am I still here?

Why are tingles shooting down my body for reasons other than fear, and why do I feel so damn turned on that all it would take is a single touch and I could come undone?

For a pause, no words were spoken.

I looked into the eyes of the masked man and hated myself for how much I wanted to feel those stupidly perfect lips of his against mine.

“Touch me, you asshole.” I caved under his stare, and I wasn’t even given the chance to blink before he was grabbing me and shoving my front against the large sign that showed a map of the maze.

I could feel his breath against my neck as his hands dropped right to my ass, grabbing it with a harshness that made my clit throb and desperation to take over my body.

Caleb didn’t waste a second before tearing off my jacket, my jeans being slipped off along with my shoes and tossed to the side with an efficiency that showed he knew what he was doing.

“This is too pretty to tear up,” He said, his hands running over the curve of my ass while admiring the black lace I was wearing, “I think I’ll fuck you in these later.”

My legs shook as his boot kicked them apart, the cold glass plaque I’m pinned against contrasting the heat from my running and Caleb’s teasing actions.

One minute he was toying with the intricate design of my underwear, the next it was being shoved aside, two fingers slamming deep inside of me.

“F-fuck,” I cursed at how quickly things changed, my cheek pressed hard against the wall with my eyes pinching shut.

The feeling of his hands exploring my body was insanely intense, his free hand dropping his knife back in his pocket so he could slip under my sweater, his fingers searching for my aching nipples.

When he found them and pinched one overtop of my bralette, my hips bucked backwards, fucking myself deeper onto his hand.

“Greedy girl,” He smiled against my ear, his mouth planting a nipping kiss right below it.

I couldn’t see him with my face pressed so hard to the glass, but I could feel everything; his wandering, skilled hands, the smell of his aftershave filling my senses and the sounds of his heavy breathing.

I was damn near a puppet on his strings at his point, and with every tug and pull came feelings of euphoria erupting all throughout my body.

Over and over, Caleb stroked me until my breaths became quick and uneven from emotions quite opposite of the terror I felt earlier.

I was still scared, but that only intensified each sensation as he continuously hit that one spot inside of me that had me seeing stars.

“Fuck, Madelyn,” Caleb groaned against my neck as I felt myself tighten around him, “I can’t wait to hear how you sound when I ruin you.”

I whimpered as I felt my orgasm approaching much too quickly, but Caleb only smirked in satisfaction.

He knew I was close as I grinded against him, my sounds of pleasure only growing louder and louder as he played my body perfectly.

Caleb treated me as if I were nothing more than a plaything to him, something to unravel countless times for his entertainment alone.

My legs tightened around his hand desperately as he drew me right up to that familiar edge, but I jumped when two figures moved in sync at my left, appearing from the shadows of one of the pathways.

Before I could even protest, Caleb was there taking over.

“Come,” He demanded in my ear, and when his thumb moved up to brush my clit, I shattered.

My moan caught in my throat as my legs shook and twitched against him, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as waves upon waves of pleasure consumed every square inch of my body.

Caleb was there the entire time, fucking his fingers into me roughly until I was dripping onto him, my wrist coming down to stop the overstimulation.

My eyes tried to hold on the two men I saw walking carelessly towards me, but they were too heavy to keep open as I was finally brought down from my orgasm.

I was practically a panting, shaking mess by the time Caleb removed his fingers from me, my arousal covering them as he spun me to face him.

He wouldn’t let me look away as he sucked each digit into his mouth, making a show of swirling his tongue and groaning at the taste of me.

That in itself was erotic enough to have my hands holding onto him for support, no doubt stroking his already massive ego I’m sure.

Pulling his last finger away with a pop, he smiled as he took in my distress from the figures I know I saw only seconds ago.

Stepping aside from my front, Caleb let me see the sight of two large men close behind him, both sitting atop a table and looking at me with looks of hunger.

The one wore a plain white mask while the second’s was red, all shaped slightly differently but still revealing only the bottom half of their faces.

Caleb could sense my urge to bolt as he suddenly slipped in behind me, his hand wrapping around my throat as he pushed my back to his front.

This position made me feel just how much he was enjoying this, and I couldn’t help the deep need that bubbled inside of me because of it.

“What about two more, darling? Do you want them to touch you too?”

I shivered at the image Caleb put into my head, the thought of being with three people overwhelming my senses.

I’ve never done anything remotely like this, especially with more than one person.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” Caleb teased in my ear, chuckling in cruel amusement, “Hmm, I bet you’re just craving to have us buried deep inside of you, letting us use you as nothing more than a useless little cock sleeve for our pleasure.”

A small gush of wetness came out of me at that, my core clenching as the hand around my neck tightened.

“What if I told you we wanted to share you? Take you in ways your body is too shy to beg for?”

My heart stammered as the man with the red mask rose, his black hair neatly styled and practically asking to be messed up.

“Xavier, here, is the roughest out of all of us.” Caleb continued, angling my head up and forcing me to look at his friend, “When he fucks you, he won’t be nice about it, though I think you’re going to come to like that about him.”

I squirm as the man I’m assuming to be Xavier approaches me, his eyes close to black as I’m held still.

Everything about him screams dominance as he nears closer, looking at me like I’m the prey he was going to destroy.

“And him?” I ask to distract myself, nodding over to the man in white whose eyes haven’t left my body once yet.

He made me feel so small under his stare, as though he was stripping every part of me bare with his mind alone, both physically and emotionally.

“That would be Alec,” Caleb said as his lips ghosted against my throat, the green eyed man smiling at the attention, “He’s going to watch us play with you, so what do you say we give him a good show?”

At those words, I realize Xavier has now come to stand by my side, his eyes slowly tracing every inch of my body.

I suddenly grew overwhelmed by the idea of being with three men at once, but it excited me just as much as it fueled the never ending shaking in my muscles.

“So delicate,” The man with the red mask spoke for the first time, his fingertips ever so gently brushing across my inner thigh still wet from my orgasm.

It contrasted entirely to the harshness of his deep voice.

“Yes,” He said more to himself, inching his way higher and higher to my soaked underwear, “You’re going to be fun to break, sweetheart.”

With that, Caleb’s hand let go of my throat only to shove me harshly down to my knees.

The action was so sudden it left me slightly disoriented, pain from the hard ground shooting up my legs as I obliged.

I couldn’t bring myself to care, though, when that pain seemed to shoot straight to my already aching clit.

As Xavier peered down at me, his knowing look told me he was well aware just how badly I wanted to be roughly handled.

What I didn’t realize as I found myself lost in those dark eyes was that Caleb dropped to a crouch with me, his voice a whisper in my ear.

“Be a good girl and make him feel good,” He told me, but my head looked to him in confusion when he gathered both of my hands behind my back, pinning them there with one of his own.

Caleb gave me no hint as to what I was supposed to do with my hands bound, and when I looked to Alec, he was simply watching me with that calculated gaze of his, seeming to enjoy my struggle.

