The Fae Girl - Book Two

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It’s been almost a year since Alice found herself in this strange new world. She’s learnt to use her Magic, lost it completely, and then found it again. She’s been attacked, she’s been half burnt alive and yet she’s also found love and a happiness she couldn’t believe possible for herself. But War is coming. And when Alice disobeys the High King and ends up being taken captive she is forced to learn more about her own failings than she ever wished too… Can she escape her captors? Can she stop the High King from collaring her if she does make it back? And can her and Prince Fain survive it all still together?

Romance / Fantasy
Ellie Sanders
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Chapter 1 - The Decision 🌶

Alice stood in front of them, feeling all their eyes on her, judging her, and thinking about what she’d said. She could see almost all the Generals frowning, as though they were weighing it all up. She looked at the Lords of the Great Council but their faces were impassive and gave nothing away.

She’d made a good case, she knew it. She’d even played to every one of High King Uther’s wants, trying to manipulate him into doing what she wanted. What she knew was right.

Now was the moment. Now, after she’d laid out all her cards, it was in their hands. She gritted her teeth impatient for their decision even though she couldn’t see how they’d say anything but yes. It was what Uther wanted after all.

And then one by one they shook their heads. She couldn’t even hide the scowl if she’d wanted too and she certainly didn’t need to look at Prince Fain to know he had a smug look on his face.

“But why?” She asked, because she couldn’t help herself.

“The decision has been made.” Uther replied.

“Is that what you really want? I mean really?”

Uther looked at her and she could see the smallest of smirks on his face. He knew she was playing him and it was clearly amusing him.

“Alice…” Fain said gently and she looked at him and rolled her eyes. This was all his fault, he’d done this she realised. It didn’t matter what she’d said, what she’d done today the answer was always going to be no. He’d probably already spoken to his Generals, spoken to all of the Council, and already got them on his side before she’d even had a chance to convince them.

“But I have my Magic back.” She replied persisting and she turned back to look at the High King. “It’s what you wanted. You know I can help.”

Uther frowned before looking sideways at Prince Fain. She could practically see the small shake of Fain’s head and then he looked back at her.

“You will remain here.” He replied and she shook her head.

“Fine.” She muttered before curtseying and leaving the tent. It was all she could do not to stomp out she thought.

She saw Nela and Indi waiting for her and she could tell from their faces that they already knew what had happened.

“I can’t believe it.” She said as they walked back to her tent. “They didn’t even listen to a word I said. Fain must have ordered them all to refuse me.”

“Maybe it’s for the best.” Indi said sympathetically but Alice just sighed.

“How can it be? They’re all going off tomorrow, going to fight and yet I’m being made to stay here with the women and children, like I can’t even contribute, like I can’t even help.”

“That’s not it and you know it.” Nela said calmly. “You’ve only just got your Magic back, no one wants to risk you hurting yourself or doing anything that might backfire on us.”

“The High King has never cared about my welfare before when it came to using my Magic…”

“Then maybe you should be grateful that things have changed.”

“Grateful? To be left behind…” She moaned but she saw Nela rolling her eyes and fell silent.

“You’ve never fought in a battle before, I’m sure it all seems very exciting right now, and I’m sure you think you can help but when it comes down to it, when people are literally fighting for their lives and dying around you, that’s not a place anyone would willing choose to be.” Indi said quietly.

Alice sighed. She didn’t think the fighting would be exciting, she was under no illusions as to how bad it would be but the thought of her being stuck behind while they were out there risking their lives, it was driving her mad. She could help, she knew she could. But what did it matter anyway, she thought, there was no changing Fain’s mind and that meant there was no changing anyone else’s mind either. She had to accept it as much as she hated everything about it.

They walked into the tent and Alice slumped onto the nearest chair and picked up her stringlet.

“Well?” Mira said looking between them.

“Don’t ask.” Nela muttered.

“Oh.” Mira replied looking at Alice. “Well on the plus side at least we can sit it out together.”

Alice looked at her and smiled. It felt like Mira was getting closer and closer to a breakdown the closer they got to tomorrow. She was half worried Mira would chain herself to Ridley to stop him from getting on the ship.

“Yes we’ll sit it out together.” Alice said with a small smile before starting to play. Mira sat down across from her, her own stringlet in hand and together they played tune after tune.


Fain walked into his tent that evening already knowing that she was waiting for him and already more than aware that she was in a huff.

“Alice…” He began but she just huffed and turned away from him and he had to fight the urge not to laugh. “You do realise how cute you look when you pout…”

“If you think that’ll win me over…” She began and he couldn’t help but sigh then.

