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This story revolves around two publicly aclaimed enemies who get entangled with each other unknowingly as they uncover chocking secrets about themselves that will forever changes their lives. Nichole Mwuese Tsegba Is a 26 years old widow cum single mother and definitely not interested in men but as always, fate has other plans. She's a woman with a traumatic past, many secrets and an eventful life. She's decisive and ruthless in the business world and considered a the messenger of death underworld. Nichole os secretly plotting her revenge against those who ruined her life. Enter Smith, the head of an international Governmental organization that has gone rogue, he has a reputation of being ruthless to all including women and children, popularly known as 'the ice mountain'. Smith has an unclear past that haunts him daily and he's definitely not looking for love, he's on a mission to cover a loophole from a mission gone wrong years ago. All plans go awry when Smith accidentally saves a seven year old Allen in an assasination attempt but gets captured by Nichole's people who mistake him for the assasins. What he doesn't know is that him and Nichole are that loophole he's trying to fix. While Nichole doesnt realize the Agent he hates the most is connected to her. What happens when this two individuals are left with no option but to stick together and to battle a common enemy?

Romance / Thriller
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In the hospital’s Emergency room (ER)
A good looking young man with defined features, he looked like something out of a painting, his refined features resembled a carefully carved jade.

Despite his sickly looking appearance his facial features remained unaffected, his thin lips which were pressed in a straight line, high nose bridge, thick eye lashes like a phoenix’s feathers, refined eyebrows like a work of art.

The only movement that could be detected was the up and down movement of his chest which indicated his light breathing and weak heartbeat.

The only sound coming from the large hospital room was the beeping sounds of the machine which was connected to the person on the bed.

The scene on the corridor just outside the quiet ER was very depressing, a small crowd of people could be seen with their heads hanging, sighs, silent cries of agony brought the atmosphere full of grief and gloom.

At the far end of the corner a girl probably in her teen could be seen wearing a floral kneel length dress that accentuated her figure showing off her beautiful long legs

She exuded a very cold aura while her expression remained completely blank yet her eyes held in-depth fear, she constantly blinked her beautiful eyes an attempt to mask the emotions in her eyes but kept failing miserably.

When everyone was too engrossed in their own thoughts and emotions she quietly slipped into the room and the water works began sans warning the moment she caught a glimpse of the person laying on the sick bed.

She managed to muffle her tears and quietly sat on the smaill stool beside the bed, her eyes never leaving the bed, She blinked away her tears when a memory popped in her mind;

'marry me Nicks, I will take good care of you, you’ll be in charge of beauty and I’ll be in charge of earning money for our family, we’ll have only one child, so the old people won’t bother us again.

As for the house let’s have a three storey villa with enough rooms to accommodate everyone when we have a family gathering, the sex of the child, I want a little princess but I also want a boy so he can help me look after you when I’m not available what do you think?'

He had a proud smirk on his face, upon seeing her expression become angry from getting shy his smirk deepened.

At that time the sound of that low magnetic voice was especially sweet, enchanting and beautifully annoying to her ears making her blush deeply.

She recalled that scene and her eyes filled with unshed tears, she scooted closer to bed and held his hand then whispered in a sobbing voice;
"Please wake up okay, I promise I will only marry you in this lifetime.

Everything will be according to your arrangements but please wake up otherwise I will go and follow that guy from the supermarket and leave you here, at that time don’t blame me for being ruthless and….”

She abruptly stopped when she felt the hand she was holding tighten it's grip on hers, she was first shocked then excitedly stood up and tried removing her hand from his in an attempt to call out, unexpectedly his grip on her hand tightened even more.
“Listen, can you let me go first? I have to go call the doctor okay, be good and let go of my hand” she said helplessly and tried removing her hands from his again

“Ugh.." a hoarse painful groan sounded out. "You heartless girl, stay still and let me hold you” a very raspy voice spoke with obvious difficulty, his tone full of complaints and accusations.

“Okay, okay, I'm heartless but please let me tell everyone you're awake alright?” she pleaded
“NO..” he spat out coldly then blinked his eyes open and gave her a fierce look.

“What do you mean? They’ve been out there the whole night worried sick about you while you were leisurely having your beauty sleep, at least let them know you’re fine so they can relax” she accused agitatedly while trying to pry her hand from his iron grip.

“Don’t go” he pleaded pitifully.
She looked at his face only to see his clear black and white eyes filled with grievances, his appearance completely melted her heart and she sighed helplessly.

“I can’t do anything to you can I?" She completely gave up trying
"Alright, I won’t go anywhere I promise” she said earning a big smile from him, she helped him drink some water before he closed his eyes.

"I love you baby" he mumbled before drifting off to sleep but his grip on her hand remained unmoved. She looked at him with pure tenderness on her face while her lips curled up into an arch.
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