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House of Mirrors

A/N: Hey! I know this update was extremely overdue, so thank you to everybody who has waited so patiently.

PLEASE NOTE that this chapter is not a part of the actual story, nor does it align with the timeline my most recent chapter was written in. This is a continuation of “Killer Instinct” (set two months later) and follows the same pattern of dark themes and extremely kinky smut. As of right now, this will be the last part to this story line, but there will definitely be more separate one-shots coming in the future. I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts at the end!

This chapter contains: Dubious consent/CNC, knife play, fear play, temperature play, degradation, praise, humiliation, abuse of power, minor blood play, breeding kink (at the end), slapping, katoptronophilia (mirror kink), and rough oral & vaginal sex. Please make sure you understand what consensual non-consent is before proceeding with this chapter (I’ve included an in depth definition in this comment section, but if you have more questions feel free to ask them, and I will do my best to answer).

As one final note about the CNC themes in this one shot, I would just like to mention that this chapter style is written extremely differently than what I write in the scenes for the actual story line. This update is mainly just for fun, however considering the characters in the real book have things like contracts and is made to be more realistic, unlike this one shot, those scenes include extremely important aspects to exploring consensual non-consent play (eg. having in-depth discussions beforehand).

House of Mirrors - a confusing or disorienting situation in which it is difficult to distinguish between truth and illusion.

Friday, December 24th, 2021

“You’re acting weird again.” Hailey raises an eyebrow at me, clutching her luggage tight for her trip to Ontario to meet Mila’s parents.

She was spending Christmas with them for the weekend, and I knew she would miss her flight if she continued to batter me about my behavior.

“I’m not being weird.” I deny, instantly knowing she doesn’t believe me. Hell, I don’t even believe myself.

I haven’t gone out with a single person since Halloween night two months ago, and it’s now sabotaging Hailey’s self-proclaimed job as match maker.

“Girl, I literally gave you the numbers of four different people interested in dating you and you turned all of them down before even talking to them.” She says, shaking her head as though this is some great puzzle she couldn’t solve.

If I had told her about the maze, she could understand, but I didn’t.

I haven’t uttered a single word of the three men from that night, the same ones that made good on their promise of ruining my chances with any other person who might’ve wanted me.

My body only reacts to them now, whether that be their touch I haven’t felt in weeks or my fingers combined with the memory of the highs they brought me.

I haven’t seen or heard from any of them in fifty-four days, and my pent up desire has been killing me ever since.

“I’m just not really interested in dating right now,” I lie, adding in a shrug of my shoulders to hide the fact of how untrue that was.

I wanted the memory of them wiped from my head so I could move on.

It would be easier if they had just left me on the ground after I passed out, but they didn’t. Nothing about this was simple. After treating me like their own personal fuck toy, they bathed me and cared to the wounds they had caused.

I still didn’t understand why I liked that part or why I hadn’t run to the police when I woke up the next morning, but I did know I couldn’t get them out of my mind.

It still felt as though they were watching me half of the time from the shadows like they had on Halloween, however that didn’t change how desperately I wanted them gone.

No regrets were carried with me from that night, but I needed to let go of everything that happened.

I’ve been too much of a coward to watch that video since Halloween, so maybe confronting it is what I have to do to set my life back to normal.

Watch the side of me I fear existed and delete each part of it afterwards.

I couldn’t be the girl in that video and still have a regular life, and I think I know what I need to do now.

“You’re not interested in dating?” Hailey questions, pulling my mind back to her and away from... well away from them.

“Not right now, and if you continue to pester me about my sex life then you’ll never get to see yours.” I give her a playful shove, picking up her bag and all but forcing it into her hands.

Hailey laughs and shakes her head like she doesn’t know what to do with me, but I don’t exactly know either.

I just needed tonight to work because I couldn’t continue on with the way things were now, and I refused to be with another person while imagining it was six hands on my body instead of two.

“Fine, fine. I’m going.” She says while slipping on her shoes and jacket at the front door. “If anything happens, you call, okay?”

Hailey seemed very serious about that, but nothing was going to happen anyways. I had very exciting plans to spend Christmas on my own with leftovers as my turkey dinner.

It was really truly thrilling.

“I will, but you too. Let me know when you guys get there safely.” I nod, quickly hugging her one last time before watching her leave out the door.

Her shoe imprints left a trail behind her down the steps and across the driveway, but before I knew it, it was too dark to see her.

The night sky around us left me on my own, and already I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Sighing, I waited until Hailey’s car pulled out before closing the front door and locking it, turning around to face an entirely empty house.

It was sad to realize I had no family to visit and no other friends to spend the holidays with, but I knew I would be fine on my own.

My fuzzy socks and large hoodies didn’t make everything fine, though they did make things better as I felt cozy in the dead of winter.

Walking from the entrance, I knew I was done for the night within mere seconds of silence.

I would go out and about tomorrow during the day, but it was late and I still had to decide whether or not I was going to chicken out with the whole video thing.

Somehow, as I turn off each light in the house, it almost feels like acceptance.

That night, Alec, Caleb, and Xavier had made me completely and utterly theirs, but they were like an itch that no matter how hard you scratched at, the feeling never left.

No amount of reliving my memories would be enough to sedate the need I had for literal strangers, so it was either live the way I am or let them go.

This was me letting them go.

Urging my heart to calm and telling myself this wasn’t a big deal, I shut off the last light before stepping into my bedroom just off of the kitchen.

I may be alone, but I still chose to close and lock my door behind me.

What I was about to do felt wrong and forbidden, but I knew it had to be done. Just one last time, and I could move on.

Standing silently in the middle of my room, tension began to wind itself through my body, mostly at my neck but slowly trickling its way down to my core.

When I’ve masturbated throughout this last month, it’s always been to the memory of them, but never once has it been to the sight of them again.

I haven’t let myself come to terms with the fact the things that brought my pleasure to new heights were the same things that left me humiliated and broken in the most satisfying ways possible.

It felt like something was wrong with me for wanting to have something more than what’s deemed as normal, but I knew something more also meant the three men who continue to haunt my dreams and feed off of my desire, even though they weren’t here.

“Just delete the video and move on.” My subconscious screams at me, telling me it could just end with that instead of what I’d planned to do.

But would it be enough?

It had to be, because not being able to react to another person’s touch anymore was not something I could spend the rest of my life with.

Knowing that, I took the first step and moved from my spot I had been frozen in, seeing my phone plugged in on my bedside table.

My natural instinct was to gravitate towards it, but my body had other plans, plans that surprisingly didn’t shame me as I moved to my dresser instead.

On the top drawer beneath my underwear, I had a few different kinds of vibrators hidden for when I knew I was alone, and with Hailey gone for the entire weekend, it would just be me.

I couldn’t even find guilt in the fact I was about to touch myself to the image of men who probably haven’t spared me a second thought since they dropped me off here.

I didn’t know what that meant for me, but I don’t think I want to know anyways.

One last time.

Seeing that my window was closed and still covered by their blinds, I let out a loose breath as I grabbed my purple vibrator and ventured over to my bed.

One last time.

My phone was the next thing to be retrieved, and I mentally scolded myself when I saw that my hands were shaking ever so slightly when I reached out.

This really wasn’t a big deal, so why did it feel like it was?

It was a question I couldn’t answer myself, which is what led me to simply ignoring it as I sat down on my bed.

The mattress sunk slightly under my weight, and it felt like it was pulling me into my fate that there was no going back now that I had started.

Nothing could have stopped me as I typed in the password to my phone, my mouth feeling dry as it unlocked and showed me my camera roll in the top right corner.

All it would take is a simple tap of a screen, and it’s what I did when I scrolled down to where my hidden photos were—to the only hidden video on my phone.

The preview cover was a solid black, but I knew what awaited me with a single click of the play button, just as I knew what was about to happen as I slowly slid my leggings down my thighs.

One last time.

That thought was the only thing that kept me from backing out, my feet kicking off the remaining few inches of my pants but leaving on the hoodie.

I felt warm as I got under the heated covers of my blankets, adjusting myself so that I was laying on my back with my knees bent and slightly spread open.

The chill of the air was never able to reach me through the caress of bedsheets, but something else had caused goosebumps to pepper my skin—something that I wasn’t able to pin.

Wetness had already formed between my thighs as arousal flushed my cheeks, and though every part of me told myself this was wrong, I turned on my vibrator and listened as the slow hum came to life.

“Shit.” I cursed at myself for not fighting this, bringing my hand down between my legs, but still not making the final move.

I had the toy set to mode two of five, however I knew one thing was still missing, and it was the same place my thumb was still hovering over.

I just needed to get this over with. No one would have to know but me.

Taking a deep breath, I stopped thinking as I clicked play on the twenty minute video Alec had recorded without my knowledge.

I should be disgusted by the fact he took this without my consent, but I wasn’t. I was soaked, and when the vibrations finally met my clit, I melted instantly.

Any sensible part of me quieted as a breathy gasp left my lips, my eyes focusing on the image of me on my knees at Caleb’s feet.

Though I haven’t watched this video since that night two months ago, I remembered every minute of it so clearly it felt like I was there again.

It felt like Xavier’s fingers were running through my hair just as he curled the strands around his fist, holding me still for his friend’s pleasure.

Every second put me back in that maze, and I didn’t fight it when a small moan left me, my hips rocking up into my hand.

“I think such good behaviour warrants a reward, don’t you think?” Xavier’s low voice sounds through the speaker, and though it was quiet because of the distance between him and Alec, I remembered what it was like for him to be saying those words right into my ear.

I knew what would come next as his knife dragged down my chest, my body submitting to him as he cut two quick movements that left my underwear in shreds for their removal.

I was just as wet now as I was then, but this time it was my vibrator pressing hard against my clit instead of the cold feeling of Caleb’s shoe.

