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The Campus Prince ( Boyxboy ) ✔

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" What about my compensation ?" Tanner took a stride nearer to Elk, bringing the latter catch in a quick whiff as his back slammed against the wall behind, merely sustaining the gap between the two is the guitar in Elk's hands. " What do you need ? ", the flutter figure inquired with an uneasy and stupefied stare marveling if he was certainly significant about the mockery. " Kiss me till I'm contented ", Wolfie murmured, a complacent smile tugging at his edges, giving rise to Elk's distress as his lips stroked against his ear, he could feel the latter's sensual gust flaring against the skin on his neck. "You are kidding, definitely?", Elk polled him while chuckling nervously. " Does it look like I am ?", he sniggered smugly. " Do it, now", he stressed giving rise to the trapped lad gulp as their fronts were separated by millimeters. ⚜⚜⚜ Elk Mathew Millers, a music enthusiast happens to come across his adversary, Wolfie Fitzpatrick, a musicophile who had incited him to mourn a pitiful downfall. This time too, Elk has his eyes set on the crown and determines to impede the Prince like a plague. Nonetheless, it appears that Wolfie had other plans for their liaison.

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Chapter 1 : The Prince

【 Sanguine Auditorium 】

" Wolfie! Ahhhh....ahhhh ! " the public cheered. Altogether the girls retained gawking at the young guitarist, possibly comprehending him as their suitor.

Duh! We are here to sign for the music club not to elect a bride for Wolfie!

Wolfie Fitzpatrick, a prominent guitarist at our academy. He retains the prestige of occurring the reticent nonetheless despicable and intricate guy. He is furthermore recognized for his masterful guitar and jaw-dropping looks. He is no. on the handsome boy page, with a truck full of hoolock gibbons hustling after him.

You know, those meticulous dudes in some series that yearn to care for their own business since they don't give a fuck to anyone? Yep, that's Wolfie. Still, complicated? Fine, I'll give you all the conventional definitions, like they do in those cliché films.

Wolfie Fitzpatrick, the Campus Prince of Sanguine University. He is tall and athletic with a wedge undercut hairdo; a flawlessly symmetrical complexion and eyes that can pierce your soul. A sharp and strong jawline that could slice butter, midst eyebrows, and a pointed nose, in additional phrases, exactly flawless. Behaves like an aggregate jerk 24/7, loves to play guitar, is the captain of the basketball team. Excels in both intellectuals and athletics, perhaps a fellow with an unprecedented fortune.

Can I puke?

" Elk, are you alright? " Tiger, uneasily asked me since he witnessed the upheaval of pigment on my complexion after beholding that asshole.

Stop! Stop, right there, I have no crush on him and I'm not stalking him.

I hate that guy. You can say we are on contrary aspects in a game of 'Ludus Latruncularius'. That's presumably how they say chess in Latin, but anyway you obtain the indication.

I'm a playboy and above all I'm straight. And for those of you who are speculating " There is a thin line between love and hate, and that's how I'd end up falling in love with him".

Dream on.

I was Elk Millers, the one and only Mr. Hearthrobe of Sanguine High and there's no way that Wolfie and I would ever traverse roads, like hell, I can't steady strut his existence for more than an instant. That's how things occurred and how they were going to be.


Sanguine Music ClubRoom 】

" Bonjour, I'm the president of the music club, Ted quick for Trevor Eleanor Damcott ", Ted welcomed all the association partners with a cheerful smile.

Ted is big, slightly slim, and possesses a sturdy body. He has dark hair, a faultlessly chiseled face with dark brown eyes; skinny eyebrows, a small nose, and thick lips.

Also, by now you all know that I'm relatively attentive to everyone's profile. Well, that's my pastime.

" This dude in here is a narcissistic and egocentric prick.", Tiger whispers to me, while Senior Ted is inundated in blabbering shit about his notorious band.

" Narcissistic prick..? You mean... a retarded radio, right? " I said glancing at Tiger who was lazily glancing at Ted with a " are you done with your bisonshit " gaze.

Indeed, Ted is a narcissistic prick' sts been nearly half an hour since we are here, somebody please switch off this radio.

"Ahem...Ahem...", a girl standing beside retarded radio fake coughed to make him acknowledge her existence.

" My bad.. meet Faye, the vice president of our club", he inaugurated Faye, the vice president of our club, who is a cute blond head. She is elegant yet cute. She has an oval-shaped face with a beautifully sharped v-line jaw. Her facial structure is relatively decent with rosy pouty lips, thin eyebrows, narrow eyes, and smooth white skin.

" That's it for today, we commence off with our practice from tomorrow onwards. Have a fortunate day.", everyone flees the club compartment immediately as Ted concludes. Eventually, done with these club activities.

"I'm so hungry that I could dip you in tomato sauce and eat you up ", Tiger moaned.

" Dude... That's gross", Tiger can be sickening periodically but that's entirely ordinary to me. If it had been someone else, they would have galloped across the states of America and reached the Canadian border.

" Jellybean...! ", yelled a spokesperson. Winter, one of my best companions, arrived trotting across the area and clasped me, nearly compelling me to plummet behind from his load.

This cow is oblivious of its strength
" Can you not shout for Pete's sake? " I chided him since all the professors and learners passing by were delivering weird glances.

"Let's go, my baby is waiting for me ", Tiger whined while pouting.

" That is.....?", I asked, though I already comprehend his response.

" French fries and chicken nuggets ", Tiger beamed sheepishly while Winter and I snorted.

"The last one to reach has to pay ", Winter announced and galloped off with me and Tiger following his lead. Shortly, we caught up with him and in a few jiffies, we were at the canteen. But the scene that we saw when we got there was rather inexplicable.

" Wolfie...Can I please take one pic?"




Have some remorse ladies!

It approximately seized us five to six minutes to fetch inside the canteen because of this unruly herd at the passageway. This dude certainly is a dreadful impact on this institute. You ask why? He is deteriorating the friendly domain of the university.

" If I understand what love is. It is because of you. Will you be my boyfriend ", Ivy had a red rose in one hand and she was pursuing Wolfie. Even though she has a boyfriend. Yup, right guess that's me.

" No... " Wolfie muttered and began to walk away. But she ceased him by grabbing his arm and that's when she recognized my presence.

She had an ' I'm fucked ' look. You deserve it, bitch! I guess Wolfie learned that I was her boyfriend as he removed her hand from his limb and turned on to head towards our direction.

" Let's leave! ", Tiger restrained on urging me but it felt like my feet prevailed blended to the surface below.

Wolfie was strutting in front of me and this is the initial period I'm glimpsing at him up so intimate. And I'd hate to concede it but this guy has a fierce and intimidating aura around him. It appears as my vocal possesses have taken off for an intercom mission.

And before I comprehended it his countenance stood hairsbreadth aloof from mine. His face was so near that I could assume his breaths flaring against my countenance.

" Keep on gaping like that and the second thing you feel will be my lips on yours," he confided with his gravelly vocalist with a sexual undertone.

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