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Jenny not happy with her marriage. Her husband has a disorder that always asks her to imagine making love with other men while they are making love. Jenny was fed up, but she couldn't part with her husband, partly because she loved him and her daughter was only four years old. All of this depressed her so much that she could no longer draw. Jenny lost her inspiration, she will be fired if she doesn't give her new comics to release. Jenny was almost desperate when a producer suddenly offered her a contract and asked her to make a story to be adapted into a film. The producer said he would help her find inspiration as well as be willing to be her editor, but something unexpected happened, Jenny always felt excited every time he looked at her and she started to crave his touch. They both have a partner but an unstoppable passion makes them entangled even more.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Sick of life

"I know you like it, why can't you admit it? We've been married for a long time so stop acting chaste."
Jenny was silent when her husband cursed her because she refused his request to imagine another man while they were making love.
"I just want to make love to you, I've done my best but why do you feel it's not enough?"
Daniel wouldn't even listen to her, he just left after putting on his clothes and slamming their bedroom door without trying to understand.
All Jenny could do was cry, she stepped into the bathroom and let herself be soaked by the cold water.
They always bicker during sex when she refuses her husband's disgusting leniency but when she tries to comply, Jenny feels her pride being trampled on. She felt like a bitch.
[If not happy then just divorce him...]
"But, I can't..." Jenny's cries grew louder, she knelt and continued to cry. Her husband was her first love but her husband always says if she should try sleeping with another guy to make her more experienced.
Every time this fight happened, she always wanted to divorce her husband, but she could never do it.
"This world is so beautiful but scary at the same time, I just look at him, I blame myself every time we fight, every time he doesn't feel satisfied when making love with me, every time I feel whether he also sleeps with other women besides me? I always blame myself, but what's wrong with being loyal? Is someone else's marriage the same as mine? Sometimes I wish if love didn't need to be channeled with sex what would I still suffer like this?"
Jenny closed her notebook, she looked up at the overcast sky. It was night, she was still waiting for the bus to come because her husband didn't want to pick her up because he was angry.
"Just go home alone, if a guy flirts with you then try sleeping with him and after that tell me how it feels." That was the last message Jenny got from Daniel.
Jenny could only hold back her tears, she couldn't reply to Daniel's message. The man is mentally ill but I love him, Why am I being this stupid?
It's finally raining heavily, the road is barely visible, she sits on the bus alone while the others are seen accompanied by the partner.
Of course, it was already midnight they must be afraid if someone did something rude to their partner.
Why not me?
Jenny took a deep breath. She sat in the back seat and looked out the wet window as the bus stopped at a red light. There was a luxury car that stopped next to the bus. Contrary to her situation, in the car, it looks like there is a lover or maybe they are married Who was joking as if only the two of them were left on this earth.
Jenny was still looking at them when the man in the car suddenly turned and their eyes met, for a moment Jenny was surprised especially when the man smiled at her and immediately Jenny turning her face.
The man was handsome... Jenny caught her breath as her heart suddenly pounded because of that smile. Maybe today was so bad that she was being ridiculous like this.
Finally, Jenny arrived at her house, she immediately looked into her daughter's room who was sleeping, and let her rest even though she missed her so much.
The comics she submits are always rejected behind this so she has to work overtime if she doesn't want to lose her job.
"Already home..."
Jenny turned when she heard Daniel's voice, she had not seen Danie in the television room before. She then walked over to Daniel.
"You have not slept?"
"I'm waiting for you to come home."
Jenny smiled, she was happy that Daniel was watching her, she then hugged Daniel tightly. Their fight last night finally ended even without a word of apology.
"So how? Is there a man flirting with you?"
Jenny immediately released her arms when she heard Daniel's question. So is that why?
Jenny looked at Daniel while holding back her tears, she wanted to say that she was fed up with all this and begged Daniel to stop but she didn't can say anything, she was too cowardly.
"I'm tired, I want to take a shower and sleep," Jenny said, she walked away from Daniel.
"So there's no one, huh? So wear even sexier clothes. You look like a fifty-year-old woman in those clothes."
Jenny's tears could not be stopped, she cried silently before finally entering her room.
What's wrong with her clothes? She just wants to look more modest and make her feel more comfortable But why did Daniel want her to dress like a bitch?
Am I that low in his eyes?
After showering, Jenny went straight to bed. She has to get up early and do the same activities every very tiring day.
The next morning, Jenny woke up very early as usual. She makes breakfast for her husband and daughter But Danie didn't want to touch her omelet and walked away.
He acts like he doesn't love her at all but whenever Jenny asks Daniel Does he love her? Danie always answered with very sweet sentences and said he wanted to grow old with her but why did he treat her this badly?
With a bad feeling like the days before, Jenny tried to draw but none of her drawings and story ideas satisfied the editor.
"Today an investor came, he said he wanted to find an author with who he wanted to collaborate, you better prepare the materials you choose."
Jenny only turned her head when Sunmi, her coworker told her something important.
"There are many talented authors here, he wouldn't choose me. I'll probably be fired soon." Jenny replied lazily, her career as a comic writer seems to be coming to an end because she doesn't have any ideas in her imagination. Her mind was only filled with her troubled relationship.
"Don't talk like that, I know you're very talented. The comics you've written before have always received high ratings. You just need to calm your mind and let your imagination run wild."
Let your imagination run wild...
It sounded scary now because of all her husband's words that always depressed her.
"I need to go to the toilet." Jenny reasoned that she didn't want to hear the advice of her friend because it seemed that in the end she would still be crushed.
"We're all gathered on the third floor in ten minutes. You'd better not pass up this opportunity." Sunmi shouted before Jenny left their room.
Jenny walked lazily, she walked down the hall to the toilet feeling almost desperate.
"Should I get a divorce? But maybe he will change... But when?"
Jenny didn't pay attention to her steps until she finally fell because she hit someone.
"You can't see if there's anyone!" Jenny said angrily, she couldn't control her emotions because her mind was tangled.
"Sorry, are you okay?"
Jenny looked up when she saw someone holding out his hand. The man was well-groomed and he was very handsome.
"Hey, what hurts?" The man asked again, his face looked worried.
Jenny slowly reached for the man's outstretched hand and got up. "My ass hurts a little."
Oh no! Jenny used to speak so casually that she couldn't control her words and now she was so embarrassed, her face heated up.
"I mean, I'm ok." Jenny smiled awkwardly, she immediately pulled her hand and rushed away but the man held her back.
"What?" Jenny asked confused.
"I think I've seen you before."
Jenny felt more and more confused, she watched the man from head to toe, watching his face carefully while scraping his memory whether she had ever met this handsome man?
What is certain is that his sharp eyes make her whole body heat up, Jenny doesn't know what she was feeling, but her heart was pounding right now.
"I don't think so!” Jenny withdrew her hand when she realized she shouldn't be so charmed by a stranger. It would only make her husband's words come true.
"We'll see." The man suddenly leaned in and smiled, they were so close that Jenny had to hold her breath as her heart beat faster and faster.
What is wrong with me? Why do I feel like I'm losing control?
Jenny turned her head to see the man's back slowly drifting away from her sight.
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