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-Ten minutes later-
Inside the presidential suite of a seven star hotel in Beijing China Nicks walks out of the bathroom in a white bathrobe and walked into the living area of the suite, on the side stool sat a bottle of the’85 Laffite in a bucket of ice and a clean transparent nuance goblet with a folded paper towel as a lid, she elegantly picked up the bottle and opened it slowly with a ‘pop’ sound then poured the red liquid half filled into the goblet before slowly lifting it to her lips as if to sip but withdrew it a little bit before finally taking a sip of the wine and rolled it on her tongue for a second before slowly swallowing the liquid, her mannerism completely displayed and in born elegance and good etiquettes of a young lady from an aristocratic/wealthy family.
She heard a slight movement at the door with her sharp hearing and became extremely alerted but the four knocks on the door made her relax a bit even though she was still a little guarded. A deep male voice sounded from the other side of the door
“Boss, we have a situation”…. Her subordinate reported anxiously
They all knew their bosses’ temper wasn’t the best especially within this period of time every year, he could only pray that she doesn’t blow him up for disturbing her but this was a very important information that needed her attention. When she heard the familiar voice she dropped her guard to a certain degree but soon became irritated as she slowly stood up and made her way to the door and opened it.
Nicks: “I’m wondering which flowers to place on your grave after I kill you Raider?” she tated with a dark expression on her face. “Speak” She ordered coldly which only made Raider become scared but still steadied his voice before replying;
Raider: “Boss, I got Intel that SCTO HQ has dispatched their Agents here, they know you are in the country”, Raider reported worriedly, they all knew their boss’ situation with SCTO and the leakage of her location was a dangerous feat, so whenever traveling they were extremely alert. But what she said next completely left him speechless
Nicks: “Oh…” rubbing her left palm on her forehead she looked frustrated before slowly sighing, “that psycho Smith is really getting old and dumb, I’ve been expecting them since morning and its already midday, so slow” she said looking completely annoyed
Raider: “…”
Nicks: “Since they are on their way here we might as well give them a warm welcome, I really want to see what Psycho Smith has planned out for us this time.” She stated blandly as an evil glint flashed across her eyes making Raiders heart shudder. “I’m quite curious and excited. You can go back now I’m going to get some sleep. Oh and please get me Tiramisu and Xiaolongbao, I also want Hààgen Dazs Spirits Irish Cream Brownie Ice Cream, tell the chef I want hotpot for dinner” she gave a long list of food and slammed the door shut in his facebefore Raider could say anything else and walked back to the couch in the living room while Raider looked completely lost and speechless by his boss’ reaction.
He had been so worried when they got that information and hurriedly reported it to the boss so they could make arrangements on how to handle the situation but the boss’ reaction completely made him confused, He even suspected their boss was bipolar at that very moment.
She even has the appetite for food and calm enough to sleep? Raider thought and even suspected that he must’ve gone mad or be dreaming. What he didn’t realize though was the fact that his boss was no ordinary character.
I’ve always thought of all the pros and cons of my every action, I’ve had expected this outcome and was I’m fully prepared but that’s not for him to know. With this thought in mind she slowly made her way to the floor to ceiling glass window and pressed a few commands into her wristwatch with a vicious expression on her beautiful face.
“Vermillion bird, you and your team be on stand-by at the Daxing Airport, Mercenary paradise you and your team and in charge of the other small airports, Team crocodile dance, I’m leaving everything sea and lastly spike, you and your team take care of all things road and train stations, y’all know what to do so don’t you f***king call me unless it’s necessary but, let me know when they arrive and when you’re done rounding them up” She said and directly hung up without waiting for any reply from them.
After the call she quietly gulped down the remainder of the wine before making her way back to bed as she slept like whatever was coming had nothing to do with her.
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