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Chapter 10

He walked away. And I couldn’t get him out of my head. The haunted look he had in his eyes as if he just now realised what he did. Why would he even care?

I kept thinking back to what he said, I could not hear the words King Harry said, Jacob said he knew me? How? When? And if he saw me then how come I never saw him? I’m sure I would remember if I ever saw him..

And for how long has he been following me? I gulped. I never even realised that-

“I know you must be worried, do not worry your father would be informed of your arrival”, mentioning my father was like pouring a bucket of cold water on me.

How can I be so selfish thinking about Jacob? Papa must be so worried..

“Will you send me back to my kingdom?”

He exchanged looks with the younger version of Jacob, I remember he called this guy Nick. Is he his brother?

Acknowledging my stare he moved forward,

“Allow me to introduce myself Princess Victoria, I am the younger son of King Harry Herculean Knight,

Nicholas Hephaestus Knight.”

“I wish I could say its a pleasure to meet you but under these circumstances..”

He gave me an understanding smile in return but remained quiet otherwise.

“Forgive me but you did not answer my question your highness..” I asked again.

“I cannot return you against the wishes of my son, Princess Victoria. I hope you understand the difficult position I am in” He replied gently.

“But then… what am I suppose to do? I cannot stay here. My father would never accept this sham of a marriage and quite honestly neither will I.

I hope you understand the position I’m in.” I repeated sarcastically.

“I do understand but you really cannot do anything about it right now.”

I sighed because no matter whether I liked it or not, what he said was true. Right now I had no other choice but to wait.


As I expected my mother was already waiting for my arrival in her chambers.

“How did you know I’d come straight here?” I asked

“Because I know you son. You are not as hard hearted as people think you are, I knew when you realised your mistake of abducting the girl, you would want to find a way to make it better for her” she replied looking solemn.

“I do not regret abducting her mother”

My mother glared at me, “Well you should, what you did to that little girl is wrong.”

“I know but if I hadn’t abducted her, she would have been wedded to someone else” I tried to reason, did nobody understand my love for her? How could I let a girl I love more than anything marry or be with someone else?

“Son, that wouldn’t make any difference to her, what you feel is one sided, up until today she didn’t even know of your existence.” She said calmly.

“But she cares for me, I felt it, she just doesn’t want to marry me because her father has fed lies to her about me and our family. I can feel it in my bones” I felt hatred for her father. I was sure Victoria had no idea about the kind of man her father really was.

“Talk to her son, but give her space as well. If you push her too fast she won’t ever accept you. Understand her, fight for her not with her.”

“ I will mother. I promise. I’d go to war for her.” I swore.

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