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Ten minutes later, the foreigner was sweating as he looked completely pale, his white face looked a ghost as he though in his heart ‘this new opponent is indeed an expert to not be trifled with, the moment this person walked in and removed my scanner I knew I was in trouble but still, this kind of defeat is too much I didn’t realize this person was going to beat me so ruthlessly, this person has not even given me some face considering my age not even a little leeway. No I refuse to admit defeat; I don’t believe I will lose all this money here. I have to think of a way otherwise I’m going to be dead for sure’,
Little did he know that he was given countless opportunities to surrender but has been too arrogant and self conceited to understand the situation, all he had to do was look around him at the reactions of all the people present when this person came in but he was just completely focused on being prideful and maintaining his face but as they say ‘pride goes before a fall’ now he regretted ever challenging this person, he just wanted to make some cash and gain personal benefits using business funds, who knew that all the money he had initially taken out plus all he had won so far was all gone in a short span of a few minutes ‘this is inconceivable and I definitely can’t let this matter go, I refuse to let it go’ he crazily thought but how could that shrewd look escape his opponents eyes, his little movements were all vividly seen through by the person sitting directly opposite of him (his opponent)
‘What a foolish old man, you still want to play some tricks? Well bring it on, I have a few more minutes to spare and teach you a lesson otherwise my name won’t be Nichole Tsegba’ she thought amusingly and sneered coldly in her heart.
The old saying ‘in this life one should never overestimate themselves and underestimate their opponents, lest they wouldn’t know how they died’ best suited this foreigner at this moment.
Five minutes later, she elegantly stood up after making sure her opponent had no penny left on him and prepared to leave, the foreigner suddenly waved his hand and said directly to his bodyguard “Capture this person for me immediately, nobody is leaving this place I want all my money back” he said shamelessly.
Nichole acted as though she didn’t hear a thing and stretched lazily before taking a few steps forward only for the foreigner’s bulky bodyguard to block her way, she lazily handed the bag over to him while raising an eyebrow then smirked coldly making the bulky man’s fingers tremble in trepidation, She turned around and cast a gaze behind her only to find the foreigner looking at her complacently “little friend, although your skills are quite good, gambling doesn’t just require skills to win the money but the ability to keep the money and spend it, unfortunately you’re only able to win the money but not spend it, don’t worry this daddy will give you some benefits, just obediently withdraw yourself from here and let’s pretend none of this ever happened what do you say?” He stated proudly with his chin held high and his nose in the air while looking at her.
Nichole simply chuckled at his words and cast a playful gaze on him and said “Is that so? I didn’t expect you not to know your own limits. Just remember later that you yourself refused a toast and insisted on forfeit but, before that do teach me how to keep and spend the money grandpa, don’t worry this junior is very smart and won’t waste too much of your time, but I have to teach you how to have some patience and self awareness as well, what do you think?” She spoke carelessly and fueled the foreigner’s anger. Him who has lived and mixed into the underworld for such a long time has never allowed himself to suffer any losses or grievances; nobody has ever treated him so disrespectfully, so how could he bear an unknown person’s nonsense? He could not stand for such an insult. Anger surged through his body and he exploded furiously and slammed his hands on the table screaming orders at the top of his lungs for the bodyguards to make a move.
‘How dare this little nobody act so arrogantly before me? Even the old man back at the sect has to be tactful when talking to me. I will teach you a lesson today’ he thought.
The bodyguards moved swiftly and approached her forcefully as ordered but abruptly stopped at arm’s length without making a move before bowing deeply to Nichole and retreating to the side obediently while their gaze towards Nichole is filled with utmost respect.
This outcome completely confused and infuriated the foreigner as he angrily gnashed his teeth but couldn’t still understand what was going on, he turned to look around hoping to get some insight but what entered his sight made him even more confused as all the people present in the private room simply had the attitude of watching a good show including his female companions as they all looked at him with disdain while some whispered to each other
‘To think he actually dared to bring dirty money into town to do business and even arrogantly came to EMPRESS to cause a ruckus’.
‘What a foolish old man, he doesn’t realize that EMPRESS belongs to the military people right?’
‘That’s right, if he knew I doubt he would dare to come here. I heard he’s here to do some laundering or something like that and is still looking for extra benefits, how laughable’
‘Well he dared to provoke EMPRESS’ boss which means he can forget about leaving the city peacefully and I’m sure the underground powers wont dare make a move to save him, after all who wants to have a faceoff with the military?’
The discussions continued in whispers and slowly but surely, the foreigner finally realized he had made a serious mistake and offended those he shouldn’t offend. Thinking this way he felt a chill run down his spine and directly plopped down on the couch like a deflated balloon.
Nichole simply smiled nonchalantly as she opened the door to the private room and left with the bodyguards in two each hold a briefcase, while the whole private room was filled with discussions but the foreigner was no doubt in the worst position as he looked ahead lifelessly. ‘I’m done for’ He thought
-Inside the EMPRESS’ general manager’s office -
Three men stood by the side while Nichole sat on the black leather chair behind the large oak wood table and scanned their faces with a very sharp gaze making the three men shudder in fear
“Mercenary paradise, Vermillion bird, crocodile dance”… she slowly called out with a meaningful tone and a cold smirk on her face
“Yes boss”…. They replied in unison while looking as though they were standing on pins and could pee their pants the next moment. She coldly glared at them then rose from her seat and made her way before the three men.
“I gave each one of you a task today and you failed me” she paused “what to do about it? What to do? What to do?” she slowly continued in a sing-song-tone
The three men nearly fainted when they saw the enigmatic smile that graced their boss’ face, before any of them could speak she slowly picked up the internal landline and pressed a few commands on it
“Prepare the chopper, we’re leaving now and tell the manager to restart the surveillance cameras in fifteen minutes, dismiss the crew once they arrive, I’m flying that bird myself…” She hastily gave out a few instructions to the people on the other side and scanned the terrified faces of her subordinates and her expression darkened.
Nichole quietly picked up her cape and directly walked out without saying a word leaving her subordinates to scramble up tailing behind her quietly as she headed to tshe rooftop, she slightly turned her head and saw them obediently following her from a little distance and snorted coldly at them.
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