The Fifteenth Floor

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The Fifteenth Floor After being released from prison for assaulting her stepmother with a box cutter, five years later Naomi Walkers found herself on her own, homeless, with no sense of direction. When being cast out by society, her family, and even her friends of the past. She had no other choice but to face the "big and dangerous" city. What happens when she crosses the threshold of the sinning world of the unforgiven, the strippers, the druggies, the liars, and the sociopaths who all deemed the danger of society? What happens when you enter the fifteenth floor? --------------------------- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED This story consists of mature content and language. The plot, story, theme, cover, etc. All were created by DEEDEE. me.

Romance / Drama
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Naomi gathers her notebooks and textbooks, letting her algebra II teacher know she'll be ready for the test at the start of next week. Attending a charter school isn't as bad if you get over the uncomfortable uniforms, the annoying people, and the fast-paced classes. As she walks out of her last class of the day, her best friend, Natalie, waves as she stands at the open door. Natalie and Naomi normally walk to their lockers together since they're right next to each other, which is the reason they've become best friends in the first place. The girls spent the next couple of minutes walking down the crowded hallway to get to their lockers.

"What are you wearing for homecoming next Saturday?" Naomi hums at the question before holding her books closer to her chest. Natalie was always the type to enjoy school dances. She was more into showing school spirit than Naomi, so she can see why she wanted to know what she would be wearing for homecoming. "I'm going to be wearing this red dress, and I think Marco is going to ask me."

"I'm going to wear something that matches Will since he's my date." Naomi watches her best friend laugh at the vague answer to her question. Natalie rolled her eyes gave her the duh expression. Naomi didn't like telling Natalie any and everything when it comes to discussions about the school dances. The girl always takes the idea and makes it better than what Naomi tells her. "I won't know until we go out this weekend."

Naomi stops at her locker, putting the three-digit combination in right away. Once it opens, she puts her textbook and notebooks in her bookbag. Taking her boyfriend's varsity basketball hoodie out, she slides it on before putting her book bag on her back. She lets out a small scream when strong arms wrapped around her. Her smile stretches across her lips as she turns around to greet her boyfriend with a harmless kiss.

"You two weren't planning on leaving me, were you?" Will, Naomi's boyfriend, asks playfully.

"We wouldn't be able to walk home alone without you, and you know that." Naomi watches her boyfriend playfully push Natalie as she rolled her eyes at him for asking such a stupid question. " Now, let's go. I have to get home early, or my grandma going to throw a fit."

The three friends set off towards the entrance of the school, which was the exit at the end of the day, and started walking in the direction of Natalie's house. She lived closest to the school, so they always dropped her off first. Normally, their walks consist of numerous stops at different corner stores, but since Natalie was in a rush, they couldn't stop this time.

"Would your mom even let you go to homecoming?" Natalie questions as they all continue to walk her home.

"Why do you always bring her up?" Naomi was getting defensive, but Natalie and Will both know she hates it when they talk about her. "And she's my stepmom, not my real mom. Therefore, I don't have to listen to her."

Natalie slowed down and turned towards Naomi, sighing before she turned back around to continue walking. Naomi and Will could tell she was about to start something over nothing when she makes that stupid face.

"No need to get all angry! Your stepmom made it such a big issue last time, and we missed the dance, remember?" Natalie rolled her eyes and made her way up the stairs to her front door. She didn't look back at her friends like she usually does.

"Why is she like that? You both know how abusive my stepmom is." Naomi frowns while locking her arms with her boyfriend as the two continue walking home. "I can never do anything because she always has a problem with me being out with yall."

"I know, babe. You should also know we got your back no matter what." Will kisses Naomi's forehead making her smile up at him. She steps in front of him, pulling him down for a sweet kiss before looking at her house. Will watches her gaze and laughs softly before pushing her towards her house. She whines and grabs his hand pulling him with her.

"What are you doing? Go inside, Naomi!" Naomi shakes her head while holding her boyfriend's hand. He laughs and pulls her close to his chest before pressing a kiss to her lips. "What if your stepmom comes downstairs and yells at us?"