“The Council made their decision.”

“No they did exactly what you wanted them to do. What you made them do.” She muttered. He walked over and went to hold her but she shoved lightly him away.

“You’re so used to getting your own way aren’t you?” She said and she glared at him.

“Always.” He said before grabbing her arm and yanking her into his chest. She rolled her eyes but didn’t resist. “And you’d do well to remember it.” He added before lifting her chin up and kissing her. She could smell him, smell his scent and it was intoxicating.

She kissed him back before she even realised she was doing it and then pulled away.

“Don’t try to charm me…” She said but he just smirked before picking her up, throwing her over his shoulder and depositing her on his bed.

“Try and stop me.” He replied before kissing her again and starting to undo the buttons on her shirt. Slowly he moved down, kissing her neck and then along her collarbone. She gasped before she could stop herself. And then she gritted her teeth, just because he could win her body over with little resistance didn’t mean he’d won the argument, she thought.

“Fain…” She said as she tried to sit back up. Trying to at least reason with him.

“Enough.” He stated and he looked at her. “Let it go.”

“Fine.” She muttered laying back down and throwing her arms back dramatically. He smirked as he watched her. She met his eye and tried to hide the smile creeping across her own face. “Go ahead and charm me then…” She said and he pounced.

He yanked her shirt open and ran his hands up over her. He pulled her corset off and then tweaked both her nipples before leaning down and slowly licking each one. She gasped at the feel of him, at the feel of his touch on her skin. At the feel of his tongue wet against her.

“I’ve wanted to do this all day.” He said as he ran his fingers over her breasts and feeling her writhe into him. “Do you know how beautiful you looked standing before the Council, making your case…”

She moaned feeling herself aching for him to be in her already.

“And do you realise how much strength it took not to just grab you back in that tent? How much resilience?”

“You are nothing if not resilient Prince Fain.” She half whispered into his ear.

“I am resilient. And patient…” He stated as one hand slipped down under her breeches and between her legs.

“So patient...” She gasped as he leant down and bit her nipple. The sharp pain mixing with the pleasure at what his fingers were doing was almost unbearable.

He smiled slightly before yanking her breeches off and undoing his own.

“Now, do you promise to behave yourself?” He asked looking down at her as she lay waiting for him. She nodded. Her breath increasing in anticipation.

“Say it. Say that you’re going to do as you’re told.” He ordered pulling both her legs round to the side so that she was half twisted, laying on her back but with her pussy perfectly positioned for him to do as he liked. She felt herself getting wetter at the thought of how exposed she was, at how he could see all of her.

“I’ll do as I’m told.” She said meeting his eyes and he thrust into her. She arched her back in pleasure her hands grasping at the sheets around her.

“That’s a good little Fae.” He said and he thrust again, pulling on her hips as he did and feeling her body respond. He thrust again, harder, more forcefully, ramming her hips against him over and over and over, feeling himself going deeper and her tightness opening up to him. He ran his hand inside her thigh and over her clit, rubbing against it as he thrust and she gasped feeling the extra sensation, the extra pleasure. She cried out unable to control herself anymore and then he came, his hands digging into her skin as he released himself into her before falling to lay beside her.

She snuggled into him and he wrapped his arm tightly around her waist and kissed the side of her head.

“I’m scared.” She said after a few moments.

“You have nothing to be scared of.” He said quietly back. “You’ll be safe here.”

“Not for me, for you.” She said and she turned to face him.

“I’ll be fine. I’ve fought enough battles before and I won’t be leading the charge.”

“But you could still get hurt.” She said tracing the outline of one of his deeper scars that run along his shoulder.

“Then I’ll just have more battle wounds for you to enjoy.” He said and he kissed her before frowning.

“What is it?” She asked.

“You’re not going to like it…”


“I think I should put a block up. For the battle, for the fighting. Soldier’s lives will be dependent on the decisions I make and I don’t want to be distracted…”

“So you want to block me out?”

“No, just keep your thoughts out. If you’re scared, if you’re worried, anything you’re thinking, I’ll be able to feel it and I can’t have that distraction. I can’t afford to.”

She looked at him and ran her hand across the side of his face. He was right about her not going to like it but she knew he was right about the block too. It just meant that it would be more unbearable for her while he was off fighting and she’d have nothing, no way of knowing if he was safe or not. But if it kept him safe, if it meant he would be able to fight better…

She kissed him before she spoke. “Do what you need to do.” She said and he nodded and pulled her tightly to him breathing in the sweet scent of her hair.

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