Because that’s what happened next. I panted but forced my eyes open as images of the two men filled my head, Xavier taking a hold of my hips and pressing me down firmly against the black object between my thighs.

The movement had caused me to gag around Caleb’s cock, but a whimper in pleasure followed as sparks of ecstasy shot into my blood.

I remember being so embarrassed that I’d enjoyed such a humiliating feeling, yet I turned my vibrator up higher as Xavier continued to rock my clit against Caleb’s clean shoe.

“There you go.” A low voice encourages, startling me when I knew I hadn’t heard those words while I was on my knees. When I realized it was Alec speaking to me as he recorded, I cried out as my legs started to tremble.

Now that I was aware of the noise coming from him, I became increasingly aware of the sounds of him stroking himself in the background.

My audio had been turned off when I first found this video on my phone, but I now knew Alec had been touching himself the entire time his friends used me on the harsh ground.


A deep sort of pressure began to coil tight within my core—a kind of pleasure I haven’t felt in too long—and it wasn’t until the dinging sound of a text message tore open my unintentionally closed eyes.

From Unknown: Does it feel good finally giving into that desire, little one?

A sharp inhale of breath forced its way past my lips, nearly dropping my phone as my knees closed shut startled.

My heart leapt in heavy beats as I sat up and made sure my comforter was keeping me covered, my hand clutching to my chest in panic.

From Unknown: Come on, darling. No need to play shy now.


Sitting up and dropping my vibrator to the bed, I looked around my room fearfully before clicking on the anonymous text messages glowing at the top of my screen.

It was from a different number than the one that sent me the video, but it was just as untraceable and terrifying as the last.

“Caleb!” I called out, my throat feeling dry as my eyes scanned the room around me. At first glance I saw nothing, but he had to be here.

Was it through the slit of my closet doors?

The window, despite the blinds being closed shut and leaving me encased in absolute darkness.

From Unknown: Oh, how I’ve missed the sweet sound of my name on your tongue. Don’t stop on my account, Madelyn. You were just getting to the good part.

He heard me. He’s with me right now, watching me from the shadows of the night.

“Come out from wherever you’re hiding.” I demand, though my voice is weak and holds very little power beneath my trembling.

I could practically hear his chuckle at my fear echoing in my head, but only silence met my ears as I swallowed nervously.

My heart thrummed as I watched those three dots pop up on my screen, showing Caleb was texting something, and all I could do was stay where I was and wait for a response.

I was much too terrified to risk getting out of bed—let alone letting him see me naked.

Tonight was about forgetting about him, but some greater force wouldn’t let me escape.

Oh god, were the other two here as well?

Before I could let the panic of that thought settle into my chest, Caleb had texted me back, his response making my face heated with tears pricking my eyes.

From Unknown: Such bravery for someone so scared. I wonder if you’re purposefully trying to provoke me by making demands we both know you’re in no position to make. Perhaps you’ve missed the way my knife felt against your throat or the warm feeling of your blood against my fingertips? Deny it all you want, but the memory of us fucking you limp makes you unbearably wet, doesn’t it?

“Are your thighs pressing together right now at the knowledge we can still taste your cum on our tongues?” Caleb’s real voice speaks from the far corner of my room, my eyes snapping at the sight of a large figure relaxed comfortably in the chair I like to read in.

The glow of his phone was hidden by the thick black blanket laid over his lap, and while I couldn’t see anything more than an outline, I knew his blue eyes were focused entirely on me.

He remained unmoving while I jumped at his sudden presence, my body freezing in fear, embarrassment and arousal.

My heart stuttered as Caleb’s arms moved to his sides, his large frame slowly standing from where he sat.

I may have just been touching myself to the memory of his cock down my throat, but everything about him terrified me as much as it turned me on.

The very fact he was in my house—at an address I’ve never told him—should have me dialing 911 while running in the opposite direction. The fact that I wasn’t is the reason it’s not healthy for me to be around him.

“Stay where you are.” I demand as I hold my hand up at him, my other clutching my phone tight between my fingers. Caleb took another step towards me tauntingly, and it worked in having me on edge. “I mean it. I’ll call the police right now if you don’t leave.”

My words were such empty threats, but I didn’t like the person I became in his presence. The question if the other two were also here was heavy on my tongue, but I didn’t want to show interest by asking.

“Now why would you do that?” Caleb asks, walking close enough to me that I could see the amused tilt of his head. “We both know you missed us.”

My eyes shot to behind him as though Xavier and Alec were going to magically appear from the shadows as well, but I saw nothing, just as I didn’t see Caleb before.

Fear must have been painted across my face because the low chuckle that came from beside me had shivers dancing across my spine.

“They’re not here right now, but you’ll see them soon enough, darling.” Caleb smiles, and I can’t move as he comes to the side of my bed and removes the sheets from my body.

Every bit of evidence of what the three of them do to me is now laid out right before his eyes, and all I can do is clamp my legs together in a pathetic attempt to maintain some dignity.

I tried not to think about what Caleb’s most previous words meant, but I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what was going to happen when they’re all together with me again.

There has to be a reason he’s here, yet not a single idea is capable of forming in my mind right now.

“Tonight, it’s just you and me.” He says, and I have to press my hands to the mattress to hide the shakiness of them.

There’s a long stretch of silence as Caleb’s eyes greedily roam my body, and I let him, not trying to cover up.

I let myself grow hot under his stare, and wet when his sight lingers on much more intimate parts of me that are aching to be touched.

But despite my attempts, he saw how hard I was shaking under the intensity of him being here. He saw my shiver when he found the vibrator at my side, and he knew it was him who brought these reactions from my body.

Caleb had to have known the way he and his friends ruined any kind of pleasure for me, and his smirk showed how much he liked it.

“I suppose the real question is what should I do with you?”

Before I could even process his words, Caleb striked, a shriek forming in my throat as my legs were pushed apart and a large body kept them forced open.

I tried to jerk back but was unable to, his strong hands holding me spread open around his head where he now looked up at me from.

“Maybe that video is a good place to start?”

He was fucking crazy.

Like actually mentally insane if he thought we were doing anything together.

“Get off of me!” I struggled to get away, trying to kick him in the shoulder but freezing when a knife I was more than familiar with was drawn to rest against my clit. I looked at him with wide eyes as the flat edge was pressed to the sensitive nub, the cold temperature biting against my skin.

“No.” I whimpered, but the tears welling in my eyes weren’t because I didn’t want this. It was rather because I’ve wanted this more than anything for the last two months, and was terrified of giving in again.

Caleb, Xavier, and Alec were all drugs that I needed to cut myself off from, and that was impossible to do when my body screamed for just one more taste.

“Pick up your vibrator.” Caleb smirks when my legs close ever slightly, well aware that he was so close I could feel his breath against me.

There was no escaping him, and I knew just from one look at his eyes that he planned to make sure of that.

“Please,” I begged, needing to get out of this. The problem is that I’ll oblige if he asks again, and it was scary for someone to have that much power over my actions.

I expected him to be angry and scare me into listening, but all he did was smile up at me, moving his knife slowly to the left and then back to the right.

A gasp left my lips at the realization of what he was doing; rubbing my clit with the blade of his knife while forcing me to acknowledge the fact I was getting off from it.

I was either going to come from his knife or my vibrator, the only difference is how humiliated I would be made to feel in the process.

Knowing he had me trapped, I shakily reached out for my vibrator, listening to Caleb’s will as I turned it on.

“Good girl.” He softly praised as he stared up at my face, smiling as I brought it down between my legs to hover right above where his knife still threateningly moved.

He forced me to watch for a second longer before pulling his hand away and pushing mine down, not letting me back out as the tingling sensation was placed directly on my clit.

“Fuck!” I cried as Caleb held my wrist where he wanted it, making my hand move in painfully slow motions before handing all of the control over to me.

The action caused me to freeze in surprise as he then placed my phone into my hand, understanding crashing through me when the video was played back to the start.

“I can’t.” I whimpered when he pushed play for me, knowing what he intended for me to do. Caleb wanted to watch me masturbate to the sight of him fucking my mouth—or rather yet to the memory of how much they broke me apart that night.

His responding smile had my stomach tightening, and instead of moving away, he simply said, “You can.”

I wasn’t even able to blink before he increased the settings on the vibrator, my hips jolting up as I pulled the toy away.

I knew it was a mistake the second it happened because Caleb was on me instantly, guiding my hand back to between my legs and pressing down so much harder than what I had been doing before.

“You’re going to keep going until I’m satisfied, and that requires these pretty thighs of yours squeezing my head at the very minimum.”

Something very similar to a submitting whimper made its way through my body at his words, drawing my eyes away under the intense pressure of Caleb’s stare. I moved on to the first place that caught my attention, and I was unlucky to have it be my phone.

“If you want it, take it, Madelyn.” Xavier’s rough voice sounds through the speaker, and I feel the man between my legs smirk against me as my hand begins to move on my own.

“That’s it.” Caleb murmurs, and I cry out as his mouth attaches to my inner thigh, nipping and licking at the sensitive skin to the point where I know it was going to leave a mark.

I can’t stop myself as my body arches into his touch, my vibrator a constant hum against me.

“Why are you here?” I all but sobbed as my legs began to shake, not wanting to come in front of him and subject myself to yet another two months of this... this torture without them.

I felt the warmth of his breath fan across my core as my body shivered in response, my hand easing up just the smallest bit.

This was all just a game of torment for Caleb, and it was one I was rapidly losing.

My mind soon grew foggy and my stomach tensed up, but every part of me was conscious of the person between my legs who was slowly crawling up the length of my front.

His chest brushed against my painfully hard nipples, causing me to gasp and him to sigh cruelly. I had to force my orgasm at bay as Caleb’s head dipped down to my ear.

“Why am I here?” He chuckles lowly as his four words course through me, a single tear sliding down my cheek in fear and arousal.

