The forbidden love

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Coming from a middle class family and different culture values meets up with prince charming who comes from a respected and influential family, is she going to face the challenge and push her way through to be accepted in the family?"

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chitalu and his family were having lunch on Sunday afternoon, in the dining room, while they were eating there was silence, only the sound of the forks and knives were heard, his mother placed the fork and a knife on her plate, took a napkin from her laps and wiped her mouth, and put it back on her laps again, then broke the silence by asking her son a question,
Chitalu, yesterday you visited your uncle's place, how did you find everyone?
He placed the fork and knife on his plate, cleared his throat, and answered,
I found everyone fine, I was shocked to find my cousin chibeka with a bouncing baby girl,
That's quite surprising, we never knew she was pregnant, your Uncle and Auntie never never told us anything , she replied surprisingly,
Chitalu's father dropped the fork and knife, on his plate, in shock,
Are you, trying that..that, your uncle's daughter has a child out of wedlock, who's the father?" he asked
I wasn't told, the expressions, that Uncle and Auntie portrayed,made me sense they have no idea about who the father is, he replied confidently,
That is a problem with children nowadays, they are too jumpy, his mother answered with a cold voice,
Papa, I guessed, "Uncle," told you the news, because you two are very close, he said
No!" I wasn't informed, I could have shared the news with your mother, he responded,
Okay, enough about chibeka, did you tell your son, that from tomorrow, he will be working from the headquarters, ?'
Oh no,I almost forgot he chimed in, thanks for reminding me darling , you are right, Chitalu starting from tomorrow you will be working from the headquarters, come to think of it,that way,you willl be able to have more experience and learn more about our companies, he answered,
Papa, you didn't even ask for my opinion whether I wanted to work form there, you know I dont like it there, that place is piled up with a lot of work, he replied complainly,
Don't complain, my sweet son, those are your companies you have to learn how to run them, she replied, braggingly.
your mother is right Chitalu, you have to get used to work from there, that's the reason I never declared this openly but made it as a surprise to you cause we knew for sure, you wouldn't have accepted, he answered
Please Papa and Mama, next time you should ask me first, don't rush making decisions for me, he said,
Okay, no need for you to be all grumpy about it, let's not spoil our lunch, because of this issue, let's continue eating before, our food gets cold, umm,
Let's enjoy our meal to celebrate your going to the HQ as the CEO's son last time you went there you were so young and you never understood the world of business back then, his father responded,
Later, that evening,chitalu prepared himself for Monday, cause he perfectly knew that his parents were not the type of people theat you can easily persuade, once they make decisions, there was no way of turning back, just when he was beginning to settle at the other company he running, he had to move again, make new friends, new workmates, this pushed him against the wall.
He was woke by the loud knock on his bedroom door, he could hear the voice of his mother, outside his room, calling chitalu!chitalu! wake up you will run late for work, remember it's your first-day of work, it not good to be late, Chibesa has already prepared breakfast.
He put on an orange long-sleeved shirt and navy blue necktie and put on a navy blue fitted suit, that matched with a necktie, got a pair of brown shoes, from the closet and a brown belt, when he was done dressing up, he walked out of his bedroom, went to the dining room, where he found his parents having breakfast,
Good morning son, they both greet him at the same time,
Good morning Mama and Papa, am sorry, I am late for breakfast, he responded,
Come join us dear, his mother said invitingly,
No, thanks Mama, I don't feel like eating, he replied with a smile on his face,
But why Sonny? are you feeling sick huh?
Am alright mama, just a little nervous,
Come on, son don't be nervous, you're a man, I know you can handle the situation, we both come from there, he answered in a calm voice,
Thanks, Papa for those words of encouragement, I will try to be as strong as you've said, I have to go now, please excuse me,
He left his parents in the dining room eating, he heard his mother's worried voice, saying darling are we not pushing him too much,
No, he will get through this, he needs to a man, his father replied.

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