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Back in china the young boy stood beside the huge queen-size bed that was only occupied by a very thin figure which could not even cover one third of the bed, she was completely covered by the pure white quilt except for her face which looked very peaceful at the moment, the little boy’s expression was very soft as he looked at her with love and adoration, he lightly sighed and tried retracting his gaze only to get a fright from the voice he heard next “Is Mommy not pretty again or are you trying to say you’re more good looking?” he subconsciously flinched before he pounced head-on into Nicks’ arms smiling foolishly with as his eyes turned to crescents, the woman lowered her head and gave him a big kiss on his temple to which the boy lifted his little fingers to hold the woman’s face before kissing her temple, eye lashes, nose, cheeks, chin and finally lips with a bashful smile on his face before replying “how can Mommy ever lose her beauty?, Mommy obviously is the prettiest in the whole world and Allen is mommy’s baby so how can he lose out in terms of beauty?” he stated in a cute way with a narcissistic look on his face.
The woman chuckled at her son’s narcissism with a face full of adoration, suddenly a scene flashed in her mind ‘these words sound familiar’ she thought, someone once said to her ‘You’re the most pretty girl in the whole world so how can I as your man afford to be lacking in looks?’ an expression of narcissism plastered on his handsome face. Thinking of this person bitterness welled up in her heart and spread all over her body, she looked down at the small face of the boy curled lazily in her embrace which has begun to look more and more like that man, she couldn’t help but rub his head with a gentle look in her eyes. “Mom, when are we going to go and see great grandpa, great grandma and grandma? I miss playing chess and golf with them very much especially grandma’s pudding” the boy said softly as he snuggled in his mother’s embrace like a lazy cat.
Nicks: Do you miss your grandpa and great grandpa or their money Allen? She said chuckling
Allen (Nicks’ son): Mom what are you talking about? I have enough money, besides if I go broke I can always depend on my super rich mom right? He said mischievously.
Nicks: You brat, aren’t you supposed to be the man of the house supporting mommy? How can you be so shameless? She said helplessly
Allen: cough cough …. Mom, can you not act helpless with me, everyone knows you are rich enough to buy a whole country. He said with a disdainful look on his face.
Nicks: You brat…. Her face darkened “you dare to disdain me?” before she could finish her statement Allen jumped out of her arms skillfully and sprinted into the bathroom before locking the door tight to escape for his dear life, everyone thought his mom was an Angel to him but he knew better, he was her life but her upbringing was very strict, whenever he made a mistake he would get spanked and mommy’s spanking is more painful than the gruesome trainings he has undergone his whole life. Thinking up to here he stopped and pulled out an Apple phone out of his pants pocket, the background was a picture of him and his mom in combat gear, he smiled gently at the picture before dialing a number, a few seconds later a man’s respectful tone came from the other end, “Young Master” he greeted with a trembling voice
“Go get me a bunch of chrysanthemums, I want at least five different colors, deliver them in the suite, you have exactly half an hour to do it and one more thing, deliver them yourself” he paused “and tell the restaurant to get everything ready” he gave orders in a very strict manner before hanging up the phone.
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