Meridian's Revenge

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Gordon, Dane, Meridian, Jonjoui, and everyone else was doing well at the d'Anise plaza, and Dane was elected in the Sultry Lands office. Dane urges Meridian to take the vacation her long lost friend Max asks, but will their meeting go to far, and will letters to Meridian about her rendezvous threaten Dane's status, or their marriage, and family as well?

Romance / Adventure
Literally Lisa
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Part one- One-

Vernon, and Teale had a truly white wedding in Switzerland one snowy Christmas. It was one the first vacations most of the mansion dwellers went together. Wed in regal white and teal, the seasons had not changed for Vernon Shelby and Teale Carlisle. Despite their age differences, they were strong together, handsome, beautiful, and as Meridian Michel’-d’Anise Millicent, and Gordon, Padimye, and Linux, they were another match made in heaven. Vernon was still good looking, and took great care of himself. He was still in shape, had a positive attitude and congenial spirit, and was in good health for his wealth.

Teale, and Vernon were an extraordinary couple who celebrated their union in Switzerland. In mostly glass, their newly designed three story home, astounded their guests. Their chalet in between a mountain viewed other mountain landscapes, where they held a grand ball in a hall, and the scenery was breathtaking! Vernon’s background was from Switzerland, and only as a child had his grandfather taken him there a few times. Vernon had his great grandfather’s home in the mountains designed for Teale since she loved flying over the mountains of Tibet that winter holiday for a fashion show she designed.

His idea was better than any trip Vernon could’ve imagined for them. They’d been engaged for a while, and as she progressed, Vernon never felt better, because setting a date was essential, but he had time before her business settled while rebuilding the grand chalet. It’s spacious lands in the front is filled with acres of lush green farmland, grass, and trees like mountainous moars. Vernon and Teale spent most of the last two years shaping their future. She worked on her clothing designs, and opened a few more of her designer stores in three major cities. Switzerland, here they come!

Through the chalet rests a spacious home. Vernon repaired, and replaced wires, lighting fixtures, a few pipes, stairs, railings, knocked down many walls, and had the crevice remodeled, with new appliances, walls, and floors. Vernon had the entire outer walls of the house cut out twelve inches from ceiling to floor from the windows, replaced with glass, and the entire U-quadron shaped ranch appeared the sun. The roof was raised three stories, and he replaced its house shingles in stone. All they saw for miles, and miles were green mountains in the summer, snow caps, and blue skies in the winter.

Their wedding was a heavenly sight off the mountain cliffs of the modern glassed cathedral looking abode. It was as if floating on midair. Teale fell in love with it’s enchantment, and Vernon had been charmed by it’s graces since boyhood. Their Swiss chalet is impeccable. They traveled, and insisted Enid Rae flew as well. She grieved her late companion Charles Scott, he suffered one heart attack too many, and was bedridden for the remainder of the short life he had left. Charles dies in his sleep but the autopsy showed his death was caused by a massive heart attack, and her late husband Dane’s brother Denim had been dead a long time.

Gordon, and Dane attended the wedding, but flew back to the Sultry Lands the next day. They’d been out to Vernon’s chalet a few times over the time it took the remodel. Their houseman, chef in training Laise, makes things interesting while Cook was still hanging in there, and training him well. Everyone missed Charles too, but Miss Enid Rae d’Anise was a standstill. Enid enjoyed her travels, and her stay in Switzerland. It was a place she wanted to go ever since she was a child. She was given a private suite off another part of the house she appreciated. It was positioned greatly, and she was able to reflect.

The excitement on the day before the wedding was outrageous, and in her honor, Enid was still slightly ditsy, but well loved. She, and Meridian were still very close, and Millicent, and Enid grew close as well. In her room, Enid could speak to Charles from the clouds, and say what was on her mind, because her room too, was as if it floated in mid air. There were two housekeepers, and one set up Enid's wardrobe for the time she's spend. She gazed at the snow capped mountains, and embroidered until she was called for a meal. Enid stayed to herself, but left her doors open. It was Denim she'd missed her whole life.

The wedding was majestic overlooking the springs, waterfalls, and snow capped mountains. It grandeur was charming, launched with metal beams in the colonial style of their three story home filled with space which seemed to hold their lives precisely. This time was an occasion of a lifetime. The couple stopped at nothing to please each other, and the elegant affair was sumptuous, and they will never drift apart as much as their ages. Teale, and Vernon were fabulous. He kissed his bride with as much passion as she could taste, and in the glass palace they lived, there was no wonder if one day it shatters with passion.

They had fireworks in the bedroom. Jonjoui would not make the trip. She was busy in the Sultry Land city, with her other beauty salon businesses, and could not leave. Vernon and Teale were very happy and their lives were fulfilling. They called their winter retreat, Chateau Shelby, in Switzerland. Vernon spent wonderful times with his father, and brother's hunting in Switzerland in view of the mountains when he was a boy. Teale’s clothing galleries are successful there in elegant places, and her designs were hard to resist, and trendsetting. Teale was fabulous and the name behind the style.

The clothing designs sold at her fashion shows sold at high stakes. Her clothing featured in her design shops, and worldwide in major department stores, and modestly became independently wealthy before she knew it, what did she expect? With the proceeds Teale was loyal to her family, and paid for her two youngest brother's to go through college. Things got tougher when Teale’s father ran off, and still miserable with young woman he was forced to marry. She hadn't any more illegitimate children besides the last two she said he fathered. They were still hanging in there because she needed a place to stay.

Teale's father's character was pathetic. Vernon was grateful he had Teale for his woman. Teale was a tall, true classy, elegant, picturesque beauty and she was thoughtful. She came from trying beginnings but had class. She won a Mildred Verona designer scholarship for college, ran to chase her dream. Teale worked very hard, and was very talented. She learned all she could, and when she started to make money she promised her mother she'd help her, she had, but her mother met someone who thought she was worthy, and both Teale, and her mother did not look back, and had been blessed ever since then.

Teale got off the plane with the girls and waved at her husband that late afternoon. Vernon she knew, was just as pleased to see her too, they had only seen each other one weekend in Miami that year, anxious to get home to dinner. They spent their lives in marital bliss, and he traveled the world with his wife. Their dinner arrived at their Sultry Land home just in time, he knew she would be famished. They talked, and she was not just blowing smoke about Sadir, and India’s talents in fashion.

"They stay focused the entire seminar, and worked extremely well together compared to most of the class."

Vernon was impressed, but expected no less. Sadie d'Anise, and her cousin India, were talented girls, and worked well in LA Boutique with Enid, but with the ruckus they'd given their older brother's, their mother's Meridian, and Millicent would have their doubts. Teale soaked sensually in a bath of heated bathtub in smelling bath salts they liked. Vernon went with Mr. Mon Cheri' to a real estate conference while his wife was gone. Teale, and Vernon took care of her family. He was cordial, and they loved him. Most of Vernon’s family was gone. He was debonair with a positive zeal for life.

He was virile, distinguished, good looking with a dry wit and keen sense of humor, they deserved each other. They were another ideal couple in love, and their lives together had been glorious.

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