Things Love Can´t Teach You

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Key is a young adult who just got dumped by his longtime girlsfrined as he moves to New York. there he meets Slate a playboy you who never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend for that matter. Slate becomes infatuated by Key who doesent understand the life choises of Slate.

Romance / Drama
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Love Life

Key carefully put the last shirt in the bag and then closed it with a sigh. He still had his doubts about the move, but the day had already come much faster than he hoped. Cassy could hear him, but she was ignoring it as she focused on cooking their dinner. Key then looked up and stared at her back with her long brown hair hanging from the ponytail, remembering their first talk about moving to New York. “We need to take the leap.” Said Cassy to Key who hated the idea.
“But are you sure, we can find good jobs right here.” Said Key cautiously and looked at Cassy with his big green eyes. Not that he was afraid of the big city, he simply hated changes especially unnecessary one. But Cassy stayed firm, she had decided that her life wouldn’t end before she lived in New York at least once and she was not taking no for an answer. It was Cassy’s dream and the only part of her that Key didn’t understand. Key gave way just like he typically does but this time she had to promise him that they would move back if they didn’t like the city. This was months ago, and they both had found jobs in New York by now and a place to live. Key was living his nightmare and Cassy was in cloud nine smiling all day and all night counting the days they would leave to start their new life. (1)

“Did you pack your books, there were few of them by the shelf.” Said Cassy. And woke Key from his thoughts. She still had her back towards him, and Key suddenly was filled with sadness. He averted the brown hair that had fallen in front of his vision and let his fingers through his hair as the smell of the meat filled his nostrils.
“No, I haven’t. will do that later.” Key said. He walked up to her with few steps and was behind where she was standing by the stove and gave her a hug. “Come here, I don’t want to let you go.” He said and was serious.
“Don’t do that, you are being too clingy.” she said, and her voice was gruff but still playful.
“I don’t care I don’t want to go.” Keys said almost to tears.
“It is only for two weeks, you will survive.” She said and tried to pry loose his hand around her waist, but she failed.
“That’s two week too long. I will die without you.” He said fake crying even though he was not that far from actually crying. She turned towards him and put her hand on his cheek.
“I love you and we will talk every day on the phone. don’t be discouraged now that we almost have it all. Us and the big city, can you believe we are finally getting to where we want.”
“I know I know, I just wish we could have this apartment sooner than two weeks. Or that I could start my job two weeks from now so that we could move together instead of having to be apart for this long.” Key said
“I know, but it is alright, we will manage.” She said. They looked into each other like they do, and Key was filled with emotion, and it took a lot to hold his tears back.
“You right, I love you.” He replayed with hoarse voice. They both smelled something burned and Cassy cried out.
“Oh, shit.” Said Cassy and turned to the stove, she almost burned the meat she had on the pan. If that was not enough, she almost burned herself as she hurried to take the lid of the pan.
“Be careful.” Key yelled.
“This is your fault any way, let go of me.” she said and elbowed him, but he had already let her go and she turned the heat down on the stove. She then stirred the pot while giving him a glare, but he only smiled back making her shake her head.
“You okey.” Key asked. He was worried about her but stayed out of her way to not get scolded again.
“Of course, I am not, you should stay away from me when I am cooking.” Cassy said with stern voice, but her eye glittered playfully.
“I told you I would cook for you today. I don’t understand why you insist on cooking all the time. You don’t have to.” Said Key who hesitated, he didn’t know if he should go near her or not.
“I know but I want to.” She said and smiled at him Key felt relived she was not angry with him. He leaned in for a kiss, but she only shooed him away. “Go and pack your stuff. We don’t need unnecessary stress tomorrow you need to get to the train early.” Cassy gave him a tender look then turned back to her cooking.
“Okey. Can I have one of your bags, I need another one.” Key asked
“Sure, just take the black one, it is big enough.” She said without looking up. (2)

Key started to pack the last few things he had left and then sat down on an armchair looking at the apartment that they have had for almost five years now. But it was time to move on and let go of the past, Key sighed and thought of how much he would hate living in the big city and all its noises. A lot of their high school friends live there now, and Key had talked to one of them, Brad. Key would stay with him until it was time to move into their own apartment.
Key felt sadder as the clock ticked and didn’t know what to do about the knot in his stomach getting bigger and bigger, Cassy however who was happy about the move where humming and almost dancing as she moved between the cabinet to find ingredients and kitchen items. If she didn’t have her job to think about, she would have moved with him. Key thought of all the things he would miss about this little town. His daily routine between the job, the pub on Wednesdays and Fridays, brunch with Casey’s parents on Saturday, and the casual walks in the park where they often end the day with an ice cream or some candy. He would miss it all. But Cassy assured him they would have better life, more exiting life as soon as they settled in.
“Come on don’t be so afraid, it is New York don’t you know how many people would kill for the chance to live there.” She could say as soon as the subject came up.
He wanted to believe her, but he also knew that he wouldn’t feel comfortable with it and that he preferred the small-town life. The peace and quiet it offered and that you knew everyone and everything about it. Key dreaded the day he had to rush around the streets in New York with thousands of strangers that had nothing to do with him. He would hate it, he just knew it.
“Food is ready.” said Casandra and Key woke up from his daydream.
“Looks good, baby. Do we have milk?”
“Yeah I can get it for you,”
“No it’s all right I can get it.”
They sat down at their little table in the corner of the kitchen who can barely fit two plates and glasses. They usually sit on the sofa and eat while watching tv, but today they both felt the need to be present with each other. The sat down by the table not wanting to bring up the reason behind their choice. Key was happy that neither wanted to talk sense he would just start to cry if the subject came up again. After long while of silence Cassy decided to break the ice.
“It will be fine, Key. I don’t understand what you are fussing about.” Said Cassy
“It will but it is annoying to be apart for so long time.”
“I know it is just not that we are going to be apart that is affecting you, do you really hate New York that much?”
“I don’t hate it.” Said Key not meeting her eyes
“Yes you do.”
“Okey you are right I hate it. I seriously don’t understand why we need to be in a big city where people are just strangers when you can live in a town where you know and can be friends with the people you meet.”
Cassy sighed they were clearly in different mind sets.
“We are really different you and I.” she said and looked sad
“Well that’s what I like about us. we make it work.” Said Key and worried about her look.
Cassy looked down avoiding Keys smile. It made Key only smile more and he touched her with his foot, and she responded. They played around while eating in quiet. (3)