I swear my heart stopped beating as Caleb noticed, his eyes catching mine a second before he leaned down. I didn’t dare move as his mouth parted and his tongue darted out just the slightest bit, licking a line from my jaw all the way up to what first caught his attention.

My body reacted all over again as I orgasmed hard against my hand, the video at my side forgotten as my phone fell with a soft thump to the bed.

“Your fear tastes as sweet as you look right now.” Caleb whispers, but my eyes are pinched close, breaking the intensity of him watching me come apart.

I resented how something so messed up affected me, yet it didn’t matter through the spiralling pleasure that shocked through me, my knees bowing inwards while my hand finally pulled away.

Almost every part of my body was shaking from the release I’ve been seeking out for months, but as I slowly came down from my high, I realized there was only one possible way for my legs to have shut when a large body had just been previously forcing them open.

Biting my lip and blinking my tired eyes open, I found that Caleb was gone, things being as though he were never here to begin with.

Somehow, though, I just had a feeling I would be seeing him again—I would be seeing them again—and soon.


Saturday, December 25th, 2021

I may have fallen into a deep sleep after what happened last night, but it was not without dreams.

I knew when I woke up soaked between my thighs, it was because of the memory of masked men fucking every thought from my mind, their tattooed hands pinning me down.

Things had finally gotten a little easier, but with Hailey gone and the feeling of Caleb’s body still pressed against mine, my entire day had been consumed of thinking about them.

The men who would forever own a piece of me because I could no longer find pleasure elsewhere.

“Are you crazy? You’d be insane not to take it.” Hailey says exasperated, snapping my thoughts back to the speaker of my phone.

“Forget about it. I honestly shouldn’t have said anything.” I insist, not being able to accept something so expensive and exclusive when I knew who it came from.

It was currently six in the afternoon and Hailey was calling me knowing I’d be alone for Christmas, but the doorbell had rang about midway through our conversation.

When I went to see what it was about, a sleek black envelope had been waiting for me on the porch, no address or sender name on the paper.

Mine, however, was engraved in cursive gold lettering across the center.

Naturally, I had fallen into the temptation and opened it while still on the phone, my eyes widening in shock when I realized it was an invitation to a gathering someone with my income could only dream of receiving.

House of Mirrors was an annual travel event that is extremely high end and known for its secrecy. With a hidden location every year, you could only get in by invite with the promise of enjoying one of the best nights of your life.

You were allowed no phones, no recorders, and most importantly no identity.

Everyone knew masks were a requirement that could not be broken, and that only added to the mysterious allure of it all.

However, I would be stupid to not know how the envelope had shown up at my door, hence why I’m not spinning with excitement right now.

“I have a feeling there’s something you’re not telling me right now, but here’s how I see it. What else are you going to do?” Hailey challenges, and despite her being in Ontario by now, I can practically picture the raise of her one dark eyebrow in question.

While the accusation in her tone didn’t go unnoticed, she wasn’t wrong either, making this all the more pathetic for me.

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve turned down every person she’s tried to play cupid with for me, but it’s not like my fear and uncertainty came from a place of unreasonableness.

“My point exactly.” Hailey laughs quietly, and I know she probably worries for me. “Go to that party, enjoy the expensive free food, and worst case it blows so you come home.”

If only it were that simple.

I was terrified because if I wasn’t able to resist Caleb last night on his own, there’s no way in hell I could do it with Alec and Xavier by his side.

They’ve awakened a side of me that’s not healthy to pursue, but I don’t think I’m strong enough to ignore it any longer.

“Okay.” I say, taking my bottom lip between my teeth to suppress my nervousness at my agreement. “I’ll go as long as you let me borrow those new heels you bought a month ago and have neglected to wear.”

I tried to bring amusement into my tone to deflect from the fact my heart hasn’t slowed since last night nor has my constant state of arousal.

I shouldn’t like any of this as much as I do, but I’d made up my mind now and I wasn’t going back.

“Madelyn, if you go out and enjoy yourself, you can even keep them.” Hailey agrees, and I allowed myself to be a little excited at the excuse to dress up and try something new.

No matter who the invitation came from, House of Mirrors has never been known for anything less than memorable in the best ways imaginable.

“Well I’m going to go get ready then.” I say, glancing at the clock knowing I had about just over an hour and a half to make myself look presentable. “Tell Mila hi for me, and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

Hailey says her own goodbyes not too long after, my phone hanging up as I toss it dismissively onto my bed.

I already showered and shaved this morning, but everything else, including attire, was an absolute mystery to me.

The invitation gave me a time, date, and a note explaining that a limo will be here to pick me up at seven o’clock on the dot.

It’s probably crazy that I’m even considering attending something so unknown, but it was either this or spending the night on my own. The former sounded much more thrilling, and it could hopefully provide me with some of the answers I’ve been dying to get.

Stepping into my bathroom to get ready for later, I thought of intense eyes, alluring masks, and a particular group of three tattooed men.


Turning my head slowly to the left and then to the right, I smiled as I looked at the final piece my hair had been styled into.

In combination with my slightly darker makeup, my curled blonde strands were pinned nicely into a loose updo, multiple of the shorter ringlets remaining out to frame the edges of my face.

What I saw in my reflection did not disappoint, and with one last glance, I turned off the light before exiting the bathroom.

The only major thing I had left to do was track down a dress to match, but when my eyes flicked to my bed in the center of my room, they snagged on a white box that hadn’t been there when I last left.

I don’t know why I bothered to look around to see if I was alone at the sight, knowing it wasn’t even a question as to who this came from.

My guesses had been on Caleb, but when I saw the lazy scrawl of handwriting on the note left with the box, it was signed “X.”

Compensation for the clothes we last ripped. - X

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I carefully shimmied off the lid to find what he was referring to, not because of the indecency of the gift, but because of his idea of reasonable compensation.

I dropped the note to the bed as I lifted the dress from the box, the nude pink silk soft and smooth against my fingertips.

There was no doubt the material was very much real, and I knew the cost of something like this was probably four to five times more than what they’d damaged. My shock didn’t ease when my alarm went off on my phone, but it did snap me out of my stupor.

Carefully placing the fabric down, I turned off the ringing that told me it was quarter to seven.

Only fifteen more minutes.

It felt a little good to be indulging in the unexpected, and with an exhale, I began to strip off my clothes and slide into underwear I knew wouldn’t show beneath the silk.

Getting into the dress wasn’t the hard part—in fact, the way it lusciously draped down my body made me never want to take it off—however coming to terms with everything else was.

My head tilted as I stared at the ankle length dress, the v-neck of it dipping most of the way down my sternum. It showed off every one of my curves as I moved, and was honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever put on before.

Leaving the house in it felt dangerous, especially when I knew it was a buffet type dinner I would be attending. The very risk of a single wrinkle had me second guessing, but I didn’t have much time to ponder.

Pulling my eyes from my reflection and over to where I keep my jewelry, I quickly choose a gold chain necklace with matching dangling earrings to tie everything together.

By the time I tracked down Hailey’s shoes and my purse, there were only seconds left to spare before my doorbell rang at exactly seven as promised.

Slipping on a coat to shield me from the cold bite of winter, I answered the door to find a man dressed in all black waiting for me, a dark mask covering the top half of his face.

“Invitation please.” He says, holding out a single gloved hand as I pulled out the card from my purse. This interaction felt as weird as when I had paid that supposed worker at the corn maze, but I soon found myself being guided into the limo where a white mask was waiting for me on the seat.

I knew from stories that I was to put it on before the next time I stepped out of the vehicle, however I still didn’t expect my heart to race as much as it did as the car rolled to a stop many minutes later, tying the ribbon bindings behind my head in what was hopefully a pretty bow.

“Miss Adams,” A smooth voice calls as the doors slide open, one in which I recognized before his face even came into view.

“Alec.” I say, accepting his outstretched hand as I carefully stepped out of the limo and onto a carpet pathway that had been placed overtop of the concrete ground. My eyes instantly roamed as I took in the new, unknown location in which I was taken to.

The drive itself was only a half hour, but it felt like so much longer knowing who I would be seeing by the end of the night. I guess I just didn’t expect this encounter to be so soon.

“Xavier has good taste.” He compliments lowly as his gaze roams shamelessly over my body, his one hand falling down my back and stopping indecently low just above my ass.

It felt a little odd considering dates were never in discussion between us, but Alec acted like that’s what I was as my purse and coat were unsurprisingly required to remain in the limo.

I didn’t fight it nor did I move away as I was led quickly inside of a building that looked abandoned on the outside yet was anything but on the interior.

“Welcome to the House of Mirrors, princess.” Alec’s lush voice purred in my ear, my neck turning to look at him just to realize I was suddenly alone.

I have no idea how he slipped away that smoothly, but it brought shivers at the memory of him doing the same thing at the maze only two months ago.

Now that I had let them in, I couldn’t forget anymore.

All I could do was try and get through tonight alive, hopefully with some sort of clarity to go along with the new memories I was currently making.

With no phone and no trace of identity, I was forced to move forward on my own down hallways that had one continuous red carpet leading the way to... well, to something.

It was a curiosity I was willing to fulfill and did, walking until I was brought to a solid coloured door where the path ended.

Not a single sound could be heard from the other side, but I had no idea where else I should be going. With the exception of me, nobody was occupying these empty halls, though I suspected Alec was watching from afar like Caleb had last night.

Everything about these men had me on edge, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was falling right into their trap as I opened the door and took in the sight before me.

The first thing I noticed was the colours—I mean, how couldn’t I? From the textured walls to the ceiling to the decor that filled the space, everything was a dark royal blue, low music playing from all around me.

It felt sensual as I took my first step inside, the material of my dress not doing much to aid in my comfort considering how exposed I felt right now.

The people were who I saw next, and I was a little intimidated at how many filled the large space. Men and women of all ages, races, and ethnicities were spread out, some speaking English but many speaking languages I’ve never heard before.

