Secret Love.

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A fight between responsibilities, love and challenges. Will misunderstandings dig Naina and Neil's own grave? Will they be able to fight their past demons together? Two strong leads remember not bossy, will they fall apart because here it's not the case of opposite attracts. Naina Singhania is a sweet, bubbly, innocent, selfless girl towards her family. Perfectionist and witty in the corporate world. Neil Malhotra is the most eligible bachelor in the state. Arrogant, dominating sexy as the greek god, where every girl is ready to be in his arms. But he wasn't interested because he wanted to meet his secret admirer, Naina. Naina had a crush on Neil Malhotra. She has dreamt of her future with him. Things changed when Naina had to take hold of her responsibilities. Her family was her main priority. When their paths crossed. Naina and Neil both had different partners in their lives. Then why did Naina and Neil had to tie the knot together? Will Naina accept her feelings for Neil, in-spite of other challenges?

Romance / Humor
Rinkal D. Ravaria
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Chapter 1

Naina's pov.

Today, I have back-to-back interviews meetings and seminars to attend. Work is getting hectic day-by-day. The Advisory Board had meetings for the whole month. Now finally back home after all the god-damn work. Since I was alone at home today, let’s have Chinese takeout and Netflix on my comfy bed. But I can’t have a late night. Tomorrow early morning, I have to reach our hotel where my whole family is present along with our friends. Let me clarify that it’s a vacation for my family before my wedding, but for me as usual business meetings.

My family is too excited and have shopped the whole collection of brides and bridesmaid. I mean, who does that? Anyway, I have to get up early tomorrow because I am a sound sleeper and too lazy without my family. My phone rang, and I knew it would be none other than my best friend.


“Stop your formalities. I want you early in the morning. But not in your curtains wear something decent and presentable,” kavya shouted.

“Can you stop being a mother of mine. It’s really torturing to get up early in the morning then to you want me to get ready like a model. I am sorry. I can’t do this, and what do you mean presentable? I always look presentable rather than a caked face model. So please,” I snorted.

“Anyway, a dog’s tail can’t be straight. At least dress presentable. Will it be fine with you?" She sighed.

Enough! I can’t argue with her now. It’s better to affirm later. I will show my tactics to her.

“Anything else, madam donkey.” I snickered, “How dare you call me donkey?”She said, fuming,

“Like you called me, a dog silly.”

“Anyway, what are my parents and brother doing? Do take care of them?”

She replied, "your parents are waiting for their daughter to be nicely dressed. As for now, they are sleeping, and your brother is with your cousins."

“Now enough, I will wear something presentable and decent instead of my curtains. Will it be fine, donkey?”

“More than fine my cute doggie,” she sarcastically replied.
“Bye, let me sleep. I am tired.”


Fortunately, I reached the hotel on time. Otherwise, I would have to face my mom’s wrath. It always felt peace and homely atmosphere at the backyard of the hotel as it’s at the outskirt of the city. As I have meetings in the evening and afternoon, morning is for my family and friends.

While entering the dining area, I spotted my family and friend along with an unfamiliar lady to me. I spotted kavya first. She came and tightly hugged me as if I had met her after ages. But we can’t help it. We can’t live without each other.

My dad came and introduced me to the lady. The lady was Radhika Malhotra. My mom will be working with her in her NGO. She is fun-loving and cute.

My entire morning was with Ms. Malhotra, and then I have to excuse myself for my meetings. I decided to wear a baby blue color business suit today, instead of skirts with minimum makeup and simple jewelry.

As the meeting was in the hotel itself, I just had to wait for my assistant and team. Since, all my meetings were wrapped up by evening. I have only one meeting to attend for dad. I quickly freshened up. I went along with my assistant and other two team heads to finalize the final terms of collaboration.

I quickly entered the conference room. I noticed that the room was quite cozy with a good interior.

Already two men in their suits were already present with their backs to me. My assistant acknowledged our presence.

They turned, and I got into the biggest dilemma of my life. I stood still as if paralyzed. I didn’t realize, I was standing at the entrance alone. He has changed his personality with arrogance. I noticed that he too had widened his eyes as if he recognized me. But I excellently masked my shock with an apologetic smile and proceeded with the meeting.

A lot of emotions were felt happy, sad, heartbroken, and concerned. I just want to finalize this collaboration then go and hide from him, but why is he staring me and didn’t speak anything, since I came.

Did he recognize me? I think No!



Enough! Mentally cursing myself. Finally, my smart assistant introduced our team, and we started our presentation. Fortunately, I didn’t do the presentation and thanks to my assistant and team heads. I was not able to concentrate on the presentation because he was staring at me continuously with an unknown emotion.

His stare was making me nervous and uncomfortable. I want to go but can’t, I mentally sighed. It’s better to complete the presentation, finalize and run, I encouraged myself.

Finally, the presentation was done by our teams. I was going to speak, his assistant came and introduced his boss, who is none other than my only crush Neil Malhotra. Yes, I had a crush on him for years, but for now, I have dumped all my feelings.

Won’t he speak except staring? I formally acknowledge his introduction with our handshake. It felt like an electric current shivered down my spine. I decided to leave. Suddenly, Mr Malhotra stopped me in his authoritative voice,
“Ms Singhania.”

I stopped on my tracks, my breath hitched, “Yes"

“Ms Singhania, we have finalized the deal, but I have a number of terms to be discussed. Since, it’s already time for dinner, why don’t you all join us”

Before, I could reply. Shreya herself agreed, while looking at him stupidly.

Then, what can I do? I nodded. I don’t want to go, I mentally whined. We all went to the VVIP section of the dining area. I sat beside Shreya and one of the team head, opposite to me was Mr. Malhotra. Why is he staring again, as if I am a ghost?

Finally, before dinner all the terms were considered. “Now, all the terms of the deal are finalized, then let’s have dinner. What would you have Ms. Singhania?”he asked.

“Anything would be fine. Since, everything is finalized. I would like to leave. As I had heavy snacks in the evening so, I don’t have the appetite. Thanks for the invite. My assistant and team will accompany you,” I hurriedly replied. Before he could speak anything. I ran from the dining area towards my room and cried.

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