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Chapter 9

Jacob Valiant Knight POV.

We were about to reach the palace of Dwapar. Atleast now I would have her to myself, I could show her that my reason for getting her with me wasn’t out of some revenge or anything. Whatever nonsense her father had filled her head with, I would clear all the misunderstandings.

It’ll take some time for her father to get her back, even if he does try he is going to fail.

Now her father would have to fight a war with our kingdom and he knows he’ll lose if he does. Our kingdom is bigger with more number of soldiers, stronger and better.

Victoria is never leaving me.

I looked at her tear-streaked face and my heart constricts. I never want to hurt her but I could not let her marry someone who wasn’t me. I’ll make her happy.

As we entered the gates, my younger brother Nick came running.

“You did not inform Father of this, dear brother. He is furious with you.” Nicholas said wide eyed.

“Nothing new. Isn’t this a family tradition?” Victoria asked scornfully.

My eyes narrowed, “What do you mean?”

“JACOB VALIANT KNIGHT” my father’s voice boomed.

“Father” I bowed

“How could you abduct a princess at her own swayamvara?” my father fumed.

“I love her, she’s mine”

“Love? You never even met me before this.”Victoria’s voice boomed.

“That is what you think darling, I have been watching and waiting for you to come to age”

Her face paled.

“It still does not justify your actions.” My father taunted.

“I know that but her father would not let me enter the ceremony peacefully, I had no other choice.”

My father shook his head at me disappointed. I know he would have sent her back to her kingdom if she wasn’t the princess of kingdom Kuru.

Our kingdoms used to be in good terms before her father had ruined it. My father and her father were at each other’s throats. The differences were too much, but my father would never mistreat Victoria because of her father, I knew that. She would be well protected, I would never let anybody even come close.

My father loved me but he wouldn’t stand for this, luckily he also didn’t like Victoria’s father which worked well in my favour, but I think he knows my feelings are genuine, which is why he won’t send her back.

“Princess Victoria, you must rest assured I will not let my son force you into anything. He will only be allowed near you by your consent. And only if you agree will the wedding take place. He will not hurt you”


“You already have son” my father said. Truth stabbed me in the chest.

I looked at Victoria, her tear streaked face, disheveled form and she still looked the most beautiful girl alive.

I left. I didn’t know what to do so I went to the one person I who knew could help me.

I knew father would protect Victoria, I just needed to find a way out of the mess I made for myself and her.

Because losing her is just not an option.

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