People from all around the world had been invited to attend whatever this is, and it was actually a little exciting to see.

“Are you going to come in or just continue to stand here staring?” A voice that belongs to Caleb asks from my left, my eyes taking in the suit he adorned along with a black mask that shared the same patterning as mine.

I couldn’t fight down the small flush he brought to my cheeks just at the lazy smile plastered across his face.

He offered his arm out to me as my hand ended up wrapped around his bicep, letting him guide me into the room—more importantly over to the extensively large buffet.

I was so focused between food and Caleb’s presence I hadn’t noticed it when he spoke, his one hand moving to touch one of my curls

“You look beautiful.” He murmurs as his gaze locks on mine, a faint hint of his teeth showing as they drag across his bottom lip. “I think you’re going to enjoy tonight a lot more than you think you will.”

I stilled as the knuckle of his pointer finger brushed lightly against my jaw before slowly turning my head to the right.

It took me no time at all to see what he was showing me. Against the farthest wall in the room was Alec and Xavier together, both leaning back and watching me with crossed arms. Their identical masks made it even more impossible to tell what they were thinking, but their stares were intense either way.

“You can deny it all you want, Madelyn, but we all know your body aches for us, even if you don’t want it to,” Caleb says, dropping his hand slightly lower until his fingertips smoothed across my neck. “Are you going to say no if I offer you something to eat?”

My mouth parts ever so slightly as he continues his path downwards, touching the side of my arm while goosebumps appear in his place. It’s not just that, but instead the combination of the watchful eyes in the corner, the warmth of his breath, and the fire of his caress.

“Yes.” I breathe out, not even knowing I’d tilted my neck slightly in submission until I felt strands of his hair tickle the skin.

“And why is that?” Caleb asks, his voice quiet yet it echoes in my ear like a thousand temptations.

I couldn’t contain my shiver from the close proximity of his dominance and power, but I knew the answer as much as I knew I could never admit it.

I wasn’t hungry for food...

“It’s because you want us, even if the knowledge that I have a lot more than a knife in my jacket pocket right now terrifies you.”

It did.

Like a lot.

I turned my head away from Xavier and Alec to look at Caleb, or more so to the place I knew he had his gun. As much as I willingly came here, that didn’t stop that I had so much fear consuming me because of who they are.

They shouldn’t have been able to find my house so easily or break in undetected when Hailey has security cameras all around the property. They shouldn’t have been able to get me an invitation into this place because it’s the owner personally that mails them out, but here I was and here they were.

“Tell me what you’re thinking right now, darling.” Caleb says as he pulls me backwards slightly until we were against a wall ourselves.

I didn’t even fight it, letting him move me and pull words from my mouth I wish I could keep silent.

“I want to forget about all of you.” I admit honestly, wishing I could just move on with my life so I could feel somewhat normal again. I feared I had angered him when I was only met with silence, but when I looked up to meet his eyes, I saw Caleb smiling.

It was one of both amusement and possessiveness, and I think it was scarier than any other reaction he could have had.

“You wish you never met us, little one?” Caleb hummed in my ear as his hand slid down my back and over the curve of my ass. “You wish you never knew what it felt like to be fucked unconscious, or what it felt like to submit to us and be used like the needy little whore you are?”

I gasped as he squeezed my backside, my eyes leaving his to make sure nobody else could bear witness to what was happening.

Caleb didn’t like this, though, grabbing my chin with his fingers and bringing me so close I thought he might kiss me.

“It’s easier to crawl back inside that safe space in your head than admit that you like us, but you can’t change what happened that night.”

I hated how much he was right, and I hated that I felt like I was backed up into a wall both physically and metaphorically.

“I like your dicks, not you.” I lie, practically whispering the words from how much of my breath seemed to have escaped me.

Caleb didn’t like that either, and this time I saw it both in his eyes and his actions.

Leaning backwards, I held completely still as the man at my side turned, moving to stand at my front before his hands caged me in on either side of my head.

My breath hitches as Caleb’s neck dips down, his mouth hovering right above the pulse point of my throat. Nobody around paid us any attention but Alec and Xavier, no longer in sight yet very likely somewhere around.

Honestly, even if every eye in this room was focused on me, I’m not sure that I’d be capable of shying away.

“I don’t like liars, Madelyn.” Caleb says, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin of my neck and causing me to tense as his hips press against mine. “Lies lead to punishment, and you, darling, just earned yourself one.”

My knees threatened to buckle under my weight as I shoved him away, my hands planting firmly on his chest as I did so.

He didn’t even stop me as I started to walk away, thoughts of consequence gripping my mind like a vice. All I had to do was stay close to the crowds, because I knew there was no getting out of here without a distraction.

When I finally braved a glance back at the wall, I wasn’t even surprised to find Caleb gone, Alec and Xavier nowhere to be seen as well.

It was a frightening feeling knowing people can see you but you can’t see them, however I just had to stall for long enough that I could slip out to where the limos waited outside.

Closure wasn’t what I needed. I needed to do what I should’ve done on Halloween, and that’s go to the police.

I had no idea what punishment entailed when it came to these men, but holding knives to my throat had been friendly last time. I didn’t even want to think about what their angry sides would be like.

Instead, I found refuge in the large groups of people, the basis for the House of Mirrors becoming more and more clear just from observation. It wasn’t just an event, it was a gathering for some of the most powerful people in the world to make negotiations on things that needed to remain confidential.

Fuck, I really should have just stayed home.

Like my instincts told me, I was falling right into Alec, Xavier, and Caleb’s trap, and I wasn’t sure if there would be a way out this time.

“Are you okay there, miss?” A woman’s voice asks, my eyes connecting with one of the waitresses who was scanning the floor. Like the others, she was dressed in all white, though I doubted she would have a phone on her if nobody else could either.

“Do you think you could point me in the direction of the washrooms please?” I didn’t know what I would do once I got there, but I just needed some sort of barrier to put in between me and the men currently stalking me.

The lady offers me a kind smile as she indicates where they are, but I cannot return it when she tells me they’re out the doors and the third door on my right.

For at least thirty seconds, I would be entirely vulnerable, a position I can’t afford to be in right now.

“Okay, thank you.” I say before she nods and walks away, leaving me and my racing heart to myself.

The way I see it is that I have three options. The first is to simply confront Caleb head to head assuming I can find him. The second is to remain as is, hidden in a crowd of people like a sitting duck. Third, I could make a break for it, trying to find either the washrooms or the exit to get a car to take me home.

None of which were good options, my brain barely even operating at this point.

“Poshel na khuy!” The sound of someone’s shout draws my attention to my left, not knowing what the man had said but picking up on the fact he wasn’t happy.

The next second, the same person was being shoved and knocked to the ground by a woman just slightly shorter than him.

I could only step back in surprise as she lifted her foot, the heel of her shoe coming down to pierce where the man’s crotch just was, missing by mere inches as he rolled to the side.

She spat out what I imagined to be an ugly curse as three more people joined in, soon an entire scene being created in a flash of fists and screams.

This night was ten times more disastrous and disappointing than I expected it to be, but at the same time, opportunity blinked before my eyes when I realized what this was: A distraction.

There had to be at least fifteen people fighting right now, even more if you counted the security trying to break everyone apart and doing a mediocre job of doing so.

I quickly scanned the room to try and find any of the three men who had brought me here, finding nothing as my breathing quickened.

This would be the best chance I’d get.

I knew that, and with a final glance around I moved, forcing my steps to remain steady so I didn’t draw any unwanted attention by running.

With my head dipping low, I grasped onto the handle of the exit, relief flooding me when I found it to be unlocked and opening to the carpeted pathway out.

Slipping away, I didn’t waste a second when I heard the latch click shut behind me before hurrying my movements down the hall. I was completely alone, but I knew I would hear the door open if someone were to follow me.

Someone being Caleb. Or Alec. Or Xavier.

Taking that chance, I walked out the same way that led me to this nightmare—the same way I prayed would take me home.

It was a few minutes of straight paths, but so far, nothing bad had happened. This all felt too easy, and that was what kept me on edge.

Every second made me feel as though I was being watched, but it was the sound of low conversation ahead of me that forced me to swallow down my panic, the tones no doubt belonging to men.

Not trusting my chances of running who could possibly be them, I did the next best yet likely incredibly stupid thing. I went off course.

Darting into the nearest room, a wooden door closed shut behind me, the only light being what seeped through the cracks from the hall.

I could still see my hands if I held them close enough to my face, but that didn’t really matter. What did is the fact I had avoided what could have been a big problem, my ears straining to hear the sound of footsteps that passed the door with no hesitation.

If it had been Alec, Caleb, or Xavier, they hadn’t noticed my detour into whatever room this was.

Waiting a few minutes to make sure those guests were long gone, I decided I was ready again once my heart had calmed and my hands no longer shook. All I had to do was get a little further unseen and I’d be able to make it outside within three minutes.

Wrapping my fingers around the handle of the door, I tried to be brave as I twisted, pulling back but being met with a hell of a lot more resistance than coming in.

Looking down, I tried again, pulling hard at the door that didn’t budge in the slightest bit. It had locked from the outside, and the realization had my throat tightening.

“No, no, no.” I whispered under my breath, a mixture of worry and frustration holding onto me.

I had no phone and if I screamed to get help, I would have to explain how I got here in the first place. Somebody had to have realized I was gone at this point, and I knew if there wasn’t another way out, I was completely and utterly fucked.

Stepping back lost, I jumped as I felt my foot connect with something hard, spinning in fear as I took in whatever object was before me.

I saw the outline of a large rectangle that towered over me before I blinked in shock, tilting my head and watching as my reflection mirrored my movement.

The House of Mirrors.

Holy shit. I was quite literally in the House of Mirrors.

Turning slowly, I could see with the little light available that I was surrounded by mirrored images of myself before I jumped back with a start.

