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A 16 year old girl living with her aunt and her 15 year old little brother after her parents died in a car crash starting a new life in California she is graduating after being moved up grades when she was younger but she meets her dream bad girl will she choose to run away with the girl of her dreams and get married at 16 or be a normal 16 year old and go to college and then find love will she choose the right path or will she get led to a life of sadness...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- my backstory

(Rivers pov)
Hello I'm riverann but I go by river I'm 26 now but my journey begins at 16 my parents just died and we just moved to California from Pennsylvania which is a long way it was me and my brother I do have 2 little sisters at the time they were only 9 and 7 so I didn't want them to half to come but me and my brother drove for what felt like forever but anyways backstory time I've tried to remember as much as possible so I might mention it more about what happened but here is my backstory

(Rivers backstory)
I was born June 12th 1995 I was the only child for a year then they Hayden a year later well my mom got pregnant 2 months after having me and Hayden is like my twin brother almost but we're completely different then 7 years later my parents had my little sister Angie and 2 years later they had my little sister lunamoon but she goes by line to some people and moon to others I call her both but when It was just me and Hayden and my mom and dad they started fighting a lot to the point we heard glass break evey night and we would cry a lot to the point I got use to the sound and slept like a baby every night but Hayden didn't and he would have nightmares well they broke up and my dad got a new girlfriend her name is sandy and she was a total bitch and my dad would hook up with my mom and the same thing happened Everytime sandy would find out then she would try to leave then my dad would offer her money usually from 10,000$-100,000$ the more he paid the more she would act like nothing happened and that's how they had my little siblings well at my dad and Sandy's wedding she announced her and my dad were having a kid and me and my brother were mad so we do have a step sister katlynn she is a bitch though and spoiled as hell well the day my mom had Angie my mom almost died and my dad was in the waiting room making out with a girl I believe her name was Lucy or Mandy or something like that I don't know we'll she survived and my dad started having a fair with whatever her name is and another girl bella I think it was well sandy found out and she didn't care cause she was a gold digger at this time I believe katlynn was 3 and all 4 the girls including my mom have had abortions several times and they all would act like are mom trying to be the best to the point we all got spoiled me Hayden Angie and moon and we went from having a lot of money to my mom losing her job and so we had to go live with sandy and Mandy or Lucy or whatever her name was and bella one night after the next and they all were rude cause bella already had 2 kids to someone else and they would hit us a lot and that was happening till last year we got to move back in with are mom and her and dad apparently got back together even though he was having affairs like crazy and this leads us to how they died my girlfriend at the time made me go to this cook out and we got into a fight and she ditched me at the cook out it was late my parents came and picked me up and they got in a car crash and I survived but they didn't...

(River pov) and that is about it for my back story I might have left some parts out but there will be a lot explained now let's get on with my story before it gets to born

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