The low noise in warning from Xavier was my fear’s breaking point as I simply leaned forward and rubbed my face against his clothed erection, knowing I wouldn’t be able to come even near close enough to undoing his belt without my fingers.

The act itself was absolutely humiliating as my legs pressed hard together, continuing to try and bring this man pleasure from these simple touches alone.

When I eventually grew the courage to look up at him, I found Xavier’s hands moving to discard his shirt, looking down at me with a look that was purely dominant.

I could feel him growing harder at my obvious embarrassment, just as I knew I was growing more slick between my thighs.

“Such a pathetic little thing,” Caleb murmurs, his free hand moving to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, “Look at you getting all desperate and needy from simple rubbing.”

I whimpered and shifted on my knees as I indeed became needier, and that seemed to be the end of Xavier’s patience.

Bringing his hands down, Caleb pulled my head away just as quickly as Xavier’s belt came undone, his pants and boxers being pushed down at the same time as I tried to get away.

“Oh I don’t think so, darling.” He chuckled, the same knife from before being drawn from his pocket and pressed against my throat.

The action had me stilling instantly, frightened of the promise of pain and still dazed from everything going on.

Xavier was the largest I’ve ever seen before, and the small reverse Prince Albert piercing on his tip told me just how much he loved pain.

“You want to leave?” He asked me as he stroked his cock in his own hand, precum leaking from his tip and acting as lubrication.

The sight had me licking my lips, but I didn’t dare move more than that due to the cold nip still at my throat.

“N-no,” I stuttered, wanting this even as my body was consumed by fear.

What I’ve learned today, however, is that the adrenaline that comes with it has me more turned on than I’ve ever been.

“Mmm,” Xavier hums in amusement as his free hand moves to the back of my head, his dick directly in front of my face now as he presses his tip to my lips.

As his fist continued to work himself, my tongue darted out to taste his arousal smearing across my mouth, groaning as I licked right across his slit.

I couldn’t help it as a cheeky grin formed on my face, unexpected power surging through me knowing I was the cause of the small sound Xavier made in pleasure.

Caleb didn’t seem to like me having even that sliver of control, though.

Seeing as my mouth was still mostly closed, Caleb held my head still as I felt the knife cut ever so slightly, my lips parting in a gasp of both pain and numbing pleasure.

Xavier took advantage of my surprised state as he suddenly thrust inside, enough to catch me off guard and gagging around him.

His smile was punishing as I felt Caleb pull away the knife, small droplets of my blood running warm down my throat.

It was a reminder of who owned me for the night, and it was one I heeded to as I fell docile before them.

Caleb’s whisper in praise caused my skin to tingle, even as Xavier used my throat for his pleasure and his alone.

He was brutal and mean about it, but even as my tongue flattened for him, it wasn’t enough to keep him satisfied.

The next minute, his large hand applied pressure to the back of my head, my mouth widening to take more of his cock inside of me.

“Fuck.” Xavier cursed as my nose was forced down to his pelvic bone, my throat squeezing and sputtering around him.

I struggled as he held me there, my spit dripping past my lips as tears mixed in my eyes.

He only seemed to like that more though, the sight emitting a low noise that I felt in my veins.

Caleb was right to say his friend was brutal, and when he finally pulled away to let me breathe again, neither man allowed me the mobility to right myself as my makeup smeared and my chin became slick in a mixture of both my saliva and Xavier’s arousal.

“Please,” I whispered as my knees trembled, barely able to hold my weight at this point.

“I think we should give you a safeword, darling.” Caleb says from my side, ignoring my plea and brushing two fingers against my cheek, “Mercy is what you’ll say when you want this to be over, but anything else will only make us fuck you harder. If you can’t speak, you raise your right hand over your head. Does that work for you?”

This was so dangerous because we’re complete strangers, but I want them so bad it hurts.

Hell, I’m half convinced this is just some huge dream my fucked up mind has thought up.

“Okay,” I nod through the panic, Xavier’s cock coming back to my mouth.

He doesn’t push in though this time.

As I stick my tongue out for him, he takes advantage as he slaps his dick against my mouth, enjoying the sight of me licking at his tip and finding the best ways to bring him pleasure in this position.

“Tell me to stop,” Xavier speaks for the first time in a while, his words catching me off guard as he simply stares down.

I don’t do as he says, and Caleb smiles at the opportunity to punish me.

He first releases my hands, placing them to rest on my thighs and silently letting me know there would be consequences if I moved them for any reason other than signalling to stop.

The real reprimand, however, was when he took his thumb, rubbing it hard over the cut he made himself across my throat and causing me to suck in a sharp breath.

“Tell me to stop,” Xavier says again, his tone telling me he would not repeat himself for a third time.

He didn’t have to.

I just realized the sadistic bastard got off on the struggle, and I think a huge part of me did too.

“D-don’t.” I barely managed out as Caleb made art with my blood, the sharp sting continuously keeping me on edge, “Please. Please stop.” I then tried, experimenting with whatever the hell game it was we were playing.

When a demeaning smile crossed Xavier’s features, I knew there was no holding him back anymore.

In a single thrust he forced himself down against my throat’s wishes, myself having to make a conscious effort to not bite down as I was choked and gagged instantly.

“Such a good whore,” Caleb said against my ear, the sound of his zipper being undone sounding in the deafeningly otherwise quiet area.

The next second, my hand was being placed overtop of his hard length, a slight dark spot circled on the bulge of his boxers from where his precum had leaked.

“Make us come, and we’ll let you choose what happens next.” He kisses the side of my cheek, smirking as I was unable to shift or do anything on my own.

All I could do was kneel there as I was used as their own personal fuck toy.

The noise that came from Caleb’s mouth when my hand pulled him from his underwear made my face heat in arousal, my legs trying to give myself relief but finding none.

Xavier seemed to notice my ever growing desperation as his polished black shoe came in between my thighs, forcing my legs apart.

I knew instantly what he was saying.

The only way I would be gaining pleasure in this moment is if I used his leg to get off.

The mere idea of it was absolutely humiliating, but Xavier only shrugged as if to say your loss.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, even though it felt like some sort of test I was clearly failing.

It didn’t help when I could feel Alec’s eyes on me the entire time, even though I couldn’t see him thanks to Xavier and Caleb.

It was honestly hard to keep up, but when Caleb’s hand wrapped around mine, he guided me so that we were pumping him together, my body threatening to melt under their heated touch.

Just based on the noises I was drawing from both men, I knew they—Xavier especially—were getting close to their climaxes, and honestly, I’ve never been so turned on by that knowledge alone.

“You’re going to be good and swallow every drop, and then you’re going to take care of Caleb.” Xavier said through groans, lifting my head slightly to change the angle.

I couldn’t even nod before he pushed himself deeper, holding my head still as I gagged around his length.

The next minute, I felt his release spill down my throat, the faint taste of him coating my tongue and making me moan around him.

I think that only intensified everything when I could no longer breathe, Xavier taking and using me for his desire.