Whatever lit this place was sensor activated, and before I could take another step away, row by row Christmas lights flickered to life, a continuous string lining the tops of the frames until I couldn’t tell where one strand began and another ended.

While things remained dark, I knew that design was intentional because all I could see was my panicked face, brightly coloured bulbs, and darkness.

“You didn’t really think this place was called the House of Mirrors for nothing, did you?” A deep voice chucked, but when I spun around, I saw nobody.

To the eye I was alone, but the ice cold prickle down my neck said otherwise.

“Why don’t you come out and play?” Xavier called, hidden behind one of the seemingly hundreds of mirrors surrounding me. “There’s no escaping, though it’ll be fun watching you try.”

The silhouette of a dark figure appeared to my right the next second, and it had me running straight into the maze of what I believed to be nightmares instead of reflection.

These heels made my life hell, but what was worse was when I ran straight into the hard wall of a mirror, my eyes meeting mine when I realized I was once again on my own.

Whether that man was Caleb, Alec, or Xavier, they had accomplished what they wanted, disappearing and allowing things to play out on their own.

With both my trembling hands planted against the glass, I stepped away just to be caught in a web of my body, nude pink satin filling the space in addition to the bright green of my eyes. Faint hues of reds and whites glowed against my skin from the Christmas lights, and if somehow one or all of these men could see me right now, I knew they would see the flush of my cheeks too.

“What do you want from me?” I whimpered as my heart pounded against my chest, not seeing a way out apart from through.

The only problem is that through meant them, and I’m not sure if my body could handle a repeat just be met with silence for weeks later.

“We want to see you let go.” The voice that spoke belonged to Caleb this time, and it reminded me painfully of what he’d said last night to me.

I was well aware why I’ve thought about them every single day since Halloween, and unfortunately for me, they were too.

Even if I was confused by it, they’d brought me within an inch of my life just so I could learn what it felt like to be truly ignited. Maybe it made me demented to have enjoyed what I did, but I knew they were the reason I came back.

I wanted the high of letting go and the adrenaline of the fear that came with it.

“And what if I don’t want that?” I countered surprisingly steadily, even though I felt like I could collapse at the intensity of everything that was and wasn’t happening right now.

I heard another low chuckle before the second sign of movement came, someone dressed in black appearing only for a flash in the mirror as I spun to try and find the real version. It didn’t matter, though, because they were gone again before I could even blink.

“I think we all know that just isn’t true, princess.” Alec says from behind me... or in front? The fact that I didn’t know scared me, but that wasn’t the reason my heart sped up against my chest. No, it was because I could now see him.

Similar to Caleb’s outfit, he was dressed mostly in dark colours, his mask remaining on likely to awaken memories I’ve fought so hard to suppress.

“Tell me, what’s your safeword?” He continued, smirking as I reached out curiously just to be met with more glass.

I knew what he was referring to, and I almost couldn’t believe that still applied.

Would they really let me go with just a single word?

“Mercy.” I rasp, tensing as Alec takes a step towards me from wherever he was.

“And yet, here we stand.” He says, the glint of his knife shining mere moments before he strikes from my right, moving so quick I couldn’t even move before he was gone again, lost into the shadows.

The sound of my mask hitting the ground caused me to flinch, the sliced ribbon that just previously kept it on my face now laying sad against the polished marble finishing.

Nothing concealed my emotions now, but that wasn’t too much of a change considering my shaking was a dead giveaway.

“I hear you’ve earned yourself a punishment, sweetheart, and it’s one we plan to dole out quite extensively.” Xavier says from somewhere, a shiver licking up my spine from his words. “Unless you use the out you’ve been given, we’re going to hurt you until your body’s screaming for more—until there’s no question about who you belong to.”

The urge to run became stronger and stronger as he spoke, but I knew it would be like running from a predator who enjoyed the chase as much as the capture. If I ran, I would be accepting what they were offering.

“Stop fighting what we all know you desire.”

I couldn’t even figure out who the voice belonged to in this moment, but I suppose it didn’t really matter. They all fed off of my fear as my terrified reflections stared back at me in decision.

As much as my mind begged me to resist, I couldn’t as I spun away to the endless pathways around me.

I couldn’t, because I ran.

Instantly I was accompanied by another reflection, showing I was nowhere close to alone in this endless room. Whoever was following me knew their way around, a skill I did not contain as I led with my hands.

Trying to navigate around the mirrors was no easy feat, and it was a challenge proving extremely ineffective as I ditched my uncomfortable heels and began to run.

The black outlines in the reflections followed me wherever I went, but when my eyes finally glanced not at what was in front of me and rather at the lights lining the tops of the mirrors, I found my loophole.

Reaching up, my hand connected with physical copies of the cords and slightly warm bulbs that led my path out, continuing to move where I felt instead of saw.

For the first time since I entered this room, I had pride in the fact this was working so perfectly, and that no matter which way these men seemed to move, they couldn’t find their way back to me.

I thought I might be able to have the security of finding the exit out of this place, but before I could even take the time to find it, a body snuck up behind me—a real one that grabbed onto my waist and tugged me back.


“I missed you.” Alec’s cool voice cooed a second before his mouth latched onto my neck, sucking and biting and licking until his hand had to tighten around me to keep me up.

Every part of this was just so sudden, but I couldn’t deny how much I was enjoying this despite my attempts to struggle away anyways.

“Is this what you wanted, Madelyn?” Alec smiled, grabbing onto my hair and forcing me to look at the mirror at my front. It was the sight of the two of us that had my stomach tightening, my hips rolling back against him despite my better judgment.

I wanted this. I wanted the fight. I wanted everything that I shouldn’t, but I loved it.

“Mm, I think it is.” Caleb says, my senses sharpening at the first sight of him walking towards me, even if I didn’t know which version was truly him.

Only seconds later did I find out, his body pressing against my side as his hands dropped to my breasts, roughly kneading them and dragging his thumbs against the hardened peaks of my nipples.

“So sensitive.” Alec says in my ear, planting a kiss to my jaw as Caleb’s actions make me cry out. “I can’t wait to see how prettily you react to your punishment.”

At the reminder, I tried to pull away, well aware that they had knives in their pockets and enjoyed using them even more.

“Not yet, though.” Caleb pinches my nipple one last time before shoving me to my knees painfully, my thighs rubbing together despite everything else.

“I’m going to play with you first, sweetheart.”

I can’t see where Xavier is, but I know he’s here now. Just the thought of his presence had my pulse quickening, my eyes seeking him out as Caleb kept me down.

Alec took the moment to slowly untie his mask, and he watched me during every moment of it. Despite still being fully clothed, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so naked before another’s gaze.

Though, I doubted the fully clothed part would last for long.

“You may look brave now but I can sense the sweet taste of your fear from here, little one.” Xavier finally appears, his mask already discarded and looking even more terrifying under this low lighting.

The angles of his face sharpened as his eyes grew into the colour of the darkest of blacks, the dominance of his gaze focused unwaveringly on me.

But he was right... I was scared.

Even if I wasn’t going to say no, I was trembling under both their stare and their touch, rightfully so considering what they were going to do to me.

Xavier didn’t stop walking until he was at my front, his hand dropping down to gently hold my face—an action that caught me off guard entirely.

The edges of his face and expression were still hard, but his touch was warm, his thumb stroking my cheek until I felt a part of myself submit to him.

“Do you like the dress, sweetheart?” Xavier surprises me by asking, his voice rough as his eyes drop down to look at me better.

I wanted to say yes, but I simply kept my mouth shut instead.

I remembered what it was like the last time I was on my knees for him, and both of us enjoyed every second of the fight that ensued.

He smiled at my silence, his fingers dropping from my face to the metal clasp of his belt.

“Well I think you look quite beautiful in it.” Xavier says, my body shifting when I feel both Alec and Caleb begin to toy with the thin straps but never fully pulling them down. “After all, it is my gift you’re wearing.”

A nearly inaudible gasp fell from my lips when Xavier slowly pulled his cock from his pants, the length already hard, his tip glistening with precum.

“Be a good girl and let me enjoy it.”

I tried to keep my mouth closed, but all it took was Caleb slipping his hand beneath the thin fabric, rolling my nipple until my lips parted from both pain and pleasure.

The taste of Xavier was on my tongue the next second, the head of his dick slapping lightly against me before pushing a little further inside. But unlike last time, I had free rein of my hands.

Lifting them, I shoved hard against his hips in an attempt to throw him off, my eyes widening when he got deeper down my throat instead.

I tried to let out a muffled no around him, but considering my hand never lifted above my head, he continued.

My tongue danced across his piercing as he groaned in response, however that’s all I could do when Alec’s fingers brushed through my hair before weaving a tight grip around me. The only thing I could move were my hands and mouth, and they were both freedoms I intended to make use of.

“Fuck.” Xavier cursed as I raked my fingers down his chest, my eyes looking up at him as I wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking hard. My nails left red scratches in their wake, likely matching the smears of my now ruined lipstick.

I gagged as the pain only encouraged him to push deeper, my hands slapping against his thighs when it became hard to breathe. He didn’t listen right away as he got off of my struggle, but he eventually pulled back just enough until it was manageable again.

“Look at you getting all needy from that.” Caleb says from my side, once again playing with the straps of my dress before pulling them down at Xavier’s silent command. “Don’t worry. Alec and I will take good care of you.”

I tried to pull away when Xavier switched out to hold my head instead, but he was down my throat again within seconds, his moan drowning out my whimper.

“That’s it.” He praised as I took him in, tears pricking my eyes when he pushed much too far. The only thing is, though, is that they were right. I wanted them.

I stayed still this time as my tongue stretched out, my skin tingling when I felt Alec’s hands slowly drag over the sensitive points of my nipples, bringing them between his fingers and rolling them just to the fine edge of pain.

