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Twenty five minutes later
A man in his early thirties could be seen walking in the quiet hallway of a luxurious hotel, he walked with hurried steps as his gaze was fixated on the last large door at the end of the hallway, his forehead was covered in cold sweat, in his hands was a large bouquet of flowers with different colors mixed together, they were very beautiful to say the least as he kept on chanting words like he was saying a prayer. On his body was a professional black suit making him look extremely noble and respectable, soon he arrived at the door and hesitantly knocked with his trembling hands the sound of footsteps could be heard from the other side of the door before a cold voice resounded “who!” just the voice alone sent a chill down his spine.
How can this two have such similar traits? Even the voice is the same. He thought in his heart before he composed himself after some breathing exercise before replying “its cobra boss, I’m here to deliver young master’s order” he replied, silence receded from both sides for a moment before the door was opened making taken aback at the sight of so many flowers but soon understood what was going on the moment she realized they were all her favorite flowers the different colors of chrysanthemum.
This boy… what does he mean by ordering these flowers? It can’t be he’s trying to make me lower my guard so he’ll do some mischief right? She though.
Nicks looked at the flowers then looked at the person in front of her, she opened her mouth intending to say something but at the same moment she felt a slight pull on her sleeve making her turn around only to see the little brat looking at her with his big, bright, innocent eyes, he blinked at her mischievously and kept tugging on her sleeve pitifully, that pitiful look could melt even the great century old ice tower talk more of Nicks who was a mother, even though she already knew her son was taking advantage of her love but she was helpless, ‘who told him to be her precious son?’ she thought to herself as she narrowed her eyes and collected the flowers before putting them on the small coffee table in a calm manner. At the same time the two people behind her heaved a sigh of relief and turned to look at each other and the boy glared at him furiously before he walked in front of his mother with a fawning look on his face. “Don’t look at me with that exaggerated expression” she said glancing at her son with disgust clearly displayed on her face but her eyes still softened after looking at his awkward face “cough cough, cough.. Boss, young master the restaurant is ready” cobra reported awkwardly but his eyes were completely focused on his young master with the look of ‘I just saved you, be grateful’ it would’ve been okay if he hadn’t done anything more but the moment he did a sharp gaze full of disgust was shot straight in his direction from his young master, it was so scary that Cobra, a full grown man who has experienced countless bloodbaths was so scared his legs almost gave way while silently saying a prayer in his mind ‘great Buddha, little ancestor uuum… grandpa please don’t be mad, spare this ignorant subordinate’. The woman looked at them helplessly before dismissing the poor cobra who had a wronged expression on his face
Nicks: “Allen, you’re not allowed to be bullying people like that, you have to be a gentleman understood?” she lectured
Allen: “Mom, you know you can’t blame me right? He’s too stupid; I mean who asked him to have such a low IQ at his age? I can’t help it mommy it’s too tempting to tease him, oh and its teasing not bullying mom, bullying is a strong word and it’s against the law.” The stated wisely making his mother speechless.
Nicks: “Isn’t it because you’re too smart that he seems stupid to you? Your intellect is too high okay, way higher that your age and height. That’s something normal people don’t have” She stated helplessly.
Allen: “Mom so you’re saying I’m not normal? But if I’m not normal then that means you’re also not normal because I’m your son. Only someone abnormal can birth an abnormal person that’s what I learnt in genetics science class” He stated coolly while his mothers expression completely darkened.
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