I tried so hard to swallow all of him down, but there was nothing I could do to stop the small trickle of his orgasm that began to slowly flow past my lips.

At the sight, Xavier pulled out of my mouth and brought his thumb down to wipe away the mess he made across my chin, only to push the finger back past my panting lips.

I instantly obliged his unspoken command, sucking off what was left of his release before pulling away to swallow.

The small smile on his face told me I did well, and even though I was desperate to be touched, I didn’t protest as Caleb removed my hand from his body, rising to stand at my side.

Almost instantly he took Xavier’s place and positioned himself at my mouth, his eyes telling me the words his lips didn’t say.

Taking the silent command, I let my jaw loosen for a second time as I allowed Caleb to take what he wanted, encouraging it even.

I could slowly feel myself slipping away into another headspace all together, not believing that I’ve gone my entire life without knowing how good sex could be.

I was perfectly happy how I was now, but when I felt Xavier crouch down behind me, I felt myself relaxing into his touch this time, rather than tensing.

Even as I felt the cold sting of his own knife touching my body, I allowed myself to rock back on my heels, leaning against his chest as Caleb moved with us.

“I think such good behavior warrants a reward, don’t you think?” Xavier’s low voice speaks in my ear, my heart fluttering as I feel his one hand slide across my lower stomach.

All I could do was moan around Caleb’s cock in response, letting him hold my head as he fucked my mouth hard.

Xavier seemed to chuckle at my obvious state of need, allowing his knife to drag over my still covered chest before moving down, down, down.

I embraced the fear and uneven stutter of my heart as I felt the sharp tip move over my pelvic bone and then my underwear.

When Xavier saw I wasn’t going to try and fight away, he cut twice, never my body but precise slashes that left my lingerie piece falling off of me and into his waiting hands.

“I was trying to be nice until now, but that time is up.” He said, tossing my underwear off to the side, “Your reward, sweetheart, is the encouragement I know your body needs.”

I was beyond confused for a second, but when Caleb’s black, shiny shoe pressed hard in between my legs, I didn’t even get a chance to protest before Xavier was lifting my hips and pushing me down onto it.

A muffled whimper escaped my lips at the action, but then it happened again and again, Xavier forcing me to take the pleasure I couldn’t bring myself to do on my own.

And fuck did it feel amazing.

Yes, it was humiliating as my bare cunt used Caleb’s polished shoe to get off, but I couldn’t deny I was soaked and silently begging for Xavier to move me faster.

It was all too soon that I realized he wasn’t giving me enough on purpose.

“If you want it, take it, Madelyn.”

Those were the last things he said before letting go of me entirely.

It didn’t matter this time, though, because my body was already moving on its own accord.

For the first time in my life, I took what I wanted for me and hell if that wasn’t a liberating feeling.

I moaned and sputtered around Caleb’s cock with every movement, my body needing more, and not being ashamed to seek it out any longer.

I could still feel Xavier there watching me—enjoying this new side he’s awakened, but I didn’t need his guidance now, and I loved it.

“That’s it.” He murmured from my left, pulling my hair back into a makeshift ponytail so I didn’t have to.

I felt so heated as my body worked overtime to bring both myself and Caleb pleasure at once, making myself breathe whenever I could through my nose since I was given no reprieve.

It only made me feel hotter, especially as Caleb’s moans grew louder, indicating he was close to that euphoric edge.

And God did I want to get him there.

Continuing to slide myself in a series of forward to backward motions, I brought my hands up to play with my nipples, making a point of teasing Caleb by the sight.

When he tossed his head back, I knew it worked.

His thrusts into my mouth became sloppier and more desperate, his arms flexing as he gripped my head tight before he just let go.

My eyes pinched shut as Caleb came on my tongue, his cock twitching against the warm embrace of my lips.

I stopped moving on his foot as I directed my focus into swallowing him all down instead, licking and sucking lazily as he spilt himself down my throat.

By the time he pulled away, I felt like an absolute mess, my body drained of energy and aching in every place imaginable.

“Don’t tell me you’re tired already,” Caleb gives me a lazy smile, extending his arm down for me to take.

Our hands wrapped around each other as he helped me stand, my eyes instantly flashing to the sight of my arousal glistening off of his otherwise perfectly cleaned shoe.

When I gather the courage to meet his stare, embarrassment instantly floods me now that I’m not in the middle of it all.

“None of that.” Xavier chides, rising with me, though my focus is more pointed on the knife already in Caleb’s hand.

“The fun has only just started, darling. And anyways, there’s still one person left to be taken care of.”

My breaths became uneven as the flat of Caleb’s blade brushed against my chin, pushing until my head moved over to the third man whose name I can no longer remember.

I tightened at the sight of my phone in his hand, but he simply placed it down on the picnic table he was sitting on.

I don’t know when he got that from Caleb, but what really had me tensing was how the green eyed man was smirking as if he knew something I didn’t.

The sound of Xavier’s voice had me snapping out of whatever trance I’d just fallen into.

“Go on, little one,” He encourages, his body so close I could feel his warmth, “Climb onto Alec’s lap and see just how much that performance of yours affected him.”

The pull to obey his command was something I’ve never felt before today, my feet moving before my brain could even allow itself to overthink this.

Caleb stepped to the side for me as I brushed past him, becoming suddenly aware of how hot my face felt and how messy my hair must now be.

Well, aware of that, and Alec’s insanely perceptive look.

Peering up at the masked face, I watched it tilt to the side as the man beneath remained entirely silent, calculating my every movement as I approached the table and did as Xavier told me to do.

Placing a knee on either side of Alec’s thighs, a small gasp fell from my lips when two rough hands grabbed my waist, not wasting any time before pulling my hips down and harshly rubbing my center against the seam of his jeans.

“Take off your sweater,” Alec spoke for the first time, his cold, yet heated voice controlling my actions.

As he undid his pants, I tried not to stare as my hands dropped to the hem of my top, pulling it over my head and tossing it beside us.

Within the same second, I heard the sharp slice of a knife from behind me, my bra straps suddenly falling down my arms due to the now cut band once wrapped around my body.

Turning my head, I only saw a flash of Caleb’s white blond hair before I was moaning, Alec using the distraction to take my nipple into his mouth.

The sparks from my last denied high came back to life at that, my hips pushing back down and dragging myself across his bare length.

I forced myself not to worry about the pain of his size, knowing sex was more about whether a man actually knew how to use it.

The satisfied look on Alec’s face told me he was well aware of where my thoughts strayed to, raising his hips and circling them in response.

The motion put a delicious pressure on my clit, and he wasn’t even inside of me yet.

“Fuck,” I groaned, gasping as he lifted me off of him just enough to take his cock into his hand and drag it back and forth across my slit over and over again.

I wanted to jerk away from him because of the unexpected sensitivity, but I couldn’t move anywhere as two hands suddenly came from behind me, holding me completely still.

All it took was me leaning back into the hard chest to know it was Xavier touching me.

I couldn’t see where Caleb had left to, but I was too out of it to really care.

