Love Never Fails ( Destiny Series Book 2)

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Amelia McGrath had always harboured a crush on her brother's best friend Tristan Jayden Henderson. When he finally confessed his love for her, she couldn't contain her happiness. However their happiness was short lived as fate had other plans for them. They were forcefully separated by Amelia's family. After eight long years, when they come face to face with each other, will they remember their high school love, or will they move on and find love elsewhere? Find out what destiny has in store for them in this second book of the Destiny Series.

Romance / Drama
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"Call it old fashioned, but I still think it's cute, when someone cares for you enough to think about you and write you a love letter." - Rituparna Darolia

"Caleb please," Amelia said frustrated at her older brother. "I don't need you to give me a lift to school. I'm sixteen, not six," she said rolling her eyes.

She was disappointed with her family. While all her friends enjoyed some form of freedom at sixteen, Amelia didn't. Her life sucked with three older brothers, making it their mission in life to protect her from anyone and everyone. Her good looks which she had inherited from her mother, attracted a lot of unwanted attention. Her long, waist length, straight, thick, dirty blonde hair and light grey eyes, long curled thick eyelashes, arched eyebrows and a perfect heart shaped face with pink bow-shaped lips, creamy complexion, and perfect figure, made her stand out in a crowd. So, her brothers adopted such protective measures, although she always refrained from getting into trouble. It was really uncalled for when she could look after herself.

While Caleb, was two years older and in his senior year at Redwood HIgh, Brandon was in his second year at Cornell University pursuing architecture. Her eldest brother Leo was in his final year doing MBA in finance from Columbia University, also doing an internship at their own billion-dollar worth multinational architectural firm, with headquarters in New York, and offices all over the US.

"No Amy, since we go to the same school, I will drop you, no more arguments. Get in the car." Caleb ordered sternly.

Heaving a sigh, Amelia opened the door of the passenger side and climbed into her brother's black Wrangler jeep. They drove to the school in silence. Her brother smoothly parked into the school's parking lot and Amelia jumped out to rush to her locker, where her best friend Nicky Stewart would be waiting for her.

She rushed to her locker only to find Tristan Jayden Henderson leaning against it busy making out with the desperate Mary Ann, the bitch of the school, who happened to be in her year, but preferred senior boys.

Muttering curses in her mind, for meeting her brother's best friend and the playboy of the school first thing on her Monday morning, she stood before them with her hands on her hips. "Get off my locker, you man whore!" She said gritting her teeth.

Tristan looked at her lazily, his eyes wandering over her from head to toe and back up, with a smirk on his face.

"Jealous much, baby doll?" He drawled, his smirk getting bigger, if that's even possible.

"In your dreams. Now move your lazy ass, I don't have all day." She spoke irritatedly. Where was Nicky when you needed her the most?

Mary Ann scowled at her, being interrupted from her favourite pastime - making out with boys, "Bitch", she said with a scowl and enough malice to last a week.

"Whore" Amelia retorted.

"Jealousy killed the cow," Mary Ann said with a scowl, pointing at her angrily.

"Did you make that up?" Amelia clutched her torso and laughed heartily at her stupid self-made proverb. "I thought it was 'Curiosity killed the cat'," she said laughing more as Mary Ann reddened like a tomato, ready to escape.

"Whatever! You're coming Tris baby?" She asked flipping her hair as she started to leave, to lick her wounds with her bimbo friends.

"Later," Tristan said shrugging his shoulders as he tried to contain his laughter.

Amelia opened her locker and sure enough, a pale blue envelope fell into her hands. Since her sixteenth birthday, 6 months back, she had been finding these anonymous love letters every Monday in her locker. She didn't have the courage to disclose her secret to anyone except Nicky. Truth was that she loved to read them, they gave her confidence, made her feel special. She silently slipped it inside her backpack to read later.

As she turned, she came nose to nose with Tristan. "Oww," she said rubbing her nose. Tristan stood close to her staring intently into her eyes with a smirk in his face.

"W-what are you doing?" She stammered nervously, trying to escape from his closeness. Although she was 5ft 6 inches tall, she still had to look up at Tristan who stood at 6ft 3inches. It was true that she harboured a long time crush on her Tristan, her brother's gorgeous best friend but he treated her only as a kid.

