Beyond the stars

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This was in my draft, June 2019

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Chapter 1

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"Why are frowning?" He gently asked while tucking some hair to my ear.

I rolled my eyes. Here we go again. I decided to moved a bit farther from him because of his annoying gesture.

He didn't moved closer which is good.

I raised my book to my face level so he won't see my face and he can focus in finishing his stuff.

I stole a glanced on him. He was holding his pen and writing some notes. Even in my peripheral vision, he is still good looking. His eyebrow that fits perfectly on his almond eyes, the way his jaw moves when he talks. Why the hell he have those features?

I immediately diverted my eyes on my book when he suddenly gazed at me. My sight is still on the text of the page when I felt him moved closer to me. Too much closer for me.

"It's hot" I murmured without looking at him.

"It's not. It's winter already" he said that made me looked at him. He's smiling like an idiot.

"Philippines do not have winter season"

He pretended like it was a new knowledge that he just recently earned. His mouth was in O-shaped.

"Oh right" He puts down his pen on his book and closed it. His smile never leaves his face. He would always randomly asked me on whatever things that ever crosses on his mind just to make me talk.

Why did I met this guy in the first place?

"Why is he here?" I simply gestured his twin brother that is sitting beside her.

"Well, he was bored and my driver had an emergency so he can be our driver today all day" she said smiling from ear to ear.

I nodded and started eating again. A few minutes had passed and no one dared to talk because he was here. Astrea and I used to talk on things but now he was here, we can't because he might be the code to open our vaults of secrets.

"So how was your training?" She asked after wiping a tissue around her lips.

"It was depressing on the first day and a lot of boys--" I paused after realising what I'm going to say. I cleared my voice before continuing my edited story. "...Boyfriends of the other trainees was so noisy but they were immediately gone by the afternoon."

She smiled, successfully reading my thoughts. It should be 'a lot of boys was hitting on me and it was really annoying.'

"And what about the competition?" She asked that made me frowned.

I placed my fork on my plate and looked at her. "I refused it."

She laughed on my answer before sipping her juice.

"Good choice then" I nodded as her phone started ringing.

She immediately picked her phone. And after a while, she was frowning.

"I'll be there" she stood up, totally forgetting me and his brother before running to the exit door of the restaurant.

We both fell silent. I don't even know his name and it will be total embarrassment if I'm going to asked him.

I received an incoming call from Astrea.

"I'm really sorry Bry, There was an emergency on the foundation, I really have to be there. I already texted my brother to drive you home. And he said it's okay"

I checked his brother if he was holding his phone and he was.

"Okay, see at school tomorrow then" I uttered before ending the call.

It took thirty minutes before I arrived on my apartment and I was a bit surprised because he did not us for the direction, maybe Astrea told him my address.

I unbuckled the seatbelt before going out. I peeked through the mirror and thanked him. He give me a small smile before starting to drove away from me.


That was a long ride. But that was not a good ride. She was using her earphones and I could not start a conversation. When I'm going to open my mouth to say something, she would glanced on the other side of her seat.

"How was your day, Sir?" The British gate guard asked me after I parked my car. He was a navy before and since the salary was more high here, he decided to stay and he runs a business somewhere in the Avenue.

"It's alright?" I shrugged and I remembered something. "Is Astrea already home?"

"Yes, she just arrived few minutes before you"

"Okay" I said before going inside the mansion.

"What happened?" I asked Astrea, who's sitting on a staircase.

"One of the kid, accidentally fell down on the monkey bars while playing, but it was a just minor injury." She explained.

I sat beside her.

"How's Bry?"

I tried not to look sad. It is just starting and I need to patience.

"She didn't talk to me the whole ride"

She chuckled before patting my head. "She doesn't talk much around strangers"

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