“Alec, please.” I moaned, my hips desperate to rock down as he continuously dragged his tip against me, watching as I soaked him with my arousal.

“You look so pretty when you’re desperate to be fucked limp.” Xavier’s deep voice said in my ear, drawing a long shiver from my body.

When I tried and failed to twist away for the last time, I simply gave in, sighing as two hands—Alec’s hands—cupped my breasts, tweaking and pulling at my nipples.

“I like this look on you, princess.” He said, rolling one of the hardened buds as his hips did the work of teasing me on their own.

It was too much, my hands lifting and holding on tight to his tattooed biceps.

My legs trembled slightly from my kneel on either side of his thighs, my eyes closing as my mouth parted.

“Don’t you dare close your eyes, Madelyn.” Caleb was suddenly by my side, sitting down beside Alec on the table, “I want to see everything we do to you.”

I wasn’t given a choice as Alec pinched my nipple hard, pulling it towards him to the point of dizzying pain.

“That’s right.” He smiles at my whimper, forcing my eyes open for him.

Within the next second, Xavier was pulling my hips down hard and fast, sinking Alec deep inside of me and triggering a sudden, instant orgasm from my squirming body.

With all of them touching me in some way, all I was able to do was toss my head back in submission, embracing the spiraling pleasure currently absorbing my every thought.

“Such a good girl,” Caleb praised just as Alec moaned from the feeling of my release, my walls clamping down and fighting against his unrelenting movements.

“Shit.” I swore when I felt a warm mouth attach to my neck, teeth grazing against my skin and no doubt marking me as theirs.

I felt Caleb smile against my throat before his tongue darted out in a long, teasing line, his hands weaving into my hair and positioning me right where he wanted.

With his lips on my body, Alec’s cock inside of me, and Xavier’s rough hands guiding my hips, I couldn’t stop as a loud moan escaped my lips.

It felt as though the pleasure quite literally crashed through me, emanating up and spreading throughout every last limb in my body.

My knees tried to bow in together from the overstimulation, but Alec’s large body kept them spread as my one hand flew up to my mouth in an attempt to muffle the loud noises of my sensitivity and pulsing need.

I didn’t want anyone else to hear us, let alone feel inclined to go for a walk like I did.

I suddenly felt Alec’s hips stop rising to meet mine, Caleb landing a punishing nip to my ear.

At the same time, Xavier painfully grabbed both of my hands, pinning them to rest just above my ass and no longer supporting my weight as I helplessly hovered over Alec.

“Cover your mouth one more time, and we’ll make sure to fuck you so hard, this entire fucking event will be able to hear what a desperate little slut we’ve turned you into.” Xavier threatened, Caleb’s grip tightening in my hair in warning.

“Someone might see,” I whimpered, squirming as I was doing nothing more than cockwarming Alec at this point.

All three smirked at that, clearly liking the idea of having an audience.

“Wanna know a secret, princess?” Alec grinned sinfully, rotating his hips so he could rub against my g-spot just like that, “This maze closed down two hours ago.”

His words struck true as realization sunk deep inside of me.

“Whoever let you in wasn’t an employee, though they probably knew just as well as we do what a pretty victim you’re going to make.”

With those few simple words, I began to squirm away in fear again.

How is it that these men are so bad, but making me feel so good.

Alec chuckled at my panic at the same time his hand came up to wrap around my throat, his fingers flexing as he ever so slightly tightened his grip.

At first I believed it to be a power move, but what I realized was it was him keeping me still and forcing me to look into those strikingly frightening eyes of his.

With that, Xavier lifted my hips again, this time showing no mercy as he slammed me down hard on his friend’s cock.

I wanted to scream, but Alec tightened his hand to turn it into nothing more than dizzying pleasure.

“Such a pretty little thing.” He murmured as he leaned forward, never once kissing me but simply hovering his lips over mine, quirked up into a satisfied smirk, “You feel so good I’m tempted to bring you home with us and keep you as a toy.”

Tears watered my eyes at that, the lack of oxygen and Xavier’s mean movements tearing me apart.

The second Alec’s grip loosened, I breathed in a shuttering gasp of air only for Caleb’s thumb to move inside of my mouth.

Turning my head towards him, he hooked my jaw open, simply holding his finger there to exploit one more form of control from my body.

I shook around Alec at the action, his hands cupping my full breasts and painfully tugging and playing with my now red nipples.

“Ah ah, not so fast.” Xavier said in my ear as my walls clamped down, my body on the brink of yet another orgasm, “You don’t get to finish until we say and not a second earlier.”

Despite his words, he didn’t lessen his actions, instead rolling my hips in a way that forced me to take Alec painfully deeper.

I couldn’t obey, though.

With Caleb’s finger pressing down on my tongue, causing me to drool and gag around him, no coherent words were able to escape my mouth as I whined and clenched around Alec.

I wasn’t able to say I couldn’t hold back my orgasm, especially when all three only went rougher on my near limp body, refusing to let up despite their command.

I managed a few seconds, but when Xavier once again brought me down hard while Alec snapped his hips upwards, that was my tipping point.

Caleb must have sensed something in my eyes, because his smile scared me as he saw that I was about to disobey the men who quite literally might kill me if they aren’t pleased.

Continuing to shove himself deep inside of me, I screamed and cried as I released around Alec’s cock, this time squirting all over his lap.

My orgasm was so strong it forced his movements to halt for a second, Xavier holding me as I made a mess of them both.

I was terrified as Caleb took his finger out of my mouth, Xavier letting go of one of my hips so he could reach for and push the edge of his knife into my skin.

“You pathetic little slut.” He growled, causing me to whine out in fear and undeniable arousal when Alec suddenly thrusted back inside of me, “All you’re concerned about is getting yourself off, hmm?”

Despite how pissed he was at me, Xavier was smirking at my tears as Alec continued to fuck into my worn-out cunt.

Tears flooded down my cheeks when Caleb’s hand suddenly slid down the length of my body, quickly finding my clit and rubbing roughly against it.

That was my breaking point as I screamed, finishing for a third time around Alec and this time triggering his own release.

I was so overstimulated, but I was finally given some reprieve as he pulled out and lifted me to hover right above him, watching as our come spilt out of me and back onto his satisfied cock.

“Oh my god.” I brought my hands up to my face as I literally couldn’t stop shaking, knowing today was probably one of the best, yet scariest, days of my life.

“Such a sensitive thing,” Caleb cooed, continuing to brush light passes across my clit.

My body jerked with every motion, my blood heating at the possessive smile he was currently wearing.

Once again, my eyes took in those Halloween masks on their faces, giving them their only form of secrecy they could maintain.

I wanted to see them.

“Take off your masks.” I quietly say, my words spoken as an innocent request and not a demand.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in response, but when Alec grabbed my chin in his hands, I was forced to look straight into his eyes as tears fell from mine.

“If you go to the cops about this, princess,” He begins, his soft voice contrasting the clear threat in his tone, “We will find you again. We may have some fun first, but if you go to the police, you will not make it out alive.”

