Bad Boy Judah

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twenty six

I twirl my rose pendent around my fingers, while lying in the couch. The flat screen TV plays some Hawaiian soap opera, but I can’t understand what they’re saying and no subtitles are provided.

Judah had disappeared through the door earlier, after mumbling something about needing to pick something up from Doe. I wasn’t quite listening.

Bored, I decide to entertain myself at the public beach on the other side of the island.

I go into the closet and take out a scanty string bikini. There’s one in every colour. Sadly, after putting it on, I see that it’s quite revealing. I slip on Dior shades and a sun hat. I hum a song and throw a towel over my shoulder. Just when my feet slide on my flip-flops, Judah appears by the bedroom door.

He looks me over.

“Where are you going?” he asks.

I nearly forgot how deep his voice was. His eyes scan me over a little too long.

“Uh, the beach,” I answer.

I confidently walk past him. But I’m cut short when he grabs a hold of my arm. He swings me back to face him.

“Like that?”

“Yes,” I say, monotone. “Like this.”

I mean, sure the bottom covers the top half of my butt. But he just stares.

My eyes roll and I sigh, “What? Do you want me to change? Because I’m not.”

Judah shakes his head lightly.

“No. I want to come.”

I spread my towel beneath a nice shady spot under one of the blue striped umbrellas. My palms flatten the sand, and I take a seat. For some reason, I get all self-conscious as soon as Judah sits next to me. He strips off his black shirt, showing off his muscular body. I fix my sunglasses over my face and look elsewhere.

Yeah, there are other girls who resemble models that walk by us. They giggle at the sight of the hunky shirtless Judah.

He brushes his hair back and digs in my beach bag. My eyes try to avoid looking at his old bullet wound.

“What are you looking for?” I murmur.

“Sunscreen,” he says after pulling out the bottle.

A pair of busty girls slow down and stare at Judah. My head lowers, hiding in my hat.

Judah nudges the bottle my way.

“Make sure you get everywhere,” he tells me with a wink.

“Do it yourself.”

Judah then leans and sucks on my jaw bone. I try to push him away, but he circles his arms around my shoulder. He talks in my ear.

“I’m sorry I got you mad yesterday.”

My head turns to look at him. Our noses touch.

“Hmph,” I snort.

“It turns me on when you get like that.”

I frown and squirt the lotion over his back.

“Just shut up,” I sigh.

At first, the white cream covers his tattoos. But they soon reappear the more I rub. I wish I could be Judah, right now and say possessive things like he does. I bite my lip, trying to not blush. Having him stare at me while I rub his skin doesn’t help either. I set the cream down.

“Don’t look at other girls.”

He returns to kissing me, “Okay.”

“And don’t flirt with them. You said I’m your only girl, remember.”

He smirks and licks his lips.

“I hear you,” he says.

I take off my hat and shades.

“Good,” I say.

I get up, feeling weird after. I slowly step inside the cold waves. I look around.

Judah comes from behind and sprinkles water on me. He dips farther without trouble. I slowly do the same.

After swimming around and being attacked by Judah’s hands, I crawl out the water and land on my towel. I smooth back my drenched hair and wipe my eyes, lying on my stomach. Judah is not far behind.

He rolls next to me, and lies on his back. He takes up all the space on my towel.

“Why didn’t you bring your own towel?” I groan, brushing sand off my arm.

Judah’s hand glides up my thigh and settles on my butt, ignoring the laws of my bikini.

I lift to my feet and shake the sand off my leg. I put back on my hat and walk up a few feet to the tiki place.

People go in and out. I join the small line. I take a glance at the wooden designs and the tanned tourists. My hair drips water down my back.

Once it’s my turn, I order two beers. My indexes drum on the counter, as I wait.

I take a look back, wondering if some chick took the opportunity to throw herself at Judah. He’s irresistible in every way, shape and form, after all. Even I can’t resist him when he acts like a jerk. He has a way of... I don’t know.

A hand gropes my butt. I jerk back and swing my hand, which only hits another man’s chest.

“Hey!” I retort, “Back off!”

I look the pervert in the eyes. He only laughs at my expression. He’s around my age and is definitely a jock.

“I’m sorry,” he says, “It was an accident.”

I grimace. No, it wasn’t. He introduces himself to me nonetheless. His heavy Axe smell makes me nauseous. Feeling embarrassed, I move to the other end of the counter.

He follows me.

“And what’s your name?” he asks.

“I’m not talking with you,” I warn him to leave me.

But he persists to chat me up. He then wraps an arm around my neck. I quickly push him away, once the beers arrive. I grab them both and dash.

I need to make it back, before Judah hunts me down.

The guy reaches to grab my shoulder again.

“Hold on, babe. Let’s be friends, come on,” he smiles.

“Ugh, no! Get lost,” I groan.

He laughs and grabs my behind, “But let me get some of that booty.”

I’m ready to hurl. I would’ve punched him already, but my hands were busy holding the beers. Just when I think of swinging one at his head, a firm arm pulls me to safety.

“Do you want to die?” Judah’s voice is audible to everyone near the tiki hut.

I watch Judah step between me and the guy, moving towards him. He’s a whole head taller than the pervert. His stance is intimidating. The guy draws backwards from Judah’s glare. It frightens me, too.

“Because I could kill you right now,” he continues.

I press the cold glasses against my chest to steady my heart rate. Everyone in earshot stares silently.

“S-sorry, man. I—” the pervert stutters in surrender, but tries to laugh it off.

“Shut the fuck up,” Judah commands lowly, “And get the fuck out of my face.”

Pale from head to toe, the guy escapes Judah’s glare and rushes out the bar.

Judah rolls his eyes and then looks my way. I’m a statue. He takes one of the beers out my hand and takes a long sip. It seems like the people around turn back to their lives, although there are some girls glancing here and there.

I stare in Judah’s grey eyes.

“What?” he looks back.

I whisper, “You didn’t have to threaten him like that...”

“Yes, I did,” Judah raises a brow. He begins to walk back towards our spot on the beach. “No one touches my girl.”

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