The Fae Girl - Book Two

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Chapter 7 - The High Prince’s Anger


“I told you not to come. I told you to stay safe…” He barked at her.

“What would you have had me do? Sit, waiting in a tent for you while Spectrals were crawling all over the place?”

Fain scowled.

“You’ve been missing for almost a day…”

“We got cut off. The Spectrals attacked and we had to break from the rest of the Battalion.” He stated though he was unsure why he was justifying himself to her.

“Are there anymore? Spectrals that is?”

“No.” He said meeting her eye. She sighed relieved, not because she couldn’t have fought more but because she’d had enough of tasting their foul magic for one day.

“We should get back to the caves.” Ridley said and Fain nodded.

“How did you persuade the High King to agree to this?” He asked as they followed the rest of them over the rocks. She avoided his gaze partly because she didn’t want to lie to him and partly because she hadn’t even thought this part of the plan through. All she’d thought about was that he was lost and that he needed help.

He stopped and grabbed her arm, yanking her roughly round to look at him.

“Tell me he agreed to it.” He said quietly and after a moment she reluctantly shook her head. “Alice…”

She opened her mouth to speak, to argue with him but she had nothing. She swallowed and looked away from him.

“You know what he will do…” He tightened his grip on her arm and she flinched.

“I was trying to save you.” She said before wrenching herself free of him. “He knew about the Spectrals and he wouldn’t do anything. He was willing to let you die.”

“It was not your decision to make.”

“What? To try to save your life?”

“No.” He snapped. “You don’t have autonomy. You don’t get to make those calls.”

“So what I just have to sit by like a good puppy dog and wait for when I’m called?” She asked feeling the anger growing in her.

He shook his head. “This is my fault.” He muttered. “I gave you too much freedom…”

“What did you say?”

He looked at her. “Whatever we are, you are still Fae and I am still the High King’s Commander.”

Alice scowled feeling the tears welling up and forcing them back down. It always came back to this. It always came back to her being a possession. An object.

“Come on.” He said. “We need to catch up with the others. It’s not safe out here. There are Sharn Soldier’s all over this place…”

“It’s a bit late for that.” A man muttered behind them and they turned to see soldiers surrounding them.

Alice gasped looking up at Fain. He scowled and grabbed the sword at his side but they could already see they were outnumbered. Alice closed her eyes, trying to draw Magic, trying to draw anything that might help them but there was nothing. Just emptiness.

She shook her head slightly and stepped back. She had caused this and now she couldn’t help them get away. She was useless. Worse than useless.

Soldiers grabbed Fain and he struggled against them, throwing one off and then another. A soldier grabbed Alice and she tried to get free but another grabbed her and held her tightly in his grasp. She felt the knife at her throat and the hand in her hair wrenching her head back, exposing her neck further.

“Stop fighting.” The man said but not to her, to Fain. He stopped mid attack when he saw that they had her.

Putting his hands up he surrendered, his eyes fixed on Alice.

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