The Fae Girl - Book Two

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Chapter 2 - Indyra

Indyra sat uncomfortable in the carriage as it jolted along the beaten up track. She gritted her teeth thinking about how much she had endured, how much she had been put through of the last few months. She was a High Queen still despite her banishment and yet the way Uther’s soldiers treated her, she shook her head, it was almost too much to bear she thought.

The carriage lurched forward and she had to throw up her hands to stop herself from crashing into the side. If Hardharst had been desolate then wherever they were taking her to now had to be positively a ruin to have such a bad road leading to it. Of course that was probably what Uther had intended all along, using the excuse of an invasion to lock her away in some cold ruinous castle till she gave up and died. But she wasn’t going to. She was determined that she would outlive him. That she would somehow make him suffer for everything he’d put her through over the last few years no matter what it cost her, no matter what it took from her.

She heard the soldiers yelling outside and rolled her eyes. No doubt the damn carriage was stuck she thought and she’d probably be forced to sit and wait by the road for hours while they fixed it. More shouts echoed around and then the sound of horses approaching. She frowned unsure why there’d be anyone else on that road. Despite her determination not to look, not to give the soldiers the satisfaction, she pulled back the curtain and stared out. She saw riders coming down from the bank, all wearing black and showing no banners. Something about the way they moved was wrong, the formation, the way they held themselves. She’d been around soldiers enough to already know these men weren’t friendly.

She gasped, had Uther sent them? Were they assassins here to slit her throat. Make it look like an accident and leave him free of her. An arrow shot out from somewhere and hit the soldier directly in front of her carriage. He groaned as it rammed itself into his throat and he feel hard back into the door before falling down into the mud. Indyra stifled the scream that almost erupted from her and she cowered into cushions of her seat. It couldn’t have been Uther, she thought, he wouldn’t have killed his own men just to assassinate her.

This was something else. This was something much worse.

She heard the cry and the clash of metal. The sound of dying men filled the air but she stayed huddled inside because what else could she do? She could hardly fight. And she knew there was no escaping this.

Then there was silence. Nothing. She froze, afraid to even breathe.

The carriage door was wrenched open and it was all she could do not to scream.

A solider dressed in black stuck his head in and looked her up and down before gesturing with his head for her to step out. She steeled herself, after all, if this was her few last moments she wasn’t going to face it like a coward.

She stood up and carefully, slowly, stepped down from the carriage and onto the muddy track. She looked around and the soldiers all stood waiting but not for her.

A figure walked towards her, and they were smiling.

“Hello Indyra.” They said and her jaw dropped in shock.
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