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A lady laying on the king sized bed abruptly jerked up, her entire body completely drenched in cold sweat, she tried to normalize her breathing and heartbeat.

She weakly wiped her forehead with trembling hands then turned on the bedside lamp and quietly slid off the bed with a helpless expression.

She looked to be in her mid twenties clad in dark brown pajamas consisting of shorts and a crop top, the dim lights highlighted her delicate features.

She had a tiny button nose, heart-shaped lips, long natural eyelashes like a raven’s feathers, big emotionless eyes, smooth and flawless chocolate skin.

Her hair was covered with a hair net and her petite frame made her look like a delicate jade, she wasn’t quite blessed in the b**b department but the size was just right to perfectly accommodate her body size.

Her ethereal appearance and aristocratic grace made her even more appealing if not for the cold aura that surrounded her which gave a feeling of being alloof to the world.

She walked straight to the window where a big balcony with a single rocking chair was placed by the right corner of the room with different kinds of plants lining up the left side of the balcony

A cold gleam flashed in her eyes and a gloomy expression slowly crept on her face for a split second but was gone the moment she blinked her eyes and her face turned indifferent as her eyes fell on the rocking chair.

She unhurriedly turned and sat on the rocking chair then curled herself into a ball-like position before lazily closing her eyes with a sigh and sat up straight.

‘It seems to be just a bit past mid-night. Why did I suddenly have that dream? Could it be a kind of reminder of that day? Hmm, anyways it doesn’t matter now since I’m up I might as well settle a few issues’. She thought to herself.

She stretched her left hand out to reveal a pigeon size diamond ring on her ring finger and smiled bitterly, she looked to be in a trance and stared blankly into the sky.

Her beautiful eyes revealed loneliness, loss, pain, hatred and a mix of indescribable emotions;
“It seems I have to take this off” she mumbled to herself and sighed quietly before she lazily stood up then closed her eyes.

She blinked her eyes open and shot out a terrible coldness from the depths of her eyes while her face had a deep rooted indifference plastered on it as she quietly slid the huge diamond ring off her finger decisively.

She turned on her heel and walked back into the room and out the door with big strides, after turning a few corners in the hallway she stopped in front of a door and quietly opened it revealing two silhouettes laying in bed quietly in each other's embrace

The only sound heard was their light snores and the rise and fall of their chest indicating their breathing which was the only movement detected causing her cold and indifferent face to show hints of gentleness

“Mom, Dad, I wish I could have your kind of happiness”….she said gently as though she feared waking them up. Suddenly her as her face darkened and she spoke coldly;

“And I won’t let anyone snatch your happiness and love away from you two no matter what, I promise” she stated with a determined tone.

With that said, she slowly closed the door and walked back to her room then picked up her cell phone from the bedside and typed a few commands and placed it on her left ear.

Before long a ringing sound could be heard as she walked into the bathroom to do her business.
After a while the ringing stopped and was replaced with a mechanic voice of the service provider.

Annoyance crept up her face and her whole person turned gloomy as she forcefully pressed the redial and used a hands free mode while simultaneously changing her outfit

Long black leggings, a black crop top, long black cape with a hood and black heeled leather boots, making the ethereal and aristocratic aura on her body to be replaced with a completely murderous and wild aura

The coldness around her body magnified making her resemble the god of death while her indifferent expression showed her disregard for everything, the speed of her movements was very shocking

After what seemed like forever someone finally picked up the phone with a trembling voice and hurried breath like they had just run a marathon.

”Hello CEO” a quivering voice that had managed to steady itself answered, to which the later raised a brow and a wicked smile appeared on her cold face making her look more terrifying

“I wonder why I’m the one waiting on you to answer the phone like you’re the boss and I’m the assistant, you’re getting bolder and bolder by the day Nguuma. Is everything ready?”

Assistant Nguuma: “Yes Ma’am, everything’s ready we are only waiting for your orders” he replied.

CEO: “Where’s Mercenary Paradise?”
Assistant Nguuma: “Erm…About that boss” He stuttered

“He’s not back from the assignment this morning and I’ve not been able to reach him for a while now, I decided to check his location with the tech team and discovered he’s over at EMPRESS”
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