My heart beat rapidly against my chest at the warning, but I didn’t plan on telling a single soul about them to anybody, even Hailey.

My nervous swallow was understanding enough for Alec, his hands dropping down to mine before lifting them up to his face.

“If your curiosity is so strong, then you take off our masks.”

The voice had come from Caleb at my side, but I didn’t look at him or even make a noise in acknowledgement.

Instead, my fingers traced what was exposed on Alec’s face, nervously hooking my fingers under the bottom of the cold plastic before lifting upwards.

Inch by inch, more skin was revealed until the elastic band around his head slipped off, the mask falling with it.

Now, all there was was a man sitting in front of me—truthfully the most attractive person I’ve ever seen before, let alone been with.

I could feel my cheeks going pink as he stared at me as though he knew where my thoughts went, but all I did was lick my lips before turning towards Caleb.

He was watching me with a relaxed expression, but was all hard muscle as he shifted just a little bit closer, refusing to take his hand from my clit.

Like Alec, Caleb didn’t say much as I reached for his mask, only this time, his hands came up and grasped mine, preventing me from getting any farther than that.

“If you want to see my face, I want a kiss in return.” He says, his thumbs rubbing circles on my wrists in his hold.

I contemplated his words, likely playing straight into his cards when I looked down at his lips in lust.

One kiss wouldn’t kill, would it?

I wasn’t sure why he didn’t just take one from me, lord knows he could, but instead I was the one leaning in, darting my tongue across his bottom lip before I pressed my mouth to his.

He tasted a little bit like honey—sweet, even though it was clear nothing about this man was good.

I could no longer feel Xavier at my back, but I could feel as Caleb tried to take control of my mouth.

“The mask,” I said, reminding him of his deal.

Though unhappy about the break off, Caleb didn’t stop me this time as I lifted the black mask from his face.

Not speaking, I simply took in the man before me. The only way I could think to describe Caleb as at this moment was nothing short of devastatingly beautiful.

Every feature was symmetrical and refined, a hard gaze, yet pretty face looking back at me.

Of course, I kept those thoughts to myself.

As my eyes flicked down to his still glossy lips from our kiss, I was tempted to lean in and do just that again.

But, there was still one more person I was dying to see.

It was also the same person who resumed his position behind me when I turned around, Alec moving me so I was now facing Xavier.

I watched as the latter walked forward until he was right in between my legs, his arms caging me on either side of my body.

He was so close I could feel his warm breath fanning over my face, his expression telling me nothing as I cautiously lifted my hands.

When he didn’t stop me, I continued until the red mask was the last to be removed, my eyes widening at the long, viscous scar cutting through his one eyebrow.

It was probably horrible that I found it attractive, but it truly did suit Xavier’s sharp features as I sensed him stiffening.

“Did you want a kiss, too?” I said as a small tease to cut the tension, though truthfully, I really just wanted to feel his mouth on mine.

When no words came in response, I simply bit my lip, staring into his dark eyes.

I don’t know if that had been what drew him over the edge or something else, but I was caught off guard as he suddenly grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulling me off of Alec’s lap.

I stumbled right into his grasp, only for me to be spun right next to Caleb and shoved forward onto the table.

Thankfully, the wood felt almost perfectly smooth and finished, but that didn’t stop the sharp nip of it as one large hand pinned my front completely down.

“I can’t wait to see how loud you’ll scream for me, sweetheart,” Xavier said in my ear, the weight of his body keeping me still.

I couldn’t do anything but comply as he nudged my legs apart, a hand coming down between my thighs and dragging a finger across my slit.

I shuddered beneath his grip, though his hand retracted just as quickly as it came.

The next moment he was aligned with my entrance, completely sheathing himself inside of my struggling body and holding me down.

If it weren’t for his steady hand on my back, I would’ve probably collapsed to the cold ground as dead weight.

I saw just how thick he was earlier when I took him into my mouth, but this was almost unbearable as I felt myself stretch to fit him inside.

“I meant it when I said I was going to break you,” Xavier said in my ear, his hand wrapping around in my hair tightly, “Do you remember your safeword?”

I was surprised he even stopped to ask, but the knowledge that I had that alternative to stop comforted me a little.

“Mercy.” I panted, my pussy feeling a little swollen from all of the force it’s taken already.

“And do you want to stop?” He then asked, but my response was immediate.

“Please don’t.”

I really didn’t want this to end yet, even though my body was practically fucked useless at this point.

Xavier didn’t seem to mind, and at my answer I felt him pull back slightly, my arousal already helping to wet his hard length.

He groaned as I tightened around him, my hand pressing to my stomach with a short cry.

“Awe, right there?” Caleb spoke from my side, his hand coming down to stroke the side of my face as Xavier’s piercing dragged right against my spot, “That’s it, darling. Take it all.”

He let out a deep chuckle when a tear slipped down my cheek, my eyes moving to the fact he was lazily fucking his cock in his fist as he watched me.

The pain of this all mixed deliciously with pleasure, the intense combination having me fighting against Xavier’s grip as much as I loved every second of it.

In response to my struggling, I felt Xavier press a soft kiss to my shoulder before moving his grip to my hips, pulling me back hard to impale me once again on his dick.

After that, I simply fell into submission.

My body gave up on me, going limp on the table and leaving everything in the hands of these terrifyingly attractive men.

“Good girl.” Xavier breathed heavily in my ear as he continued to use me, only my submission seemed to be exactly what he was waiting for.

Compared to what happened next, there was no doubt he was holding back before.

Not now, though.

No, now it was pure instinct that was driving Xavier’s brutal actions, hiking my one leg up onto the table before pummeling into me at a new angle that left me fucked dumb.

“P-Please!” I stammered in between his thrusts, my body splayed out for his pleasure as I could barely stay coherent.

I couldn’t think or speak or really do anything but stay pinned down, allowing him to drive into me just like he promised me he would.

And as for Caleb and Alec, I could hear them both touching themselves over the sounds of my cries, whispering words of encouragement, praise, and degradation to me.

I could barely breathe as Xavier took me, not even realizing I had slid far up the table unconsciously to try and gain any form of reprieve I could.

He noticed, though, and when he did, I was quickly pulled back to the edge, my body welcoming the painful motions of our bodies meeting each other.

It was so fast it allowed me no time to gather myself, the next second my impending orgasm clawing deep in my core.

“Xavier!” I cried as I began to gush and spasm around him, but like Alec, he didn’t stop.

He only kept moaning above me, the palm of his hand forcing my thrashing body down as he continued to slip into me, my orgasm only aiding his movements.

I knew I was undoubtedly covered in bruises at this point, but I loved them all the more.

What I was feeling right now seemed unreal, and when Xavier’s hand moved to the back of my neck and pinning me like that, I whimpered as he pulled out of me.

My clit was swollen and throbbing as I was held down, Xavier’s groans filling my ears as I felt him come across my back.

His release was warm against my skin, painting my shaking, broken body in his orgasm.