Not only did I feel it, but watched our reflection, my body aware as Caleb’s hand creeped under the skirt of my pooling dress and brushed against my slit.

“I’ve wanted to do this since last night, and every second before it.” He whispers in my ear, but the only thing I’m capable of is squirming with Xavier’s cock still filling my mouth. “I’m going to punish this pretty cunt of yours and then we’re going to make you come until you pass out again.”

My body reacts to their words like a puppet on strings, them knowing exactly where to pull at to bring me pleasure. Even as I continued to choke and sputter around Xavier, I felt hot because I knew I was the one making him feel that way.

He kept thrusting until tears began to smear my makeup down my face, his groans telling me he was getting closer with each pass of my lips.

That’s why I was shocked when he finally pulled out of my mouth for the first time in much too long, whimpering when Alec took the opportunity to remove the dress and underwear I had on in one go.

I instantly shivered as the cold air made my nipples tighten further under the chill, but it only made me cry out louder from the increased sensitivity.

“Spread your legs.” Caleb demanded, my body obeying without my mind warning what could come from following the order.

He had every intent to punish me, and when Xavier slowly pushed past my lips once again, my brain failed to work fast enough as the firm palm of a hand came directly down between my thighs.

Crying out around his cock, Xavier’s hands held onto my hair while Caleb slapped me, Alec tweaking and playing with my nipples to balance everything else off.

I tried to scream and get away, but I couldn’t as sparks of fire shot through my clit all over again, my body squirming with pleasure.

“He stops when you come.” Alec mutters in my ear, a tear of acceptance falling down my face.

I knew he was serious in every way, and when he pinched my nipple again, I gave in by trying to fight them.

Xavier groaned as he was forced to hold my head still himself, no doubt liking the sounds of my displeasure from fucking himself deeper and deeper down my throat.

Everything with them was like a game of cat and mouse, and they just caught me like the willing prey I became.

“You look so pretty on your knees, darling.” Caleb says as he forces them farther apart, slapping me again but this time slightly lower. Somehow, that almost hurt more. “Xavier’s cock filling your mouth. I wonder how wet it makes you to be treated like our little toy again.”

A second later, two fingers were sliding into me, so slick you could hear them as Caleb teased the will right out of me.

“Look at how soaked she is.” He smiles, retracting his hand just to draw my taste into his mouth. I watched as he licked off every bit of my arousal, mumbling something about needing more before slapping me again.

This was a cycle that continued, my every nerve telling me this was wrong—preventing me from falling into the pit of ecstasy they described.

I was so close, so on the edge of tipping over, but the biggest cruelty of it all was that I wasn’t ready for it to be over.

“Awe, she looks like she’s about to come.” Xavier’s low voice says pityingly, staring down at me despite his words being anything but ones of sympathy. “Have you been a good girl Madelyn? Do you deserve my cum in that sweet mouth of yours?”

My makeup became even more smudged as my eyes pinched shut, the tears that were welling being given that push to spill down my flushed cheeks. I couldn’t even keep them closed for long as Alec twisted both of my nipples hard, blinking up at our reflection through my wet eyelashes.

“I think she’s been perfect.” Caleb praises in a way that has my core clenching in both excitement and fear, but everything soon turned to hot pain as he began tapping my clit in harsh, quick successions.

Xavier started spilling into my mouth the same moment I came, soaking the palm of Caleb’s hand as the taste of release hit my tongue.

By the time I had managed to come down from my orgasm, I was damn near completely spent already. My body reacted to them just as I had the last time, and when I felt that sense of calmness all over again, I was reminded exactly of why I’d chased that high on Halloween.

“There you go.” Alec whispers into my ear, rubbing his hand up and down my back as Xavier pulls out from my mouth slowly.

I kept my cheeks hollowed, sucking away the last of his cum and swallowing before falling back to sit against the floor.

My breaths were all laboured as they eased past my lips in heavy pants, the tears that had fallen now clinging to my flushed face.

It was Alec’s embrace that had wrapped around me while Caleb licked my release from each of his ring covered fingers, smugly grinning as he watched me try to recover.

“What a pretty sight you are.” Xavier drops his hand to my mouth, using his thumb to gather the spit and cum that had dripped down my chin before pushing it back onto my tongue.

Silently obeying, I licked that away too until I could actually breathe again without everything around me spinning.

“Satisfied?” I raise a half defiant eyebrow over my heavy breaths, my legs feeling like absolute jelly as heat burned within his eyes.

My body tenses as I hear the sound of another zipper being undone, and with the firm grasp of two hands on my hips, I knew none of them were.

“Not even close.” Alec smiles in my ear a second before he’s pulling me down hard into his lap, his cock filling my pussy painfully.

Crying out, I wasn’t even strong enough to put up a fight as my walls spasmed, battling between the greedy desperation for more and the need for an escape from the overstimulation.

My knees bowed inwards as the afterglow of my last orgasm settled deep inside of my body, however, the rough pounding I’d expected never came.

“What are—” I began, my words slowing at the sight of Caleb rising and working with Xavier to rip off a long string of the Christmas lights from a series of connected mirrors. “No.” I protested the second I realized their intentions, trying to get up from Alec’s lap when a long strip was brought over to my side.

“Yes.” Caleb grins, the bulbs still glowing as Xavier forcefully brings my thighs close together. I gasp when the position causes me to tighten, Alec feeling a hundred times bigger inside of me from the building pressure.

Knowing this was their exact intent, I waited as the lights trailed a path all the way from the mirrors to knotting around my legs like a vice. I’d figured they would stop when I quite literally could no longer move the lower half of my body, but I was wrong.

“We’re not done with you yet, darling.” Caleb says, Xavier grabbing me by my now very messy hair and holding me still as his friend continued to decorate me all the way up to my throat.

“A collar might be nice,” Alec suggests, and I yelp as that’s where the lights are wrapped next, tight enough that my breaths were on a constant, restrained edge.

It wasn’t the choking that had my heart speeding, though. It was the fact my skin began to grow very hot in every place the bulbs touched.

I tried to thrash away at the realization, but that only had my attention more and more focused on the fact they were nearly burning me, my arousal dripping down Alec’s cock in response.

“Look at you getting all needy from this.” Xavier coos, taking the leash of lights from Caleb before tightening the rope around my throat. “We’ve already made sure the heat isn’t dangerous, but something tells me this swollen cunt of yours wouldn’t care if it was anyways.”

Whimpering because I fear he’s right, Alec lifts his hips to fuck into me at the same time Caleb’s hand comes down on my clit all over again.

I tried to scream as I felt myself already gush a little at the pain, but Xavier had the collar wrapping my neck so tight I couldn’t even make a sound.

“Again.” He orders, and when Alec withdraws completely from inside of me, he’s merciless as I come back down in time with Caleb’s palm against me.

“Your hand raises above your head if this becomes too much.” They remind what I’m already well aware of, knowing they left my hands unrestrained for a reason. When the same process happens for a third time, I don’t even bother nodding in understanding because we all know I’m not safe wording.

Not when it’s only been sixty seconds and Alec’s lap is already wet from how turned on I was.

“We’re not finished until I’m soaked.” His reflections smile as though reading my thoughts, dark spots appearing in my vision just as Xavier let up entirely.

Sucking in heaps of air, I was an absolute mess as all of the sounds that were forcibly suppressed earlier now flooded past me.

Closing my eyes and taking the break to rest my head against Alec’s shoulder, my body took him with every deep thrust and low groan in encouragement.

“I wonder how many times we can make you come this time, hm?” Caleb ponders out loud, my eyes widening with fear as he changed his pattern and slapped my breast instead. “It was six on Halloween, however based on how wet you are right now, I have high hopes for eight.”

Just as I opened my mouth to tell him he was out of his goddamn mind, Xavier pulled the lights tight again, taking away my ability to breathe.

Seeing my panic brought a terrifying grin to both of their faces, but that alone affected my already sensitive body.

Reaching around and twisting my nipples between his fingers, Alec had me coming on his cock for the first time tonight. That’s two in total.

The mere fact they want six more from me is unfathomable, but when their movements against my body don’t stop, I know damn well they’re not going to until they’re satisfied or I tap out.

At this point, I couldn’t figure out which was more likely to come first.

I was comforted by the fact my hands were free, however it also caused my body to cave to the panic as well. I was given no break as I was fucked through my orgasm, the warm feeling of tears running down the sides of my cheeks, but Alec simply kissed them away while continuing to bring me down on his cock.

Caleb’s palm continued to come down on my abused clit, making it burn just as badly as the lightbulbs that were already leaving pink marks against my skin.

My hands clawed desperately against the cord around my throat that dictated when I was allowed to breathe, and then stopped when my arms were trying to brace myself instead.

I had no clue where we were in this labyrinth of mirrors, countless images of our bodies appearing all around us from different angles. I could only hope we were far enough in that our noises wouldn’t be heard from outside.

“Once more, Madelyn.” Xavier’s cool voice met my ears, knowing I was listening as he tightened the Christmas lights yet again around me.

I met his eyes in the mirrors, and I could see his lust within them.

It was dominant, and controlling, and cruel, and even as my face went pink, my tears shining against the hot skin of my face, his gaze never removed from mine.

He held me in place with much more than ropes, and he didn’t let up, even when I was on the verge of passing out from the lack of oxygen getting to my brain. For a genuine moment, I wondered if that was his intention. What if he didn’t stop, just to see how long I would struggle for before giving in to unconsciousness?

My lips parted, only capable of mouthing the words oh god before Caleb’s thumb rubbed against my clit, the touch so feather light it hurt.

It was his eyes I met a second before Xavier dropped the rope entirely, my lungs filling as I tightened up all over again. This time, it was in combination with the warm feeling of Alec coming inside of me, his hands gripping my hips so hard I knew it would surely leave bruises.

