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My first and last

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you said that you loved me" . he stood up from our bed were he was tangled with another woman . "you said it yourself "loved". I shake my head in disbelieve then I walk out the door " congrats I hope the slut was worth it" I salute and I smirk. I feel him staring ," you aren't worth my tears". hey, it's me the author, so everyone this story may sound cliche but it's very different from others and LGBT warning if you are homophobic. I hope you enjoy the book 😊

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1: lies exposed prt-1

I've been busy lately with the company ''valentine's group of company''. After dad had a severe cardiac arrest his been in a coma for five months counting , I always make time to go and see him since my mum who I expected to be by his side at this critical period but now I see she was only clinging to him for his money, never truly loved and cared for him. I noticed years ago that my mum and dad where just being civil in their marriage, I for one never witnessed that romeo and Juliet between them.

My grand father once told me when I was a child ''true love is consistent, never faltering decision to be with, to walk with, to be a part of the one you love. It does not fluctuate based on slight differences and arguments''. I didn't get it but now I fully understand as a twenty nine year old married woman I am. I was brought into the world through wedlock and my father didn't want his first child to be illegitimate so he married my mum not because they had love at first sight. We never had a family vacation, I only spent family holiday with my dad while my mum was drinking out her soul to the world. I started working at the company at twenty currently CFO of the valentine's, because of dad's absence I'm currently 'acting CEO' until he is back.

I park my car in front of the hospital and head to my father's private room in the hospital, where I find doctors stacked in it like a can of sardine. the door flies open with a crowd of doctors rushing out and one recognizes my presence and calls out ''Mrs Stone'' I straighten my back and I respond by nodding . he continues ''your father would like to speak to you'' he moves his hands towards the door and I follow his direction to see my father as pale as a vampire while looking at me as if he was about to go unconscious any minute from now. I sit in the chair next to him and hold his hand in mine caressing it gently because I know this will be our last conversation and I want to hear his last words loud and clear. ''Elly my lovely daughter, it's unfortunate to tell you this but i'll be leaving you soon'' he pauses, breathes in as if he just ran a marathon and proceeds ''I want you to complete my last wish''. I looked straight into his forest blue eyes, no hesitation, he was ready for his departure a long time ago and I nod in response.

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