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-Beijing China-
An elderly man in his sixties or seventies sat behind a large glass table in a brown swivel chair as he swirled the red wine in the glass tumbler in his left hand while looking at something in his left hand it was a picture of a young girl in a bright yellow sundress and lay on the green grass surrounded by a sea of daffodils, she looked like the flower fairly and her smile was full of life and youth. Her bright eyes could reflect a thousand stars in them but they also held a small hint of enigmatic energy in their depths. He looked at the picture with pure fatherly love and obvious doting in his aged eyes but his face displayed an indescribable pain.
“My child, you have really done me proud, but I’m still not content, you have lost your smile piccolo…” the old man muttered with pure heartache.
‘I feel so much heartache for you granddaughter, if only I had protected you well, if only’ He thought and smiled bitterly. But as they say, there’s no medicine for regret in this world.
There was a small knock at the door which brought him out of his thoughts as his slipped the picture into one of the cabinets and closed it while his eyes became sharp with a cold expressionless face.
“Come in”; He said in an ice cold voice with eyes fixed on the computer screen.
The door clicked and in came a young woman, upon seeing the elderly man’s face she knew the old man was currently in a bad mood, she quietly made her way to him and hugged his shoulders from the back and started acting spoilt “what are you so upset about old man? You look like someone owes you money” she murmured to him with a playful smile on her face.
The elderly man slowly looked up with a surprised expression on his face before snorting coldly “Humph, I thought you have forgotten about this old man” he said coldly with an expressionless face but his eyes clearly reflected love and tenderness.
“Just what nonsense is going on through your head old man? I’m just too occupied dealing with some issues back in Nigeria, that’s why I haven’t come to see you for so long alright” She stated. “And please wipe that cold façade on your face, you know you love me the most” she said while rolling her eyes in a playful manner making the old man Sigh helplessly.
“Besides I have a surprise for you and I’m sure you’re going to love it” she continued mysteriously.
“Is that so? I wonder what that could be…” he said thoughtfully.
Suddenly he remembered that just before she came he was very worried about how to broach the topic of match making for her, who knew that this brat could successfully throw him off track? The main problem now was obviously how to steer this conversation in the direction he wanted it to go. He had initially planned on having a good talk with her and probably persuading her into going on some blind dates but she has already steered the conversation in a completely different direction making things hard for him.
Sensing the sudden shift in atmosphere she quietly retracted her hand from his shoulder and calmly walked to the floor to ceiling glass window and sighed looking straight ahead towards the busy roads of the city, the sun was shining brightly above and everyone looked to be very busy in the streets beneath the building.
“I know what you have on your mind grandfather, I’m just not ready yet, those things are still very fresh in my mind and it’s hard to let go” she said with a very weary tone breaking the silence to which the old man furrowed his brows and sighed heavily making the atmosphere sad and gloomy.
Grandfather: “Child, you have to take care of yourself and remember you are human and not a machine, it’s been seven years already and I’m sure this is what He would want, for you to be happy Nicks, remember you promised him that” He stated with a pained expression
Nicks: “I know gramps but its not easy fulfilling that promise, besides He was the one who first broke a promise. Regardless I understand you concerns, but just give me a little more time to take care of these stuffs I’m currently working on, once I’m done I will consider it” She mumbled as a sad look appeared in her eyes but she quickly blinked it away and gave him a small smile.
Grandfather: “you take care of issues all the time, but okay I will give you six months, that’s all the time you have understood?” He stated seriously with a tone of finality that did not allow any arguments.
Nicks: “I got it old man”.
Grandfather: “By the way, I heard you were involved with a young chap over at HQ, and He’s one of your best subordinates” he paused, “Listen child don’t feel pressurized, you know our family doesn’t need you to marry rich, so whoever you bring to us is fine as long as they are good to you and that brat but you must like him enough okay?” He said with a mischievous expression while his eyes showed a gossipy light.
Nicks: “hahaha….. Since when did you become so idle that you now listen to gossip old man, you sure are living the life” She mused
Grandfather: “..”
She laughed when she saw him speechless; after all it’s not every day that you see the Grandmaster speechless
Nicks: Anyways, you said so yourself, he’s my subordinate and about the rumors, it’s because your dearest great grandson embarrassed him when he helped my secretary to bring my chrysanthemums into the office which led to a misunderstanding that he was chasing me”. She explained chuckling.
Grandfather: “you brat, get over here and I promise not to kill you”. He jokingly threatened to which she laughed while he looked at her dotingly before he continued “Although I’m disappointed it’s only a rumor I’m still very satisfied with my great grandson, he’s already a man protecting his woman”. The old man stated proudly.
After that heart to heart banter, they discussed business, family and other general topics before she left him.
- US Secret Counter Terrorist Organization headquarters -
An officer ran into a conference room and whispered something to a smart looking man wearing a black Italian suit with and inner white shirt looking smart and handsome, his expression darkened the moment he heard the news, He abruptly stood up and slapped his hand on the table while his entire demeanor become cold, he glanced at the twenty something executives seated in the room “We have Intel that ‘The Second Young Madam’ was in Beijing a few hours ago, I want all hands on this lead so get to work right away people and don’t forget, she’s being a ticking time bomb in our hands for the past three years and still the most wanted yet protected on Interpol’s list for the past three years, I want a clean sweep of that entire country am I understood?”
“Yes sir” they replied and rushed out of the conference room to make the necessary arrangements.
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