The train station was packed with people even thought it was early in the morning. It was time for Key to say goodbye to Cassy. They embraced for very long time but had to let go as the train was closing its doors.
“Bye, I love you.” Key shouted
“I love you too, see you soon” she shouted back, and they both waved at each other as the train started to leave.
If he hadn’t cried his heart out the night before he would have cried today. But luckily for him he managed to stay cool as the wagon he sat in was filled with people. Key immediately took his phone out and called Cassy, they talked for a while but then she had to go to work.
“I hate this. Can’t you just take the next train, and we can stay at Brads plays even if it becomes crowded.”
“You need to calm down, it is just a couple of weeks. I love you. I really must go now. I love you, bye.
“I love you too, talk to you tonight.” Key hang up and looked around. By now the knot in his stomach was unbearable and Key considered that it perhaps could be something else and that he should seek out a doctor. He made himself as comfortable as he could in the seat and closed his eyes, but something kept him awake. He just had a bad feeling about this move, but he didn’t know what to do about it. He took a deep breath and put on music, maybe drowning his anxiety in music would comfort him.
The train finally arrived, and Key got off. He fallowed the stream of people and looked around for way out. He was looking for the exit where his friend Brad, who would be waiting for him when he got out texted him.
“Hi Key. Sorry man but I got hold up so can you take a taxi and get to this address, good luck.” Key was disappointed. He got out of the train station, and everything suddenly hit him, the sound, the movement, the people the cars he was really in the big city of New York. No small town anymore. His heart started to pound. He felt excited but at the same time afraid. As he stood there, he wished Cassy was with him. He, put his bag down and took out the phone. He snapped a picture and send it to Cassy, she immediately responded which made him happy.
“Wow, amazing, now I really want to go with you, did you do it on purpose, you really know how to make someone jealous.” Cassy texted and Key was responded equally fast.
“I told you take the next train please I don’t want to be without you for any second longer.” He wrote.
“I love you.” Wrote Cassy.
“I love you to.” Responded Key. (4)

Key called for a taxi and soon he was in Brads apartment. But just like tourist he had his head out of the window taking photos all the way. The cab drive laughed at him, but it was a kind laughter and Key talked to him all the way. Maybe the New Yorkers are not so bad after all, Key thought. Brad had a roommate who was supposed to be in the apartment when Key arrived, but Key only found the door open and the apartment empty. Brad texted him that it was alright, and that the roommate had just left before Key arrived, but it only made Key worried. It didn’t feel safe to leave a door open like that. As thanks Key had bought groceries and he put himself to work making dinner. Before that he went to his room to settled in. His room was a bit smaller than he had hoped. It only fitted a smaller bed and a work desk. There was also a wardrobe but beside that it was not much space for anything else. The walls where empty which made that the room felt naked. Key had to remind himself that it was only for two weeks and soon they would move in their own apartment. Which was not easy to find. Cassy’s dad had to ask an old friend for a favor and they cleared an apartment they own just so that they could live there. Key loved Cassis dad, he was a good man and a good father, he hoped to be more like him. Cassy used to laugh about it when he first mentioned it.
“Hey, man god to see you.” Said Brad who came in together with his girlfriend. “This is Amber, my girlfriend.”
“Hi, Amber nice to meet you. Hope I am not a bother, but I prepared dinner for you guys.”
“What! you did? that is so nice of you.” said Brad.
“Wow it looks good, are you a chef perhaps.” Said Amber.
“No it was nothing, come on dig in.” said Key and they sat down to eat.
“How was the trip here.” asked Brad.
“It was fine. I started to miss home as soon as I sat on the train.” Said Key and tried to hide his face. Brad laughed.
“I knew it, what did I tell you this guy can’t be without Cassy even if his life was dependent on it.” Said Brad while laughing deep bubbly laughter that made it hard to be mad at him. “They have been together sense kindergarten and never been apart. I don’t think you can make it my friend.”
“Stop it, I think it’s cute that you have been together that long.” said Amber, but Key was too ashamed to answer her. He nodded.
“No man, time fly I bet you won’t notice it have been two weeks. I promise you.” said Brad.
“Thanks, we will see.” Was all he could muster.
The rest of the evening he spends in his room. He had a lot of paper to prepare before his job the next morning. He promised that he would call Cassy only if he was done with his work, he tried to call her, but she shut him down not accepting his laziness. He smiled as he went through the papers. it was clear who was the clingy baby in this relationship. But he knew Cassy loved it, so he was not worried. (5)

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