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Rightfully Alpha (Omegaverse)

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A love of turns and twists between a Male Alpha and Male Omega where it all started one night and it ended on the same night. (This work includes sexual acts and other-worldly occurrences like ~Male Pregnancy~! READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!)

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

As the full moon emerged from within the darkest night that swallows even the darkest of shadows, the night of the century became the point of history. Laughters and flirtatious remarks were a norm, couples from different races were rare but at some point it had became a normal appearance in the Red Light District of Cebu City.

“What do you think?” a man on his early thirties asked as he handed a picture of a voluptuous woman on the table while giving the man in front of him an amused smirk.

“What do you mean? I am not desperate to hook up with just anybody.” a man exclaimed as he glared at his companion and threw the picture towards his face. The man laughed in complete amusement after witnessing his friend's reaction.

“Whatever you say, Mr. CEO.” His friend said in sarcasm. As the loud laughters and cheers of people echoed across the whole floor, the eyes of the man was glued at a person being hit on by a group of Alpha Males. Unable to make out the gender of the victimized person, the victim threw a glass of wine to the group of men and rushed outside of the room leaving behind the Alpha Males furious and bewildered.

“Hey, your phone's been ringing for a while now.” The man looked at his phone and furrowed his eyebrows. “I gotta go.”

“What?! But you just got here twenty minutes ago!” the man complained. “It's urgent.”

“‘Urgent’ my ass! I bet one of your boy toy is calling you for a night out! You traitor! Invite me to your villa at some time!” The man sulked as he glared at his friend.

“Yeah yeah, at some time. See you later.” the man said as he scurried his way out of the bar. The man's phone once again rang and a message that was sent to him caused a bitter expression from him.

“This son of a bitch...”


I knew that working at a place where horny people go rampant was the worst idea and least plausible option for an Omega on his unstable heat cycle, however getting holes in my pockets and being in debt is even more less recommended considering what my little, unstable body could offer.

“Hey! Get back here!” a perverted man shouted in anger as he raced his way towards me. Even with my utmost care and appropriate customer service, it appeared I have a group of unsatisfied customers. But with my current predicament, I couldn't possibly entertain a raging Alpha considering my heat cycle is starting yet again for the second time this month and with my heat supressants being limited in number, I couldn't find a best way to stop my heat other than completely letting it be.

Ignoring the group of furious Alphas, I scurried my way out of the bar and ran as far as I could but with my heat cycle being at its peak of permeation, my knee gave out and a series of shivers run down my spine. My heart was palpitating, my breathes were heavy and short, and my whole body feels hot. Ugh, I just couldn't wait until I get home.

Fortunately, those men seems to have given up on looking for me. At least, I could rest assured that they wouldn't attack me. With the moon high up in the sky and the comfort of the desolate area I came running into, I let my body lay on the cold, hard ground.



“T-this is bad..”

“My-my body feels r-really hot... Hmm”

My body feels as if it wasn't my own. I felt hot yet at the same time I feel cold. This wasn't the very first heat I ever had however this time, I could feel my body burning as if it was looking for something I couldn't get my head into.

“I-I need to g-get going... Ugh,” I exclaimed as I forced myself to stand up with the lamp post as a support but with every moment feeling like a stimulation of great pleasure, my body shivered yet again and my legs gave out leaving me quite helpless and in vain on the cold, hard ground.

Haa~ Haa..” Ugh, what is this...?

It appeared as if hours had passed by and the night transitioned into the cold, lifeless time of dawn. My heat is taking forever to calm down. With the temperature getting lower by the minute, I could feel my finger hardened from the coldness and my head aching from the sudden decrease of temperature and on top of being in my heat, I couldn't almost feel my whole body.


“Who's there?” I heard a voice from behind and the strong smell of sweet honey and lemon welcomed my noise. A sudden increase of pleasure rushed through my whole body and I was left shivering and confused from the sudden changes and new reactions my body is currently doing.