“Good fucking girl.” He grunted in my ear as I sobbed against him, his hips meeting my ass again and again until our mixed cum started to drip back down his length. He’d pumped me up with every last bit of his release until my body couldn’t take anymore, and I couldn’t help but shudder in the process.

I was spent in every which way, and I don’t think I’d be able to last five more rounds or even one.

I cried at how sore my pussy was, even though when I was lifted up, the feeling of Alec’s cum running down to my ass was so erotic I was almost tempted to continue.

My body, however, was too exhausted to do anything more. Within my bindings I was still shaking, feeling myself relax into Alec’s lap as he planted soft kisses against my neck, bringing me down from my high.

I think I could hear the word “Break” being spoken from someone in front of me, but soon, the only thing I could think about was the gentle way Caleb’s hands touched my body, skillfully unwinding the cords from around me.

My mouth parted in shock at the sight of red burn marks everywhere in the shape of Christmas lights, my skin still hot from everywhere they touched.

“You’re so pretty.” Caleb whispered against my ear as he trailed back up my body, Xavier collecting the undone rope that used to be my bindings.

I couldn’t believe it when I blushed at his words, but I’ll admit, a part of me felt oddly safe around them. They’ve never hurt me... well, more than I’ve wanted, and they could sense that I needed a break without me even needing to say it.

“Thank you, Caleb.” I spoke quietly in response, his eyes widening just a fraction before his lips curled into a kind of smile he hasn’t shown around me yet.

If I didn’t know the man who lurked beneath it, I would almost say it was kind of beautiful.

“Here.” Xavier offered me a bottle of water he must’ve quickly left to retrieve, and like last time, I accepted it with thanks.

I didn’t fight it when Caleb held the bottle to my lips for me, or when Xavier brought a lukewarm towel down between my thighs, cleaning me up and smiling at the way I moved away as the material brushed over my pussy.

It still hurt from when Caleb had spanked me in punishment, and in combination with the overstimulation, it felt like even a breeze would make me feel it all over again.

I couldn’t help but blush a little at the secure touch of Alec’s hands around my hips or the way Xavier’s eyes never left my face as he wiped at my thighs and let the edge of his knuckle brush against the inside of my knee.

The water bottle was only pulled away when I needed to catch my breath, but unlike minutes ago, Caleb didn’t rush me with anything.

If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say they were being kind.

“You’re so incredibly delicate.” Xavier whispers as the warmth of his breath sends shivers across my entire body. Alec and Caleb were still catering to everything I needed, running their hands through my hair and massaging every place that remained tense. It was the third, however, who was ever so slowly moving onto his stomach between my thighs, my back still pressed against Alec’s front.

“And sensitive.” Xavier continued, planting a trail of kisses against my skin, never pulling away as he got closer to the spot that was already aching for his touch. “And addictive.”

Caleb and Alec had to hold my body still as a cold breath of air was blown to my swollen clit, the warm caress of a mouth attaching in its place as my upper body continued to be loosened by skilled hands.

My lips parted in silent pleasure with every gentle swipe of Xavier’s tongue against me, the rings on his hands digging into my skin as he held me open.

“T-too soon.” I stuttered as I shook my head from the pain, but that only led to a hum of satisfaction vibrating over the sensitive nerves. My limp arms tried to fight away from him, however every press of my body was only met with the other two at my sides.

“I missed the taste of you, little one.” A low chuckle of amusement laced Xavier’s words, but I couldn’t respond with every inch of his focus being on my swollen clit.

What made things harder was how nice Caleb and Alec were still being to me elsewhere, planting kisses to my neck and holding my thrashing body still with gentle caresses.

Fuck, I think I might pass out.

“Shh, shh, shh.” Caleb cooed in my ear in response to my whimpers, tucking a bit of my hair back so he could gain better access to my neck. “You’re going to be okay.”

He was so genuine it had me terrified, because the thing about these men is that they love to push my boundaries to the limit. I didn’t know if it was even possible for me to come again like this, but their words told me they were certain I could.

My eyes met Alec’s in the mirror directly in front of us, his focusing entirely on every twisted expression Xavier pulls from me.

Each of my cries echoed slightly in the otherwise vacated room, and they only got louder as Xavier began to tongue lower, past my entrance and down to the untouched rim of my ass.

“N-no.” I shook my head frantically as Xavier’s grip on my thighs held me in place, but I couldn’t look away when his dark gaze glanced up at me, his tongue threatening to push inside.

“It’s too late now, Madelyn.” Alec whispered as his hand moved to wrap around my front, clamping down around my mouth and nose until I couldn’t make a single sound.

Caleb’s head dipped to take my nipple in between his teeth just as Xavier’s hands moved to spread my ass. My arms were still free in case I needed to safeword, but instead my eyes rolled back and my legs clamped around Xavier’s head so tight I physically felt his moan against me.

Shaking as Alec nipped at my ear, a muffled gasp left my mouth as I was stretched and a billion nerves shocked straight to my unwinding core.

“You’re already ours.”

I didn’t know who murmured it, but it didn’t matter. I feared it was true for all three of them.

My head fell back as my body shattered from beneath me, silently screaming as I came undone entirely. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t fight. The only thing I could do was be theirs, and it was as terrifying as it was liberating.

“There you go, darling.” Caleb praised as tears fell down my face, Alec’s hand removing from my mouth so I could be placed into his lap.

I caught a glimpse of Xavier sitting up from his stomach, my release covering his chin and the dark stubble across his face, but I could barely keep my eyes open.

“You have a little more in you, don’t you, pretty girl?” Alec asked as my body slumped forward against Caleb’s chest, but my legs still straddled him as I felt his cock position at my entrance. I couldn’t even formulate a response, but I suppose that was one in itself.

I let my eyes fall shut as my head laid against Caleb’s shoulder like a pillow, both of his arms wrapping around me so I was flush to his body.

He made me feel surprisingly secure as his one hand wound in my hair, not to tug, but to simply hold my head to him. His other was firm around my waist, holding my hips so he could control every part of me.

And even better, I allowed him to. Every limb felt like a form of bondage that left me a little more at their mercy with each second, and for once, it was quiet as Caleb’s hips raised from the ground to fill me up.

The only thing that changed was my breathing pattern as he slowly withdrew, his breath hot against my neck.

“Mine.” He grunted roughly as his cock stretched me all over again, leaving me painfully full and achingly empty with each coordinated movement.

“Yours.” I whispered while he took me again and again, Alec and Xavier somewhere at our sides.

I could feel hands smoothing up the sweat-slicked skin of my back and down the curves of my thighs. I knew they were with me, but my head felt too light and fuzzy to figure out where.

No matter how much every bit of my consciousness warned me they were the kind of dangerous I needed to stay away from, they wouldn’t let that happen and I wasn’t going to stop them.

My stomach clenched deliciously as Caleb began to fuck into me faster, his groans echoing into my ear like a song I wanted to hear play on repeat. He had no shame in his pleasure, and he took it in the most brutal way possible.

I knew he was watching me from the mirrors right now, seeing the slight jolt of my body every time he pounded into me and the way my arousal was dripping down his length.

There wasn’t a single person here who couldn’t hear how wet I was for him, and when my body was eventually pulled down to meet his seeking thrusts, I came, my teeth breaking the skin of his shoulder in the process.

“Fuck!” Caleb cursed as his hips stuttered, his fingers tightening in my hair painfully as the first spurt of his cum filled me. He didn’t pull me away, though, and rather held my head in place as the taste of his blood consumed my senses.

“There you go, Mads. You’re such a good girl taking me like this.”

I could only shake as my body latched onto him in every way, my pussy warm from his release coating my walls white.

I’d almost forgotten we weren’t alone until I felt Xavier kiss the side of my head, my teeth removing from Caleb’s shoulder with a soft sigh from my lips. Defined red marks were left in their place, and thanks to the mirrors, nothing was able to hide what I’d just done.

Drops of blood were already welling from where I’d punctured the skin, the taste of iron still strong in my mouth.

I held my breath with a racing heart as Caleb lifted my head, just enough so he could glance down at the outline of my bite across his body. I was too out of it to move or even at the least apologize, but it soon didn’t matter.

A quiet hiss made it passed my teeth as Caleb brought me forward by the back of my neck, and while I thought he was going to kiss me, I was wrong.

Instead, I was ever so gently laid down to the freezing cold floor, his body following and his tongue licking a line across my bottom lip.

Caleb’s addictive scent mixed with the fading taste of his blood in my mouth, his low groan being for that very reason. My god, the kinky bastard liked it.

I heard Alec give a quiet chuckle at my disbelief, but Xavier just looked slightly jealous as though he wished I would do the same to him. Or did he want to do that to me?

I couldn’t keep up with them both physically and mentally, and I knew that there was nothing I would do to stop it if that’s what they wanted.

They had way too much control over me, but I just kept on giving, my legs opening for Alec when he gradually switched places with Caleb.

He smirked at the way my legs continued to shake as they were bent to be propped up, but it was the smile he gave when he looked down between my thighs.

Following his gaze, I flushed at the red imprints of the lights still around my skin, Caleb’s release dripping down to my ass obscenely. I didn’t try to cover up, though, not when Alec was looking at me the way he was.

I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but my hips still tried to buck up when the pad of his finger came down to my clit, brushing it once before delving between the cum covered folds of my pussy.

My lips parted as his two fingers gathered the wetness leaking out of me, watching as Alec fucked it back into me with zero shame whatsoever.

The only thing I could do was pant as I heard both Xavier and Caleb’s fists running over the hard lengths of their cocks, their reflections teasing when all I had to do was look to the side to see them.

I squirmed to see both of their eyes trained on the way Alec didn’t stop until every drop of cum had been fucked back into me, and then he replaced his fingers with his dick in a single swift movement.

My breasts moved with him as my body slid slightly forward from the intrusion, but with Alec on his knees, my legs wrapped around him, I knew he wanted to see all of me.

