Owening It

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Lynette and Della have been best friends ever since they’ve been born. Their moms have been the closest friends since middle school and never drifted apart so they got a house beside each other after graduating from the same college and they were also roommates. So of course their daughters were going to be best friends, they made sure of it. Lynette is the only child while Della has a older brother by 4 years. The girls are about to graduate high school and Della’s brother Owen just graduated college. Lynette hasn’t seen Owen since she was 14 and he was her age. She has always thought he was cute and used to have a crush on him when she was little. Does she still have those feelings toward him though? Owen has always made it his mission to protect Della and Lynette. He couldn’t help but feel desire toward Lynette as he got older. He promised himself that one day she would be his. Does that promise still stand?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One: Welcome Home

“You’re coming next door after school right?” Della asks me.

We are currently at school in study hall. We don’t do anything in this class so Della and I always talk in here. She keeps me occupied and not so stressed about getting good grades for the last week of school.

“Of course. When do i not come over after school?” I laugh.

“I’m just making sure because today Owen comes home and my mom wants to make sure he has a great first day back.” Della says very seriously.

Oh yea, Della and Owen’s Dad died 10 years ago from a car crash. He was driving home late one night from work and hit a deer, going off the road and then he hit a tree. He didn’t make it and my mom and I made sure we were especially there for the Evans family during that difficult time.

“I will definitely be there Dell Bell, anything for you. Plus i haven’t seen Owen in years.”

“Thanks Lyn and I know! That’s what i get for having a smart brother that goes off to Duke. He only visited us two times. He’s been really busy but i’m just glad he’s coming back.”

“Yea same. I’ll meet up with you when schools out.” With that the bell rung as if on cue and I started getting up to go to my last class.

“Ok later Lyn.”


I told Della I had to clean up first before I come over. Owen isn’t coming until 30 minutes anyways so what’s the rush.

I am now studying myself in the mirror. I haven’t seen Owen in four years and last time I remember seeing him, he was the finest boy i’ve ever seen and I have to show him that i’m a young lady now and i’ve changed since the last time he saw me. My clothes consist of black ripped jeans, a white sweater with a bra-let, and white converses. I put on my pearl earrings and my heart locket necklace that meant a lot to me. My long dark brown hair flowing with beach waves. I couldn’t help but smile at what i can accomplish by actually trying to look decent.

I felt a buzz in my back pocket. I pull my phone out to see Della had texted me.

“When are you coming? He’s about to be here.”

i text back, “On my way.”

I put my phone back into my pocket and head downstairs. I walk across my yard and reach Della’s house. I walk in because that’s what i’ve been doing for the past 18 years. I find Della and her mom in the kitchen making delicious foods. Her mom could literally be a chef, that’s how good she cooks.

“Oh my goodness Mrs. Crista that smells lovely as always,” I say with drool hanging from my mouth.

“Why thank you Lynette. I made mashed potatoes, chicken spaghetti, lima beans, and rice. Oh and for desert I made my famous brownies of course,” she responded very proudly.

“Are you sure we can’t just go ahead and dig in?”

“Yes i’m very sure. It’ll only be like 10 more minutes.”

My stomach growled in misery. I barely ate anything for lunch, just a salad from the cafeteria. But i decided to wait patiently because I know people would do the same for me.

I saw lights flash the window. That must be him. Why am I getting a bit nervous? Is it hot in here? I thought it was going to be ten more minutes.

Mrs Crista states, “Oh he must be early. He probably missed us so much that he speeded a bit to get here faster.”

Della and I started laughing. Mrs Cista has always had that fun humor.

We got done with the kitchen things and went to the living area where Owen would see us.

What if he doesn’t recognize me or thinks I’m uglier now? What if he doesn’t look the same and lost his hotness?

We heard the door open then close. His head was faced the other way looking for us. He finally turned our way and Mrs Crista excitedly says, “Welcome home! It’s about dang time!”

Let me just say, he absolutely has not lost his hotness. In fact, he’s gained more of it. He’s for sure not a boy anymore. This person standing in front of me is a whole man. A man with that musk smell that girls fawn over and I wouldn’t blame them.

When he turned to face us, it’s like my heart was pumping so fast that it leaped out of my chest. He had short black hair slicked over to one side with gel. He had the most beautiful green eyes that reminded you of the greenest grass on a summer day. His pearly white teeth shined while his natural light red lips looked very soft. His jawline could easily cut someone into pieces. I really hope that someone will be me one day.

Wait what? LYNETTE SNAP OUT OF IT. What in the world was i thinking? This is my best friends brother we’re talking about here. Isn’t there like some secret unspoken girl code to not date your best friends brother? Probably so I need to chill and stop checking her brother out.

“I know mom. I’ve missed you so much,” Owen says with the most genuine smile. He glances at me and his jaw tightens a bit.

“Uhh and what about me?” Della asked rolling her eyes playfully.

“You too sis.” He gave them both a bone crushing hug while laughing.

After they’re done his stare lands on me “Lynette?” He asks like he’s been starstrucked.

“Yep. It’s me,” I give a little smile.

“Last time I saw you, you were about to start high school. It’s crazy how fast time flies. You look different.”

I laugh, “Yea puberty finally decided to show up after a bit.” We all laugh at that.

“Well I made dinner so let’s go eat before it gets cold,” Mrs Crista says.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” I sprint to the kitchen while Owen and Della laugh at my craziness. I swear it’s because i’m hungry, that’s it.