“Wha– what is this?”

This smell... Pheromones? Haa~ it feels so intoxicating.

I tried to look behind but my body was so weak and vulnerable that even performing the least movement is giving a huge toll of pain and pleasure in my body.

I have no idea what happened next but I saw the man running towards me and knelt in front of me.

“Are you okay?! Please stay awake, ugh! These pheromones!” the man shouted as he covered his nose using his arm.

Hmpf— haa~ please, embrace me.”

I don't know what happened next but the next thing I knew, I woke up at a hotel bed with an unknown naked man laying beside me.

“Damn” I could vaguely remember what happened last night. I was out of it, my body was reacting differently than usual, I was pretty much a poor, helpless Omega last night hoping to let the night pass by. I vaguely remember a man approaching me however I couldn't remember what happened next but seeing how I'm totally naked with kiss marks I never knew I'd get my entire life and a fine, naked man laying besides me with his back facing me... One could deduce that something inappropriate happened last night.

Ahh, this is messed up. I have to go before he wakes up. If this man decides to let me pay for the inconveniences I have caused him last night, it would caused more than a few hundred thousand pesos.

Retrieving my clothes on the floor and my moneyless wallet and phone beside the table, I carefully scurried out of the room leaving what happened last night as something unnecessary and accidental.

When I made it out of the hotel building, my phone profusely rang. I looked at my phone only to see my best friend's name on the screen. “Hell—”


“Stop shouting!”

“Don't lecture me, you ass! I was out worried sick last night ‘cause you haven't answered any of my calls!” My best friend, Alma Santos, complained. Alma is a friend I met through college, she was diagnosed as an Alpha in her high school years. Alma came from a prestigious family however, she decided to be independent and is currently living a humble life in her apartment.

“I'm sorry. I turned off my phone because I was working and...” A sudden vague flashback of what happened last night went through my head, ugh. “and...?”

“Um, I got my heat.”

“Again?! That's the second time this month already!” she shouted, shock was pretty much evident from her voice.

“I know...” I trailed. “I can't help it. I've had an irregular heat for almost a year now and most doctors just say the same things, so I'll just continue feeding on with my heat supressants so you don't have to worry so much.” I continued.

“I can't help worrying about you. You've always been such a timid person and you working at that suspicious bar in Cebu Red Light District didn't even stop me from worrying! I mean, what if you you get attacked?! You're a defenseless person, y'know that!”

“I know... That's why I'm sorry.”

“Hayss, just... Please be safe.”

“I will, thank you for worrying, Alma.”

“You're welcome! Now, enough drama! Wanna go grab something to eat? My treat!”

“I wouldn't say no to that! Haha, meet you by lunch time! Same place as usual!” I enthusiastically said.

“Okay! See you!”

By lunch time, I arrived at one of the local fast food chain, Jollibug and waited for Alma's arrival. “Hey! Shin!” I heard someone shouted. I looked at the voice's direction only to see Alma waving at me. “Hey, Alma.” I said and smiled.

“I'll look for a table while you order our food.” I suggested. “Got ya'! Same as usual?” Alma nodded in agreement.

“Yep,” I said and made my way towards the table. Due to the lunch time rush, most of the tables were occupied but fortunately, I was able to get a table for two at the restaurant's corner table.

A few minutes later, I saw Alma walking around holding our tray with a waiter behind her holding another tray of food. “Alma! Here!” I said. Alma looked at my direction and made her way towards my table.

When they arrived, Alma and the waiter carefully placed the food tray on the table. “Thank you,” I said and smiled at the waiter.

“So, what happened last night?”

“Ah,” I paused.

“What?” Alma asked in confusion. “Why do you look so surprised? What happened last night?” Alma asked. I knew her curiosity is never going to go away until it's sated with the actual fact. I sighed in frustration, “Well...” I trailed. “I might've messed up.” I added.