“Shit,” Xavier cursed, his hand still pumping his length for every last drop at the sight of me.

All I could do was lay there, loving the way he felt against me despite my sobbing and uncontrollable trembling.

I would never get to experience something like this again, but I savored it while it lasted, allowing them to move me themselves as Alec came to my side, gently rolling me and propping my head up.

I was confused at first as it smeared Xavier’s orgasm all over my back, but when I found a water bottle in his hand, I looked up to the pair of green eyes.

“You need to rehydrate yourself if you want to keep going.” Alec says, gesturing for me to take it from him, tossing his bag I’d failed to notice to the ground.

“Can’t have you passing out on us yet, darling.” Caleb’s voice comes from his side, reaching over and stroking a strand of my blonde hair.

We both know it’s Caleb’s turn next, something the both of us have waited for since he first caught me in the maze.

“How—” I stopped for a second when I realized how quiet my words were, my throat sore from all of my screaming.

Xavier sighs, taking the bottle from Alec’s hand before bringing it to his own lips.

When he drank from it and then gave me a look as if to say it wasn’t poisoned or anything, I tried to reach out for the water.

My arms felt surprisingly slow and heavy, and as if sensing this, Xavier simply moved around my hands.

I stilled as he brought the cup down to my mouth, waiting until I parted my lips around the ring for him.

His one hand came to the back of my head while the other held the bottle, tipping my head back and encouraging me to drink like they wanted me to.

The second a small flow of water poured into my mouth, I knew I needed more.

I didn’t even realize how dry and sore my throat had become until now, gratefully sitting there for multiple minutes as Xavier held my body.

It was a relatively large container, and I didn’t motion to pull away until three-quarters of the drink was gone.

“Thank you.” I nodded to all of them, somehow comforted by the fact that even though they terrify the shit out of me, they know proper after care.

“How are you feeling?” Caleb tilted his head to me, my eyes watching as he smoothly slid off of his spot on the table before switching out with Xavier.

My eyes flicked over his body tentatively, noticing how he was still mostly clothed whereas I was not.

Just another subtle power imbalance that made me want this all the more.

“I’m sore.” I admit, my body still shaking a little bit from how hard I’ve been handled today.

I also felt degraded by the wetness covering my back, already aching for more like they’d managed to awaken a sexual side of me that had no off switch.

“Too sore?” Caleb then asked with a smirk, knowing damn well I wasn’t.

I had a safeword for a reason, and I wasn’t about to use it.

Not yet at least.

“I guess the better question is are you too sore to fight back?”

My head turns to Alec in question, a mean smile on his face.

“Caleb likes the hunt, princess.” Alec continues, angling my head with a finger over to his friend, “And when he catches his prey, he likes to pin them down and fuck them until submission is all they’re capable of.”

I knew I was teetering on a very dangerous edge with these men, but god did I want that.

The look I got from Caleb told me he knew just how much that desire extended.

This would start and end with him.

“So do you think you can do that, sweetheart?” Xavier asks, his one finger reaching and slowly trailing all the way down my spine, “Let’s end this night off the right way, shall we?”

I shivered from his touch, my core tightening from the promise of what was to come.

My body craved every last second of this, and I wasn’t ready to stop yet.

If only I didn’t feel so thoroughly fucked that I could barely stand anymore.

Testing the ground, I placed a foot down on shaky limbs, using the picnic table for support as I stood upright.

I felt their eyes on me the entire time, smirking at how much they’ve managed to break me just like they said they would.

“You make it to any one of the exits in this roundabout and I’ll be nice enough to carry you back to the table before I fuck you.” Caleb comes up behind me, his finger gently dragging over the thin cut along my throat.

The action stung and brought a quiet hiss from my mouth, fresh blood slowly flowing around the wound.

I didn’t have to ask what would happen if I didn’t make it, because I already had an idea of where he’d choose to take me.

“I want a fifteen second head start.” I say, knowing I don’t even have a fighting chance otherwise.

Realistically, I could get to the nearest in ten, but considering how weak my legs felt beneath me, I didn’t trust myself to take any chances.

It was quiet for a moment, then I heard a faint beep come from my side.

When I looked to Alec, I found his phone in hand, a fifteen second timer already counting down on the screen.

Fuck, that was already two seconds.

Not wasting anymore time, I pushed away from Caleb and ran straight to my left, my eyes already set on one of many turn-offs from this clearing.

Ten seconds left.

I willed my legs not to buckle beneath me, moving as fast as I could considering my current state.

Every part of my body screamed to just give up, my sore limbs barely even capable of carrying my weight over to any exit.

Six seconds.

No, I could not lose this.

Call me a princess, but I didn’t want to lay on the ground, even if the pathway looked relatively clean.

Three seconds.



It couldn’t have been more than a small handful of steps I had left, but I knew Caleb was watching me and not wasting a minute to catch up.

It was almost cruel how close I got to the exit, my heart racing and stopping as I felt a hard body meet my back.

I yelled as I was brought down to the ground, Caleb’s body turning over so I didn’t take the impact. It soon didn’t matter, though.

Flipping onto my back as my legs were forcefully spread, that last flicker of hope inside of me was snuffed out.

Before I knew it, he was there, between my thighs and pinning my hips to the ground with his weight.

“Did you know adrenaline causes a heavy increase in sexual arousal in almost fifty percent of women?” Caleb says into my ear, overpowering my body with absolute ease.

Considering how sensitive I felt right now, I would say it’s more than true.

I felt a warm puff of air leave my lips as my hands were grabbed, Caleb pinning them above my head until I was completely stretched out for him.

I hated how easily he was able to gain control over me, loathing the satisfaction on his face.

He wanted a fight, then I’d give him one.

Despite the hesitance I felt at the sight of Alec and Xavier’s shoes coming into view, I didn’t let it stop me as I planted my feet and thrust my hips upwards to try and buck him off.

Caleb didn’t even move a fucking inch.

At first my struggling was mostly a game, but when all I got was a low chuckle from his throat, it caused genuine frustration to course through my veins.

I squirmed in pleasure as Caleb’s mouth dropped down to my neck, brushing away my hair before sucking gently on one of my sensitive spots.

While I didn’t bother to suppress my moan, I allowed my body to relax and give into the illusion he had already won.

I knew that just wasn’t true as he smiled against my skin, his attention straying from where my pinned hands were.

I took advantage of that as I managed to slip one out of his grasp, shoving his body just enough that I could gain momentum with my hips.

Arching upwards, I managed the smallest amount of leverage before a large hand came to my throat, pinning my head down to the cold ground along with the rest of my body.

I saw a flicker of Alec and Xavier’s amused expressions at my efforts before Caleb was looming over me with the promise of pain in his eyes.

“Brat.” He grinned viciously, tightening his fingers until I was only able to breathe when he felt like allowing it.

That should’ve turned me off, but it didn’t.

“I was going to play nice and make sure you felt comfortable, but you just couldn’t stop yourself, could you?”