I was staying the night at Della’s since it’s Friday even though we stay the night at each other’s house almost every weekend.

It’s 1 a.m. and Della is asleep. I’ve just been up thinking, my mind wandering to many things. But mostly to Owen. I couldn’t help but feel butterflies when i saw him again. He probably still thinks of me as some little girl that his sister is friends with. I want to be more than that to him. I want to mean something. But why? Why do I have this urge to please him with everything I do, to impress him? Do i still have that major crush on him that i had when I was younger? No it can’t be. It feels very different from that. Then it hit me.

I’m in love with him. I’m in love with Owen Evans. I have been for years now. When he came back all of my feelings just resurfaced and reminded me of everything. Especially this one moment we had when I was 13 and he was 17.

It was my birthday and I went deep into my backyard where there was a treehouse. I guess you could say it’s my secret hideout place to think. Della doesn’t even know about it. That’s how sacred it is to me.

Anyways, I went there because I was upset I didn’t get the one thing I wanted for my birthday. I even told my mom, dad, and Della. But I ended up not getting it and was so devastated and went to the treehouse to try and calm down.

I was bawling my eyes out then heard sticks snapping and then the ladder started rattling against the house. I was startled at first then saw those familiar shiny green eyes.

Confused I asked, “How did you know I was here?”

“I could tell you were upset so I followed you here,” he replied.

“Oh. Well I am.” I crossed my arms over my chest keeping my eyes down.

With his index finger he lifted my chin. “Why princess?” His nickname for me was princess. I liked it. It made my insides warm.

“I didn’t get the one thing i really wanted for my 13th. I told everyone but no one listened. I know I sound kind of like a brat about it but it meant great value to get it. I was going to put something special in it.”

“You’re not being a brat about it Lynette. It’s okay to want something very badly. I was going to wait until we were alone which we are now so I’d say it’s the perfect time to give you this.”

I raise my eyebrow not knowing what he means. Until I see him reach from his coat pocket and he grabs a box out of it. He opens the box to reveal a pretty heart necklace with a locket. A necklace where you can put a picture in it.

It’s the exact present I had my eyes set on for the past 6 months. I planned on putting a picture of my grandmother and I in it because I love her so very much. She passed away a year before my birthday of a heart attack. That woman meant so much to me. She taught me to be the person I am today and I thank her for that.

“How did you know Owen?” I’m so happy I feel tears well up in my eyes.

“I overheard you talking to my sister and i knew she was getting you something else so I figured I’d get it for you. I know you really wanted it princess.” He wiped the tear that had fallen with his thumb.

“Thank you so much. This means the world to me. How can I repay you?”

“Just seeing you happy is enough.” He put a strand of hair behind my ear.

I smiled. One that reached all the way to my eyes. Today is the best day ever I thought to myself.

“I should probably get back down before my mom worries where I am. I’ll see you back at the house princess.” He kissed my cheek and with that, left me in shock to think about what just happened.

I held my necklace I received close to me. Later that day I put my favorite picture of me and my grandma in the locket and closed it. I’ve never taken the necklace off since I put it on that day. I never will.

I shake my head from all the memories. I looked next to me at Della sleeping. That girl is passed out. She’s got slobber on her pillow. She must be dreaming good things.

My throat started to feel dry so I decided to go downstairs and get a cup of water.

I enter the kitchen, grab a cup, and fill it with a little bit of water. I take a sip and turn around. Owen is staring at me with a smirk on his gorgeous face. He startled me, making me almost spill my water. I put my cup down to avoid making a mess.

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” He finds it amusing how I almost made a complete embarrassment of myself

“It’s okay. What are you doing down here?”

“First of all it’s my house and I wanted a late night snack.”

I roll my eyes. “No need for rudeness.”

He stepped closer to me. To the point where he was towering over me.

“Sorry princess. That’s just part of my personality.” He smiled then bit his bottom lip.

My breath hitched. He continued, “You didn’t think I was going to stop calling you that did you princess?”

“I don’t want you to,” I admitted. My cheeks started heating up. I can guarantee I’m blushing hard right now.

He seems different. Like he demands for whatever he wants. It makes me excited and leaves me wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

He leaned down and whispered into my ear, “Good. I’ve missed you.”

I’m surprised that he just told me that. But it makes me feel more confident.

“I’ve missed you too.” I look down at my feet not feeling so much confidence anymore after admitting that.

He lifts my chin with his index finger, reminding me of my 13th birthday. I wonder if he remembers that day.

“I love your necklace. I wonder who gave it to you,” he says sarcastically.

That answers my questions of if he remembers that day.

I laugh. I catch myself holding it tightly as if it’s going to fly off my neck.

“A very special person gave this to me on a special day.”

He gives me the biggest smile, happy that it means so much to me and that he got it for me.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you Lyn.”

“Me neither.”

He leans down. His lips so close from colliding with mine until we hear Della. She must’ve realized i’m not there anymore.


“Down here! I’m coming.”

“I should go back up,” I tell Owen. I’m kind of sad our movie scene moment got ended. Hopefully it can happen again soon.

He whispers, “Yea you’re right.”

“What about your snack?”

“Oh I’ll get it one day,” he winks. I’m confused at first then slowly realize he’s talking about me. i’m the snack. My face turns like a tomato and my dumb self giggles and says “Oh.”

I mentally slap myself in the head. I run back upstairs to find Della waiting on her bed for me.

What a day! I’m exhausted. As soon as I close my eyes I fall into deep sleep.
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