Against His Will

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It's been two years since he has gone to study abroad. I still remember the day I came to live in this house after my parent's death. I still remember the day when he suddenly came into my room. I was looking at him with shocked eyes because of his actions. He locked the door and started coming in my direction. I knew that I was in danger but I can't move my body. Bloody hell, my body was held by the cold gaze of his blue sea-colored eyes. With long steps, he was coming towards me, and in a flash of seconds, he was in front of me. He grabbed my hair making me look into his eyes, my eyes were close afraid of meeting his cold star but the next word from his mouth made my eyes short open. "Who was that man Jane with whom you were laughing and talking answer me. Who was he," he shouted in anger. I took in his appearance his jaw was clenched and his eyes were burning in anger. H-e-he saw me with him. I knew I was in danger. Now, what should I do was the big question for me. Warm tears filled my eyes ready to slip out from the corner of my eyes by remembering that day. The more memory of that day still you heard it right. First place in The Scribblers Award 2020 for best novel

Romance / Erotica
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There will be lots of mistakes as English is not my native language.
No need to post rude comments to criticize my mistakes you will be shut off and reported. I'm not trying to be rude here some people do post really rude comments.
This book is not a sweet love-dove story. Forceful nature, manipulation, and dominant nature are what Male lead character behavior is. If you are not comfortable with such kinds of books then this is not the book for you.

Read at your own risk & please share, comment, and vote.

Thank you.


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