Bad Boy Judah

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twenty five

I climb on the black rock, staring at the red lava glow between the cracks. Tourists around the national park stare at Judah’s tattoos more than the active volcano. He never bothered to button the top half of his shirt.

Judah hasn’t smoked a cigarette all day, and I’ve wondered if it has anything to do with volcano smoke or something. He also hasn’t charged or even picked up his phone all day. He’s been unusually calm and collected. In the meantime, I’ve been on edge. He’d tell me a joke and then nibble on my ear lobe. I’d stay stiff like a bamboo stick.

When I wasn’t giving him any attention, he began to trail further away from the path.

“Judah,” I hiss for him to come back.

He only turns, but continues to walk backwards and smirks at me. he disappears in some vapors.

I glance back at the other people trekking in the other direction. I quickly hop towards him.

I huff, “Damn you, Judah.”

Wherever he was going, it was getting much warmer.

“Judah. What are you even doing?” I ask, once I see him again. “You freaking adrenaline junkie. We’re not supposed to be off the path.”

He hikes on higher ground, avoiding the fiery lines of magma. The way the smoky ground turns black after its hot lava bubbles to the surface reminds me of Judah.

“Wait up,” I say, following in his steps.

Suddenly, Judah whisks me off my feet and into his arms. I shriek, because he’s always unpredictable.

“No can do,” he grins, carrying me.

I tightly clasp my arms around his shoulders, with a tummy full of giggles.

Back at the villa, Judah lounges on a long chair, crushing his cigarette in the ashtray. I join him after taking a quick shower. The humidity hits me as soon as I walk out.

“Why did you decide to come all the way to Hawaii?” I ask him, staring at the beach view.

Judah sprawls his body in the cushions. I sit upright and criss-cross my legs.

He shrugs, “Needed a vacation.”

“Are you still running from those bad guys?” I ask him.

“No,” he answers, looking to his side. “They’re not looking for me.”

His long hair curls in the wind. His hand passes through his messy fringe, pulling his hair back. I get a better view of his bright eyes and admire them. I always get lost in them.

Vacationing? Yeah right. Though he’s a master at evading the truth. I’ve learned quickly to read between the lines with the person sitting across from me.

“How do you afford all this?” I ask some more, picking at the edge of the chair.

“Money,” he replies flatly.

My eyes squint and I ask, ”Where did you get this money?”



“Sweet cheeks,” he stops me.

I roll my eyes and decide to drop it. He folds his arm, before glancing at me.

“If you aren’t going to be honest with me, Judah,” I nail, “Then maybe...”

“Then what?” he throws.

I didn’t want to say it, but the look on his face was pissing me off. My eyes look down.

“Maybe we should stop seeing each other.”

Suddenly, his hand pulls my leg harshly, making my butt skid on the chair. The friction gives me a burn.

“I’m not done with you, Rose,” he smirks.

My legs try to shake of his grip.

“Ugh! You’re so rude!” I spit.

His face stretches into a wide smile, like he’s ready to laugh at me.

“I’m what?”

I yell now, “Rude! Yes, you heard me! Asshole.”

I get up, fuming. But he manages to pull me back down.

“So that’s it? You’re going to fucking call me names and walk off?”

My elbow rams into his chest. He pulls me, until my back lands over his lap.

“Let me go. I don’t want to talk to you right now,” I turn away from him.

Judah instantly grabs my face, forcing me to look him the eye. It’s instances like this that reminds me how strong he really is. I couldn’t budge out of his grasp.

“Why the fuck not?” he asks, slightly smirking.

I scowl, slapping his hand, “You’re pissing me off—”

Before I could finish, he shoves two fingers in my mouth. He clearly enjoys the shock on my face. His fingers press deep in my throat, forcing me to gag for a short second.

“You’re pissing me off,” he says to me, “Maybe I should fuck you.”

I groan, as he withdraws his hand. My cheeks burn up. I watch him bite his smile, making the skin on his bottom lip to turn white.

I quickly sit up, too flustered and too embarrassed to think. My eyes stay wide, while my hand wipes my mouth.

“Don’t do that again,” I warn, lifting to my now unsteady feet.

“You liked it.”

“I said don’t,” I reply, walking back inside.

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