My korean dream

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A girl who dreamt of South Korea...

Romance / Drama
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And so it begins

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,this is your captain speaking. We hope you enjoyed your flight....”

I woke up startled by a voice thinking I was dreaming once again about being in an airplane, the covid nightmares have not been ending.
“But, hey, no wait I am actually really in an airplane this time. Oh , yes, silly of me, I was in an airplane, flying to the land that I’ve been dreaming for more than 5 years now...South Korea...

Working as a doctor during the Covid-19 pandemic has not been an easy journey, the countless sleepless nights, the frights, the anxiety had been never ending. Thankfully, we finally came up with a vaccine that works and the situation is finally under control now. Thinking about a career change has been on my mind since my last years of med school, but thinking about fulfilling my dad’s dream has been my top priority.
Now, that I’ve done my daughterly duties, I’m finally off to fulfill my dreams. Yes, the day has finally come when I get to move to South Korea now. Only a few hours away till I land to my dreamland.

Trying endlessly to find another job, I finally got accepted into a company, they took me in primarily because of my language skills rather than my medical background which was so lucky for me. “I still can’t believe, it’s happening.”

My flight landed at Seoul International Airport at 8am. The manager of the company is supposed to come pick me up. As I came outside, I saw him holding up a sign board saying Dr.Nelly.

Yup, that’s me Nelly. Little Nelly as my Dad would call me. A 5’2 brown girl from a middle class family , now finally living her dream.

As I greeted the man , tall handsome man, I was politely greeted back by his 90* bow.
“Hi, nice to meet you, I am Mr. Joon Suk. I hope you had a nice flight”

“Yes, indeed” I replied back.

He took my bags and escorted me to our ride.

It was springtime in South Korea. The wind outside was crisp with the smell of cherry blossoms.

As we got into the car, he handed me some papers to go through and he told me to read it carefully as it was part of the contract that I will have to sign.

We finally reached at my apartment building. My room was on the 14th floor. We got off the car, and he dropped me in front of my apartment, handed me my keys “ You should take some rest now Doctor” and he bid me goodbye.

Thankfully everything was clean, so I just showered and went directly to bed.


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