"How? She's gone?" Naomi points to the driveway showing Will that the car was gone. She stands on her tippy toes, wrapping her arms around his neck pressing another kiss against his lips. "How about we chill on the couch for a bit?"

"You're a bit wild today." Naomi could tell from his laughter that he wanted to stay. Will made it too obvious, but she wasn't complaining. She grabs his hand and leads him to the front door, unlocking it quickly.

Once they stepped inside, Naomi waste no time kissing Will. The kiss went from the front door to the couch. The way the kiss was heading, she wasn't planning on sleeping with him. It's not like they've never done it before, so she wasn't nervous. Naomi didn't want her stepmom walking in on them in the middle of the act, so she made sure to keep their affection to just kissing.

What seems like hours of kissing, the ones up above didn't like what Naomi was doing. After merely seconds, Naomi's stepmom walks into the house. Since the front door is connected to the living room, and the two teenagers were on the couch making out, her Stepmother, Patrice, could see them as clear as day.

"What the fuck is going on here?!" Naomi and Will separate instantly when Patrice storms in. "Get your ass out of my house before I call the police!"

Will grab his things and makes his way towards the door, ignoring Patrice's threats as he does so. Naomi rolls her eyes and begins to pick up her stuff as well, not bothering to look at her Stepmom.

"You just going around letting every little boy in your school between your legs?! You're acting just like your ho ass momma!" Naomi looks at her this time, making Patrice push her down on the couch by shoving her have against her face. " Don't look at me like that! I don't want your ho ass looking at my face, go to your room bitch!"

"Stop putting your hands on me! I can't stand you!" Naomi yanks her stuff off of the couch and starts stomping up the stairs, earning another shove from her Stepmom. "Stop touching me!"

Naomi ran up the stairs, trying to make it to her room so she could ignore all the things Patrice's saying to her. However, the moment she gets to her room, she was solved on the floor, landing on her knees. She winces in pain before standing up crying.

"Shut the fuck up before I give you something to cry about! You and your bum ass daddy are some cry babies!" The words were getting to her, making her mad. Naomi stands up from the floor, the tears covering her face, wishing her dad would walk in on how Patrice treats her when he's away on his trips. She walks down the stairs, still receiving verbal abuse from her stepmom, and walks to the kitchen.

She intended to get food and wait for her dad to come home, so she wouldn't have to deal with Patrice's bullshit. Naomi knows that he wouldn't do a damn thing anyway because he always took Patrice's side when it comes to her. No matter how much she tells her father, he ignores her and tells her to go to her room.

When she grabs a banana, Patrice pushed her down onto the floor, causing Naomi to scream for her to stop. The laughter from Patrice made her cry harder. Naomi had to deal with this for years, and now she was at her breaking point. From cries and complaints to her father to suffering abuse from her stepmother. Naomi was fed up.

She gets off of the floor, using the counters as support before walking to the stairs again. In front of the stairs, but not directly in front, there was an end table. On top, there were keys, mail, and old things her dad left, like a box cutter. Naomi grabs it, pushing it up so some of the blade can show. The blade was rustic, sharp, and all Naomi wanted to do was hurt her stepmom.

When Patrice grabbed her shoulder to force her to look at her while she talked, Naomi swings her arm back, cutting Patrice's face and arm. This time it was Patrice on the floor screaming and crying. Naomi was too angry to realize what she just had done.

"If you touched me again! I cut your fucking throat!" Naomi screams over her screams, watching her grab her phone from her pocket as she crawls backward away from Naomi. "Now you want to run! Get up and try to fight me now! Get up and push me around!"

Patrice presses the phone to her ear after dialing numbers. Once the person on the other end picks up, Patrice started screaming from the top of her lungs. Naomi covers her ears and rolls her eyes before walking towards her.

"She's trying to kill me! Help me! Help!" Patrice screams as Naomi tries to yank her up from the floor.

