The Other Sister

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Margret Montgomery is a newlywed who has always lived in her sisters shadows. She was always the good girl who didn’t ever tell a word of the things her sister has done. How is she supposed to cope with the situation of her sister being used to do something wrong? Like sleeping with the king and earning a place as his mistress for example. What is she supposed to do when he somehow earns a place in her heart but no matter how much she wants to, she can’t throw it away? Even when she’s ruined and her life is over.

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Chapter 1

The bells rung to signal that church was now over and it was time for everyone to head home. Of course Meriden was talking to the preachers son again. I rolled my eyes and just went up to her and smiled.

"As your younger sister, I have an offer for you." She giggled.

"Margret what is this? Are you tricking me again?" I laughed.

"Oh don't be silly Meriden." She smiled. I grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me while she yelled a goodbye to the preachers son.

I didn't look back at her when I said "what's so special about that boy anyways? He's betrothed to Mary Gulbreath, the most favored girl around." She just laughs.

"My little sister, oh my little sister." Was all she said.

"Well I'm just asking, your always speaking to boys who are already taken when it's clear there's men out there your age that are not taken. Like what about Charles? You liked him." She bursted out laughing.

"Not in a million years. He's practically 4 years older than me! And he likes to read."

I shrugged my shoulders as I continued to drag her along and mumbled a "whatever."

She jerked me back and said "let's talk about you and Garth shall we? After all you two are getting married in a few days." She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned.

I shook my head at her and smiled. Then I continued to drag her along the path until we arrived at the small river that flowed behind the church.

I sat down and patted beside me for her to sit down. When she did, I turned and looked at her when I said "There's nothing to talk about for me and Garth. I just know that we are going to actually love each other and be a happily married couple." She turned and looked at the river.

I watched her face expressions as it seemed like she was thinking really hard on something. She picked up a rock from somewhere beside her and threw it into the river.

"What's wrong? There is no offer Meriden, if that's what your upset about. It was a trick to get you away from the preachers boy." She looked at me and laughed.

"Margret. I don't like him. Sure I talk and flirt with many boys but we were talking about his betrothal to Mary." Then she elbowed me in my side and giggled.

I nodded and agreed with her but I knew on the inside that she was fibbing. That no matter what, even when she didn't think about it, she was and did. Of course she was my older sister and the only one that's been there for me but she isn't always honest with me. I don't know if maybe she thinks she'll hurt me or if she thinks I'm dumb. But I know and although it does hurt me so, I do stay to myself. All because of her.

I stand up and dust my dress off and offer her my hand but she waves it away and says she's got it. So I start walking and begin to head back to the church where of course mother would be waiting patiently while father would sigh and just head to the carriage.

Heading back i stomp on all the crunchy leaves because the sound of leaves crunching is so satisfying. I find sometimes I am very awkward but as is everyone else I know. So that makes me less awkward. Which I'm okay with.

Before bed I say a prayer and hope to the lord that the night I'm supposed to make love with Garth, it won't be as bad as I'm thinking it will be. As nervous as I am, i think it will all be ok.

"Goodnight Mar." Meriden smiles and rolls over before blowing out the candle." I just smile and whisper a goodnight.

Letting the dark consume me, I dream of Garth.

4 days later

I looked at my reflection in the mirror or at least tried to. That thing was centuries old.

"Oh your so beautiful." Mother hugged me and slightly smiled. "Don't worry you'll do just fine. Nothing you can't handle." I giggled.

"Mother. It's not walking down the aisle and saying I do I'm worried about." She looked at me for a second then she smiled once again.

"Darling. There's nothing to be worried about. Besides it's not even the best part, going through your pregnancy in the near future and becoming a mother is what youll be loving." I laughed. Mother never really was the type to talk about those things. She was too old she used to say.

"Okay mother." She hugged me then left.

"They're ready." Meriden walked in and her eyes started to water.
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