He was very caring and protective of her before, when she tagged along with Caleb and him. He always insisted that she call her "Jay". He even helped her with her homework, but it all changed on her thirteenth birthday. Tristan became, aloof, rude, ignored her and avoided talking to her. She didn't know what went wrong, although she had a secret crush on him, still she gave him his space and avoided him. He started his playboy ways, dating girls randomly, changing girlfriends every week, much to her disappointment.

Amelia knew he would never look her way. He was way beyond her league and Caleb would kill her if she voiced her feelings. So she concentrated on her studies and topped in them, became a grade A student in her class.

"So, did lover boy sent his love?" He said wiggling his eyebrows towards the envelope that she hid in her backpack. Amelia's eyes popped out. How did he know?

"I have my ways baby doll." He whispered in her ear, his lips lightly skimming her soft, creamy skin sending a shiver down her spine. Wait, did she say it aloud? How did he read her mind? It sure was creepy. She pushed him and started to leave for her first class which was English creative writing, but he caught her wrist.

"Won't you read it?" He asked with a smirk.

"None of your business," she snapped trying to free her hand from his grip.

He chuckled and suddenly left her and she ran to her class, seething with anger. What did he think of himself? Arrogant jerk!

After ignoring her for three years, finally on her sixteenth birthday, Tristan decided to start teasing her, flirt with her and disturb her, and it had been going on for the last six months.

She walked into Mrs Wiggins' English class and sat down on the front seat, her usual place, ready to submit her homework. Nicky rushed in at the last minute and sat down beside her.

"Sorry, I'm late, mom's gone for an emergency delivery and I forgot to set my alarm." She said breathless from running. "Did you finish the homework?" She asked.

"Yes, and you?" Amelia shrugged.

"Yeah, somehow, thanks to Google. " she grinned.

Mrs Wiggins walked in and asked for the homework. After submitting, everyone settled down for english Creative Writing class.

Amelia's spent the entire morning rushing from class to class and the library in between. She did not get time to open her letter and read, although she wanted to, very badly. By lunchtime, when Nicky had to visit the administrative office, Amelia rushed to the cafeteria to read her letter in peace. Due to the Inter-School basketball match to be held after school, the whole cafeteria was empty with only a few students scattered here and there.

She took her chicken sandwich and orange juice and sat in a corner. She opened her backpack and took out the envelope. Pulling out the pale blue letter sprayed with a citrus and woody cologne, Amelia inhaled its fragrance and read,

My Amelia,
Eyes are a reflection of one's soul. I love it when our eyes meet, even if it's only for a second, because it allows me to look into your soul. So pure, so innocent, so beautiful.

I love your eyes. I love your soul. Waiting for the next time you look into my eyes. Hopefully you can see my soul, my love for you shining within.

Your Anonymous Love.

She closed her eyes, with a goofy smile on her face, thinking about who might this Anonymous person be. When she opened her eyes, she found Tristan sitting two tables away, facing her, staring at her intensely with an expression she couldn't decipher. Feeling her eyes on him, his expression quickly changed to the usual teasing one, winking at her with his signature smirk.

Frowning, she quickly kept the letter inside her backpack and started eating her lunch, ignoring Tristan. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw him chuckling as he quirked an eyebrow at her, knowingly. She looked away, embarrassed at being caught while discreetly looking at him. How embarrassing could it get?

Suddenly Caleb rushed in with his two other friends, Chris and Brian, and they approached Tristan and sat with him. Caleb nodded at her and resumed his usual banter with his friends.

After five minutes, Nicky came in and fetched a burger, fries and a coke for herself, joining her excitedly. "I have to opt for Algebra to go into Junior grade next year. My maths score is too low," She said with hunched shoulders.

"No big deal, I can help you with it. Don't worry," She consoled, taking a bite of her sandwich. She felt a blush form on her cheeks at Tristan's intense stare from where he sat. She glared up at him and frowned, but that did not dissuade him from staring at her, even the slightest.

"So, today being Monday. Did you get your dose of love?" Nicky asked wiggling her eyebrows at her.

"Yeah," she answered shyly, concentrating on her food.