I whimpered at the lack of oxygen getting to my brain, my hands going up to hold onto Caleb’s wrist.

The shallow breaths he gave me had me soaked between my thighs, and when he finally chose to loosen completely, I sucked in a heavy inhale.

“I hate you.” I panted, my hips betrayingly rolling up to gain friction against his.

“Maybe, but your body doesn’t.”

I tried to shove away and stop him as his hand reached down to my parted legs, a single finger sinking deep inside of me and curling upwards.

The feeling withdrew as quickly as it came, embarrassment heating my face as he licked off my traitorous desire for him.

“Let me go.” I demanded halfheartedly, my blood warming at the feeling of his hard length rubbing against my slit.

“Oh, I think we all know how badly you want this, princess.” Alec says by my side, gently bringing his hand down to stroke the side of my face in contrast to Caleb’s rough handling.

I try to put up a fight against them, thrashing beneath the hard weight currently pinning me down.

Even Xavier and Alec were pinning me in a sense, each sitting on either side of my body and kneeling back.

“Think you can handle us, darling?” Caleb hums, his hand slowly yet painfully dragging up the length of my front until it was once again resting against my throat.

Is that not what I’ve already been doing?

The feral look in his eyes told me I had no idea.

Caleb didn’t wait for any kind of answer before snapping his hips forward, my body sliding slightly up the pathway from the sheer force of it.

I didn’t even know his pants were undone until I cursed at the suddenness and full feeling of him inside of me.

In response, I was only given a possessive smile, his body stilled as he remained deep into my core.

For a moment I didn’t understand why, but I do now.

Caleb was claiming me right now, and I could tell just from the calculated positioning of his body that he would make damn sure I not only knew it but felt him for weeks after this.

“You’re such a stubborn little thing.” He comments as my hips once again try to buck him off, though the ulterior motive was just me wanting to feel more of him inside, “Earlier I said that I couldn’t wait to hear how you sound when I ruin you...”

Caleb’s words trailed off, but I was able to fill in the blanks.

Not a moment later, I was left entirely helpless as he maneuvered my legs to wrap around his waist, my back arching up to meet his hard chest.

Seemingly satisfied by this, Caleb held my gaze as he pulled out only to slam back in, rolling his hips in a way that had him brushing against my clit with the motion.

“No,” I whimpered at how overstimulated I was, hating how bad I wished this would never end.

“But you feel so good.” Xavier speaks lowly from my right, my attention directed to his hand stroking his cock.

Here this brute of a man was on his knees, taking his pleasure for himself while watching me.

I’ve read a lot of hot things before in my books at home, but nothing would ever compare to what I was experiencing now.

“I bet you’re clenching down around him as we speak, hmm? Taking him in like the good slut you are.”

Everything hurt in the best kind of way right now, the pain and pleasure indescribably twining together in combination with Xavier’s words.

“Please.” I rolled my hips up to meet Caleb’s, even as I genuinely tried to fight away from the overwhelming sensitivity.

He wasn’t even moving fast, but his thrusts were merciless, leaving me completely empty one second only to feel almost too full the next.

“Look at you.” Caleb smiles, his hand still hard on my throat, “Look at how pretty you’re taking my cock.”

“Get off of me.” I arched upwards, gasping as my neglected nipples brushed roughly against his chest.

Pleasure coiled throughout my entire body, winding tighter and tighter as his cruel, slow touches kept me pinned down effortlessly.

The only thing is I was greedy.

I wanted more.

Only Caleb had his own motives.

I didn’t understand at first, but when his head dipped down and his lips caressed the tip of my ear, I knew.

Caleb was trying to edge me to the brink of where instead of fighting him, I’d be begging for the orgasm only he would give me.

“No.” I said again at the realization, lifting my hips to meet his—to get him deeper and any form of contact on my clit.

I was only left in a pool of frustration when Caleb even denied me that, smirking at the fact he knew I only had one choice.

It was one I wouldn’t make.

“Fuck you.” I swore, my body throbbing in pure need as the cold bite of the ground continued to scratch at my skin.

“Such a mouthy little thing.” Alec drew my attention to my side, reminding me that both he and Xavier were still there.

This entire time I had felt their small touches against my body, but my mouth watered when I saw Alec was also kneeling and touching himself.

“Maybe we should put those pretty lips to better use.” Xavier amusedly suggested, but I don’t think I could do it.

Even if Caleb’s hand wasn’t on my neck, I’ve been slowly feeling my body slip away into something entirely different.

I was being reduced into nothing more than a set of holes for them to use, my only choice but to embrace the never ending pleasure shooting through every part of me.

They all knew this and it had Caleb fucking me a little quicker in response.

“Open your mouth.” I hear Alec tell me, my eyes shutting as I do so.

While my head didn’t lift an inch, he didn’t need that to get himself off.

Instead, when I finally found the energy to look up again, I tasted his arousal on my tongue, my mouth closing around just his tip.

What was hotter, was that Alec was stroking himself as he did so.


I didn’t even need the fast pace my body craved; that was enough to cause my core to tighten deliciously and my walls to clamp down.

“Not yet, greedy girl.” Xavier’s voice came from my right, clearly sensing the change within me.

I couldn’t look at him, but I knew it was his hands that slid over the curves of my chest, tweaking both of my nipples lightly between his fingers.

He must have known only a little harder would’ve sent me spiraling.

I needed more, and the shake of my body told me it agreed.

Letting my tongue rest flat against the underside of Alec’s cock, I licked upwards to trace against his slit before taking the chance to pull away.

“What’s the matter, Caleb? Lost your nerve—”

My words were instantly cut off by a squeeze of his hand, Xavier’s thumb hooking my mouth open before his length replaced what I was about to say.

I tasted the cold glint of metal from his piercing, as well as the slightly salty taste at the tip as I sucked him down.

“You know, darling, I had wanted to take my time with you during this, watching as I slowly tore you apart orgasm by orgasm.” Caleb’s warm mouth met my neck, his teeth grazing against the sensitive skin there.

A pause was taken as he nipped at my throat, his lips and tongue working wonders on my body enough to distract me from the fact he’d stopped moving inside of me.

I wasn’t even able to protest that fact as Xavier took a hold of my head, forcefully lifting it so he could push deeper into my mouth.

It didn’t take me long before a gag made its way to the surface, but he didn’t care as spit began to drip past the corners of my lips.

“But you really test my patience.”

It was degrading that I couldn’t speak back—that Alec was now lifting my hand to his dick and wrapping his own fingers around mine.

I was so thoroughly ruined by them I couldn’t even do that myself, but as he guided our hands up and down as one, I knew ruined wasn’t even the start of it.

“Mmmph,” I both choked and screamed around Xavier as Caleb landed a punishing slap to my clit before thrusting himself back forwards.

Only this time, he didn’t give me time to adjust and he most certainly wasn’t gentle or slow about his movements.

Pulling back, all three men kept me still on the ground as Caleb’s hips met mine again and again, fucking into me as whatever tight leash that was on him before snapped.

