To Happily Ever After

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All she had to do was either force him to bail out or pay up but Natasha Yorumikaze has never met anyone as hard headed as Yin Xinzhi. Oh, how she's already dreading the days to come.

Romance / Other
Skyzer Zen Lee
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People flooded the halls as soon as their classes finished; laughing with their friends or hurrying home to catch up on their favorite show's airing time.

Nash walked out of hers, hand in hand with her best friend. They were both groaning about the latest lesson their professor taught, to say that their heads hurt was an understatement.

As they hurried off towards the nearest exit, they noticed a fully dressed young man, leaning on his black roadster. His eyes were on his phone, smiling a bit, paying no mind to any of the stares and hushed giggling he was receiving.

"What's a guy like him doing here?" Asked Nash's friend; Emily, who was trying to look subtly.

"Must be the boyfriend of one of the cheerleaders. He seems to be pretty rich enough to be one of their types."

"Hey, not all of them are like that. My cousin's part of the squad and she's a sweetheart." She defended before pausing a bit, "Both psycho and a bit boy crazy but still a sweetheart."

"Whatever you say, Emily, whatever you say."

As they slowly got in his view range, the male looked up from the device and gave a smile, pocketing it and straightening his posture. It freaked the two girls out as Emily nudged Nash.

"Hey, he's looking straight at us…!" Emily whisper shouted, grabbing onto Nash's arm.

"Yeah, but can't you be a bit more secretive? I bet he already knows that we're talking about him." The girl only ignored her best friend's statement, dragging her out of campus as quickly as possible.

When the two were within an arm's length away from the exit, the man turned towards them and opened his mouth, "Natasha Yorumikaze?"

"Y-yes…?" The male brought out his hand for her to shake as she took it. His grip was firm and warm, as if he never wanted to let go of her hand.

"Hi, it's nice to finally meet you. I'm Xin, Yin Xinzhi." He introduced himself, a soft smile on his lips.

"Nice to, uh… meet you too? W-Would it be safe to ask how you know my name?" Nash asked, retrieving her hand from his grasp.

"We also want to know what you're doing here sticking out like a sore thumb." She then jabbed Emily lightly at the side, giving her a look and slightly praying that the guy hopefully wasn't offended.

"Of course, it's perfectly safe and fair, might I add." He gave out a hearty laugh, giving them another smile as his eyes stared into Nash's, "I'm here to personally introduce myself as your fiancè, Natasha."
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