"Good, good. So any idea who it could be?" Nicky asked hopefully. Although they were best friends, she never asked Amelia to show her the letters. They were too personal to Amelia, she cherished them, did not wish to share them with anyone.

"No," sighed Amelia, wishing she could find out who it was.

Nicky sighed, "Let's go, it's time for art," Said Nicky, picking up her backpack, ready to leave. Amelia looked at her watch, lunchtime was over. She picked up her backpack and looked up to see her brother and his friends leaving as well.

After a hectic schedule of Art, French, and geometry, it was finally time to go home. Nicky had an appointment with the dentist at the hospital where her mother practiced as an obstetrician / gynecologist so she had to leave in a hurry.

Amelia went to the parking lot and waited beside her brother's jeep, while checking her mobile for any important messages.

Caleb came hurrying along with Tristan. "Sorry Amy, I have football practice for next week's semifinals. I'll call Brandon, and see if he can pick you up, okay?" Caleb said apologetically.

"No prob, bro. I'll take the bus." Amelia said with a smile, avoiding Tristan's eyes, ready to go to the bus stop.

"I can drop her, I'm going home as it is," Tristan spoke to Caleb with seriousness. "I've opted out of football this season due to my knee injury,"

"Thanks bro. See you then," Caleb said as they did a half side hug, patting each other, and left.

"I can manage Jay," Amelia mumbled but Tristan heard her call him by his favourite nickname, distinctly. It was the name that he always insisted that she call him since childhood. She was the only one who called her "Jay", and he loved it.

"No baby doll. I will drop you. No arguments," he said as he guided her to his car holding her lower back loosely. Acutely aware of his hand on her back she tried to move out of his hold, but he tightened his hold, brushing his sides with hers.

Opening the door of his black Jeep Grand Cherokee, he helped Amelia into the passenger seat as he jogged to the driver's side. "Do you want coffee before going home?" He asked gently, as if scared of being turned down.

She looked into his jade green eyes in surprise unable to form any sentences.

"It's just coffee, not a date," his chuckle brought her to reality and she nodded feeling annoyed with herself for getting carried away.

He drove to a cute little restaurant and parked. They went in together and Tristan chose a corner booth after ordering two caffè lattes and two molten choco lava cakes and two croissants. Amelia scooted in and surprisingly Tristan sat down beside her instead of taking the opposite seat. How uncomfortable could it get!

She tried to scoot further away from him but he quirked an eyebrow and leaned in and looking into her eyes, asked, "Do I make you nervous, baby doll?"

"No, I'm just worried that Caleb would see us," She lied looking at the menu, avoiding his eyes.

"Are you sure?" He smirked knowingly, "He gets off practice at 5 o'clock, right?" He winked as he went to collect their order.

She blushed at being caught. Yes, she was nervous being alone with him. She had this uncontrollable crush on him, his jade green eyes had a hypnotic effect on her and all her insides turned to jelly, every time he came near.

Tristan came back and sat close to her, sipping his coffee and watching her.

"I have something for you," he said as he dug into his pocket and took out a small case. Opening it he took out a delicate silver bracelet with small stars attached, adding to its charm. "This is for you. I had meant to give it to you on your birthday, but you received so many expensive gifts, I didn't know whether you would want it. I bought it with the money I earned cleaning my mom's garden for a month," he said as he took her hand in his own.

Amelia was overwhelmed. She couldn't get over the feeling of disappointment on her birthday, when everyone gave her something except Tristan. At first she thought he didn't care, and it hurt a lot. Later when the teasings started she thought he didn't like her at all. But his confession today really gave her hope that maybe he didn't hate her after all.

"I love it Jay. Thank you so much." She said looking at him."Put it on for me, please?" He gave her a dazzling smile attaching the bracelet to her wrist, letting his fingers linger on her skin, sending goosebumps up her arm.

"I carried it with me everyday, hoping to give it to you," He grinned. His touch sent electric tingles all over her.

She kissed his cheek, "Thank you Jay." She said, shyly. He stared at her without batting his eyes.

A familiar voice boomed across the restaurant saying, "Hey buddy. " Looking up outside the booth, to her horror, she saw Brandon with his best friend James. They greeted each other and entered the cafe to order their coffee. Before she could comprehend, Brandon turned around and saw her with Tristan.

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