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Roxie starts a new job working in a school working as a tutor and she loves her job. But before she could focus on her job all she can think about is Elias who appeared in her dream and on her first day at the job. What will she do when she finds out he is her manager and is into her?

Romance / Fantasy
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Have you ever thought you were somewhere and then you wake up and boom you're in your bed? As I'm thinking about my dreams and how much anxiety they cause me I drift off to sleep. I usually do not fall asleep so fast but that day I had my first ever phone job interview and it took all my energy out of me. I hated it the whole time but hopefully, I get the job and can get my money to do whatever I want. My dreams a lot of times start in my room and that's how this one started.

I wake up in my room and a man walks into my room with a smile on his face. I freeze then look down noticing I was still wearing my pjs. Weird. Taking in his features, dark messy brown hair blue eyes that remind me of the cartoon Danny Phantom, which freaks me out even more. He was five feet seven taller compared to my five-foot-two self. If true-crime podcast taught me anything it was to take in their features before anything and politeness get you nowhere.

The number of stories I have heard about where the victim who just went along with murder instead of asking them a million questions freaks me out. I could never do that I would be the one to fight back and die trying at least. So, this situation freaks me out causing me to hyperventilate. I look at the man who is smiling at me with a gleam in his eye like he knows something that I don't. As he walked toward me, I lifted the blanket over my head.

It's just a dream! There is not a cute boy er man in my room! I peeked my head out from the blanket and he was at the bottom of the bed...giggling? Of all the things to be doing this boy is giggling because I'm afraid of him. I couldn't believe this. I yanked the blanket off of me and looked at him like he was crazy and he stopped laughing. "I'm sorry," He looked down at his hands that were shaking slightly. He saw that I noticed and sat on them. "You don't even know who I am. What was I thinking..."? Maybe he knows me and I forgot or something but why was he here. As he said the last word, he got up the tray of breakfast not slipping but was now on my bedside table and when I looked back at the man he was at the door. The gleam was gone from his eyes and he seemed like he wanted to be anywhere but here. "One final thing before I go." I nodded not able to find my voice with this situation going on." If you see me don't say anything to me." And with that, he disappeared through my open bedroom door leaving me speechless.
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