Patrice begins screaming the address of the home into the phone while she attempts to crawl away, but Naomi digs her nails into her arm as she tries to yank her up. After a few tries, Naomi gives up watching Patrice cry while holding her face where the cut was made. Her bloody arm continues to bleed out, and the realization hits her. She realized what she had done, and when she was about to help, sirens can be heard. Since Naomi assumed that it was her dad that Patrice was talking to, she kind of ignored that she was on the phone screaming, but it was the police she was talking to.

After ten minutes, the police kick down the door, and instantly tackle Naomi down, causing her to scream herself. The number of men who were bigger than her tackle her made her start crying from shock. She was scared and didn't understand why she was being arrested when it was Patrice who was the bad person.

"You have the rights to remain silent-"

"Get off of me! I can't breathe!" Naomi screams repeatedly only for him to get off of her after saying all her rights. She was dragged out of the house with so much force, that if he yanked her any harder he would've broken something. They shove her in the back of the police car as the ambulance pulls up in front of her home, causing neighbors to come out trying to figure out what was going on.

Naomi knew what she did was nothing compared to years of abuse, so she didn't care if people saw her face, but she wanted a chance to let them know why she did it. When the police officer ignored her when he got into the car, she knew they weren't going to listen to her.

"She was hitting me! I grabbed the closest thing and cut her! it was self-defense!" Naomi screams at the officer as she sits in the room with a lawyer they provided her when arrived. "Both my friend and boyfriend know she abuse me every day! You can call and ask them!"

"I'm going to need you to stop talking! You just admit that you cut her! They will use this against you!" The lawyer whisper-shouts in her ear making her lean away from him. " Now sit there and let the adults talk!"

Naomi begins screaming because no one was listening to her, not even the lawyer that's supposed to be helping her. They step out of the room to talk since Naomi was screaming. It was obvious that she was guilty, but she had her reasoning, but they weren't listening to her. After an hour of waiting, Naomi's lawyer came back into the room shaking his head at her.

"If your friends show up tomorrow to tell the jury that your mother abused you, then we can be looking at this as self-defense and not assault with a deadly weapon." Naomi nods quickly knowing that her friends would show up, and let them know everything she told them.

Tomorrow came faster than Naomi expected, and the whole time she was listening to her stepmom's lies, and her fake crying, Naomi couldn't find her best friend nor her boyfriend in the courtroom. They were going to believe everything her stepmom was saying if they didn't show up. When Patrice was done lying the judge ask for Naomi's boyfriend and Naomi's best friend, but neither one of them showed up. This looked bad on her, she really didn't want to be in a brown jumpsuit as she waits for the jury to make their decision, she wanted to go home.

"We find the defendant guilty your honor." The jury says causing Naomi's mouth to open as she looks at her dad and Patrice. Patrice snuck a grin in as she continues to fake cry and hugs Naomi's dad.

"5 years of jail with no chance of parole, and you are not going to juvie, you are going straight to jail for the assault of your stepmother, Patrice Walkers. I hope this will be a learning lesson for you." The judge announces causing Naomi to tear up right there.

She was only sixteen, she didn't deserve to go to jail for self-defense, now she's going to spend five years of her life rotting in jail. What she was really upset about was the fact that Natalie and Will didn't show up, if they would've, she would be home and not making her way to jail.

"Are you okay at least?" Will ask over the phone causing Naomi to cry to him. It's only been a week since she's been locked up, and she wanted to get out. Even though some of the people said they would take care of her, she still felt like she was a target for being known as the one who tried to kill their mother. "Naomi?"

"I'm o-okay... where were you guys? I thought you two had my back." Naomi asked but her phone time was up.

She makes her way back to her cell bed where she laid there crying to herself. Jail life wasn't for her, and the amount of time she got told to shut up for crying scared her the most, all the girls' ages average 16-18 years old, but all her cellmates were older than her. Naomi got jumped the first three days in, and she appreciates Will wanting to talk to her every time she called, but she knows he'll stop.

Soon weeks turn to months, and months turn to years. Will stop answering, so Naomi stops calling. She developed trust issues, became mute at some point, but she knew when she got out, it'll never be the same.

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