Bad Boy Judah

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twenty three

Slow, careful, gentle strokes... Judah makes sure I feel every sensation.

Lengthy kisses mixed with soft motions of his fit body over me makes my head spin. It’s crazy how much I want him, even though we’re glued to one another.

He groans, because my towel is in the way. His lips kiss me harder and his strong hand rips my towel off.

I feel the warm breeze brush my exposed skin. My legs eagerly wrap around his waist, as his touch excites my body.

Judah grips my upper thigh, growing hard between my legs. I feel him there.

“Don’t move.”

I gulp air into my lungs, because the tension becomes too much to bear. My eyes open and stare at his built body covered in dark tattoos. He comes close to me. My hand reaches for the hair that swings in front of his face and combs it back. I feel him more.

My hips twitch on their own, and it makes Judah grin against my lips. He slips his hand below my back, slightly raising my hips. My fingers run down his biceps.

He whispers again with eyes half open, “Don’t move.”

My breath quickens and my core quivers, when he presses into me. Judah leans his forehead onto mine, and opens his mouth, exhaling. Waves of pleasure crash through me.

His quick thrusts extract moans from me. And after a while, I couldn’t control it—he kept forcing deeper.

Judah brings his arm up, circling his hand below my jaw. His fingers rest behind my neck and his thumb presses the valley of my throat. Humidity builds around our bed. I gasp and hiccup for air.

Judah laps his tongue in my mouth, kissing me urgently. He drives me to my edge. I feel my heart pounding, lacking oxygen. I grab Judah’s wrist, needing him to let go of my neck.

“Ng—Judah!” I beg in his violent lips, convulsing from an orgasm.

He removes his hand, and I inhale sharply. He suddenly turns my body over and spreads my legs. I pant, listening to his deep voice in my ear.

“I like hearing you beg, sweet cheeks.”

His hand grabs a fistful of my hair and pushes hard. The pleasure keeps mounting and my body tingles, backing up against him. My hands grip the sheets.

I scream, “Judah!”

Every moan gets louder. I feel his hot breaths on the back of my shoulder. It all feels too good. I lose it.

“God, Rose,” Judah curses, moving faster, “Fuck.”

“Mm. I’m—I—”

He lets go of my hair and grabs my hips. Warmth trickles down my thighs. We’re sweaty and breathless.

My body collapses, not able to take any more. My palm presses in my chest, trying to calm my heart. Judah leaves me no time to breath. He rolls me on my back, pecking my swollen lips. I had no energy—I couldn’t return his soft kisses.

“Let me clean you up, beautiful,” he says in a low voice, grazing his lips on my red cheek.

His lips roam downward, touching my chest and sucking beneath my breast. He moves lower, caressing my sticky skin. I fall in love with his tenderness. I run my hands up my forehead and smooth my hair back, feeling excitement burning anew. I can’t. I’m going to explode. His tongue dips slowly.

“Ah,” I whimper, feeling his licks, “Judah.”

Suckling gently, his mouth hits the perfect spot.

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