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The onlookers turned and looked at each other only to realize they all had the same expression on their faces, this was due to the fact that just a picture of this bike could be sold for a reasonable amount talk more of its appearance it was priceless seeing the mother of all bikes physically even if its just for a minute, the memory itself will last with them for a while, the thought of using this information to brag with their families, friends and colleagues alone put them on a pedestal as most of them were youngsters who loved the nightlife and racing was one of the night activities so obviously the reason while this appearance would such an frenzy.
Alas even in their state of reverence and excitement they still couldn’t muster of the courage to make a move which could only be explained in two ways; one they didn’t dare to move as they wanted to savor the image before them and preserve the memory quietly, two the rider had such an oppressing aura that made them all to cower in fear and unable to react for a while despite not seeing the rider’s face, in the end regardless of the reason none of them dared to make a move until the Ninja R2H sped past them like a gust of wind leaving only and afterimage making all of them to sigh with emotion.
In a certain car among those still moving on the road a second generation heir was the first to recover his wits and excitedly exclaimed to his friends “guys was I dreaming or was that bike really the Ninja R2H? I mean like ‘thee mother of all things motorcycles’. Oh my God somebody please tell me you took a picture otherwise I might die from excitement this very moment ah!” he exclaimed, his friends could only sigh with emotion as they all shook their heads negatively.
If no one knew what that bike was how could they not know it? All of them were racers at the National level, unfortunately they didn’t have the qualifications to touch even an advanced power bike talk more of the heart of every biker in the world, they didn’t dare think any further.
Amidst the silence one of the guys who had been quiet the whole time reacted and asked anxiously “Joe wait a minute, didn’t your car have a dash cam that you uninstalled and reinstalled it on the roof to record the scenery the last time we were racing at the Obudu Cattle ranch? Quickly bring it out let’s see if it recorded that goddess just now” he said making their adrenaline pump excitedly.
At the other side of town the bike had already pulled up into an in-house private garage of a high end club and the rider elegantly slid down and pulled the cape’s hood over her ponytail hairstyle after removing the helmet, she strutted into EMPRESS private club house and directly took the reserved elevator for the president and directly pressed on the tenth floor which was the highest floor of this building and the most expensive of course. She quietly leaned on the wall of the elevator with her head slightly bowed which made the hood cover her face even more.
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