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On the other side of town a Nichole lay sprawled on the bed the beeping from the watch around her wrist made her stir in her sleep as she immediately sat up straight and pressed a few commands on the watch before the picture of a man in military uniform appeared on display “Speak” she said in a cold yet raspy tone.
Caller: “Boss they are here and we are about to make our move, do you have any extra orders for us?” the caller spoke in a respectful tone while a cold glint flashed across her eyes as she smirked
“round all of them up for me as earlier instructed, but for disturbing my beauty sleep you have exactly three hours to complete the task and report back to me or you all might as well not return” she replied in an icy tone
The subordinate knew they were in deep trouble, their boss was someone who hardly got any sleep so every second of her sleep was priceless yet he just woke her up from her sweet sleep and if her cold tone indicated anything it was the fact that they have just received an ORDER they could not afford to dilly-dally in this mission. Their lives depended on it.
Caller: “Ye..yes boss”
He stuttered and hurried to end the call but before he could hang up she suddenly reiterated in an even more powerful tone.
Nicks: “EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM” she stated
The subordinates knew no mistakes were allowed in this mission so he quickly adjusted his composure
Caller: “UNDERSTOOD BOSS” a chorused reply came through the voice speaker before the call ended and turned to his men to give instructions and formulate a plan of action after which they all looked at each other and nodded as a sign of good luck.
-Thirteen hours later-
US Secret Counter Terrorist Organization (SCTO) HQ Mr. Smith was clenching and unclenching his fists as he heard the report of all his men disappearing without a trace in Beijing, his cold eyes looked piercingly at the agent reporting the situation to him fiercely like he was his worst enemy, the agent trembled feeling a chill down his spine, he opened his mouth to say something when another agent rushed into the office with a phone eyes full of panic
“Director I’m sorry to interrupt but you have to take this” he said handing the phone to his superior
Smith furrowed his eyebrows but still took the phone from the agent “Smith speaking” he answered with a formal tone but there was no reply from the other end, just when he wanted to speak he heard a crisp feminine voice from the other end filled with mockery
“Hello Director Psycho Smith long time no see, I’m sorry I got your present long ago but I had to make special preparations to reciprocate after all its been a while since we last interacted which is definitely unlike us, that been said your present is on Flight number ******** Beijing to LA, go and clean the trash you exported, I’m too lazy to bother with the small details, oh and don’t worry it’s a live delivery after all. Too bad they might not be able to walk for a while what a shame. But oops your guys are really lucky you see? They got to enjoy my latest invention before it went public, sigh. Please take care Smith I won’t bother you again” she innocently exclaimed, yet before he could say anything else he heard a ‘beep, beep, beep’ sound coming from the phone indicating the call has already been disconnected.
His expression darkened and the room temperature dropped to the lowest minimum, the agents shivered as though they have been locked in a freezer, a cold smile crept up his face as he closed his eyes and leaned back in the swivel chair, three seconds later he opened his mouth, the creepy smile still hanging on his face “Damned woman, how dare you do such a gutsy thing? Everyone listen up, I want every single thing you have on ‘the second young madam’ case on my table this minute, UNDERSTOOD?” he stated coldly and immediately instructed some of his outer subordinates to check the flight details and confirm his suspicion and as expected everything was exactly as earlier predicted, all the agents he dispatched were top notch highly trained and skilled in both combat and weaponry and yet they were still no match for that damned woman and her people.
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