This moment alone had brought me to new heights, and even as every cell in my body fought to get away, I was held down.

“That’s it.” Xavier groaned as I tried to swallow around him, his hands controlling my movements, “You’re doing so good.”

My core clenched as his groan vibrated through me, a mixture of drool and precum spilling down his cock.

I could barely breathe, but currently this was all I needed to feel fulfilled.

I could hear the wet mess between my thighs as Caleb continued to ruthlessly pound into me, and Alec’s low moans sounding from my thumb moving to drag across his slit.

I didn’t think it was even possible for me to come again at this point, but when flames of an impending orgasm began to lick at my body, I knew we were all close.

“Fuck,” I heard Caleb curse as I tightened around him, and when he lifted my hips to meet his, I knew I was done for.

Xavier pulled out of my mouth at the same time Caleb’s thumb swiped over my clit, every part of my body tensing as I cried out my release.

My breathless noises weren’t the only ones sounding around me, and when I began to squirt as Caleb continued to force himself inside of me, I couldn’t even scream from the sheer power of my orgasm.

It consecutively broke, consumed, and remade me as liquid gushed between my thighs, Alec allowing my hand to drop only to bring his cock to my open mouth, spilling his own orgasm onto my lips, tongue, and face.

All I could do was take it, Xavier’s climax following quickly afterwards.

Every part of me felt warm as his own length twitched, groaning as he released across my chest and stomach when Caleb moved upright.

They wrung every last bit of pleasure from their bodies and onto mine, tears spilling down my face until I began to see dark spots in my vision.

My orgasm never stopped as Caleb remained between my thighs, and even when he pulled out of my spasming cunt, it never relented.

My head felt heavy as it rested on the ground, my mind completely sated at the feeling of something hot and wet landing across my folds and upper thighs, the sounds of Caleb’s pleasure echoing in my head.

I wouldn’t stop shaking as I was covered in their release, my body finally reaching its limit for the night.

As my heavy eyes closed at the feeling, a part of me wondered if I had just died and somehow managed to come back from heaven.

In the background muffled voices spoke to one another, but unconsciousness wouldn’t allow for me to hold a conversation, my vision going black and my satisfied body at once going completely limp.


I didn’t know how much time had elapsed since I’d passed out, but I had awoken to the familiar smell of my bedroom surrounding me.

The first thing I noticed was the exhaustion that instantly overtook me, the urge to fall back asleep prominent.

The second and third were the ones that kept me awake.

Lifting my hand to my throat, I pulled away confusedly at the feeling of some sort of sticky gel along the cut Caleb’s knife had caused.

I had expected that to hurt—let alone my entire body—but I felt fine.

I was tired and extremely confused, but there wasn’t a single trace of pain along my skin or in my muscles.

Pushing myself up in bed, my eyes squinted in the darkness as my fingers brushed against the sheets overtop of me, my head tilting in surprise to find the spot beside me warm.

It wasn’t from my body, but rather from one of theirs.

They had stayed?

My mind was foggy, unaware of a single thing that happened after I’d passed out, but when I tested my strength by placing both feet down on the ground, I was surprised to find that I was fine.

Still naked, but fine.

Running my hands over my bruised body, I was surprised to find my skin softer than it’s ever been, the traces of all four of our releases completely gone as though it had never happened.

The clock on my bedside table told me it was currently four in the morning, hours past since I had entered that corn maze.

Everything seemed unreal, and even though I was entirely alone in this room, I could still feel them touching me.

I could feel their hands against my skin, their mouths on mine, and the warmth of their orgasms coating my stomach.

Even now, it was like they were still here.

Running my fingers through my slightly damp hair, I realized things smelt so familiar because my hair had been freshly washed with my shampoo, every inch of me cleaned.

I knew who was responsible for that too.

Blinking away my disbelief, I padded into the attached bathroom and turned on the light, my eyes instantly catching on my reflection.

Bruises covered my hips, thighs, chest, neck, and arms, marks of those three men drawing all over my body.

The cut on my throat wasn’t even visible from where I was standing, and when I turned to look at my back in the mirror, I found more hickeys along my ass and the backs of my thighs.

My god.

I was a walking image of their touch, barely a single inch of my skin remaining unmarred from the memory of them—a memory I knew I would think about for the rest of my life.

For a long while, I just stared at myself, seeing the slight glow of my skin and the untamed waves of my hair flowing across my shoulders.

Once I was able to bring myself to move again, I found the open bottle of Advil on the counter that told me it was likely the reason for my lack of sore muscles.

I knew it would wear off by the time morning came, but it would only serve as a delicious reminder of all of my fantasies that were fulfilled tonight.

I then caught the sight of old water droplets that had yet to dry on the glass door of my shower, revealing they’d also cleaned and taken care of me.

It was something I never would’ve expected from men like them, but today just seemed to be full of endless surprises.

Things felt good as I rubbed my eyes, yawning and turning off the light in hopes of finding sleep yet again for the night.

That had been my plan at least, until the sight of my phone and purse drew my attention to my bed, now resting on the pillow my head was just previously laying on.

They were here.

I knew my window was the only way they could have left so silently, and the unlocked latch on it told me all I needed to know.

Yes, I should probably have been scared at how easily they were able to come and go, and the fact they even figured out where I lived, but those were things I’d think about tomorrow.

For now, I walked over to my bed and tossed my purse onto the floor, my attention snagging on the fact they’d had my phone for god knows long throughout the night.

I forced myself to resist sleep’s beckoning call for just a few more minutes as my thumb hovered over the home button, pressing down and unlocking it.

A gasp flew through my lips before I could even stop it, my eyes looking to my window in question, but finding no answers.

Sitting down on my bed for support, I looked at my screen that had automatically opened to my camera roll—more specifically to a video.

I was too scared to press play, but I knew what I would find just from the frozen cover of it.

There I was on my knees, shot from an angle that kept Xavier and Caleb’s faces hidden under the dark surrounding shadows, but there was no mistaking my blonde hair being held taunt in Xavier’s fist while his friend fucked my mouth.

The side profile and cover of darkness made sure that no one who wasn’t there could tell it was me, but I couldn’t resist the urge to press play as I watched my hips roll against Caleb’s shoe, reliving that humiliatingly erotic moment.

That was why Alec had my phone in his hand while he watched us from the picnic table, and I already found myself growing wet between my thighs at the realization of this.

He’d recorded the whole time I had submitted to them, allowing Caleb to use my mouth for his pleasure while Xavier whispered filthy words of encouragement in my ear.

So there I remained for the next ten minutes in bed, watching the video play through while thinking about how perfect tonight was.

Alec didn’t shoot this for himself, but rather for me.

It was a reminder of how good they were, and proof that being with them was only a dream in a metaphorical sense.

But god did it ever feel unreal.

Night after night after that, I’d fucked myself to both the memory and sight of that video, indeed knowing they were the only ones who’ve ever been able to bring me such pleasure.

- End of Killer Instinct -

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