Feeling forced and conflicted, I told Alma everything that had happened last night and just like I predicted her reaction is always over the top. “WHAT? ARE YOU OKAY? WHERE'S THE BASTARD?” Alma shouted. I blushed in embarrassment after noticing the crowd of people eating staring at our direction.

“Alma, lower you voice.” I said in order to calm her down.

“Whatever. So, where's the guy who popped your cherry?” Alma asked nonchalantly. I could feel myself blushing from the sudden unfamiliar term of referring to someone losing one's virginity. “Ugh, Alma. Stop, it's embarrassing.” I said and covered my face.

“I left him behind the hotel.” I said. “The guy looked kinda rich and seeing how I bothered him so much last night, I wouldn't be able to compensate him. Y'know how I'm broke.” I explained. Worried and bothered, I ate my french fries to stop myself from thinking too much.

“So, you ditched him.”

“Well, yeah. I don't really remember what happened anyways.” I said.

“Enough about me. How about you? How were you last night?” I asked.

“Me and my boyfriend broke up.”

“Again?!” I asked, surprise.

“Why are you so surprise?” Alma asked as she chuckled. “Its not like this is new at all.” she said and laughed. I sighed and looked at her. Alma is playful and a fun person to be with and as much as she's like that, even her love life feels like a joke. Alma was by no means ugly, she is beautiful. She was a campus crush back then but her relationships doesn't really last long for more than a month.

Our conversation continued. It was mostly about Alma complaining and getting angry about her past relationships but knowing Alma, she wouldn't really down herself from it and sooner she started making jokes and making embarrassing remarks. Alma being active both in her morning activities and night activities, I couldn't help but feel embarrass for her.

“We should get going.” Alma said after she finished drinking her Coke. “Sounds good.” I said. “By the way, don't go back to that bar again.” she warned and glared at me suspicious.

“I won't. Don't worry.” I said and gawkily smiled. We parted ways and I made my way towards my own apartment. When I arrived, I was welcomed by my dim and quiet apartment. As usual, my apartment exudes loneliness and the comfort of solitude, just like how I like it however at times like this, I really need someone who'd be with me.

Exhausted and drained from all that happened previously, I changed into a comfy clothing and laid into my bed and drifted off to the world of dreams and rainbows.

One week later

My morning started off with a headache and feelings of bloatedness. Confused by the sudden sickness, I calmed myself down by drinking a cold water which only resulted to nausea and vomiting.

“Waah! Ugh–” I groaned as I wiped my mouth using my arms. “What the—” before I could finish talking, I started to feel even more nauseous and dizzy after smelling the imported cheese Alma gave me a few days ago. What is going on?

Few minutes of composing myself, I finally started to feel a little better. I decided to take a warm bath to freshen myself up. After cleaning myself, I started making my own breakfast only to stop to a halt after looking at my mini refrigerator.

“I'm craving for honey and lemons... Hmm..” I thought and closed my refrigerator. I took my phone from the couch and dialed Alma's number. It took a few rings before she could pick her phone up. She must've still been sleeping. “Good morning, Alma.” I said.

“What? Who wakes up this early on Sunday?!” Alma complained, I could tell my call bothered her sleep. “I'm sorry but I'm oddly craving for honey and lemons. Do you have one there? Can you give me some?” I asked hopefully thinking she'd have some.

“I do, but I don't have a lot. You can come here and get it. Y'know my passcode so feel free to get it. I'm going back to sleep! Bye!” she said and hanged up her phone. Oh yeah, Alma has never been a morning person.

Excited and happy, I prepared myself and immediately left my own apartment to go retrieve some lemons and honey. Being financially unstable and lacking, I can't afford buying lemons or honeys at all.

With a ten-minute bus ride, I arrived by Alma's apartment building and hurriedly went towards her apartment room.

“I'm here Alma! Sorry, for the intrusion.” I said as I went inside. I immediately made my way towards her kitchen and opened her refrigerator. When I opened her refrigerator, I was welcomed by the disgusting and terrible smell of cheese.