My top half was completely bared to them as my ass was lifted from the ground, bent at the waist until Alec could take me with no resistance whatsoever. We all heard the sound of Caleb’s cum as he pulled out, only to serve as lubricant as he sharply thrusted back inside of me.

I tried to stretch out as my natural instincts had me trying to get away, but all that earned me was Xavier’s large hand pinning my arms above my head, his other busy pumping his cock at my side.

The only thing I was capable of was a desperate whimper, my back ever so slightly arching with every deep thrust from Alec.

“Don’t tell me we’ve fucked all of the fight out of you already?” Caleb smiles as he peers down, touching himself to the sight of me all spread out for my destruction and their pleasure. My body was spent, but they continued to use me like I was nothing more than a hole for them to fill.

“Please.” I whispered to no one in particular, but it doesn’t help when you don’t know what you’re pleading for to begin with.

I squirmed at the naked sight of the three men surrounding me, but it was Alec’s unforgiving thrusts that had my bottom lip trembling from the exertion of this entire night.

My body was practically drowning in the waves of ecstasy they were putting forward, and I was already making a mess all over the cock inside of me.

“Look at you.” Xavier murmured, his precum creating a slick glide for his fist. “We have you reduced to our own pretty little cumslut, and you’re just going to keep on taking more, aren’t you?”

I tried to pull my hands free from his grip as I felt an orgasm wash over me painfully, but they kept me spread wide open for their gazes. Alec moaned as I fought and struggled against him, but he never let up on his endless pounding.

The sound of my ass meeting his thighs sounded again and again as he kept going, my shriek echoing against the walls of mirrors as Caleb’s hand came down to twist my nipple between his fingers.

“No... oh god, please no.” I gasped as he did it again, but he only gazed down at me calculatingly as though he were waiting for something to happen.

No matter how hard I bucked or tried to get away, I was met over and over with the warmth of their firm bodies and lustful eyes.

My stomach tightened as tears began to trickle down the sides of my face, but I didn’t know what to do other than to take what they were giving.

I knew Alec was close as his thrusts became more frantic—more desperate, and yet the only thing he did was tighten his grip around my thighs.

“Go on, princess.” Alec groaned, quickening his pace as his length swelled within me. “Give me what I want.”

Xavier let go of his cock right as his large hand pressed over my mouth, giving me the ability to scream as loud as I wanted without the entire building knowing we were in here. It was a good thing too, because just as I tore my arms from his hold, I grabbed onto his wrist for support as I came apart.

“You’re okay.” Caleb whispers as my entire body tenses up, because he must know this time feels different as the sudden cold wave of my high hits me hard.

Alec readjusts his grip on my body as everything goes silent, my head feeling light and my mind becoming engulfed in a new sensation entirely. This new grip was to keep me from spasming too much while he continued to fuck into my weak hole, my vision becoming nothing more than a blur of colours.

“That’s a good girl. Take what we have to give.”

I shook at the warm feeling of me squirting all over my thighs as I made a spoiled mess of myself and Alec in the process, tightening up until it pushed him over the edge too.

“Shit.” Alec gave a low curse as he shoved himself as deep into my body as he could manage, stilling as his cock twitched inside of me. I fell limp as he rubbed carefully at my lower stomach, his release hot and thick as he added to Caleb’s mess from earlier.

My mind felt too high to think about how much cum they’ve filled me up with tonight, panting as Alec tapped his softening tip against my clit after he pulled out.

I couldn’t move as I was laid back down flat on the floor, and I couldn’t fight as the third and final man got between my thighs with gentle touches.

My muscles were relaxed, my body feeling warm despite the given coolness of the ground. Overall, I just felt surprisingly calm.

“You doing okay there, sweetheart?” Xavier asks as his rough hands trail up the insides of my thighs. A light shiver passed up the curve of my spine, my body still shaking from the bliss that had consumed me.

I needed more as I absently nodded my head, smiling in relief at the sight of his dick long and hard and ready for me. I couldn’t wait any longer to feel his piercing dragging against my walls again like last time, but I was almost ready to cry when my hand was placed back to my side.

“Tell us what your safeword is first, little one.” Caleb insisted as Xavier lifted my left leg, gently placing it over my right side with my thighs sticking tight together with sweat.

All three of them simply watched as they waited for my response, but the only thing I wanted was to feel them all over me again.

“Mercy.” I whispered as my hips wiggled desperately for attention, however that single word seemed to be the only word they were looking for.

I felt Xavier’s cock at my entrance not even a second later, rubbing up and down my slit until I thought I would go out of my mind. He was purposefully teasing me, and it only made me more sensitive when he finally dragged my ass against him, pushing past my quivering walls.

My eyes tried to remain trained on the sight of his reflection, but this position made me so much tighter than I’ve ever been before. His nails gradually sunk into the soft flesh of my skin as he gripped onto the thigh he’d shoved across my body, pulling me in with each thrust forward.

Drool began to leak from the corner of my mouth as his hips collided against my ass with the force of his slow movements, but it wasn’t long before he had me limp and folding to whichever way he desired.

There was no more fight left in me as my body was groped and pumped into, Alec already touching himself again and Caleb pinching my nipples in ways that had me dripping onto Xavier’s cock.

I felt full in so many different ways, but my every reaction felt pure in the truest forms of pleasure. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t pretend I didn’t like what was happening. The only thing my body was capable of was reacting, pulling all three of them in like I couldn’t breathe without their touch.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do if they left me right now.

“We’ve got you, Madelyn.” Alec promises as he moves my hair away from my face, brushing against my tear soaked cheeks in the process.

He felt so soft as he remained kneeled by my head, Caleb copying the same position on the other side while Xavier took his fill. My head spun as one murmured words of praise, the other degrading me like I was nothing more than a used hole to keep them warm for the night.

I sighed with relief when Caleb finally let go of my nipples, his one hand slipping into mine instead for no other reason than to give me that anchor of support he somehow knew I needed.

Alec brushed away my tears while Xavier ensured more would keep coming, rolling his hips in ways that had his piercing rubbing against my g-spot with each grind. My legs were shaking so hard you could hear them trembling against the ground I was being pounded into, and yet I don’t think I could ever bring myself to stop what was happening.

“Just a little longer for us, Mads.” Xavier grunted as he continued his unwavering pace, his eyes on my face the entire time. “Twice more and then we’ll take you home where you belong. We’ll draw you a nice long bath and you can even fall asleep in our arms while we take care of what’s ours.”

I didn’t even move as my orgasm took me under, no longer able to react as my body moved outside of myself.

Xavier only used my release as motivation to go faster, continuing to voice how good I was and how they were never going to let me go. They were going to take me to their house in New York and show me what it means to be theirs.

I knew I should be scared, but I wasn’t as Alec placed a hand under my head, propping it up ever so slightly that my lips were able to brush against the wet tip of Caleb’s cock. The weight felt so heavy and so hot as his desire burned through him, and I knew he’d been edging himself for this moment alone.

I blinked up at him with teary eyes as my mouth parted open mindlessly, my lips closing just around his head and staying like that.

My inhales were shaky through my nose as Xavier never ceased his assault on my pussy, but I’d never been more relaxed as when Alec began to pet my hair in languid, slow strokes.

“You’re okay.” He soothes, his voice nearly lulling me into unconsciousness as my tongue slid across the ridge at the bottom of Caleb’s cock.

Alec’s fingers grip tighter in my hair as his friend jerks once against my mouth before the low sound of his pleasure vibrates through me.

Warm jets of his cum shoot onto my tongue as I suck softly at his tip, the faint taste of salt filling my mouth. Even though I didn’t plan on moving, I was held still through every second of Caleb’s climax, swallowing down every last drop he released into my throat.

By the time he was finally done, it was almost too much.

“Don’t pass out on us yet, sweetheart.” Xavier says, knowing how spent I was. I cried as two of his fingers came down to rub at my swollen clit, but the sound was muffled when my head was turned to the side, Alec repeating the exact same motion as Caleb.

“Drink up, princess.” He says as he thickens against my tongue, his thighs tensing in warning. “We’re going to feed you our cum until your belly swells with it.”

My eyes widen but he’s already spilling himself past my lips, tilting my head up so none of it would escape my mouth. Alec groans as he pushes deeper into me, my hands raising to grab onto his legs weakly.

I gag and choke from the liquid being poured down my throat, but he was terrifyingly true in his words. All three of them have had me swallow their orgasms at some point tonight, and my pussy was already filled to the brim by two.

Xavier waited for this realization to dawn on me, and when it did, his smile could only be described as vicious.

“You’re ours, Madelyn.” He moans, Alec removing himself from my mouth at the same time Xavier bends over my body. I remain frozen as his mouth hovers right above mine, staring into his dark eyes that only hold sincerity. “We’re just making sure of it.”

The horror I knew I should’ve felt never came, but they would’ve had to tamper with my birth control pills in order to make what they were saying true.

When my eyes turned to Caleb who was simply sitting at my side, holding my hand as Xavier fucked me with no mercy, I knew that’s exactly what they did.

He showed no shame as he stared back at me, my mind barely conscious of the fact Xavier kissed the corner of my mouth where my lips were parted ever so slightly.

They wanted to watch my stomach grow with their child, and all of their promises of taking me back to their house was meant to be permanent.

Right here, right now, I could still feel the way the insides of my thighs were soaked with all of our cum, a sight I could see glistening in the many mirrors surrounding us.

My body carried their marks from head to toe, and I loved it.

Xavier’s grip was bruising as he pressed down harder on my thigh, slamming his hips forward so deep that the sound resonated all around us.

I sobbed as he pinched my clit between the pads of his calloused fingers, and came at the same time he did, but never once did I fight it, even when I knew what it meant.

I wanted it all, and like last time, the world around me turned to dark as I was taken under by a calming sort of bliss—the kind I knew only these three men could give me.

- End of House of Mirrors -

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