Bad Boy Judah

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twenty seven

I know for a fact that at least three people by that bar pissed their pants. I try to think good thoughts, since the incident. Look on the bright side, Rosalie! Judah didn’t actually kill him.

It scares me a little, because I know that he could. He actually could...

The sun sets on our way home.

I shouldn’t take him so seriously, as he sends death threats for fun. But today, I’m reminded of how dangerous he is... and that he’s capable of fulfilling any of his threats, if he wanted to. I start rethinking whether I should stick around him. I stand nervously behind him, as he opens the door. It’s too late. I throw the thought out the window.

I had forgotten to turn the TV off, so it sang all day. Judah reaches for a remote and shuts it off. He plops in the sofa, lazily.

“I’m going to take a shower,” I tell him, “And you’re not allowed to come in.”

I turn up the steps and take a quick shower.

Thankfully, he listened and didn’t poke inside. Though, there was a part me that was expecting...

I twist my hair in a high bun and slip into one of those comfy grey jersey dresses.

Shrug my shoulders, my legs climb down the stairs. He sees me.

“I’ll order food,” he says.

My head nods, and my arms hug around me from the breeze that the open windows bring. I join his side on the plush sofa. I enjoy the quiet time and take the luxury of cuddling under his arm.

I look over at Judah’s face, seeing that he’s distracted with inner thoughts. What could he possibly be thinking about?

I sit above his lap and wrap my small hands behind his neck. My fingers stroke the nape of his neck.

“Are you thinking about me?” I ask in hush tone.

Finally, his eyes land on me. My finger brushes his brows and his tousled hair. His eyes close for a moment and then open back.

“I should be, shouldn’t I?” he grins lightly.

I nod in response. Judah’s lips pull into a small smile. His grey eyes don’t move. I feel his firm hands lace over the sides of my thighs. I close in the space between us and peck a kiss over his warm lips.

His thumb draws circles on my skin, pressing in my hipbone. I pull back, biting my lip.

“That’s it?” he asks, in whisper.

Well... I think to myself. I roll my eyes, blushing. He grins, stealing my lips for more.

He kisses me deeply, drawing the life out my lips. His tongue protrudes and skids my palette. My body presses up against him.

His thumb pulls my chin down, coercing my mouth to open wider for him.

My eyes close, as I run out of breath. The spot between my legs throbs.

Judah bites my top lip. He takes his time, being gentle. He then eagerly sucks my bottom lip, taking mouthfuls of me.

We kiss for a long time. There’s not a space he hasn’t been. He pulls my hips closer, pressing me into him more. He tastes like warm cinnamon.

He starts a rhythm and our heads collide.

My hand rests above his chest, hooking on his loose collar.

Judah stops, letting me catch a breath. Our noses are glued together. I suck my lips in my mouth and stare at him. I can see his dilated pupils. My face heats up.

I feel my lips already swelling up. When I complete a full inhale and exhale, Judah crushes my lips again.

He kisses me more aggressively now. I lose my balance from the sudden pressure he applies. He acts like a hungry animal. His squeezing hands dig in my skin, and I know they’ll leave a mark.

Judah kisses me harder, every second I try to get air in my lungs. My insides pulsate. He hardens beneath me. His hands slide up my thighs, inching closer. My stomach sucks in from his touch. He slips his hands beneath my dress and massages my butt and lifts my hips. He fiddles with the strap he finds.

Suddenly, he pauses and looks me in my eyes. I pant, noticing how my body temperature has shot up. His brows lower. I watch his nostrils flare. Uh-oh... I think to myself. But Judah’s deep voice loops in my ear.

“You just had to put on a fucking thong,” he groans.

My whole body trembles when he pulls it harshly—so harshly that I hear threads snap. He trails kisses down my chin, then to my jaw. He dines on my neck.

I blush when Judah throws my ripped underwear across the room. Then his fingers smooth their way on my spot. I let out a moan. Attracted to his touch, I lean into him and glide my hands over his solid abs.

My hips squirm, rubbing along his moist fingers. He always knows how to work me up and stroke me down in the right places for me to get light headed. I feel myself slipping into euphoria. God. Why does he have to do this to me?

He thrusts his fingers deep without warning. I could no longer collect myself. My head falls back, and my eyes sew shut.

The sensation of his fingers squeezing and caressing... I can’t.

“Oh...” I breathe loudly. “Th-Mm... Uh! Ah!”

Judah hums in my neck. My hips, taking on a life of their own, can’t stop wiggling against Judah’s hands. He kisses me and we slide against each other. I love his heavy breaths. My blood vessels throb with every heartbeat. I can feel his new impatience leaving marks on my skin.

Our hands fumble to strip each other and in no time, I find myself slowly straddling his waist.

Judah pulls my dress above me and lets it disappear, too. I wrap my arms around him neck, kissing him back. He swells, pushing.

“Shit,” he whispers.

I go all the way down, feeling him stretch me. Muscles contract. My tempo doesn’t work for Judah. He controls my hips, rocking them faster against his length. I moan noisily, feeling embarrassed at every sound I make. We both make lots of noise. He brings me to my edge. Only he is able to.

After a while, my body clenches, when the sudden pleasure waves over me.

Judah slams my hips down on him, before his fingers stab into my skin. I feel a sudden heat surge inside me. My knees shake uncontrollably. I drop down, breathless.

Not able to take anymore, I fall over him and collapse in his arms. I close my eyes, and focus on regulating my breath. Judah’s body slacks beneath me.

He plants a kiss below my eye, rubbing his sweaty palms up and down my back, soothingly. We stay in our sticky mess, as I doze off.

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