“Gwuahk—” I grunted as I hurriedly made my way towards the kitchen sink. It took quite awhile before my nausea calmed down. “Ugh— damn.” I reacted as I washed my mouth using the water.

“What was that sound? What happened, Shin? Are you okay?” I heard Alma's voice from afar. “Ah, yeah! I'm okay.” I replied and drank some water.

After I stood up, I looked behind only to see Alma standing up looking all disheveled and tired. “You look pale. Did something happen?” Alma asked as she yawned while simultaneously opening the refrigerator. “No—” I couldn't finish what I was about to say when another wave of cheese smell met my nose and I ended up vomiting yet again.


“Oh shit, are you okay?”

I couldn't answer Alma as the overwhelming smell of cheese gave me a whole lot of nausea and pain. After awhile, I finally calmed down. “I– ugh, I think I'm sick.” I said as a matter of fact.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Alma reacted as she rolled her eyes. “Of course you are! You look pale and you just vomited non stop earlier!” she said as she massaged my back.


“We should go to the hospital!”

“What?! No! I need honey and lemons!” I reacted and an emotion of sadness and dismay was evidently expressed from my reaction. But why?

“What? Lemons and honeys are not important right now! You need to go to the hospital!” Alma said in confusion and glared at me with daggers. I avoided her gaze and pouted.

“No, I really feel like eating lemons and honey. Plus, I couldn't possibly afford to go to the hospital right now!” I said as I crossed my arms. What is this feeling of childishness?

“You're acting really weird.” Alma said as she stared at me in suspicion. I ignored her and soon after she sighed in frustration. “Okay, fine. Eat all the lemons and honey you can find in my refrigerator. Since you don't like to go to the hospital, at least drink some medicine to ease down your nausea and vomiting.” Alma surrendered. I smiled triumphantly and gave Alma an enthusiastic gaze.

“Thank you, Alma! You're the best!” I said and gave her a hug. “I know, now let go.” Alma said and I chuckled in response.

“Also, that cheese you gave me smells really disgusting.” I said and a hint of cringe made its way towards my expression. “What? It smells good to me.” Alma said as she opened her refrigerator and took out the cheese. I instinctively covered my nose using my hands and went as far as I can from her.

“Get that away from me.” I warned and gave her a glare. “What? You don't have to be so hostile. I'll get this away from here so get the lemons and honey in the refrigerator. You can use my kitchen however you want. I'll take a bath first.”

“Okay~ thank you, Alma!” I said and cheerfully smiled. I cheered myself even more by hogging all of Alma's lemons and honey.

While enjoying myself with my lemons and honey over a movie from Netflix, Alma made her way in front of me. “What the? You literally gobbled all my lemons and honey without anything to go with it? You're unsually acting strange.” Alma reacted as she shrugged her shoulders.

“I have an appointment with my father this afternoon so I wouldn't be able to hang out with you. Do you have any plans?” Alma asked. I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a smile. “Nope, I'm free all day. I'll go home after I eat everything here.” I enthusiastically said.

“Okay, shouldn't you look for a job?”

“I'm low on cash but I have enough to pay for this month's rent and I have enough change to last me two weeks. So I'll be cool. I'll slack off for now and look for a job by the end of the month.” I replied.

“You're getting lazier the last time I met you.” I chuckled, “Well, it's ones in a while. Haha!”

It took me quite awhile to finish all the lemon and honey Alma had. After I finished, I cleaned the dishes and tidied Alma's living room and readied myself go to set off and go home.

I knew for a fact that I was craving even more of the lemons and honey however, I couldn't possible finish all of Alma's stocks for myself. Buying is an option but lemons cost at least a hundred for quarter a kilo and honeys cost even more than that. Albeit sad and unfortunate, I exited Alma's apartment as I made sure to lock the door.

Hmm, I'll just stay at home for now and enjoy myself over some books.


To be continued.
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