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Five minutes.

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Romance / Erotica
The Pink Duckie
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He rushed to his cell phone and got excited, yes, a message from her! He loved the DAAA-DA sound that those messages gave on his phone, it made him think of her immediately.

The text simply said: “Be ready for me at 20:00”.

He smiled. It meant that he got to serve her that evening. He loved serving her, it gave him a purpose in life.

He spend the rest of the time dreaming of how he will get to serve her. Will she order him to beg to buy something from her wish list? Will she tell him to watch her eat? Will she tell him to pay for her ice cream? He never knew what to expect. Except that it would make him happy!

At 20:00 he sat at his desk, waiting for her instructions while smiling happily.

She called him up and said “Hi! Camera off!“.

“Good boy”, she said after he turned off the camera. “How are you, subby?”

He smiled. He loved being called subby by her! “I am fine”, he answered.

“Just fine?“, she asked while pouting her lips and looking into the camera.

“No”, he rapidly corrected, “I am great. I feel great now that you call me!”

“Glad to hear it.” she answered. “I do not have much time, only 5 minutes or so. I feel a bit down. But I want to feel great too. Do you want me to feel great, subby?”

“Yes, you deserve to feel great!“, he answered rapidly. His heartrate already went up because he was certain now, she would let him serve her!

“Good subby. You know just what to say!“. She giggled. Oh, he loved it when she giggled. He would die, just to hear her giggle.

“Put the cell phone on your desk”, she said, “Tell me, are you going to make me happy? Are you going to do what I say?”

“Yes, yes, I will”, he said rapidly in the phone.

“Good, good”, she said. “Now... be a good subby... and... kneel in front of the desk! And put your hands on both sides of the phone.”

“What, why?“, he answered. She had never let him do that before. She never made him kneel or so, she just gave orders to do something for her.

“Shhhhhhhh.“, she replied. “Just do what you’re told, subby. Don’t disappoint me!”.

He hated it when he disappointed her, so he did what she told him to do.

“I am on my knees now”, he said, feeling vulnerable and a bit sheepish.

She clapped her hands while looking into the camera, like a little girl would do. “I like this. Good subby. Does it hurt a bit, sitting on your knees?”

“Yes”, he admitted. It was true: his full weight was pushing on his knees and the pressure was bearing down hard.

“Hahaha”, she laughed. “I like it! Poor subby!”

She paused and smiled into the camera. “And I know it hurts, subby. I know that. And I like it. I like it when you’re in pain for me. Do you like it when I hurt you, subby?“.

He winced.

“Tell me... do you like it?”

He sobbed and whispered “Yes”.

“I can’t hear you, say it louder”.

He said “Yes”, louder now.

“Yes, what?”

He sobbed. “Please, don’t let me say it. It is so humiliating.”

“Hahaha. I know it is humiliating, silly subby. Say it! Now!“.

He sobbed again and said quietly: “I like it when you hurt me”.

“Louder, subby! I want to hear the humiliation in your voice!“, she demanded.

“I like it when you hurt me”, he said, louder this time.

“Again!“, she demanded.

“I like it when you hurt me”, he repeated, sobbing.

“Hahaha. You are such a loser! Again!“.

“I like it when you hurt me”, he repeated, sobbing.

She clapped her hands again and said: “Good subby. Again!”

“I like it when you hurt me”, he repeated, sobbing.

“Good subby! I like the power that I have over you. Even if I don’t really get anything out of it, I just like to feel the power!”

He sobbed.

“One more time, loser“, she demanded.

“I like it when you hurt me”, he repeated, humiliated.

She smiled. She did all this because she wanted to make sure he felt submissive, humiliated, knowing that it made him like her even more.

“Now... be quiet and sit there for a minute”, she said.

He sobbed. His weight was really pushing on his knees, so he wiggled a bit and tried to relieve the pressure.

“Does it hurt?“, she asked after a minute or so.

“Yes”, he whispered.

“Good. Just a bit longer. Just try to ignore the pain, subby!”, she said, giggling.

After another minute, she said “Good for you that I don’t have much time! Now, be quiet and suffer some more. Take it. For me.”

He sobbed.

“I love it when you sob in pain! It makes me feel so powerful, subby!”

He sobbed again.

“I don’t have much time, but I wanted to feel some power! You are a good subby, you made me feel a bit happier with this pain. ”

“Thank you”, he said, “You make me feel happy too.”

“I know, subby”, she answered smiling. “I know what effect this has on losers like you. But I’m leaving now. A five-minute power-trip was enough. No complaining! Have a nice evening!”

“You too.“, he said.

“And try to ignore the pain in your knees, loser”, she said giggling before she cut the connection.

He went to lay on his bed, rubbing his knees, waiting for the pain to go away, thinking about what she did.

Happy as a puppy.

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