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Chapter Two

I got frightened and i switched off my phone. With trembling hands i opend the gate. What are you doing at night alone in room? It was my cousin brother who was asking me. I forgot to tell you i live in joint family. Nothing brother i was just going to sleep. My brother with heavy voice Yeah you should go to sleep its quite late now.


I was new in class so i sit on front desk. There was a girl, she was wearing spectacles I was just about to sit, she told me that you can't sit here. I saw her face and I left. After one hour she came to me and started saying sorry to me because she felt bad that she had thrown me out of the seat. Then we introduced ourselves her name was Ella she was white skin girl with brown eyes she had very thin lips her voice was very polite. After few weeks we meet another girl, her name was Luna. Luna was very brilliant girl she was very intelligent in studies. She had small face and thin body. She had a pony tail, her skin was fair and she had big eyes little spread nose and small mouth. After a month we became best friends i really don't know how. It is sill a mystery.....
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